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She lays on the bed wearing only an old t-shirt of mine, knees up just enough to put her beautiful behind on display. She pays me no attention as I enter the room, too wrapped up in what I assume is another business email that she’s typing on her phone. That’s what it usually is, anyhow.

She’s a busy woman.

I crawl onto the bed, sliding up toward her. I take a leg in each hand and gently guide them over my thighs as I sit perfectly nestled between her legs, knees folded under me. She doesn’t look at me, but a small smile appears at the corners of her lips and she shifts just the slightest bit to settle her form perfectly against mine.

My hands smooth over the skin of her thighs, appreciating how soft she is. She likes to shave every day and she uses only the finest of lotions, so she always feels like silk under my palms. My thumbs duck under the hem of the red t-shirt, gently tracing along the lines of her hip bone. She inhales deeply and I can feel her muscles moving with the breath under my fingers. When she exhales, there’s a small, contented sigh weaved into the sound, gently praising me for my actions and nudging me to continue.

I tentatively ask if less innocent touches are permitted by running my hands up her sides under the shirt, thumbs softly grazing her breasts. The way she arches her back the slightest bit and moves her hips to more firmly press herself against me is her way of answering yes, access granted, even as she continues typing away on her phone. I squeeze each nipple between forefinger and thumb and she shifts some more, that contented sigh emerging once again, only a little deeper this time, coaxing me to move forward.

My right hand slips around to settle on the small of her back, ever so slightly holding her form closer to mine as my left meanders down her waist, finally arriving at the smooth skin of her sex. My thumb teases her clit, just a light prodding eliciting a small roll of her hips, before my fingers travel lower. She’s warm, a good sign, but not quite ready to go, so I happily take up the job of stimulating her. I pass two fingers up and down her slit, just gently stroking her sensitive flesh, while my thumb rubs her clit.

All the while I watch her face, delighting in the rosy hue that’s risen to her cheeks and the way her glossy pink lips part with tiny gasps of pleasure here and there. I can soon feel her growing damp, and allow my fingers to graze a little deeper as they continue stroking back and forth. A deep moan is pulled out of her as I press my thumb into her clit a little harder and tentatively dip one finger in.

I hum in delight, a smile coming to my lips when I find her wet enough to really play. Still keeping pressure on her clit, I slowly push two fingers into her and drag them back out. Her gaze is still fixed on her phone, but her eyelids flutter the slightest bit and she groans, arching her back as I push my fingers back in. I start a steady rhythm of massaging her clit and pumping my fingers, and the heat between her legs grows in intensity. Every once in a while she rolls her hips into my touch, and eventually, I notice her dragging her lower lip between her teeth, thumbs typing away furiously as she tries to finish her email.

I coax small gasps and moans of delight out of her as I continue my pace, patiently waiting for her to be done with business for the night. I’m sure to hit that spot deep inside her that pulls those soulful moans up from her chest, and I keep hitting it over and over and over and—

She finally tosses the phone aside, arching her back even further as her eyes flutter closed and she grabs the sheets tight in her fists, letting herself fully sink into my touch.

“You’re so good at that,” she coos, her voice absolutely dripping with sex. I smile and continue my steady movements, content just to watch her sigh and roll her hips against my hand. I use my free hand to push the hem of the old t-shirt up, exposing her perfect breasts as they swell and fall with every heated breath. Her body ebbs and flows like the tide, and I am determined to see a wave crash.

Her mind is perfectly in tune with mine as always. She gazes up at me with half-lidded eyes and reaches a hand out to caress my cheek, thumb dancing along my lower lip.

“Think you can finish me?” She asks, and even if I wasn’t already wanting to do exactly that, the way she’s watching me in that moment would have been enough to convince me anyway.

She closes her eyes with a pleasured sigh as I press my thumb down on her clit again, and I use that fleeting freedom from her entrancing gaze to back away from her, moving my body down the bed so that I can put my head between her legs. I revel in the way she sucks in a deep breath and holds it, her own anticipation building as she rifles her fingers through my hair to hold it up out of the way. The way her fingernails graze my scalp sends tiny sparks through every nerve in my body and I sigh, cascading hot breath over her. I briefly catch sight of her biting down on her lower lip before she gently pulls me into her.

I start with the very tip of my tongue, just letting it tease her lips, and I slow my fingers to a stop so as to ensure she focuses on what I’m doing with my mouth. Her breathing is shallow, short, and controlled as I just barely flick my tongue around—but not on—her clit. And I keep doing exactly that—only that—until she’s just starting to squirm, her fingers in my hair starting to tighten their grip. That’s exactly where I want her—right in the height of that tension—when lay my tongue flat against her, dragging it all the way up from her entrance to her clit, and finally closing my mouth around her and sucking.

She groans and it’s a deep, guttural rumble from her very core, as if her soul itself is singing its sexual relief. I finally resume my fingers’ movements then and I start up a rhythm of massaging her clit with the tip of my tongue, making note of each and every sigh that escapes her lungs and exactly what I’ve done to coax it out of her. She was well warmed up, so it doesn’t take long before she’s squeezing my head tight between her thighs, her moans and movements growing more and more needy.

I roll my fingers just so inside her, hitting that perfect spot at the same time that I suck on her clit once more, and she thrusts her hips up into me with one last definitive cry of release. She holds me in place as she rides out her orgasm, and I know to keep my tongue and fingers pressed firmly against her sweet spots until she’s done. Finally, as she exhales a breath she was holding in her climax, all the tension falls from her body and she releases me from her hold.

I go to work with my tongue, making sure to clean up as she lays still and catches her breath, her small sighs encouraging me. Her chest is still heaving when she cups my face in her hands, dragging me up toward her. “Come here,” she murmurs. “I want to taste myself on you.” I happily obey, moving up her body to finally settle against her perfect, soft form. She greets my lips with hers, mouth open and waiting to meet my tongue half way. Our kiss is salty and sweet and hot and she sighs in pleasure as she drinks it in.

“You’re so good,” she whispers as our lips part. “Would you like a turn now?” I hum as if considering it, but immediately lay down, resting my head against her perfect breasts. She hums in return and gently runs her fingers through my hair. “Are you sure?”

“Tired,” I whisper, briefly lifting my head so I can pull my old t-shirt down over her body again. It compliments her form so much better than it ever did mine. I wouldn’t complain if she wore only that shirt for the rest of her life. She sighs, hugging me to her chest.

“Me too,” she admits, body finally settling into the bed. I can already feel the sweet seductions of sleep encroaching on the edges of my mind. “Thank you, love.”

And with that, we fall into a deep, satisfied sleep.


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