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A rich woman experiences a man with more to offer
She sat there on the bed, knees together and hands clenched into fists - she was obviously nervous about calling me up and had never done this before. My guess was she'd been happily (?) married for years and probably hadn't had sex for the past 2 or 3. She needed to relax so I told her she had nothing to worry about and I'd be very gentle with her.

My name had been given to her by someone I'd 'helped' in the past because I have certain talents shall we say and equipped with something extra which seems to help women with certain problems relax.

I told her I was going to undress in front of her so she could see I had nothing to hide and no dangerous implements, because she really did look very scared.

I unbuttoned my shirt and pulled it out of my jeans, slid it from my arms and put it over the back of a chair, at this she looked quite alarmed at my smooth chest. 'Don't worry, I wax all over. You'll see the rest soon.' She smiled nervously and I carried on undressing. I unbuckled my belt and slid it from the loops and placed this on the chair, I then unzipped my jeans and very slowly on purpose wriggled out of their tightness, I let them fall down my legs and kicked them over to one side. I was wearing a tight fitting pair of briefs, they were made tighter because I have more than most men to fit into them and I saw her notice this. 'Don't worry, I will be gentle with you.'

I walked over to her and knelt on the floor in front of her, I removed her very expensive stilettos and noticed her legs were bare and extremely smooth, this woman took care of herself even if her husband didn't take care of her needs.

I stood up and lifted her to a standing position, she kept glancing down at the red stretchy cotton of my underwear, it did look fit to burst. I reached around her back and unzipped her dress, slowly pulling the zipper from the nape of her neck to just below her waist, she pulled her arms through and it dropped to the floor. Her underwear was also expensive - black and lacy. I could smell her perfume and was aware how round and white her breasts were.

My hands came down and brushed her shoulders, pushing her bra straps down so that her breasts were mine to touch. I could see her erect nipples through the black lace and my thumb stroked her breast and I pressed her nipple, flicking it gently - she gasped and her eyes widened. My fingers were removing her bra and at once I saw how beautiful this woman was, I just couldn't understand why her husband wasn't interested - for a woman of 50 she looked fantastic.

I kneaded her breasts and brushed my fingernails over her nipples, they were erect and looked like small cherries ready to be sucked…

I gently laid her on the bed and stood back, grabbing my underwear I pulled them down over my hips and my completely waxed sex was in full view. 'Oh my, I've never seen one that large'. she said.

'Don't worry, I know what I'm doing'.

I was semi-hard and my length wavered around in front of me. 'Do you want to touch it?' I asked 'it won't bite.' She put her hand out and with tentative fingers she stroked me, I was at full length within seconds - seeing and feeling her long red manicured nails touching me made me so aroused.

'It's so thick I can't get my hand around it, are you sure you won't hurt me with it?' she said laughing. I was relieved she laughed as this made the situation much better. 'It's nearly as long as my forearm. And your balls, I have never seen balls that big, are they real?' Of course they're real' I laughed.

'Anyway, before I use these I want to make you more relaxed'. I leant over her and kissed her neck, small kisses down over her breasts and then I put my lips around her hard nipples - another gasp and I felt her body tighten, I flicked with my tongue and nibbled gently, moving from one to the other and back again.

I pushed her legs apart and saw her waxed and completely smooth sex through that expensive lace. I kissed her inner thigh and moved up towards the feast, she moaned as I kissed her lips through her underwear, they were soft and full. 'I'm going to take these off'. I pulled her underwear down off her hips and as I did so kissed the skin which became bare, pulled them down her legs and off her feet.

'I've never had this done to me before.' she said nervously. I pushed her thighs further apart and moved my mouth closer, kissing her lips and then delving and flicking with my tongue - she started whimpering and moaning straight away, her hands grasped the back of my head and instinctively she opened her thighs even more. I was kissing and licking, flicking and nibbling, her moaning was increasing and becoming louder and her body was moving rhythmically with the movement of my tongue, I could feel my sex throbbing and caught between the bed and my body it felt squashed against my tummy.

It was time to release one of my special talents - my serpent's tongue. My tongue is very long and dexterous, it has two points which I can move independently. I pushed my tongue inside her deeper, licking her inner smoothness as I went, flicking against the sides tight against my tongue. As it delved deeper, coiling and swirling and flicking, her moans became longer and louder, she was pulling my hair and pulling me closer - deeper and deeper while my lips kissed her swollen lips and my teeth grated against them too.

She was screaming now and I could feel her body go into spasm and she sounded as though she was crying. Faster and faster my tongue lashed, deeper and deeper, tasting her inner taste, filling her with my long nimble tongue…and then she orgasmed and I could feel her body spasm one last time and her thighs became like stone around my head…small judders through her body as she pulled my head up to meet her face. She was crying and also smiling too. 'That was amazing, I can understand why you're so popular now.' she said through the tears. 'That's just the starter, main course will take to another place altogether', I teased...

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