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Bucket List: Face Sitting

First part in a series about a couple going through a sexual bucket list
Sex Bucket List Rules.

A list of sexual fantasies to complete before we kick the bucket!

We each have our own list.
We take turns to choose from our lists
Fantasies can be as simple or as complicated as you like.
If a fantasy needs props then it’s the owner of the fantasies job to provide them.
If you have a fantasy you’re not allowed to introduce it in bed before bucket night!
If you’re not comfortable with the fantasy you can say No.
No involvement of other people without mutual agreement.
Safe word is "Access Denied!"

After making up the rules we gave each other a week to write our lists. Sex during this time seemed to be better than before for me as I was constantly wondering what Sarah was writing on her list. I had thought of stealing her iPad to have a look at one point when she left it unlocked in front of me but resisted!

I’d managed to write down 11 fantasies in the first couple of days but rejected loads more as I didn’t think I could get Sarah to try them. By the fourth day I realised that I was missing the point of the list. Nothing was banned and, looking at the way Sarah was gleefully adding to her list night by night, I might as well add anything I’d even briefly thought about in the past

The chosen night came and we were sitting on the sofa wearing bath robes after taking separate showers.

‘How do you want to choose who goes first?’ I asked Sarah who was already breathing deeply.

‘You can go first if you like. You never know, we might have mutual fantasies to cross off. Also I was thinking that it might be possible to combine one off each list’

‘I hadn’t thought of that!’ I exclaimed.

‘OK. Read yours out,’ Sarah smiled.

‘I want you to wear fishnet stockings and your high heeled calf length leather boots. I want you to stand over me looking down at my face then slowly lower yourself down so I can lick your clit. I want you to play with your boobs while I lick you, hopefully to orgasm!’

‘Very nice,’ Sarah smiled, ‘You have the stockings I trust? I don’t have any fishnets’

I reached behind a cushion on the sofa and brought out several packets of fishnet stockings. I know Sarah does wear stockings when we dress up to go out but her usual choice is tights. None of which were fishnets as I’d checked. My cock was rock hard in my pants. This was going to be brilliant!

‘We can combine your fantasy with one off my list.’ Sarah said.

‘I want to squat over your face, have you spread my bum cheeks and rim me while I play with my clit.’

My cock twitched again and I felt like I might cum before we’d even got naked! I nodded my agreement, not trusting my voice in my excitement, as Sarah stood up and walked into her bedroom to get changed. I stripped off and sat down on the sofa, eagerly waiting for Sarah to get ready.

I’ve gone down on Sarah many times and made her cum from oral before but it was always done lying between her open legs. I’d never touched her arse hole before, let alone stuck my tongue in it. It wasn’t anything she’d forbidden but simply something I’d never thought to try. I’d experimented with touching a previous partner’s anus and it had turned her off so much that she got dressed and went home.

‘Do you want me in there or in here?’ Sarah called from the bedroom.

‘I’m ready for you out here.’ I called back.

Sarah walked out of the bedroom dressed in stockings, boots and a smile. Sarah is 5’ 4” with a round figure, blonde hair cut in a bob and big blue eyes. Her large breasts are full with pink nipples that are like large bullets when erect. Her legs are trim and shapely and she has wide hips and a soft bum. She’s soft but not fat thanks to her habit of swimming a mile every other day. Her pussy is covered in soft, dark blonde hair that she keeps trimmed around her swimsuit line. Her pussy lips are hair free and full and she has a fairly prominent clit.

‘Kneel on the rug facing me, Mark,’ Sarah said slowly moving towards me.

I practically jumped off the sofa and knelt on the thick rug. Sarah approached me, her hips and boobs swaying with her movements. I licked my lips in anticipation.

‘On your back please, feet towards me,’ Sarah softly ordered.

I lay back and looked up at her, my rock hard cock almost standing to attention. Sarah walked down my body slowly increasing my anticipation and excitement. Finally she was stood above my head looking down at me. I could see she was excited by the way her breasts moved with her breathing.

‘Tell me what you want to do,’ Sarah whispered.

‘I want you to sit on my face and grind your wet cunt on my mouth while you play with your gorgeous hard nipples.’

Sarah slowly lowered herself until she was squatting over my face. I put my hands on her thighs running my palms over her stocking tops. Sarah kept her pussy just out of reach but cupped her breasts in her hands and started to pull her nipples between two fingers.

‘Please let me lick you,’ I said running my hands over her bum.

She giggled and gently got on her knees over my face. My hands were trapped so the only thing I could reach was her arse. I cupped her buttocks and pulled her clit on to my mouth. Sarah put her hands back on her tits and began to massage them as I licked her.

‘That’s good,’ she mumbled as my tongue started to move on her clit. I sucked her clit and hood into my mouth and twirled my tongue around it.

Sarah started to ride my mouth, thrusting her hips so that her clit was pushed harder on to my mouth. Her hands were over her tits, her thick nipples poking through her fingers and I could see them opening and then tightening on her nipples, pulling them harder and harder as I brought her to orgasm. Another new thing as I’d never seen her play with her tits before.

She came really quickly, grinding her cunt on my mouth and dripping her juices all over my chin. I kept licking her until she pulled herself off my face and knelt above me. As she had let my arms go free I began running my palms over her leather boots and up her fishnets to her full hips and back again as she caught her breath.

Sarah shuffled forward, stood up then reversed her position so she was looking down my body to, my imagination told me, my hard cock then slowly squatted over my face again.

‘You know what I need baby. Get to it,’ she said in an extremely slutty voice.

My cock twitched and I felt pre-cum ooze from the end of it. Sarah’s lovely big bottom hovered over my mouth and I grabbed her cheeks and pulled them apart. Obviously I’ve seen her anus before but never paused to look at the puckered hole in detail. Not that I had much time now as she pushed her bum down on to my face. I stuck my tongue out, pulled her cheeks fully apart and began to lap at her arse hole.

Sarah moaned with pleasure and almost lost her balance. She rearranged herself so she was kneeling over my face rather than squatting and began to grind her arse on my tongue. I tried to get into a rhythm with her movements but couldn’t quite do it.. I could hear her wet pussy squelching as she fingered herself. The thought of her long fingers with their bright red nails buried in her cunt made more pre-cum leak out of me.

I thrust my tongue at her bum and felt it slip inside her. Sarah stopped grinding and pushed herself hard on to my long tongue making it slip a little further inside her bum. I started to thrust in and out with rapid movements sensing this was what she wanted to try. Sarah sat still letting me tongue fuck her anus although her fingers kept moving in and out of her cunt.

‘Oh fuck me that feels so weird but in such a good way. Don’t you dare fucking stop!’ Sarah moaned breathlessly.

I felt her anus squeeze my tongue as I rimmed and penetrated her and realised she was cuming again. Her body went rigid then started to shake on top of me. I pushed my tongue as far up her arse as I could and felt Sarah start another orgasm.

‘Ooooh, enough, Sarah finally said falling forward on to my body and pulling her bum away from my hands and tongue.

I began stroking her thighs and buttocks as she tried to catch her breath, her weight pinning me down so I couldn’t move anyway. Her face was nearly up against my cock and I could feel her hot breath on it. I was so hard now it was almost painful and I started to twitch the muscle at the base of my cock trying to make myself cum.

Sarah must have seen it twitching and I felt her wet tongue gently lick the pre-cum off the head. She moved slightly to get the right angle then took what felt like my entire 7” length into her mouth. She pulled my cock out of her mouth slowly, sucking hard on it. As soon as it left her lips I began to orgasm, squirting her mouth and chin with cum.

‘Oh god, sorry!’ I moaned squirting a second time as she grasped my cock with her right hand and wanked me dry. I’d never cum anywhere but inside her pussy before and had no idea how she’d react to an unannounced facial!

Sarah responded my putting my cock back in her mouth and running her tongue over the head cleaning me up. She ran my cock head over her lips, chin and cheek wiping her face clean and then licked it clean. When she’d finished she rolled off me, turned around and lay on top of me kissing me deeply. I could taste my cum on her tongue and licked up what she’d missed when she cleaned her face.

‘OK, that’s two things we can cross off my list,’ Sarah smiled. ‘I wanted to swallow your cum in one fantasy. Actually it’s almost three things as I wanted you to taste your own cum although I wanted you to cum over my tits and lick it up.’

‘Another off my list too. I had “cum in your mouth” down. I’ve also got “cum on your tits” down but I want to do it with you wearing a very specific bra. We can combine!’ I laughed.

‘Wow!’ Sarah smiled shivering slightly, ‘which bra?’

‘The sheer black one you got to go under t-shirts. Your tits look amazing in it.’

‘OK. So, not that I want to analyze every fantasy we do but will sir be wanting to keep anything we’ve tried tonight?’ Sarah said gently.

‘I love you wearing stockings. I know you like to be naked but you look so good in them. Even better when you’re wearing heels.’ I said getting excited again, ‘You?’

‘I want you to rim me when you give me oral sex.’ Sarah said immediately, ‘that was so wrong but so right.’

‘You may actually like some of the things I put on my list that I didn’t think you’d like, then!’ I smiled.

‘No spoilers!’ Sarah said clamping my mouth shut by kissing me and sticking her tongue in my mouth.

That was it, my cock was hard again and I wanted to fuck Sarah. She obviously felt the same way as she rolled over pulling me on top of her. Her legs wrapped around my waist and I felt the soft fishnet rubbing on my hips and the not so soft leather boots rubbing against my thighs. I quickly entered Sarah and began fucking her slowly with hard thrusts. She moved her hands on to her tits and began pulling on her nipples again.

‘This needs to stay too. I love having my nipples pulled hard.’ Sarah whispered, ‘I’ve always done it when I masturbate but it used to freak Dave my ex-hubbie out when I did it in bed.’

‘Don’t stop for me, I love it!’ I gasped as I felt myself starting to cum again.

Sarah beat me to it but only just. She threw her head back on the rug and pulled her nipples harder than ever. Her legs clamped around my back pulling me deep into her pussy. I felt her cross her ankles to keep her legs in place and her heel dug into my backside. That was it, I pushed myself as hard as I could against her and squirted deep inside her. Sarah came a second time bucking her hips against me and clamping down with her legs. She had done this before but the addition of her stockings and boots was making it way better for me.

I thrust into her again but my rapidly softening cock slipped out of her sopping cunt and slid down against her bum. She released me from her leg hold and I collapsed at the side of her. We lay on the rug holding hands but not saying anything for 10 minutes then went to bed. Before we fell asleep we decided it would be Sarah’s choice in three days time.

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