Bond Fire pt. 1

By SirSpanksAlot80

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First off got to give a shout out to one of my friends Scribe. If it wasn't for him commenting on one of the pictures and we started chatting about the good ole day then this story would have NEVER been told. This is a true story or what I can remember of it. Hope Y’all like it.

I live on a big piece of land about 48 arches and there is a nice sized private lake. I am a huge pothead always have been and always will be. I smoke out with a group of six close friends all huge pothead just like me, we use to meet down at the lake. Where I would spend all day setting up chairs, tables, a grill and even a big bond fire. It was the Southern Cali weather that made these nights special and fun. One night we meet up drinking our beers and smoking some grade A weed that me and two of my friend went in on. I was helping with the grill cooking some burgers and hot dogs the ultimate munchies when your high out of your mind. I saw somebody I've never seen before a 5'4” black hair goddess I had the best high that I've had in awhile. Looking over at my friend mark.

“Hey bro! Who's the girl with the blue shirt by the fire?” I asked. That sentence seem like it took forever to leave my mouth.

“HUH!” was what I got from him

“Dude wake up.” I said chuckling because I knew he was just as high as I was “Who's the hot chick right there?” I said pointing at her.

“Oh, that's Amber. She's my girlfriends best friend.”

I became very excited as I continued to watch her. Then one of my other friends turned on some music, As soon as the song started I knew who it was and who turned it on. It was the band 311 and he started with the song 'Down'. Great band if your riding a nice calm high and hanging with friends. I continued to work the grill and watch Amber as my friends girlfriend and her started to dance. It was sexy they both had there hands on each others hips and one leg inside of the other leg dancing very close and giggling. About ten minutes of watching them I smelt something burning, as I looked down some of the hotdogs were getting super dark as I threw them in the aluminum try I brought.

I stood up on a chair “OK, listen up everybody” I said loud over the music “I would like to take this time to thank all my close friends and the new ones that are here for being so dear to me. Now who's hungry?” I yelled with a stupid grim on my face.

Everybody start to hoop and hauler as I got down and walk over to the out house the land lord has made. Getting done I walked over and got another beer. Went over and got a burger and hotdog and sat by the fire. When I'm high I love to stare at fire it calms me down watching the flame dance around. I was so into the fire I didn't hear marks girlfriend call my name, So she grabbed my shoulder and I jumped out of my trance.

“Oh, hey Amy you scared me.”

“I'm sorry” She said giving me a smile “Jax I would like you to meet Amber.”

“Oh, Hey” I said as I wiped my hand on my shorts and extending my arm out to shake her hand

She shyly grabbed my hand and gave a little smile as we shook hands. I fell in love with her at that moment the way she licked her lips after her smile, the way the fire flickered in her blue eyes. I was putty in her hands, I pulled a chair close to mind and offered her the seat.

“Would you like another drink or something to eat?”

“A drink would be great, Thanks.”

I walked over and grabbed two more beers from the ice chest as I walked over my buddy Paul stopped me and told me he had to work early the next day and he'd hit me up after. I gave him a bro hug and he split with his two friends. I walked over and opened our beers and we started to talk getting to know each other. She was the missing piece in my life. She loved to play video game, we listened to the same music and of course loved to smoke weed. The night started to wind down and people started to leave, it came down to just Mark, Amy, Amber and me. As I looked at my phone I saw that it was already 2 in the morning and I had to be up in 4 hours to get some stuff done around the house plus clean up the mess down at the lake.

We stood up and walked up to Marks car where him and Amy were passed out in the back seat. I looked in and tapped on the window Mark opened his eyes slowly and got out of the car stretching. I noticed that I was still holding Amber's hand and quickie let go, she gave me a smile as I started to walk over to the driver side. Mark gave me a bro hug.

“Dude we got to do this again soon!” he said

“Oh hell yeah.” I said as I looked over at Amber standing there staring at me

I pulled out a bag of weed from my cargo shorts side pocket and handing it to him “Here's your cut of the pound we got.”

He brought it up to his nose and took a deep breath and letting out a mmmmm as he slowly putting in his pocket. I start for the front of the car and Amber is walking up to it, wrapping her arm around my neck she give me a passionate kiss and lets her hand travel to my pocket. When we broke the kiss I took a step back licking my lips, she give me a wink and starts for the car.

“Wait!” I said as I reached into my other pocket and pulled out a film container with a couple of green sticky nuggets. “Here you said you didn't have any and I have plenty.” as I handed her the container

She looked up at me with a cute little girl smile and laid a little wet peck on my cheek. I watched as the left and looked around at the mess I have to clean up. Thinking to myself I thought 'FUCK it!!! I'll do it after I get some sleep' and left for the house. I tried to be as quiet as possible walking through the house seeing that everybody was asleep but I was too high to walk straight and keep running into everything.

Finally getting to my room I just passed out as soon as I hit the bed, I woke up to my dad yelling my name telling me “to get my lazy ass up you got shit to do' I almost flipped him off but I knew where that would go.

So I finally rolled my ass out of bed coughing my lungs out as I walked to the bathroom. I knew I was going to be getting dirty so I deiced to wait on the shower. I did the stuff at the house fast and grabbed a glass of water before going to the lake to clean up. Grabbing my keys I jumped on the rhino ATV so I wouldn't have to walk. I just stood there looking at what looked like a nuke hit the area and started to clean slowly. My phone rang so I reached into my pocket and pulled it out along with a small piece of paper. Answering the phone I opened the paper it just said 'Amber xoxo 555-1254' I stared at the piece of paper as the phone was up to my ear.

“HELLO!!! where the fuck are you bro?” Mark yelled into the phone

“HUH.. What?” I replied

“Earth to Jax! Your high right now aren't you?”

“NO... I was just wondering how a piece of..... Never mind. What's up bro?”

“DUDE, We got to do that again tomorrow! Had the best time.”

“Oh hell yeah.” I said excited about the idea.

I heard a loud engine of a truck pull up close where I was so I turned around the landlord was walking up to me. I told mark 'I'd call him back in a few' and hung up. I place my phone back in my pocket and turned around.

“Hey Jax, I got some hunting buddies coming in today from up state. There guna be staying out here for the weekend.” He said as he took a drink of his vodka and Gatorade his drink of choice

“That's cool.” I said wanting to punch him for ruining our plans for the next day

“So will you let your parents know so they won't trip?”

“Yeah, as soon as I get home.”

He left and I finished cleaning up loading the grill and the rest of the stuff in the back of the rhino. As I headed home I grabbed my phone and put Amber's phone number into it and sent her a text 'Hey SEXY :) how are you doing 2day'.

As soon as I closed my phone it chimed I opened it and read 'OMG I didn't think you were going to text me :) you just made my day' I smiled as I read it.

Getting home I started to unload the rhino and continued to text her. She said 'she just ashed a huge bowl and was feeling it went straight to her head and didn't what to sound stupid talking to me' then another text came in 'I'll hit you up when I start to sober up'

I chuckled And I typed 'You sure? Nothing you say can make me think ur stupid'

I got back ':D you make me so happy. But yeah we'll talk later OK?'

“COOL have fun SEXY.' I replied

Getting done unloading the stuff my phone started to ring thinking 'it's only been ten minutes she wouldn't be calling already' fishing my phone out of my pocket I saw that it was mark. 'OH SHIT!!!' I said out loud remembering that I was suppose to call him back but forgot. Flipping open the phone I quickly placed it to my ear.

“DAMN Bro, I'm sorry my head was somewhere else.” I said

“It's cool, I know how your mind works and thought I'd call you.”

“Ha Ha. By the way we can't kick it out here this weekend. The landlord has some hunting buddies coming out for the weekend.”

“Aw man that sucks.”

“Your telling me.” I answered “HEY but lets do it at your pad. I'll bring the grill and pick up some carne asada and stuff.”:

“Oh HELL YEAH!!! didn't think of that.” He replied and laughing

“Fucking pothead!!!” I said chuckling

“You know it.”

“So you want me to call everybody up?”

“Na I'm going to meet Paul later. His pops has my new tires.”

“Alright COOL then I'll just go and get shit we'll need then.”

Hanging up, I went inside and my mom started to ask me questions about “how I was and did I have fun last night?” My mom is a free thinker she doesn't give a rats ass if I smoke or party she just wants me to be safe. My friends are so jealous about that but hey what can you do some parents are cool and some fly off the handle on stupid shit.

So we talked for a bit and I told her “Oh yeah, the landlord has hunting buddies coming out this weekend and there staying down at the lake.”

“OK.” She replied

I went to the bathroom and washed my stank ass, then headed out to pick up the stuff for tomorrow. At the meat market, where we get the best carne asada in town. As I was heading home I remembered that there was a new head shop. I turned around and went to it to see what's there. Getting to the shop I walked in, it was my heaven Hookas running around the top of the walls on a small shelf, glass cabinets with glass pipes, bongs, bowls and other pieces. I was in a trance and just headed for the pipe cabinet to see what they had, the colors and sizes made it the best part of the store.

“Can I help you?” A small sweet voice came from behind me

I turned to look at her, My eyes went huge and my mouth fell open as I made eye contact with her. “Amber!!!”

“In the flesh.” She answered with a giggle

“I didn't know you worked here.”

“It's my dads store and I help out when hes not feeling good.”

“WOW, your dad owns a Head shop that's awesome!”

So we talked for like ten minutes and I bought a awesome 12' glass blue swirled bong with a matching glass bowl and a make your own pipe kit, it was green tubes with blue metal connectors. Also I deiced to pick up a couple of grape swisher (these are small cigars that are grape flavored) to make some blunts. I told her about the kick back tomorrow and if she wanted to go just hit me you. I'll pick her up and we would go together she was excited and said she would let me know. I got home and put stuff away in the kitchen and carried the bag with my new toys in it to my room. I cleaned the bong, seed and steamed a couple of big nuggets.

Packing the bowl, Grabbing a iced tea then went out front to the patio and got comfortable in the over sized cushioned chair. Taking a swig of tea, then ashing the bowl in one hit, I was in love with this bong it had a nice clean burn and that's hard to find without trying it first. So I sit there ashing another bowl and sipping my tea. I didn't hear my sister come outside as she walked in front of me, I jumped and squealed like a little girl.

“What the fuck was that?” She asked as she busted out laughing

“Holy shit you scared the life out of me.” I panted out feeling my heart beat hard in my chest

“Oh fuck that was funny.” She said as she walked towards the car to wait for her boyfriend

I took a deep breath to tried to control my breathing and calm my nerves as I stared at her standing there. I grabbed my cup of tea and finished it, so I grabbed my bong and crap as I headed back in the house. I knew I was super high when I walked in and the cool air from the A/C hit me and I got really light headed. Getting in my room I laid back on my bed with Zeppelin playing low I was getting into the music. The next thing I know I got woke up by my phone going off, Scrambling to get it I knocked of my alarm clock and a glass half filled with water off my desk.

“Shit!!! Oh my bad hello?”

“Oh did I get you at a bad time?”

“Na, I just knocked some stuff over and now got to clean it up.” I looked at my phone and saw that it was Amber. “What's up SEXY how are you today?”

“Good. Just wanted to ask when the kick back was?”

“Oh Yeah that won't be until like 5 maybe 6 tonight.”

“GREAT!!! I'll be free at that time.”

“COOL then I'll pick you up later. Where and what time do you want me to get you?”

“Pick me up at 4:30 at the shop. If that's no trouble.”

“NONE at all.”

“Great see you then!”

I hung up and cleaned up the mess I made, I noticed that it was already one in the afternoon. So I grabbed my cut of the weed and started to pull out three huge buds. They were about three inches long n about half an inch thick, grabbing a baggy I rolled them up together and placed them in my cigar box that I carry when I go to my friends house. Also placing the two swishers, the new pipe, some ZAGS and three lighters. Looking through my clothes grabbing some camo cargo shorts and a black Bob Marley shirt. Heading to the shower taking some extra time to trim down my body hair and shaving. It took me an hour to do all that and was feeling kind of hungry so I grabbed a turkey sandwich and a glass of orange Kool-Aid.

I ate fast then headed outside and loaded the grill, a couple of foldable tables and some chairs. Grabbing my back pack and placing stuff I was going to take. In the kitchen I pulled out the carne asada, tortillas and a couple of cans of pinto beans placing them into a small ice chest. I got a text 'I'm guna need a lil more time. My dads not coming in n I'm guna have to close up.' I looked over at my alarm clock and saw it was already 4.

'COOL, I'll just come now n wait with u.' I text her back

'Ahhh, That SWEET ;) C u then.'

I told my mom 'that I'll be home late and that I will try to be quiet when I come.' she smiled and I gave her a kiss on the cheek and took off. Putting the ice chest and my back pack in the back seat I took off. I pulled up and parked a little from the shop, I got out of the car and this guy came out of the shop with a black bag that they use for there sells. He stared at me and I looked at him the same way thinking 'where do I know this guy from?'

“Jax? What's up bro been along time man.”

“What's up Bill. How the fuck have you been?” I said remembering who and where I knew him from

“NO shit! Too long bro.” he replied shaking my hand “Back in town. Got a new job and had to pick up some supplies.” He said lifting up the bag

“Oh yeah. I did that yesterday. It's a bad ass little shop.” I said laughing lightly

“HELL YEAH!!! It's about time we got a head shop in town.”

We sat there talking getting back in touch, the time seemed to fly by. We exchanged phone number just as Amber walked out of the shop. I just stared as she placed her backpack and a bag on the ground as she locked up the door. I totally forgot about Bill talking, I looked over to him and told him 'I'm out bro but I'll hit you up soon.' we shook hands and my attention went back to her. She was so sexy standing at 5'7”, curvy but toned body. Her pants caressed her long legs as she walked over to me and her black shirt was semi tight over her what I would guess 38c breast. I watched her every step and felt my member twitch in my pants, hoping she doesn't notice that I was undressing her with my eyes. I looked up and saw she was smiling and she was checking me out.

“WOW, you look amazing!” I said giving her a shy smile

“Right back at you.” She said sliding her hand down my arm

My body shivered under her touch and I started to get goose bumps. I wrapped my arm around her waist and walked her to the door of my car. Opening it she got in and I could feel I had a semi hard on as I walked behind the car readjusting myself so she wouldn't see it. Getting in when I turned on the car the stereo came on it was playing 'Otherside by Red Hot Chili Peppers' “OH MY GOD I love this song” She said with excitement in her voice. I chuckled as we took off to Marks house. Pulling up to his driveway there was three cars on the street. I guessed he told the others to park there to leave room for me I was bringing some stuff. I text him to let him know I was there and he came through the side gate that leads to the back yard.

“What's up bitch?” He yelled out with his arms above his head

“What the fuck every you man whore.” I replied back.

He came up and I gave him a bro hug “So you ready to party?”

“Like you wouldn't believe.” I said with a huge smile on my face

From behind him a high pitched voice “AMBER!!!!” it was Amy “Hey girl I didn't know you were coming.”

“Well yeah Jax told me about it yesterday and I wanted to come.”

“Awesome.” Amy said looking at me and winking

“Do you need help with anything?” Amber asked

“Yeah could you grab my back pack and take it inside for me? But please be careful got some stuff that will break if it's dropped.”

“OK, I'll be careful.” she said as she opened up the door to grab it

Mark and I unloaded the car and set up the stuff on the back patio. I grabbed a couple of things from his kitchen and lite a fire, I cut the meat into smaller strips and started to cook it after the fire went down. Mark came out with two beers and handed me one. I opened it and took a big swig. looking at the label and reading New Castle.

“WOW, you went for a great beer this time.” I said taking another swig

“Na, I always drink this.”

I finished cooking and carried the platter with the pile of meat into kitchen. I heated up the tortillas and the beans, I could hear everybody laughing and having a great time in the living room. I was already pulling out some meat, cutting it up and placing it on a tortilla for a small burrito for me. I took a nice size bite as I pulled the beans off the stove.

“Oh there you are.” Amber said behind me

I turned around and saw that she had my back pack on her right shoulder and the black bag in her hand. I was still chewing and gave her a smile. I finally swallowed and took a swig of my beer.

“Yeah just finishing up the food.” I replied

“It smells delicious.” She said giving me a wink “Oh yeah here's your back pack.”

“You didn't have to carry it everywhere.”

“I didn't want anything to break so I've been holding it.”

“That's sweet. I'll take it, thanks for protecting it.” I took it from her hand and put it on the counter

I placed everything on the table and walked up to the door “Foods done!”

It was a stamped everybody piled into the kitchen like I was feeding time at the zoo. The food was going fast so I'm glad I didn't put all of it out and keep some for myself. I opened my bag and pulled out my cigar box slowly opening it I pulled out the bag of buds. Pulling out one I started to seed and steam it on the counter Amber, Mark and Amy were sitting around me as I did this everybody else went back to the living room to watch T.V. As they ate. I pulled out a Swisher and did my trick to get all the tobacco out with out tearing the paper. Then started to fill it up packing as much of the weed I could, As I got to the top I noticed that it was quieter then it was earlier.

“Dude it got super quiet.” I told Mark

“Oh yeah everybody took off like five minutes ago.”

“Why thought they were guna stay for the party?”

“Na there's a huge party down the street and that's where they were heading.”

“What the fuck!!! they just wanted to grub and split.” I said with a pissed off voice

“Pretty much.” He said smiling “I'll reimburse you for the meat.”

“Na it's cool just thought that what today was about hanging and having fun.” I said taking a deep breath calming down

“Oh so what were not guna have fun?” Amber said laughing

Everybody started to laugh and I lite up the blunt, taking two hard hit and holding it for a bit til my lungs started to hurt and passing it. I started to cough so I took a drink of my beer, we passed the blunt for about twenty minutes til it was down to the bottom. I felt it hit me hard and got light headed fast. Now I just wanted to chill and ride my high. I fixed my burritos and went into the living room plopping down on the over sized bean bag chair that I loved with my plate and a new beer. I tore into the food like a cannibal and zoned out as they watched T.V.

“Lets do something fun.” Amy said loud and that brought me back to earth

“Like what?” Mark replied

“I don't know just something that sounds fun.”

I looked over at the couch where they were all sitting and discussing what to do. I saw that Amber was just staring at the T.V. Like she was in a trance and I started to laugh. She looked slowly over to me and smiled “What?”

“HUH! Nothing.” I said trying to keep a straight face

“I got it lets play Charades!”

All at once we looked at her like she lost he mind and started to laugh hard, she started to look at all of our faces and laugh with us. A couple of minutes went by, She brought it back up like it was a new topic. Some how we all agreed and started to get stuff moved around to play. Amy and Amber wrote the things we were going to act out and placed them in my hat. We deiced to of get the rules about a minute to act it out since we were all baked out of your skulls. (If you ever want to have the best time when your stoned play this game. I don't remember ever laughing so hard in my life)

So Amy went first since she wanted to play, it was a three word movie. She started off by pretending to shoot a gun then started to crawl like she was under attack. I was laughing my ass off because I saw the answer and she wasn't even close. I watched as she continued to go into more detail and everybody was lost. So she gave up and told them it was 'Full Metal Jacket' Amber looked at me and I shrugged my shoulders. It came down to my turn and I really didn't want to play but I also didn't want to be a buzz kill.

I picked the one on the left side of the hat and it was 'Dog Peeing on Fire hydrant' I thought 'man this is going to be a bitch because I have to get down on my knees' I stood there for a good amount of time trying to come up with the way to do it. I saw Amber start to smile and laugh, I smiled back and Mark snapped his fingers.

“Yo earth to pothead!” he said loud “It's your turn.”

“Oh shit my bad!”

So I signed it was an action and the first word was. I got down on my knees and started to act like a high dog everybody started to yell out 'DOG' I got up and signed fourth word, I started to act like a fireman opening it up. The room got quiet so stopped that one and signed third word. Pretending that I set a fire Mark was the only one that got it, so I went back to the fireman and Amber yelled it out correct. Signing for the second word I didn't know exactly how to do it so I just pretended to unzip my fly and pee on the hydrant. I stood there and watched as they thought it out, I saw Amber's face light up.

“DOG PEEING ON FIRE HYDRANT” she said all loud and excited

Mark and Amy said “Oh yeah” at the same time

The game ended at that point and I looked at the time was feeling crazy tired and still had to take Amber home. We said my good byes and that we should do this again as I packed everything up in the car. She ran back inside to grab her black bag that I still didn't know what was in it and we took off. I was taking the out of town roads since I was still a little high, we were about half way to her house when her phone rang.

“Hello. Hi mom, Yeah on my way home now.” She said into the phone “Be there in a few, OK Love you too.”

“Guess I should hurry up and get you home.”

“Fuck that! Why don't you find some place to park so we can talk.”

I knew the perfect place and headed there. As I pulled up and turned off the car she was like a wild animal and leaped onto my lap. Kissing and biting my bottom lip, I ran my hands up to cup her left breast and flicked my finger over her already hard nipple. She was going at my tongue it hard and fast as if she hasn't had anything in along time. I broke the kiss and pulled her shirt off the thin material of her bra did nothing to conceal her hard throbbing nipples. I lifted her right tit and sucked her nipple through the fabric as she started to grind harder on my already hard member. I bite her nipple she jumped and moaned picking up her pace of grinding on my lap. I could feel the heat radiating from her womanhood and I couldn't take it anymore.

I opened the door and helped her out of the car and followed. We started to kiss and lick each other like we were going to eat each other. I slowly started to work my way down her body kissing and licking her hot flesh, stopping at her hard nipples as I sucked and bite them again I felt her body tense up and shiver. I smiled again her breast as this happened I slowly moved down her stomach and licked around her belly button plunging my tongue into it she grabbed my head and tried to push me faster to her wet mound. I slowly started to move down to her pants and undid them she grabbed them pushing them and her panties down as fast she she could. Now face to face with her wet slit I could smell her sweet fragrance, my mouth started to water as I slowly stuck out my tongue and looked up at her face.

Her eyes wide as she grabbed my head pushing me into her wetness I licked long and hard over her slit like she was a popsicle. She moaned and gasped as I licked and sucked her labia. Her legs started to shake as she leaned back to rest on the car hood spreading her legs wider I could see her hard throbbing clit stick out from it meaty hiding place. I moved in closer and buried my face hard into her mound, I went at it like a dog in heat shoving my tongue deep into her pussy and ran my thumb in hard little circles over her clit.

“FUCK baby, I'm cumming. Don't stop.” She moaned and screamed as she clamped her thighs hard around my head.

I slowly stopped as she tried to catch her breath and smiled at me, pulling me up we kissed long and passionately. She spun me to the car and slowly started to rip my clothes off throwing my shirt on the top of the car she kissed down my chest biting my nipples as she continued to kiss down. Stopping at my belt she was fumbling with it so I helped her and she pulled my shorts and boxers to the ground with one hard tug. My cock sprung out like a jack in a box she moaned at the sight of my throbbing member. Grabbing at the base she licked around the head collecting the precum already flowing thick from the eye. Then down my hard throbbing shaft I leaned back loving the feeling of this hot naked chick licking my hard cock in the open.

I felt her suck my right testicle in her mouth and ran her tongue around it the sensation sent shivers up my spine as I held myself on the car. Moving over to the left one my legs started to shake, I felt her smile as she let it fall out of her mouth. Wrapping her mouth around my throbbing head I bucked my hips to shove my cock into her mouth be she moved with my hips. I growled as she played with me not taking me completely in. I stared deep into her eyes as she swallowed my throbbing cock, I almost lost it right there trying to stand straight she picked up her pace swallowing my cock. I felt it hitting the back of her throat and her moans sent vibrations up my spine. I could feel my balls slapping her chin as she moved faster and faster on my cock.

“Mmmm, Fuck baby your guna make me cum. Slow down.”

She started to slow down to a slow but great pace, I wanted to make it last awhile longer. I could feel my balls tighten up and that amazing feeling right before I blow my load.

“Mmmm, baby I guna cum.” I panted out

“Yeah, where do you want to unload sexy?” She said stroking my throbbing hard cock

“Oh fuck on your tits baby. I want to see them covered with my load.”

She grabbed my shaft harder and sucked on my head. Pulling harder and fastest she felt my shaft swell up as I unloaded rope after rope of hot cum all over her bouncing tits. My knees started to buckle hard as I shot my last few squirts for jizz over her left hard nipple. Catching myself on the door that was open I stood up looking down at her running her finger through the cum. Then bringing it up and sucking it off her finger. She slowly started to stand up.

“Mmmm, Wait baby I want a picture. You look so sexy just like that.”

I grabbed my phone and took a couple of pictures as she posed for me. Thinking 'Man she a naughty girl' I couldn't help but chuckle a little. I helped her up and handed her my under shirt to clean herself off with as I headed to the back seat to grab a bottle water for her. Handing it to her she took a big swig letting some run down her heaving chest and she started to pour it onto my shirt.

“Thank you baby I needed that so much. I haven't had anything like that in two years.” she explained

“Really two years! I'm sorry to hear that. Hope you loved every minute of it, I sure did.” I said grabbing my shorts and putting them on

“Oh my god did I.” she said with a huge smile on her face “you gave the the best orgasm I've had in a long time.”

I smiled at that like I just won first place in a sporting event. I helped her into the car and I took her home. Pulling up I saw her brother getting out of his truck and running up to the door. I pulled up right behind his truck and walked her to her door she wrapped her arm around my neck and kissed my passionately as the door swung open. I looked up to see her dad standing there with a look that would kill anybody.

“Hi daddy.” She said almost skipping into the house

I stood there taking a hard gulp and started to walk backwards off the porch and give a small smile. Turning and walking as fast as I could to my car. Jumping in and heading home, I pulled up got out of the car and headed into my room my phone chimed just as I walked into my door I read the text from Amber

Damn baby my pussy is so hot right now, just got out of the shower and I need your tongue again :)”

“Oh yeah something like this?” I took a picture of my tongue and sent it to her

“Mmmm, just like that.” I chuckled as I read that my phone chimed again. Opening up the text it was a picture of her wet bright pink pussy with her fingers spreading her lips. My cock got hard as I stared at this glorious picture. I returned the favor and pulled out my hard throbbing cock with a drop of precum forming at the eye.

“FUCK baby I want that throbbing piece of meat deep in my cunt.”

We went on for over an hour sending pictures and naughty text messages. I text her “that I had to crash now cuz I had crap to do the next morning.” and we stopped texting soon after that. The next morning I woke up feeling refreshed and glad to be alive, Getting some breakfast and doing what had to be done around the old homestead. I unpacked my car and went in to take a shower, my phone was beeping letting me know I had a text.

Opening it it was from Amber “Morning baby how'd u sleep?”

To Be Continued.............