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Blog 4

Boys are like dogs; all they really need is plenty of exercise ...
Blog 4:

I’m sorry but it has been a while since I’ve found time to update my blog and the main news is that Stephen has become quite a regular visitor to ma maison. In fact it has been so pleasant having a boy about the house that I find it hard to imagine how I ever got by without one. The main difference that I notice is that he is so energetic and downright perky.

Now someone; probably a mother; once told me that boys are like dogs, all they really need is plenty of exercise and certainly that is the case with Stephen … he most definitely can be a handful, or a mouthful and more often than not, a pussy full. Admittedly, his technique leaves a little to be desired and he shows a total lack of either control or stamina … in fact he does seem to have a small premature ejaculation problem that I am trying my best to coax him through and I am nothing if not a patient tutoress … but despite all his failings he is full of beans and eager to please.

The other day, for example, we’d met in town for a morning coffee followed by a relatively brief wander around the shops so that I could point out to him all the various lovely things that my heart might desire when his monthly salary happened to arrive in his bank account. With our window shopping complete …

Okay, I’ll be honest; I was so very well behaved that Stephen did buy me this divine off-white, lightweight cotton, shirt-come-minidress that was a real bargain. It is just about sheer enough to make out the delightful V between my legs, the nice curve of my hips and waist, and my dark pink areolas sitting stiffly atop my breasts. And anyway, he benefited because I put it on straight away and it looked so much nicer than the tatty old thing that I had been wearing, which meant that he not only had a happier companion on his arm but one that was also a lot more fetching to his or anybody else’s eye.

So, shopping complete, I invited him back to mine for a spot of lunch and we jumped on a bus.

The bus was mostly empty so we headed to the upper deck and plopped down on the front seat directly above the driver and beneath the concave viewing mirror that all buses seem to come equipped with nowadays. It had been a lovely morning; I was feeling very happy with both the world in general and Stephen in particular so I snuggled my freshly coutured body up against his, rested my head on his shoulder and reached across to stroke my hand along his thigh.

Or that is what I meant to do.

Now, I think we can all accept that mistakes happen and it might have been down to the excitement of the new dress but it seems that my spatial awareness was a little bit off … I am a girl after all and spatial awareness is such a boy thing … so instead of stroking Stephen’s thigh as I’d intended I found my fingers gently sliding their way up what I now knew from experience to be his proud, stiff, little boy cock.

I was shocked. As far as I was concerned I had done nothing to elicit such a response but that was the situation and I’d been brought up to believe that when you make a mistake you should deal with the consequences of your actions. And it seemed to me that the consequences of my actions were straining at Stephen’s trouser fabric beneath my fluttering fingers.

Now most days I would happily have withdrawn my fingers, apologised for my inadvertent error and enjoyed the journey safe in the knowledge that I was going to snack on Stephen’s lunchbox as soon as I’d dragged him through my front door, but today I seemed to be stuffed to the brimful with mischievous devils whispering inappropriate advice into my far too receptive and naughty mind. So instead of withdrawing the offending hand, I looked into the mirror to find Stephen’s eyes shut and his tense features reflected back at me alongside my own wickedly, leering face as I let my fingers meander their way up and down his bulging groin.

He was quivering, poor thing, so I gently stroked my fingers up and down his length in an attempt to sooth him but it only seemed to make the trembling worse, so I let my hand fall between his legs to squeeze and massage his lovely balls but that only resulted in him letting out a soft groan. I petted his neck and whispered gentle loving words into his skin in the hope that would assuage his fever but when my fingers returned from their delicate inspection of his cum full love sacs I found his cock spasming quite alarmingly and the only thing I could think to do was to let my fingers squeeze their way up the length of his shaft before grasping his bulbous head firmly in my tightly closed fist.

My tongue found his ear and my teeth nibbled on his lobe before my lips sucked it into my wet welcoming mouth and despite my best efforts I could feel his cock steadily expanding against my unyielding grip as his sticky man cum fled his overheated balls and coursed up the length of his shaft.

I whispered in his ear. I encouraged him to show restraint:

“Oh Stephen, I do hope you aren’t going to be a naughty little boy. I do hope you’re not going to make a mess in your pants.”

It seems that my words fell on deaf ears and that the rapid movement of my fingers up and down his pulsing shaft as I attempted to push his surging cum back into the safe haven of his balls were of no avail; for as they slid with increasing frenzy up and down his length I felt him start to shake uncontrollably beneath my touch before suddenly stiffening. I yanked hard down his entire length in one final, futile attempt to preserve his dignity but as my fingers squeezed about his hard, throbbing muscle I felt his thick, hot juices spurting again and again from his swollen head to coat his boxers in sticky, thick cum.


Well a certain naughty boy was going to need a shower when they got home.

I don’t know whether Stephen was uncomfortable walking back to the house from the bus stop with all that gooey cum in his pants, but once there, I led him straight to the bathroom, turned on the shower and stripped him down to his undies.

Gently I pulled back the waistband and peered inside; cum coated his pants, was smeared across his still swollen cockhead and thick globules seemed to have nestled amongst his pubic hair. I used my fingers to wipe away as much of the mess as I could but pretty quickly they were as coated as Stephen’s groin and I was forced to suck and lick them clean before I could slide down his underwear and push him towards the shower.

Now, after Stephen’s behaviour on the bus, I didn’t really feel I could trust him to clean himself properly so I kicked off my heels, unbuttoned my lovely new dress and jumped into the shower with him.

I do love a shower; the hot water splattering against your body, the gradually rising steam, the slick sheen of wet skin, the fresh aromas of body wash, shampoo and conditioner, the slippery feel of a bar of soap as I lather it in my hands before loosing them to run unrestrained all over my water pummelled flesh; but today I wasn’t here for me, today I was here for Stephen.

The problem with cum is that it gets everywhere and I wasn’t prepared to risk missing any. So, I slid my delicate little body up against Stephen’s, took the soap in my hands and began washing and rinsing every inch of his skin. I started with his arms and once I was satisfied they were clean I allowed my hands to drift across his lightly muscled torso before sliding their way down to his flat stomach. I was so determined that he should be clean that I must have kneaded and caressed every square inch at least five or six times and by the time I turned him around to cleanse his back and arse I couldn’t help but notice that his pubic hair was quite coated in soap suds.

His back didn’t require much attention but I wasn’t as confident about his pert little bottom so I gave it a thorough lathering, paying particular attention to the lightly haired crevice between his bum cheeks which I spread wide with one hand whilst using the soap bar to ensure that his pink starred anus gleamed resplendently clean.

I was impatient to finish this chore now; so I knelt down, quickly ran my hands down the backs of his legs before having him turn so that I could clean back up the front of his calves and thighs. Finally, I knew I would have to deal with the mess that awaited me in his groin. But, when I turned Stephen around what should I find thrusting its way towards my slightly parted lips but his perky, little cock; all stiff, rigid and demanding attention once more.

Well, I wasn’t having any of that type of behaviour. I’d jumped into this shower to make sure Stephen was clean and whether his cock was flaccid or erect it was going to have a proper soaping. So, I lathered up my hands, gave his cockhead a little kiss with my lips just to show I wasn’t upset with him and started running my soapy fingers up and down his throbbing muscle in a corkscrew motion that is very effective for cleaning up cum mess.

Before long, I was out of suds, so I relathered and set to once more; sliding my fingers up and down his length, massaging his pubis and lightly haired balls whilst occasionally licking my tongue across his quite swollen and purple head to check whether it was clean yet.

Whilst I busied myself with Stephen’s cock and balls I grew concerned that perhaps I hadn’t cleaned his anus quite as well as I might have done. So, with his clean cockhead safe in my mouth and my one hand corkscrewing back and forth doing its best to clean his shaft, the other hand sent an exploratory finger to find his softly pulsing anus. Even though it seemed clean on the outside, I couldn’t be certain it wasn’t filthy inside.

Stephen’s shaft seemed lovely and clean by now so I spread my lips wide and slid my mouth down his length until I had him safely resting in my mouth. I could just feel his cockhead teasing the entrance to my throat and he seemed a little tense so I suckled on him softly with my lips and caressed him with my tongue as I gently slid a soapy finger beyond his spasming sphincter and to probe betwixt the pulsating muscles of his arse.

As I said at the beginning, boys are rather excitable creatures and in need of almost constant exercising. All I’d wanted to do was ensure that Stephen had been properly cleaned after his earlier accident and now here he was writhing around on my finger and, unbidden, shooting another wad of cum into my innocent mouth that I was doing my utmost to savour before I let it slide down my throat.

And still we hadn’t had any lunch.

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