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Blondie's Oral Lesson

Blondie's Oral Lesson

Good Way To Start The Day
“Good morning, Angel,” I feel your arms circle around me from behind. You reach up, cupping my tits, and squeeze them.

“Good morning to you,” I turn and hug you properly. I do my own squeezing, as I pinch your ass. I giggle as you lean down to kiss me gently.

You move down to kiss on my neck, I moan softly. Standing there in the bedroom in just my PJs, I let you work my neck. I let out a soft sigh, leaning against you as you nibble on my neck. I squeeze your ass, pulling you closer to me. My tits are pressing against your chest, showing you just how hard my nipples are.

Soft moans from you as you grind into me. You spank my ass hard, gripping me tightly, becoming a little aggressive. I can’t help but giggle, loving how much you need me.

“You’re going to start something I’ll want more of,” I whisper, my breathing heavy. I squeeze your ass once more, pulling you as close as possible into me.

“Hmm, perhaps I’d better slow my mustang down…”

You deftly remove my PJs and drop to your knees. You lick from the bottom, right to the top of my pussy, then linger at my clit. I moan out, taken aback at how quickly you can move. My knees instantly lock, holding myself upwards. Your tongue is soft and warm against my pussy. I can feel you breathing, teasing my skin.

“Fucking hell! That’s slow!?”

You lick at my clit, your fingers teasing my slit. Your other hand grabbing a fistful of my ass, and squeezing. Your hot breath is against my clit. I use your head to grip on, curling my fingers into your hair. My clit over sensitive to your touch, it turns me on so much. I want to feel your fingers enter me. I let out a moan, you squeeze my ass again. It helps keep me balanced. This is all new for me; I’ve never been eaten out standing up before. The difference is actually really hot, I love it!

Squeezing my ass hard, you bite down on my clit. You moan around it, then thrust your tongue deep inside my pussy. You begin to fuck me with it, your nose grinding against my clit. Still gripping and spanking my ass.

Moaning out your name, I feel almost as though I’m going to fall. You bite down hard on my clit again, before moving back to tongue fuck me. It takes all I can not to fall, and I love it. Your finger thrusts deep inside me, working against my tightness. My moans seem so loud to me, it’s all I can hear. My fingers flex tighter in your hair.

You stop, and look up at me, “Oh, am I teasing you or something?”
You giggle, and moan into my pussy. Your spanks on my ass are harder, licking slower now. You begin to tease me further, a finger resting at the entrance of my ass.

“Yes! Yes you’re teasing me!” I moan out, knowing you are, and knowing you know it.

It makes me want to spank you for it. I can’t help but giggle a little, but I moan once more when you moan against my pussy. Your licks are slow; it’s such a wonderful tease. I feel your finger at my butt, and I let out a light moan, waiting to see what you’ll actually do.

You giggle around my pussy at my words, licking still. Your finger invades my pussy, getting nice and wet, then you remove it. You draw it slowly from my pussy to my ass, circling around, and then slowly penetrating. You’re still licking and biting on my clit. You keep your finger where it is, just teasing me.

“Fucking hell!” I cry out, feeling your finger inside me.

My now dripping wet pussy is so hot; I want to feel you fuck it hard. The pressure feels so good when you bite on my clit, making it jump with pleasure. I don’t dare move, wanting to see what you’ll do next. I want more, it feels so good. I don’t want you to stop. I let out a soft moan, asking for more.

Again you moan, your tongue thrusting inside my pussy, you can taste my sweetness. Your finger inside my ass is thrusting in and out. It’s meeting the trusts of your tongue each time you thrust your tongue inside me. Your nose also bumps against my clit, and you moan louder. Your moans and thrusts are perfect with each other. My moans match yours, as you begin to fuck me with your finger and tongue.

Your nose feels so hot against my clit, each time it bumps into it. I moan out your name again, feeling so turned on, that my body screams for your touch all over. I let go of your hair, and begin to pinch and pull at my nipples. Your thrust your tongue, but your finger stops momentarily, just for the tease. Your tongue is now licking my clit, finger fucking my pussy, regaining the rhythm. Moaning and looking up at me when I pinch my nipples.

Tongue is thrusting on, feeling you tease me, fucking me still. I know I’m going to cum hard, hoping my balance is good in the middle of an orgasm. It almost makes me laugh, but your touch has me so pulled in, I don’t care. I want you to keep going, and I moan for it. I repeat your name, pinching my nipples harder. Looking down at you the whole time, loving how hot you look on your knees before me.

Sighing out against my pussy, the thrusting is getting harder and faster, wanting me to cum hard. Your fingers curl and thrust deeper, your tongue moving quicker. I feel how hard you’re getting with me, I brace myself the best I can. I feel it, no turning back now, I moan out its coming. I gasp, drawing air in as I do, trying not to fall, thanking myself my body locks. I cum hard for you, your tongue is never slowing.

I know without even having to look, I've soaked you, surely. You do your best to support me, and stop me from falling. You love the way I taste, and finish me off. You rise to your feet, and kiss me deeply. I kiss back passionately, as I grope your cock. I can feel how hard you are.

“My turn,” I say as I let our kiss end. Dropping to my knees, I pull your pants down with me. I’m look up and smile at you, “no boxers, free balling it, hmm?”

“Yeah, only on the weekends though,” you giggle.

“Works for me,” I giggle with you.

I lick the tip of your cock, before taking you into my mouth. Moving down slowly, I make sure to taste every inch of you. I want to please you, but I know I want to tease you as much as you teased me. My movements are slow, and I can hear you gasping and moaning already. With each movement, I take you deeper.

You have other ideas though, and take my head, and begin to thrust in. You've taken control, and I don’t mind. You throat fuck me, but not to roughly. You do it with need; I can’t help but like it. The idea of you controlling my mouth turns me on. Thrusting a little faster, I can hear you moaning louder, clearly liking the control you've taken.

With each thrust, I can feel you throb for me. I suck harder, you fuck my throat faster. My moans grow, making yours grow, making you thrust harder. You hit the back of my throat, making me gag. You groan real low, and it leaves me so excited. Reaching up, I tease your balls. This seems to be all you need, because you thrust three more strokes, and fill my throat.

“Fuck, Angel!” You groan out, coming hard. You slow down, but keep thrusting inside my mouth. I do all I can to swallow and suck at the same time. You moan for me, until you finally pull your cock from my mouth. You lift me up, and kiss me again.

“Like I said, good morning,” you grin, kissing me again.

“Yes, good morning, I like these kinds of mornings,” I giggle.

What a good way to start a day, I’d say…

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