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Batting clean-up

On-call pussy licker gets a mouthful
*My first attempt at writing a story, thoughts/comments are very welcome and appreciated*

You just just had sex. It could be your husband, boyfriend, one night doesn't matter. He fucks you and cums in you but you don't get off. He pulls out, and has to go somewhere and do something, so he puts his clothes on and leaves you, his hot thick cum starts to come oozing out of your freshly fucked but unsatisfied pussy. You're frustrated and want to take it out on someone, so you text me and tell me to be at your address within 10 minutes, no questions asked. I show up and park a few houses down, find your place and walk in quietly.

You let me in, wearing only your panties and tell me to follow you into the bedroom. You sit down on the bed and tell me to come in and take my clothes off. I look at you to be sure if you're serious, and you're staring at me with an impatient look on your face so I begin to take my shirt off and drop it on the floor next to me, followed by my shoes and socks. I look back up at you still watching for me, waiting. I undo my belt and drop my jeans and boxers together, kicking them into the pile of my other clothes, standing naked in front of you, already fully hard, waiting. You crawl back onto the bed and find yourself a comfortable position, making sure to give me a glimpse of the damp crotch of your panties. You lay down and spread your legs and tell me to come here, and pat the spot between your legs.

I crawl up and kneel between your legs. You tell me to remove your panties. I lean forward and slide my thumbs under the waistband of your panties and slide them down, a string of cum dangling from your pussy lips. You lift your butt and I pull them down your legs and off. You sit up and take them from my hand. "Open your mouth and stick out your tongue," you tell me.

I close my eyes and get goosebumps all over, I can't believe this is really happening. You turn them inside out and place your fingers under the crotch that are completely smeared with your mixed sex juices. "Suck them clean," you say, almost daring me.

I open my eyes and glance at you then lower them in shame, seeing your hand with your dirty sex panties dangling from it, inches from my outstretched tongue. I obediently lean forward, and you push your hand into my mouth, chuckling to yourself, placing the dirtiest part of the crotch onto the middle of my tongue. I close my lips around your hand and suck the wet sticky material, you feel my tongue licking your fingers through them inside my mouth as I suck them clean. "Ooh there you go," you smile at me and tell me what a good job I did with a hint of sarcasm, and hand your panties back to me. "Put them on." I try to say something and you cut me off with a firm and growing impatient, "NOW".

I slide my legs out from under me and take the flimsy, wet panties and slide them up my legs and up over my butt, my cock sticking out the top, now dripping a stream of shiny precum halfway down it. You smile again and half giggle. "That's so do they feel?"

I clear my voice and look back up at you smiling sheepishly. "Very dirty" I reply.

"That's 'cause they are", you shoot back, grabbing my balls through your panties, giving them a gentle squeeze before you lay back down, your head propped up on a couple pillows so you can still watch me. We sit in silence staring at each other for a few seconds, I'm not sure what to say. You cock an eyebrow up and ask me, "Is there something you want?"

I'm looking down at you, one hand teasing your breast, the fingertips other hand playing with the thick white cum that has begun to leak out of you more. I swallow, lick my lips. "I want to taste you."

"All dirty like this? You are a dirty boy...but if that's what you want, I do need to cum so I suppose you can after you clean this mess." I start to lean forward and you add, "But you better make me cum, and if you do a good job you might get to cum too."

I smile and lay down on my side between your legs, my head resting on your inner thigh giving you a perfect view. I open my mouth, and place my tongue at the bottom of your pussy lips, running it up and down, swirling my tongue in the sticky mess. You moan as you feel my tongue, dancing up and down your swolen pussy lips, teasing you a little before I slip my tongue inside you, a large glob of fresh gooey cream gushing out of you as you contract your muscles pushing a large load into my mouth. I swallow what you give me, slipping my hands under your thighs and and sliding my tongue deeper in you, all the way.

You feel the stud from my tongue ring against the inner walls of your pussy as I wiggle my tongue inside you. Your eyes roll back into your head as you lay your head back, my warm slippery tongue feeling so soothing, yet deliciously naughty. I pull my tongue out and lick the outside of your pussy and inner thighs clean of the cummy mess that was smeared all over. I adjust myself a little to get closer, slipping my tongue back in you, licking up to your clit, now that I completed my first task, I can focus on the more important second one.

I find your little button with the tip of my tongue, gently massaging it, feeling you react to my stimulation under me. I pull back on the lips guarding your most sensitive spot. Exposing your hard little clit, I wrap my lips around it and wiggle my tongue back and forth, up and down and around in circles making you moan. I slip two fingers inside you and start to massage your g-spot with a come here motion, as I continue to stimulate your clit. You start to hump my hand and mouth, and I match your rhythm, not too hard, not too soft, just right.

We continue like this as the pressure builds inside you. You start grinding against my mouth with more intensity, I can feel your orgasm starting approaching as your moaning and panting increase, giving me that smug satisfaction of knowing I'm about to make you cum. It hits you, its been building up this whole time and a powerful orgasm washes over you as you let go, feeling it hit you, wave after wave like the ocean, causing your body to spasm, I ease up letting you enjoy the pleasure of your orgasm, reaching between my legs feeling my hard aching cock dripping precum into your dirty panties I'm still wearing.

After you come back to earth you sit up smiling at me and tell me I did a good job, and now you think I deserve a reward. You tell me you want to be sure I cleaned you thoroughly so you tell me to roll over on my back. You get up and squat over my face, telling me that I can jack off in your panties for you while you sit on my face and use my tongue to get yourself off again. You hover over me, your sloppy wet pussy just out of reach of my tongue, teasing me, tickling my balls through the soft silky material.

I lay there as you tease me, playing with my hard cock and balls through your panties for a few minutes before you take my hands and guide them between my legs. I slip my aching cock out of their tight, panty prison and begin to stroke it. My cock is already wet and slippery from all the precum I've leaked since I got there, you settle down onto my face and begin to rock your hips back and forth, smearing your wetness all over my nose lips and chin.

I stick my tongue out and you ride it, grinding your clit against my chin, using my face to get yourself off as I pull on my throbbing cock. This entire naughty experience has gotten me so excited and turned on it doesn't take long before I start to moan into your pussy, my cock begins to spasm erupting a thick white load of gooey cum, splattering on my stomach and oozing down my hand and into your filthy little panties.

Watching me make myself cum laying under you wearing your panties just looks so naughty, pushing you closer to your second orgasm. You grind hard against my face, using my nose, tongue, chin, anything to bring you that sweet release. I'm gasping for air as you hold me down, your second orgasm approaching, completely focused on getting yourself off. As it washes over you, you lay back with a huge smile on your face. I sit up and wipe my face off, I'm a total mess and ask if I can clean myself up before I take off. You have an evil grin on your face and have one last humiliation for me. You say no, that I have to take the walk of shame the way a true slut does, with cum all over my face and dripping in my panties. You tell me to put my clothes on and say you'll call me the next time.

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