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Caffeine Effect (Part 1)

Does caffeine makes one horny?
I was patiently reading my book while waiting for you in our favorite coffee shop. You said you're coming late because you have some mattersto attend to.

I was engrossed with reading that I never notice you slide beside me.

"Hi Gorgeous!" you whispered to me.

"Hey! What took you so long?"

"Sorry, I'll make it up to you."

I smiled sheepishly, for I have something up in my mind to get back to you.

You noticed that my bloused was unbuttoned and my red lace bra is peeking underneath.

I hear you breathe heavily and say "Damn! You're such a show off! I just want to rip off your blouse and suck those tits."

I chuckled with your comments and slide up my hands in your inner thigh. Gently stroking your thighs but avoiding the crotch area.

"Why are you punishing me, woman?" you blurted under that heavy breathing.

I rose up my left leg over your right leg, giving you an access to my inner thigh. You stroked my legs, and pushing further under my mini-skirt.

Your fingers reached my laced thongs and slide it sideways.

"You're soaking wet my dear. Is it all because of the caffeine?" You spoke while biting my ear.

"No babe, it’s all because I was thinking about you."

I moaned as you play with my slit. Your fingers started moving up and down, and in circles.

You removed your hands from my mound and you smelled it. I can smell the sex from your finger tips.

I quickly grabbed hold of your hands and suck your fingers. Your eyes widened from my actions, and I know it pleases you.

"Can we go somewhere else?" I stood up before you can even respond.

You followed me as I exit the cafe, and guided me to your car.

As you drove the car I started stroking your inner thigh once again. You try to focus on the road but I know deep inside your begging me to stroke your cock. I unbuckled your belt and unzipped your fly. I slide my hand inside your boxers to reach and expose your cock.

In no time you’re hard and stiff as a wood, even before I started stroking you.

I lifted my skirt so you can see me in my red thongs. I took them off, exposing my trimmed mound. I started rubbing my clit with my right hand, and stroking your shaft up and down with my left hand.

The scent of sex started to smell inside the car, making me hornier by the moment.

As I stroked faster and faster, you stepped harder in the accelerator, reaching your garage in no time. Once the shutter was closed behind, you got off from the driver side and opened my door. You positioned yourself in my inner thigh and started kissing my legs.

You drove your tongue in my mound and started licking my slit up and down. Causing me to moan, begging you not to stop. I felt you gently sucking my clit while inserting a finger in my hole.

I grabbed a handful of your hair and holding you closer to my pussy, I started clenching my pussy for any minute I know I’ll cum.

“Fuck, faster I’m cumming!” I moaned and screamed with every lick and suck.

I reached my peak and let a long moan, I exploded my cum all over your face, and my body started to shiver.

“You’re so fucking delicious!” you said as you continue lapping all my juices dripping down my pussy.

“And damn, you’re an amazing pussy eater!” I said while stroking your hair.

You laughed and lifted me up.

“Let’s continue eating that pussy in the bedroom shall we?”

I laughed with that comment, and started kissing your lips. I also wanted to taste myself from your lips, and I know it’s going to be a long night.

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