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Anticipation - Part II

Anticipation - Part II

The passion continues for Mike and Jenny
Jenny looked expectantly at Mike as he straddled her sweat covered body, his limp cock glistening with cum from their intense lovemaking, his cock falling between her heaving breasts. What does he have planned for me, she thought, as Mike tied her arms to the silk scarves attached to the head of the bed?

Mike still had a lustful, intense look in his eyes. As he bent down to tie her arms, he gently kissed her hands and her forearms. She looked up at his sweaty chest, so sexy she thought. She looked down between her breasts and could see the tip of his cock, teasing her, begging to be sucked.

His cock was beyond her reach, she could feel it pulsating with desire. The silk scarves prevented her from touching him and also made it impossible for her to please herself. She so wanted to touch her pussy; she could feel his hot cum continue to roll down her crack from their passionate lovemaking a moment earlier.

His light kisses continued down each arm stopping once they reached her neck. She already felt the familiar tingles shooting down her arms and neck. Her pussy was involuntarily responding to his kisses and nibbles.

Mike now slid farther down her body, his ass between her legs, his wet and growing organ leaving a trail down the middle of her chest and stomach. Mike bent down and kissed Jenny. His soft kisses and hot breath felt so good as he kissed her neck, ears and the corners of her mouth.

Mike’s kisses now reached her breasts. Jenny sighed with pleasure. Mike attacked her breasts with a vengeance, kissing, licking, sucking and biting her soft large breasts. He bit down on her nipples while squeezing her breasts. He held them in his hands, teasing and sucking on every inch of them. She moaned with lust, her pussy now soaking wet.

“Oh my God, you are so sexy,” whispered Mike.

Mike slid down farther, his now rigid cock lying right on her puffy pussy lips. Jenny moved back and forth trying to will his cock inside of her. She needed him.

“Do you want me?” asked Mike with a sly grin.

“Yes, please, yes,” moaned Jenny.

“Not yet, baby. I want to eat that sweet pussy of yours that I have been dreaming about.”

Mike spread Jenny’s legs wider apart while admiring her swollen lips and her clean-shaven mound.

“You don’t know how many times I stroked my cock thinking about licking you and tasting you,” Mike teased as he stroked his cock while admiring Jenny’s sexy body, her breasts lying to each side, her intense blue eyes and her full red lips.

Jenny continued to thrash around, moving her hips and trying to squeeze her ass cheeks together, anything to try to cum. She was also enjoying watching Mike stroke his cock for her. She was thinking about the time she told him how she would rub her pussy on the bike seat while riding to make herself cum. She remembered how Mike said he was stroking his cock thinking of her and now she was actually watching him. Her wanting him just grew along with the size of his cock.

Mike got up, his cock standing tall, pre-cum already leaking from the tip. He bent down massaging her feet and her stocking covered legs. His hands glided along the inside of her thighs as he watched her moan with pleasure.

“Please, please, make me cum,” she begged.

Mike slowly rolled down Jenny’s stockings, kissing her legs while he removed the stockings. Jenny’s body was so sensitive to his touch; she was on fire and needed to cum now!

Mike started to kiss the inside of her thighs. He knew this was one of her erogenous zones from their chats. His first kiss on her thighs sent sparks flying up her leg, thru her pussy and breasts and ran straight to her head. She moaned loudly with pleasure, as his tongue got closer to her now soaking wet pussy. Her hips started to move faster trying to meet his tongue.

Mike spread her legs farther apart. He looked at her and smiled, his cock now rock hard. He licked his lips briefly and then gave quick lick up her slit.

“Oh my God,” Jenny cried out. “Oh please, make me cum.”

Mike went down between her legs, licking and exploring the folds of her lips. He was careful not to touch her clit much to Jenny’s dismay. His licking and sucking continued as Jenny wrapped her legs around Mike’s head. She tasted so sweet, her juices mixed in with his cum.

She could feel her orgasm build as Mike took her ass cheeks in his hands and pulled her closer. His mouth covered her clit and then he gave a quick flick of his tongue on her clit.

He felt her tense up as she cried out.

“Ohhhhhh, I’m cumin.”

She wrapped her legs tightly around Mike’s head while her hands pulled on the restraints. There felt like a direct connection between her clit and all the pleasure points in her body and mind. She began to shake as her orgasm rolled throughout her body.

Mike continued to lick and suck extending her pleasure. He was as hard as a rock and needed to cum but this was about her pleasure, not his. He looked up and saw her face. The look of pleasure was priceless.

Mike took his cock and pushed it just inside Jenny’s quivering pussy. The contact brought waves of pleasure, which rolled through Mike and Jenny’s bodies. It was as if they were both connected, both feeling the same thing. The feelings of pleasure and being linked were intense.

Jenny cried out again with her third orgasm of the evening. It was a short and intense one. Mike’s cock was about to plunge inside her again but Jenny had a plan.

“Untie me my sweet, I want to be on top,” she commanded.

Mike reluctantly untied her and she quickly straddled his body. She pushed down on him hard and kissed him with a sense of purpose and passion.

“Your turn now. Your turn to be tortured and teased,” she whispered as she planted a kiss on Mike’s waiting lips.

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