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Blind pleasure

Would you pay for a stranger to go down on you?
I lay in the pitch blackness shivering slightly and wondering what I had let myself in for. Was I really that desperate? What happened to old fashioned dating?

The blindfold was tight around my head and I could see nothing but darkness. I was naked from head to toe, lying on the small bed in a room that smelt slightly damp. How many others had been here naked, blindfolded and waiting. And how long was I going to have to wait? My heart quickened as I heard a movement. The door was opening. So not much longer then. This was it! I could feel my nipples stiffen and my heart was thumping like crazy. I also felt a little bit scared. How had I ended up spread eagled naked on this bed, so vulnerable, yet so shamefully turned on?

Who was the stranger? They had crept in so quietly. I remembered the guy saying to me, the rough looking guy who took the money off me, that I was not allowed, under any circumstances, to remove the blindfold. That was part of the deal. I remember how he had appraised me so coolly, almost contemptuously, when I had asked what if both parties agreed?

"That's not what you're paying for. You want an escort, go get your credit card. The whole point of this is it's cheap and it's random. Whoever you're with will have paid much more than you and they're paying for anonymity. We get all kinds here. Some well known. If you take off your blindfold, you have to pay the full whack, and believe me that's not cheap."

He'd looked me up and down shamelessly. His eyes asked why a girl like me needed to pay for it. Did I not have a boyfriend, could I not get a date?

He made me feel grubby and I felt like my whole body was blushing. "Any concerns, there's a panic button on the side."

"How will I find that if I have a blindfold on?"

"I'll show you once you've been blindfolded."

I gulped. " You will be there?"

"Just to get you set up."

"Set up? Don't you have like a female member of staff ."

He'd laughed then. "It's not Butlins love. You're paying a tender to get your pussy licked. I have profit margins you know."

I had been mortified when he led me into the small room, small and windowless. There was a bedside table which did indeed have a panic alarm on it, a small bed and nothing else. " Right, get naked then."

I had hesitated till he asked if I wanted to forget the whole thing. I almost did. But the idea of paying for a stranger to perform oral sex on me was a fantasy and the thought had excited me so much from the day I read the ad. I forced myself to take off my clothes, my black T shirt and jeans, then stood for a moment in my red underwear, embarrassed.

"Look, I haven't got all day, " he said.

I hurriedly unclipped my bra and my boobs spilled out. He didn't look away, just started, as I also quickly pulled my knickers down and off, turning slightly in a bizarre attempt to show him my backside rather than my pussy.

"Right on the bed," he said, businesslike.

Numbly, I lay down. As he pulled out a black blindfold, I started suddenly. "It's you, isn't it? You're the stranger!"

He snorted. "Leave it out! You should see some of the people who come in here. Men and women. You're about the best we've had in two months and you're not all that. You think I want to go down on some desperado? I'm very happily married, thanks."

He looked a bit offended, so I believed him. Now he was pulling the blindfold tight around my head. I was lying there, naked, spread eagled on a bed, naked in front of this rude and obnoxious stranger. "Remember what I said about the blindfold" and he was gone, and I was naked in the room...

So who was this stranger? Male or female? My heart quickened. He said famous people came here sometimes. Maybe it was a famous pop star. Someone off the telly. I so wanted to remove the blindfold. I could feel the stranger standing there, staring at my naked body. Then I started as I felt hands on my tits. Was that allowed? My nipples responded, the touch was eager, but gentle.

Now the stranger climbed on to the bed. I felt hands all over my body, again that eagerness, that lust. And now the stranger had parted my legs and moved down the bed. I could feel my nipples stiffen and I was so wet, yet a little bit scared. Come on Yvonne, this is what you paid for. Enjoy it.

Yet the stranger seemed simply to be staring at my bald pussy. For what seemed like an age. I hear a deep sigh, but could still not determine the stranger's gender. Then I felt a movement, then suddenly, lips on my thigh. I started, my heart leaping in my chest at the feeling of the warm lips on my leg. Now the stranger had moved their head between them, kissing from thigh to thigh. Stubble. I could feel stubble. The stranger was male. I didn't know whether I was disappointed or relieved.

The kisses continued for several minutes and I was soaking wet now, the tiny room smelt of sex and again I felt slightly mortified and quite ashamed. Now the stranger gently took my hands, placing them on my breasts. He wanted me to Touch them. Ok. Let's enjoy this Yvonne. I started to stroke and squeeze my breasts, pulling my nipples for him.

Now he moaned aloud and suddenly his face descended into my pussy. I felt his warm lips on my labia, his tongue probing, then I gasped as he found my clit. He took it in his mouth, sucking it hard. Then he licked it ever so gently. Then he sucked it again. This felt absolutely incredible. He was doing shapes now with his tongue, and I could sense him loving tasting me, teasing me. My hips had thrust up off the bed, pushing my cunt into his face.

Without warning, he slid two fingers inside me and curled them around, bang on my g spot. I cried out, and that quickened his tongue on my clit. He was licking more eagerly than ever now, his breathing ragged as he fingered my wet cunt. I was too turned on to be embrassed at the noise it made. I was going to cum. I was so going to cum in the stranger's face! Then he stopped.

"Ohhhhh!" I moaned in blatant frustration. I heard a low chuckle. He was staring at my pussy again, moving my hands to remind me to touch my tits. Then he moved my right hand between my legs. He wanted to watch me masturbate.

Even my touch felt electric on my clit. As soon as I touched it, I felt orgasm rising in my tummy, and started to finger myself furiously. I felt his hand on mine, pulling me away. He just wanted to see how desperate I was.

"Please," I murmured, but he ignored me, stating all over again, kissing his way up my thighs, pausing and breathing over my pussy, then slowly licking me again.then he started to finger fuck me again. Five, six times he repeated the act, taking me right to the edge and then stopping. I was desperate and the room now smelt like there had been a wild orgy in it. Sex, pussy, the smell of my wet cunt, filled the air.

Finally, he was licking me yet again and this time he didn't stop. Long, firm licks on my clit, three fingers fucking me, and I felt absurdly grateful that he carried on and on, I felt orgasm build yet again and this time he let it, and I was moaning and saying things to him"Ohhhh, lick my cunt, lick me lick me, ohhhhh YES,, make me cum in your face...." And I exploded, my wet pussy grinding against his lips and stubble, fantasising about who he might be, this wonderful, wonderful stranger. And again, I was cumming, and again. It seemed to go on and on. To think I had paid so little for the best orgasm of my life....ohhhhhhhh!

Finally, he stopped and I lay back spent. Now I could hear another movement. He was standing up. I could hear his belt buckle. No way, fucking was not part of the deal. I started to fumble for the panic button, but now he spoke.

"Dream on, I'm not going to fuck you."

Now I heard another movement, a low moan, and I knew. This was against the rules too but he had spent ages pleasing me, I didn't mind the sexy stranger getting off. It took less than a minute, him moaning as he wanked over my naked body. Then I felt a splash, a hot spurt on to my breasts, a familiar sticky feeling. I almost felt like masturbating again.

But wait, what was he doing. He had moved right over and was touching my face. No, no, this was against the rules, he was pulling at the blindfold. But yet I was so curious, I wanted to see....

Or did I? Standing in front of me was a man older than my father, in his 70s probably, with white hair, scruffy stubble and a leering grin. " Dirty little bitch!" he grinned. Then he carefully replaced the blindfold and walked away.

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