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My best friend and I were having a sleepover because we hadn’t had one in a while. I was dressed in my normal dress as I wasn’t too confident of myself — a nightgown, sports bra, regular panties and shorts. My friend had the same on except for a normal bra as I could tell. She was skinny, but the healthy skinny, with brown straight hair and she had contacts in. She was a year younger than me so she hadn’t graduated yet but she was a senior. I remembered our talk about bras and what she had done with her ex-boyfriend. She had gone further then I ever had. She had gotten to feel a dick and I had only gotten to kiss a boy. Her bra size was an A cup as she didn’t have much to flaunt but I had a B cup, size 42. We had gotten to talking about her other best friend and her size. She must be a C or D because her boobs were just big. I honestly was bi-curious and to have a girl ever do anything to me, I think I’d be in heaven so to speak. She’d be the perfect one to do it to since she had such large breasts and that’s the feature I love most in a woman.

My friend’s brother had been in my grade though he was older than me. I had a crush on him for so long but I was never going to act upon it. His body was in nice shape and when I got the chance, I’d always touch it but not so obviously. I loved to feel people’s warmth if even only on my finger. I had never been touched before and to feel others warmth was a great sensation. It could be a touch of the shoulder or a brush of flesh; it just felt great to touch flesh that wasn’t my own. I hope he didn’t notice the look in my eyes when I looked at him, or the look down to his crotch to speculate about how really big he was. I would probably never find out from just looking at his crotch. I wanted to tackle him and rip off his clothes, but that would be bad in front of my best friend and other friends.

Back to the sleepover, our normal thing was just to hang out on our computers, listening to music that was new to us and really just hanging out since we hadn’t done that in a while. She was always busy with school and I was busy sleeping. By the way, her name is Caitlyn and my name is Cat. Her brother’s name is Azon. I thought it was an amazing name even if he wasn’t some foreign guy. Azon was amazing if he was American or not. Enough of me going on about Azon; I’ll now proceed with the story. We usually went to bed late since we are teenagers and sleepovers usually involve staying up late. Azon had gone to bed just before we did and I had to get a shower — which was right in between their rooms. I closed the door of Caitlyn’s room and found myself looking into Azon’s room.

He was only in his boxers since he was alone in his room. I found myself staring as he was lying next to his computer with headphones on and doing something I found very erotic. He was stroking his cock, which appeared to a virgin to be very large indeed. Was it 7, 8, 9, maybe even 10 inches? It was, in my words, magnificent. It was hard, throbbing and I knew I wanted it bad enough to just go in there and take it to be mine. I stopped myself, and I don’t know why. Suddenly I looked at his eyes and I knew he was looking at the eye peeking around the corner of the door. I started breathing harder as I began to get excited; he was putting a show on for me. I saw him arch back his head and moan deep as any guy would. I loved it, I loved every moment of it. I slowly opened the door and he jumped up, startled. Maybe he wasn’t looking at me but I wasn’t going to stop.

I made my way to his bed, after shutting the door behind me, by the light of his laptop. His mouth gaped open but his eyes said yes. He was looking down at me and at his lovely hard dick. I slowly reached out and grasped it lightly. It felt good in my hand and I slowly started moving my hand over the top of it. He gave a little moan but suddenly stopped when he realized that his sister’s best friend was stroking his dick. He stared down at me as if to say, “You shouldn’t really be doing this.” My eyes told him, “No, this is long overdue.” I slowly stuck the head in my mouth, it fitting perfectly in my lips. I sucked lightly on it and I just let myself finally go on him. I stroked the dick that wasn’t in my mouth and I sucked on the head massaging it with my tongue. My saliva was just dripping out of my mouth all over his dick and balls. I could hear him breathing hard as I fit more into my mouth. I sucked harder stroking faster with the slippery surface of my saliva on his shaft. He moaned loudly my name and I sucked harder on his nice hard dick.

“Oh Caaaattt!” he moaned in his deep voice with intention.

That moan made me hornier then ever. My weakness is to hear a guy moan due to the fact I’m giving him pleasure. It’s the most amazing feeling in the world when a guy moans; my pussy really just tightens up while getting really wet. My wetness was like a gooey substance when I wasn’t masturbating. I masturbated a lot but now I had a chance to fuck the real thing and I wasn’t going to let it pass.

I loved having a dick to suck on. It was filling my mouth so perfectly. I tasted the saltiness of his pre-cum. I could feel his balls tensing up and I knew he was about to explode in my mouth. I would invite it into my mouth and down my throat lovingly. As I was thinking about it exploding in my mouth, he gave out a great moan and shot hot cum everywhere in my mouth. I swallowed what I could and the rest just fell out of my mouth and off to his dick and balls. It was an amazing feeling and I loved every second of it. I swallowed every bit I could as his load was a huge one. He must have been edging himself before I came in to give him some help.

All I knew was, what was going to happen next was going to be amazing.
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