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This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, and incidents are figments of the authors’ imagination. Any resemblance to events and/or persons is entirely coincidental.
Copyright © UnXpected, 2010

“Can I taste you?”

He ain’t said nothing but a thang. I admit, I was a little tipsy, knew I shouldn’t be. I am helping out at my girl friends party at the lodge, in charge of the coatroom. I led this fine young brother, bout in his late 40’s to the back of the closet. I’m in my early 50’s and am NOT by any means looking for love in this stage of the game. I haven’t had a good tongue lashing in a while, and since he offered, I’m gonna oblige. Laying back against somebody’s grey wool coat, I hoist my form fitting dress to my waist, pull my panties to the side, and wait for him to go to work. This New Jack had another plan in mind. He got to his knees in front of me, and re-covered my exposed lips with my panties, then starts licking the outside of the lace liner.

“Playa…you ain’t tasting shit that way. You gotta get at it.”

“Let me do me Mama. Just lay back and wait for it.”

Letting out an exasperating sigh, I do just that, lie back and wait. I ain’t got time for this.
Let me gett off, and go on boy! Now, at this rate, my panties are going to be wet from his foreplay licking. Someone will probably barge in, and as usual I will not be getting off tonight. I feel the roughness of his tongue licking slowly against the lace pattern of my panties. I feel the coolness of his breath as he sucks the moisture of his saliva, from my lining, back into his mouth. This was going to be interesting.

After a couple more licks and sucks, he latches his thumbs under the waistband, at my hips,
and slowly removes my thong. Kissing at various areas of my body, below my waist.
I hadn’t planned on him removing them, but I also didn’t put up a fuss. I lifted each foot, as he delicately pulled my panties over them. To tell you the truth, I don’t know what he did with them after that. For all I know he put them in his pocket cause I didn’t leave with them. His tongue slid in and out of my slit, teasing at the top, then licking and cupping underneath and into my vaginal canal. Maybe this boy had some skills. I let him tease me this way for a bit, trying not to appear so desperate and eager. He lifted one of my legs to his shoulder then used his thumbs to spread my lips apart. Here is where I began to lose control. He sucked, teased, bit (playfully), and pulled. I had my breasts removed from the confines of my dress and bra, and was twisting my nipples between my thumb and forefingers. The more intense it got, the more response he got out of me. I was gyrating against his face and mouth, dropping one of my tits from my hand, the other found its way to my lips, and mouth. My other hand found it’s way behind his head, bringing him closer into me. This Mother Fucker was GOOD, YOU HEAR ME!!

I vaguely remember seeing another male figure come into this room to retrieve his coat. I couldn’t pick him out of a line up if I had to. I don’t even know if he stayed to watch.

When it came time for me to cum…..I CAME and HARD! He certainly took my breath away.
I was so dizzy, and weak. As I pushed his head away from me, unlatching his tongue from my clit, I noticed this dude just had this crazy smile across his lips.

“You alright Mama?” he spoke.

“Why you ask me that?” I respond still breathing hard.

“Cause you look like you about to pass out.”

“Don’t worry bout me, I admit, you did your thang.” I chuckle back at him.

He rose to his feet, as I pulled my dress back down over my hips. I was hoping he didn’t think I was going to return the favor, cause although I’d obliged to his offer, I wasn’t in the practice of putting just any ole dick in my mouth. He didn’t try to kiss me after, which I appreciated. Although he was sucking at my twat, I still was not accustomed to tasting my own juices. After brushing off his knees, he reached for his coat at the bottom of the pile. After settling into it, he left the confines of the coat room, never looking back.

The rest of the night went by pleasantly, and in a fog. At the end of the evening, Tracy approached me.

“Sorry girl, I had to leave you in this closet for the night. Here’s a little something for helping out.” she says, handing me an envelope.

“Girl, this is not even necessary!”

“I know, I know, but I want to give you something.”

I placed my coat on my shoulders and put the envelope in my bag. Tracy walked me to the door and waited until I was safely in my car and driving off. At the stoplight, I pulled the envelope from my pocket and looked at its contents. $200.00.

I laugh to myself, “Talk about receiving a bonus”.

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

Copyright © **Disclaimer** This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, and incidents are figments of the authors’ imagination. Any resemblance to events and/or persons is entirely coincidental. Copyright © UnXpected, 2011

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