Being late for Work

By hardnoob

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A surprising event for being late to work too many times.
*This is my first story. Comments and Criticism welcome. Thanks to someone special who read it first and told me to post.

I lift my head and look at the clock. “Fuck,” I whisper to myself. I was meant to be up over an hour ago for work. I quickly rush out of bed get showered and ready and leave for work 10 minutes after I’m meant to start. I get to work only half an hour late which wasn’t too bad considering how long it normally takes me to get to work. Just as I get into the building, I run straight into my boss.

Let me just explain my boss is stunning; 5 foot 7, long brown hair that seems so shiny you just want to run your fingers through it. Blue eyes so deep you could fall into them and never get out, lightly tanned skin that seems to never lighten. Deep red lips that you just want to devour and a body so perfectly proportioned God himself could never hope to build a better body.

“Nathan,” she says nicely. “Yes?” I reply. “Why are you late?” she asks. I respond “I’m sorry, I don’t have a reason I just got up late.” She says, “Just don’t do it again Nathan. Make up the 30 minutes before you go home tonight please.” I nod and go off and do my day.

A day later and I wake up late again, since my ex-girlfriend left me I haven’t been sleeping, but waking up late is something I’ve never had a problem with before. I rush to get ready and once again get to work late. My boss is there again and our conversation is less polite then yesterday and she tells me that if I’m late again this week I will be docked my pay by however long I’m late.

The next few days I got into work late and my boss got more angry and frustrated with my lateness. On Friday she told me if I was late again she would be forced to suspend or fire me. I left her office and went home, hoping the weekend to relax would ease things.

Monday came round and once again I got up late. I rushed around and was only 5 minutes late in the end but as soon as I got into work, there she was waiting. “Come to my office,” she told me and walks to her office, I follow behind slowly with my head down.

We get to her office and she waits for me to get inside and closes the door behind us, her office being out the way from the rest of the building. I sat down at her desk and she rests on the desk next to me and crosses her arms again and looks very frustrated. “Nathan it’s been a week now and you have been late every day. I’m sorry but I don’t have an option anymore.” She says.

I stare at her and start to worry. I say quietly, “I will do anything please don’t fire me.” She replies, “I’m sorry Nathan but there isn’t anything I can do, I warned you of the consequence and you still are late.” I look at her and say, “I’m begging I will do anything, please don’t fire me” She looks at me and sits on the edge of her desk. “I guess there is something, and you were not as late today.” She responds to me. I say “What do you want me to do?” She replies, “I have been working so much recently that I’ve not had any time for myself or anything, Nathan it would help make my mind up greatly if you give me oral sex.”

I look shocked and surprised. “I don’t think I can do that...” She replies, “Do you want to keep your job?” I kneel between her legs nervously, she spreads her legs and I kiss her inner thigh up to her panties and I lick her slit through the thin material and it starts getting damp from my tongue and her juice. She says, “That’s good Nathan.”

I move her panties to one side and place a kiss on her clit before my tongue starts to lick slowly at her opening. She moans softly in approval and leans back on the desk. I continue my licking of her opening slowly probing the tip of my tongue into her. She spreads her legs wide and I slide my tongue all the way into her. “Very good Nathan,” she moans softly.

I push her legs further apart as I lick in a circle motion inside her before I use my tongue like a finger or a cock and dart it in and out of her begging hole feeling her juice flow out onto the desk. I take my tongue out and lick up her slit and start licking round her clit; I take a sudden suck on it before returning to licking inside her hole in a circle motion again. She lies back across the desk and moans loud, her leg twitching slightly.

I take two of my fingers and slide them into her as I lick up her slit and suck on her clit softly. My fingers start moving in and out hard and fast. Her moans start echoing through the room. I take a hard long suck on her clit as my fingers press against her g spot at the same time. She arches her back, practically screams out and her juice squirts out onto my fingers and all over the desk. I move down and lick up lots of her juice that is still leaking out as she sits up and her breathing returns to normal.

She says to me, “Thank you Nathan. You have your job for now and maybe tomorrow you could be late again.” She smiles and winks at me as she stands up and straightens her clothes. I smile at her as I turn to leave. “Oh and Nathan don’t tell anyone about this,” she says. I nod and leave wondering what tomorrow could bring.