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The thoughts and feelings of a man as he receives a fabulous blow job.
A lot of women, when they suck you, they keep their lips pressed against your cock for most of the time. They move their tongue all around inside, sliding you in and out fucking you with their mouth, and their lips are mostly closed on your shaft.

Not that that's a bad thing! don't get me wrong, it's heaven in panties.

But I think what's driving me wild right now is that her lips aren't touching me, not much anyway.

She has my rock hard cock way at the back of her tongue, then she opens her beautiful mouth wide and pulls away from me so erotically---smiles---while she exhales, touching me just a little with her teeth and tongue, and maybe barely her lips.
It's totally maddening in the most delicious way.

The sound of her breath and the wet sounds are enough to keep my cock straining in its skin.

Then she takes me again. Starting in on the head, mouthing around with her pillow-soft lips making it look as good as it feels, so nasty, tonguing and sucking her way onto my strong prick till she's got a mouthful and I can hardly breathe.

She's killing me.

Taking her time like we've got all day. Shit, I'm not sure I could stand this all day.

God, she's got me with both hands now, pulling so slowly, staring at my cock, squeezing. Pulling all the way up over the rim. Then when her hands are on their way back down, she licks me in that sensitive spot on the underside right next to the head. Jesus.

Look at her tits. We barely had the door locked and she's out of her sweater and bra. Amazing tits.

Oooo yeah, that's it, baby, slide the wet head all around over the front of your breasts, so slippery, those hard nipples rubbing over the end around my slit. Ooohhh, so good.

(groan) Now she's holding my balls, kind of slowly tickling or gently scratching the sac. And doing that thing again where she takes her mouth off every so often. Look at her....god.

She's really worked up a lot of saliva. Gettin' pretty messy down there. Now when she pulls back we're connected by a looping wet string and.....O Christ, she's starting to play with it.

I don't know if she's doing that for me or for her or for both of us, but she's having a good time, and if I keep watching her I'm gonna cum for sure. Goddam, why does that look so hot?

Oh man, now she's working my cock for real. I am hard, baby, hard---Ow! Ooo hurt me, yeah.
Aaahhh fuck fuck fuck how can anything possibly feel soooo good??

Mmm yeah there comes her hand between my legs, pushing a finger between my ass cheeks.
If she sticks it up my hole I'll blow my load for.......Holy shit!! Oh god, oh......can't.......


She's one of my co-workers and we've been teasing and jousting for about three weeks---suggestive comments, a covert pinch on the butt---you know, the kind of stuff that spawns sexual harassment lawsuits.
She started the whole thing by telling me a cock joke.

We were in a departmental meeting and she just leans over and whispers this filthy joke in my ear.
I was surprised that she even spoke to me, but to have her whispering in my ear?

Her warm breath and lips touching my ear---it wouldn't have mattered if she'd been reciting the preamble to the fucking constitution, in about two seconds I had an erection going.

Then in the joke she's saying words like "cock" and "pussy" and "cum."
She knew exactly what she was doing to me.

Before then we'd only seen each other in the office sometimes, never spoken (we're on the same floor, but it's a big company). I'm still not sure if she even knew my name when she put her mouth on my ear.

Looking back, I think that's mostly what made it so titillating, of course, that we didn't know each other.

It didn't have the feel of casual sex, though. More like jumping out of an airplane.


Bitch did it.....she's twisting a finger in my asshole, oh fuck. Every time she deep-throats me she runs the finger farther up in my ass.

My knees are bent and spread so wide I'm almost crouching, my fingers digging into the edge of the table I'm leaning against.

God oh god, jerkin' me fastfastfast, mouth on and off, on and off, on and off.

"You're gonna cum for me, aren't you?
"You can do that for me, can't you?"

I want to jam my eyes closed, but I gotta watch her....gotta see it.....

There's white foam all around the head of my cock where she's worked up a lather with my pre-cum.

"Want to see if you can cum on my face? Shoot it that far?"

Holy fuck.
Pulls her finger out---(grooaaann)---and starts working me with both hands.
"Jesus Christ! Ohhh...." comes out as a grunt.
Pounding me, pounding......she's destroying my balls.
Her whole upper body is bouncing, she's working me so hard, hair flying.

"You want to fuck my ass don't you? Fuck my ass? First you gotta cum on me."

That's it, here it cums, I feel it starting.
She knows. Maybe my breathing? God, I'm hardly breathing at all.
FasterharderfasterfasterGodithurts!! shitshitshit....uuuuhhhnnnnmm!!! FUCK!
(growl) Here it cums here it cums here it cums......

uhnAahh!! One solid shot hits her on the left side of her face.
Shit that was good, I could feel it jetting through my vein.

Clench-release, clench-release, clench-release.....
My ass and that muscle behind my balls are working like never before, god what a rush!

She's squeezing me closed right behind the head and pulling me fast and hard with the other hand, letting it build up inside.
Has her mouth open for it. Oh god.

Uuhnn, she let go and got another good shot out of me. Splatted on her chin and a lot of it flicked up onto her tongue.

God, she's unbelievable. Fucking unbelievable.
I'm drifting. My scalp is tingling.
Finishing me off now. Squeezing it all out, she keeps looking into my eyes.

One last long fat string of cum is hanging off the end of my cock.
She milks it and it falls on her breast onto her nipple.

Fuck, look at her. There are dots and slips of cum all over her chest. Fuck!

I close my eyes and raise my face to the ceiling, my chest heaving.
She's happy, or satisfied, or something. I'm really not sure what she's feeling.

One thing we both know:
She owns me.
I would do anything to have this again.

I think it was Kurt Vonnegut, Jr., that said, "Probably something like three-fourths of world history has been determined by blow jobs."
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