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Begging for more

How a drunken encounter left me wanting more
As we headed to the flat of her somewhat friend, Jade assured me, "Don't worry you'll love Joe. He's amazing fun, besides a total man whore that's right up you street right?" Finishing the sentence with a cheeky wink knowing that bringing the conversation to sex would bring out my somewhat reckless nature, I felt at ease. After all we were only heading there for the convenience of the location to down some cheap drinks before heading on out.

After the settling in, grabbing some drinks I began to realise she was right. Joe was awesome. A cool job, cute as hell and not at all put off by the drunken giggles of us girls, in fact he seemed to enjoy the attention of young intoxicated women in his bedroom.

Needless to say the drinks were flowing and fast. Feeling slightly dizzy already Jade drags me up to dance, putting on some rather loud dancy music and sexily pulling me in close. Jades definitely far curvier than I am. Where I am a blonde, 5 foot 7 with 36 DD breasts that never seem to get any complaints Jade is slightly shorter with long dark hair a plump round arse and very large at least EE cup breasts that cant help but bounce and peek out of the top of her vest as she bounces around the room.

Once the inebriation hits us a little Jade pulls in a little closer, "Fuck I'm horny, make out with me so that Dan (her boyfriend at the time) can't accuse me of cheating, if you don't it'll be Joe and that will get me into trouble." Without even time to respond she presses against my slightly tentative body softly pushing her soft lips against mine until she slips her tongue into my mouth with more force. I'd never made out with a girl, not like this anyway and was feeling myself getting progressively wetter.

Meanwhile Joe was just perched on the end of the bed watching the show downing drink after drink gently rubbing over his crotch through his trousers. "Well I think someone is enjoying the show," says Joe as she nods over in his direction.

I turn to see what seems to biggest bulge through someone's trousers that I've ever seen. If I don't somehow find a way to fuck that bad boy later I would see tonight as a definite failure.

I turn to Joe. "Well if he wants a show." I slowly lift my top and bra over my head freeing my large breasts, through the sheer horniness of the situation my nipples are erect and hard. Jade follows suit removing the upper half of her clothing.

We again start kissing but this time with more vigour and our hands roaming over each others large firm breasts. originally stroking but getting more playful until we're tugging on each others nipples with soft moans escaping our lips.

"I think Joe is getting lonely over there," with that I walk over and start kissing Joe, removing his shirt revealing a nice toned body in the process. When suddenly I get pulled down onto the bed, Jade gets the hint and comes to hold my hands down as Joe roughly pulls my legs apart, revealing only black lace panties underneath my skirt. With haste he pulls the lace to one side and hungrily dives into my hot wet pussy that on show and just begging for attention. With his tongue quickly entering my tight hole Jades enters my mouth, knowing that I wont want to be moving she releases my hands and starts tugging at my hard nipples whilst her soft lips play with mine muffling my moans.

In an attempt to kick it up a notch Joe replaces his tongue with two of his large fingers, pumping into me as he plays with my clit in between his teeth. I feel myself getting closer to cumming and find enough strength to push Jade to one side and begging Joe to just stick his dick in me and fuck me hard.

He grins obviously loving the control he has over me and doesn't relent on the punishing his fingers are giving my tight cunt. "Fuck I'm coming." And with that I convulse on his hand which is still at full speed covering him with my juices.

"Now will you fuck me?" I plead as his face raises from my sopping pussy.

"Sorry love I think the drinks put me out of action for a bit, don't worry though stick your top on we'll hit the club and when we get back you'll have the shag of your life. Oh and did I tell you it's ten inches"

Well not the way I had wanted that to end...but the evening was still young yet.

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