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Candy Stroker Part 3: What I Learned at Work

The Candy Stroker and her friends spread joy throughout the ward.
What I learned at work

Over the next few weeks, Adam and I met whenever we could to play around. We spent time at my house and at Adam's because our parents insisted, but we still figured out places to make out — in the car, at friends' houses. I loved having my clit licked and sucking his cock. One day we got together in the morning before school. I didn't swallow anything after his cum, so I enjoyed his aftertaste for quite a while in class. It was my cool little secret. Then I got really hot again when I kissed Adam at lunch 'cause he still smelled of me!

I had another secret — I'd been to Planned Parenthood and was waiting for my period so I could start the pill. I didn't want the shots for lots of reasons. Adam was pressuring me to go all the way and I put him off, waiting to surprise him.

I didn't realize it at the time, but something else was beginning for me. It started the day Adam and I spent together in my house when the teachers had a planning day. At work that afternoon, I noticed a nurse I hadn't seen before. She was young, blonde, and busty like me, and looked very familiar, but I couldn't place her. I kept looking at her the way you do when you think you recognize someone. She sensed my curiosity and smiled at me.

“You're thinking I look familiar, I can tell,” she said. “We have met, in Sandy's Trousseau, the lingerie shop. I remember selling you some bras. I'm Lois.”

“June. I remember now. You were real helpful.”

We made some chit chat. Turned out Lois didn't work full time, still mostly night shifts. She said she'd gotten the job at the lingerie shop for two reasons. “I need extra money, but also it gives me a discount on clothes and lingerie. I love sexy lingerie, so it's a real help on the budget.” We went off to help patients, but we met at the nurse's station again. Lois gave me a big smile. “Didn't you work a night shift with Miranda a few weeks ago?”

“Yeah, she was really nice and helped me get started.”

“She told me you were real nice to one of the male patients.”

I blushed and smiled. “Yeah, well...”

“It's OK, the staff that give special treatments have to stick together. That's safer. Did you like doing it? Would you do it again?”

“Yes, it was fun. Only I've got a boyfriend and it sorta feels like cheating even though there's no, like, relationship with the patients.”

“I know what you mean. I'm between boyfriends right now, but just to keep things honest, when I start dating someone more than casually, I'm gonna tell him I’m not sexually exclusive Actually, I'm pretty free-thinking. Sex is so much fun I don't want to be tied to one partner.”

“Wow,” I said. “I always assumed I'd….But now that you mention it….I'll have to think about it.” Then, again we had to go on the floor, working.

I saw Lois once more, sitting at the nursing station desk, filling out paperwork. Her crossed legs showed me she was wearing stockings, not pantyhose. I laughed. “Lois, you old lady, are you wearing a girdle?”

She looked up, laughing, but didn't pull her skirt down. She spread her legs, revealing stockings and lacy panties. “No, a garter belt. They're very sexy - how they look and how they feel.” She glanced around to see if anyone was near, then got up. Smiling a bit and rotating her hips, she slowly raised her skirt to her waist. I saw her stockings, with the heavier white at the top, pulled tight toward the taut garters. Her white, lacy garter belt sported blue bow at the middle. A tiny bikini, in matching lace, covered her mound. She appeared to be shaved.

“See? Really sexy. Come into the store and I'll set you up. You'll drive your boyfriend crazy, I guarantee.”

“You're right. Those are sexy.”

Lois let her skirt back down and we grinned at each other. I promised to visit the lingerie store soon. We compared schedules and I knew we would work together for my next night shift.

I thought a lot about what Lois said about not wanting to be tied to one partner. I'd really liked giving Jim the handjob at work and I wanted to do that some more. Plus admitted to myself that since I'd been making out with Adam so much, I'd watched the guys at school differently. I wondered what their cocks were like and if guys’ cum tasted different. Not like I didn't care about Adam, I did, but I was very curious about sex. Then I realized that Adam and I had never promised not to go out with anyone else, we'd just started seeing each other all the time. I wondered what kind of arrangement his friends from the summer had. They hadn't stuck to one partner, at least she hadn't. I decided to talk it over with him the next chance I got.

That chance came Friday night when Adam took me home from work. We parked at the Point and I told him I wanted to talk before we really got into it. Nervous, I took a deep breath and started.

“You know, Adam, we've never promised not to go out with anyone else and I got to thinking, you know, about the couple you were with last summer. I guess they didn't think they were cheating even though you had sex with her. Was he always with you two?”

“No, they told me they both wanted more than one sex partner. They just promised each other three things: to be safe, to tell the other one about any sex they had, and to tell each other early if they were getting serious with anyone else. How come you're asking all this stuff? I don't want to date anyone but you, June.”

“Ok, but what would you do if she called you up and wanted to get together? She'd do things with you I'm not ready to do…yet.”

He sighed. “Well, it's not going to happen, she lives far away with Rob. But, yeah, if she called me up, I'd want to…unless it meant that we'd break up. You're much more important to me than she is.”

When he told me that, we started hugging and kissing, but I stopped us. “Wait a second. Let's finish what we were talking about. I think Rob and Janice had a good idea. Suppose we agree to the same things? I mean, you're a good looking guy and in the theatrical, you'll meet someone who'll want to fool around and I know you'll want to. Any guy would. I just want us to be safe and honest, like Rob and Janice.”

Adam looked at me. “June, is there some reason you're telling me this? Do you want to see someone else?”

“No, Adam, I don't want to see anyone else…Here, let me tell you what happened at work.” So I told him about Miranda and Jim and how I'd learned to give handjobs. I told him that stroking Jim off made me want to do it with him. I told him I was curious about guys' cocks and that I wanted to keep playing with some at work.

“I wondered why you got so extra hot that night. Now I know.” He told me he wasn't angry or hurt and that he understood my desire to play with other cocks 'cause he felt the same way — he liked me more than any girl he'd ever been with, but still liked looking at other girls.

So in the end, we agreed to the same rules Rob and Janice had. Then we started some serious making out. We didn't have much time, and it was very crowded in the car, but he fingered me off and I leaned over to blow him. We hugged and kissed a lot when we got back to my house.

When I got into bed that night, I got myself off, thinking of Adam and also how much fun it would be to surprise a patient by giving him a special treatment.

The next day, Saturday, Adam had to work most of the day, so I went over to Sandy's Trousseau. I knew Lois would be at work after noon.

When I got there, Lois was busy helping someone else, so I wandered around a bit. Sandy's Trousseau had all sorts of stuff, not just lingerie. Skirts, dresses, tops, shorts and slacks, even a few shoes, all fancy high heels. A bargain table covered with briefs, hipsters, and bikinis and several round racks with lots of nylon and lace stuff on hangers filled much of the floor. A display of Lacy things like leotards, some that left a girl's chest bare, some with garters for stockings covered one wall. Nightgowns were in one corner and all the bras in another. That was as far as I got when Lois was free.

“Hi, June. It's good to see you. Are you looking for anything in particular?”

“Not really, I real curious about sexier lingerie 'cause of what you said yesterday.”

“Ok. Well, since you're here, let's start with bras. When I sold you bras before, they were just for everyday wear, and that's what you should wear most of the time. A bra that's comfortable and that supports you real well. But when you're going out on a date, whether you intend to make out or not, it's nice to pay attention to everything and feel good-looking and sexy.”

“Yeah, I like that feeling”

“OK. First question. Since you're big, do you want to emphasize your bust or minimize it?”

“Oh, I've always been proud of my breasts. Besides, the guys really go for them.”

“OK, I'll show you some that show a lot of cleavage and give lots of support. “As Lois selected some bras, she told me that it was best not to go braless because I'd start sagging sooner. The bras had underwires and wide cups that would show the tops of my breasts. Then she showed me a bra that was just a sort of shelf for the breasts, leaving the nipples bare. “If you wear this, you won't be able to keep the guys away.”

“I bet!” I laughed. “I don't think I'm ready for that.” We selected black and white bras and moved on to the panties area. Lois quickly selected bikinis and thongs that went with the bras. Hanging right near them were Several garter belts, some completing the sets we'd started and some different styles, hung on a nearby rack. We'd started white and black sets, so Lois grabbed the garter belts that went with them, then another pair. “I'd wear the white and black sets on dates, but for everyday wear, I choose garter belts like this one. See how it covers more of your hips and has heavier elastic and stronger clips? Yet it's still a feminine garment with cute lace all around. Now let's get some stockings and you can see how things look on you.”

Lois showed me several styles of stockings and taught me how to size them. Then she explained that I had to wear pantyhose to try on any panties, garter belts, or stockings. For the bras, she told me I had to put in latex shields. She violated the three garment rule and let me take all the things into the changing room.

I tried on one of the bras. It really pushed my breasts up and out, with the straps off to the sides. I could show off a lot, and I was still comfortable. Then I put on the garter belt and pulled a pair of stockings up my legs. Fastening the rear garters was challenging, but I figured it out. I pulled the matching panties up and looked at myself in the mirror. I did look sexy, despite the pantyhose and my regular panties.

“How you doing?” Lois asked.

“I got one set on.”

“Can I come in?”

“Sure,” I said, opening the door. Lois stepped in, crowding me a bit.

“Wow, you look really good, June. Ready to eat!”

I laughed, “That's just what my boyfriend's gonna do.”

Lois laughed, then urged me to sit and cross my legs. She showed me how to adjust my garters up tight in front so they wouldn't be too slack when I sat down.

“June, lifting your skirt and adjusting your stocking and garter is one of the greatest teases a girl can do. It's incredible how much men respond to that - as much or more than to cleavage. Also, you can cross your legs to show or hide your stockings, depending on whether you want to tease a guy or not.” She recommended I practice, sitting in front of the mirror. She took a deep breath, staring at me. “Girl, you are sexy. Adam's a lucky man.”

I smiled and started taking the things off. Lois went out with a last smile, her eyes traveling up and down, looking me over.

I bought the both the black and white sets and white, brown, and black stockings with seams. I also bought the heavy-duty garter belt.

At home, modeled the lingerie in front of the mirror right away, then used a chair to see how I could control hems. I changed into lots of different skirts and dresses, figuring out how to show just as much as I wanted.

The sexy clothes got me thinking about how Adam would like them and I got really excited, so I pulled the panties off and fingered myself until I came, then got my vibrator and started all over again. Then I pulled on my panties and thought about getting ready for my date with Adam. He was coming over for dinner, then we were going to go to a movie together. I really wanted to try the lingerie on him, but I figured my parents might see how sexy I was and start trouble. I decided, very reluctantly, to wait.

Adam was going to come over after cleaning up from work, around 6:00. Well, at 5:00 the hospital called me. Someone had called in sick and they wanted me to work the night shift. I could still go out with Adam, so I asked my parents and they said I could work also, since it would look good on my employment record.

After dinner, we went to one of Adam’s friends’ house, a guy named Jim. His parents let us hang out together in the basement and Jim gave us some privacy in a spare room, so Adam and I had a great time. We never made it to the movie. We made out and got naked. He fingered me and licked me until I came again and again, then I finally sucked him off, swallowing every drop of his cum. He said I was getting better and better at it and that he loved the way it made him feel. I told him the same thing about how he licked me.

He drove me to the hospital, promising to pick me up a the end of my shift, at 8:00 AM.

I went to my floor and changed to my uniform in the ladies' room. I wore pantyhose over a pair of hipsters and my new white bra. When I came out, there were Lois and another nurse, checking over the charts. Lois introduced me to her, a brunette nurse named Janelle. We discussed the patients on the floor, then Lois said, “If you like, June, you can give a special treatment to the guy in room 203. Janelle and I have taken care of him the last two nights, and if he's like most guys, he'd love to have a new girl.”

I said I'd be happy to help the gentleman and when we finished a bit of paperwork and checked the patients, I went to room 203. A nice-looking guy in his 20s lay in the bed, watching Jay Leno on TV. I smiled at him. “Is there anything you need, Mr. Manning?” I asked.

“No, thanks, miss, but if Lois or Janelle is on I'd like to thank them for the care they've given me. I going to be discharged tomorrow.”

“Well, that's nice, no one likes to stay here longer than they have to. I know Lois and Janelle are busy, but I'd be very pleased to give you the same special treatment they've been giving you. If you prefer, I could send one of them, but it'll be awhile.”

“Oh, you too? Wow, I almost don't want to leave this hospital!” Mr. Manning was grinning at me, his eyes moving up and down my body, coming to rest, as I thought they would, on my bust.

I closed the curtain and pulled down the covers. I saw movement in his Johnny and quickly flipped it up. He had a lot of dark, curly hair all over — on his belly, his legs and all over and around his ballsack. His cock was swelling and actually moving around, like a snake. I started laughing and watched. When it pointed straight up, it just kept growing, getting thicker. I held it and said, “Oh, Mr. Manning, that was nice. I've never seen a penis move around so much before. I've held my boyfriend's while it went from soft to hard, and I love that, but what you did was neat. Did you, like, tell it to do that?”

Mr. Manning was grinning. “No, a cock's not like a hand or something. I can make it twitch, like this.” (I felt a surge in the shaft of his penis and the head flared.) “But it moves when it's filling up 'cause you're so pretty and exciting.”

I smiled. “I'm glad I please you, sir.”

“Oh, you do, you do.”

I looked at his penis as I stroked it. It was average, I guess, not as long as Jim's, not as thick as Adam's. Mostly, it was hairier. I wished there wasn't quite so much hair so I could see his ballsack better. Some precum came out and I used my thumb to rub it over his tip. Mr. Manning groaned. Leaning forward, I whispered, “I have to keep my clothes on, but you can feel my breasts through my bra. I think that'll help your treatment.”

He grinned and started feeling me. I felt very excited and proud of myself for being so grown up — acting like this was part of his treatment, just a normal part of my job.

Mr. Manning was panting by now, eyes glued to my breasts as he muttered, “So big, so nice.” Precum coated his tip again, and I lowered my hand on his shaft as Miranda had taught me.

Then, on the overhead speaker, came this: “June, please come to room 210."

Mr. Manning understood and his eyes opened wide. “You've got to go!”

“Yes, I'm sorry,” I said, holding his penis near the base. “Now don't finish your treatment yourself, Mr. Manning. You know it's not as effective that way. If I can't come back and finish, I'll send Lois or Janelle.”

“OK, hurry back!”

At least he was a good sport about it, I thought as I went to room 210. I helped Janelle move a patient and change her bedding, then we went back to the nurse's station. Lois was there, measuring beds. “Hey, you two. Did you take care of Mr. Manning, June?”

“Well, his treatment was going real well when the overhead page came.”

“Oh, you left the poor man hanging.”

“Yes, I told him one of us would be back to finish the treatment for him. Was that right to do?”

“Of course, once we start we should finish unless the patient doesn't follow the rules.”

Janelle said, “Do you want to finish him?” I nodded, so she offered to go down the hall and keep watch for me. As we went back to 203, she said, “You know, June, if you have someone watching in the hall, you can do a bit more.”

“Well, I'm a virgin.”

“Oh!” She smiled. “But you're getting plenty of practice!”

“Yes, mostly with my boyfriend.”

“Well, anyway, you really do need to keep your clothes on, but if someone's watching the hall for you, you can use your mouth instead of your hand.”

“Oh, I love doing that — but he's so hairy.”

“Well, you can just hold down all the hair with one hand and go for it.”

“OK, I'll do it. He'll love it. Thanks, Janelle.”

Janelle smiled and told me she'd ask me how I was doing if anyone except Lois started down the hall. I went back into Mr. Manning's room.

“You're back!” he said, smiling.

“Yes, of course. I'm sorry we were interrupted. Would you like me to finish your treatment now?”

“Oh, yes.”

I moved the bedclothes and found the Johnny already pulled up and his penis pretty stiff. I squeezed the shaft and began pumping it. It quickly grew and stiffened to its full length and hardness. I took Janelle's advice and covered his mass of hair with one hand. “Have you been treating yourself?”

“Yes, a little. But I made sure not to finish.”

“Well, that's good. There's nothing wrong with treating yourself, but it's much more effective when one of the staff helps you, don't you think?

“Oh, yes!”

Mr. Manning reached toward my breasts in mute appeal. I leaned forward to oblige him and he began massaging my breasts again. As I looked down at his grinning face and his leaking penis, my nipples swelled in my bra and my panties dampened. I was very excited and proud of myself - 17 years old, making a grown man feel really good, acting very professional about it.

Mr. Manning was due for a surprise. “Sometimes, when a treatment is interrupted, we can get one of the girls to watch the hall and give an extra special treatment.” With that, I shifted myself so he could keep feeling me up, and I bent down and took his glans in my mouth. He groaned as I sucked and rolled my tongue over the smooth tip. In a few moments, I bobbed my head, taking his full length. He bucked his hips and his salty precum came out. He was close, I could tell from my experience with Adam.

“Oh, that feels so good, June! Thank you! Would you do one more thing for me?”

“What?” I mumbled, my mouth filled with penis.

“When I'm ready to finish the treatment, I'll tap your shoulder. Then I'd like you to let me go so I can spray on your face. I love to see that. OK?”

I thought it was weird, but I nodded as I sucked. I really enjoyed Mr. Manning's penis for the rest of his treatment. I took all of it in me and worked my tongue and cheeks, making him groan again. Then I slowly worked my way back up until all that was left inside was his glans. I used lots of pressure from my lips and squeezed his scrotum. His hips began pumping very fast. That's when he tapped me.

Kinda reluctantly, I let the penis slip from my lips, but kept pumping with one hand and rolling his testicles with the other. I pointed the glans at my face to please my patient. In a few seconds, he gave one great spasm with his hips and I felt the semen bursting up under my hand just before it spurted out. The warm fluid spattered across my forehead, onto my cheeks, my nose, and some got into my mouth and chin. When he stopped, I opened my eyes.

Mr. Manning lay back, eyes glazed, grinning. “Thank you so much. That was wonderful, June. The best treatment of any kind I've had at the hospital.”

“I'm so glad to make you feel better, sir.” I got a damp washcloth and started cleaning up Mr. Manning, though the semen still covered my face. It dripped a little and felt cold. But I remembered Miranda telling me to clean up my patient first. After cleaning up Mr. Manning, I wiped the semen from my face.

“I love cum ming on a girl's face. How did you like it, June? Has anyone cum that way with you before?”

“When you asked me, I thought it was weird, but I liked it. I think I like it more when a guy cums in my mouth, but this is fun, too.”

“You're a wonderful girl, June. Some girls refuse to let a guy cum in her mouth.”

“Oh that's too bad. It seems like just the thing to do.”

We said our good-byes, and I joined Janelle in the hallway. “Oh, I need a place to go,” I said. I really wanted to cum.

Janelle looked at me and laughed. “I see you had a good time,” she said.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“You've got cum on your hair.”

I laughed, too. “He could have told me.”

I went to the staff bathroom and cleaned up my face, then got my panties down and swirled my fingers over my clit until I came. I fixed my make-up and went back to the nurse's station. Lois and Janelle teased me and said I'd done a very good job and that I was discreet. They said they were glad to have me as part of their ring. Besides Miranda, Lois, and Janelle, there was one other nurse, Alicia, who worked nights on another wing, and a candy striper, Holly, who attended nursing school. I asked a couple of questions about Holly and realized I slightly knew her. She'd graduated from my school a couple of years before.

I learned all this in little short conversations between doing paperwork and helping patients. A couple of hours after I'd taken care of Mr. Manning, Lois called me on the intercom from a patient's room. She asked me to come down, bringing bedding.

I found Lois helping an elderly man with a soaking bed. “Mr. Johnson spilled his water pitcher and we should give him new bedding. Can you help me?”

“Sure,” I said. We helped the man get into a chair. As we made the bed, Mr. Johnson checked us out, eyes going from one of us to the other. He mostly focused on our breasts, but also looked at our skirts. Lois and I traded winks. Then I saw Lois start some serious teasing. She spread her legs and kept them stiff, bending over as we worked, taking her time. From my side of the bed, I couldn't see, but I knew her skirt was rising up her thighs. I watched Mr. Johnson's face to see his reaction. His eyes grew big and his jaw dropped. He leaned forward to see better, not caring if he was obvious. He licked his lips.

As Lois finished her side of the bed, she stayed bent over a moment and undid a couple of buttons on her uniform. Then she turned to Mr. Johnson. “Aren't you glad we made your bed for you, sir?” she said.

“You don't know how glad, nurse.”

“Why, what do you mean, Mr. Johnson?” asked Lois innocently as she bent toward him to help him up. Her bra and cleavage were right in front of his face; he couldn't miss them.

“I'm enjoying the sights. I never thought I'd see a girl wearing real stockings again in my life. How beautiful!”

Lois helped Mr. Johnson out of the chair, rubbing her breast against his arm. “Can you help me, June?” she asked.

I got right in the spirit of things and grabbed his other arm, pressing my breast against him on the other side. “Oh!” he said, staring down Lois's cleavage. “Who would think I'd be so lucky to be helped by two such beautiful girls at my age.” We got him into bed, but he was very distracted by Lois's breasts. “Oh, you're so beautiful,” he said. “I wasn't just imagining things, you're really wearing stockings?”

“That's right, I don't really like pantyhose. I bet you'd like to see my stockings, wouldn't you, Mr. Johnson?”

“Oh, yes!”

Lois smiled and slowly, rotating her hips seductively, inched her skirt up. When her hem reached tops of her stockings, she let it drop back. The look of mingled joy and disappointment on Mr. Johnson's face was so funny!

“Oh, you want to see more?” Lois teased.

“You know I do, girlie.”

“Well, OK, since you're so nice.” Lois again inched her skirt up, stopping way up her thighs but below her crotch.

Mr. Johnson, staring, gestured upward with his hand.

“All the way, Mr. Johnson? You want to see my panties, too?”

“Oh, yes. Make an old man happy.”

“Well, OK, since you put it that way.” June lifted her skirt all the way up to her waist. Her lacy white garter belt and matching panties looked very sexy, even to me. I got damp all over again. “Is this what the girls wore when you were younger, Mr. Johnson?”

“Oh, yes, it was always so interesting to get your hands up a girl's skirt, especially if she wasn't wearing a girdle. But I like pantyhose also, 'cause the girls can wear such short skirts — like her.” He pointed at me.

I smiled. “Would you like to see my legs, Mr. Johnson?” I asked.

“You know I would, girlie. How old are you?”

“That's for me to know and you to find out.” Imitating Lois, I rotated my hips and slowly raised my skirt up to the tops of my legs without letting my panties show.

“You've got beautiful legs, but are you wearing sheer-to-waist or control tops?”

“Either way, I'll just have to prove it to you. Which do you think?”

“I bet a slim beauty like you wears sheer-to waists.”

“Well, you're right,” I said, raising my skirt to my waist, revealing my white hipsters inside the taupe pantyhose.

“Oh, you two beauties. You make an old man feel so good!” His eyes went from one to the other of us. He grinned and sat up in bed.

“Mr. Johnson, your Johnson is growing a bit. Don't you think we should do something about it, June?”

“Yes, it's against the Nurse's Code to leave a patient with a stiffie.” I giggled.

Lois spread her legs so her skirt stayed pretty high up and flipped the bedclothes down. I kept my skirt up with one hand and raised his gown with the other. The head of his partially hard penis bent down a bit. Lois took it in one hand and began squeezing and pumping it.

“Here are the rules, Mr. Johnson. June and I can be very nice to you, but we must keep all our clothes on so we can look trim and professional at a moment's notice. OK?”

“Yeah, anything!” Mr. Johnson lay back, watching us, pushing his hips up.

“Now you can rub my legs if you like. Yes, that's it. Over my nylons and up my legs to my panties. No, you've got to stay outside my panties, I'm sorry. “Lois kept fondling his penis, but didn't seem to have much effect. Mr. Johnson remained only semi-erect. “June, Mr. Johnson may need extra stimulation. I noticed he was looking at your breasts. Would you mind letting him feel you?”

“No, in fact I'd like to do my part to make you feel good, sir.” I moved toward him and leaned forward, offering my chest. I undid a couple of buttons as one of his hands roamed over me.

“Oh, this is wonderful!” groaned Mr. Johnson, feeling my breastflesh and squeezing my fullness. I noticed that his other hand wandered between June's thigh, ass, and I saw his fingers slide in and out between her legs.

Yet he didn't get fully hard, let alone act like he was going to cum. I wanted to help any way I could, so I slipped my free hand between his legs and held his balls. “Do you like it when I hold your scrotum and gently rotate your testicles?” I asked.

“Oh, yes, girlie. It all feels good — really good.”

Well, he sure acted like it felt good, moaning and rolling around a little, with his eyes closing, then opening to leer at us, but he remained only partially stiff. I didn't mind giving the old guy a thrill, in fact I enjoyed it, but I wanted him to get his jollies soon. I guess June felt the same way.

“Here, Mr. Johnson,” she said, letting go of her skirt a moment and reaching into her pocket. She took out a short length of surgical tubing in a baggie. She let go of the shaft of the old man's penis to open the baggie and I wrapped my hand around it, stroking it and pinching the tip. In a moment, June told me to hold the penis up. Expertly, she wrapped the tubing around the base of his penis and tied it off.

Almost instantly, as I played with the tip, then stroked the shaft, the penis grew and stiffened in my hand. “There you go, sir. Getting real big. I love to feel a penis harden in my hand.” I said, stroking him.

“Yes, it's a good idea to carry a clean piece of tubing in case a gentleman needs a bit of help, June. Does that feel better, Mr. Johnson?” June now rubbed his ballsack.

“Oh, yes, I haven't felt this big in years! And those sexy nylons and garters. I thought I'd never see anything like this again. And your big bubbies,” he said turning to me. “Such beauties. What size are they?”

“I'm a 34D, sir. I'm glad you like my breasts. It's my pleasure to let you feel me.”

“Oh, to be with you two girls is one of the best thrills in my whole 73 years.” At those words, my cunt spasmed. I was really wet. I truly got aroused making people happy through sex.

We stroked him and he felt us for a few more moments, all of us breathing deeply. Then June had an idea. “June, if you'll check the hall, I'll give Mr. Johnson one of our extra special treatments. He deserves one, don't you think?”

“Yes, Lois, I agree. Mr. Johnson, you're in good hands…or should I say good lips?” Impulsively, I kissed him.

He gave my breasts a last squeeze and said, “Thank you so much, girlie.” June took over the stroking as I walked toward the door. Her head bent toward him and I heard him groan louder than ever.

I stood in the doorway, watching the empty hall, listening. The curtain blocked my view, but what I heard was exciting enough. Mr. Johnson's breaths and gasps, the rustle of nylon, finally a series of loud grunts. “Uh, uh, uh, uh, ooohhh!” Then a big sigh. I walked back through the curtain.

Mr. Johnson, contented, lay back on his bed, staring at Lois, then at me, mouth open in a silly grin. “Oh, that was one of the most wonderful experiences of my entire life,” he said. “Thank you both so much.” He was slowly recovering his breath.

I smiled at him and told him he was very welcome. Then I looked at June. Her lipstick was messy and a glossy wet area surrounded her mouth. I got a damp washcloth. “Here, Mr. Johnson, I'll just clean up your Johnson,” I laughed. As I bent over a bit to wipe the penis, he again grabbed my breasts.

“I just can't get enough of these,” he said. I took a bit longer than I had to with mopping up his penis, letting him get in a few final feels. We all laughed and giggled a bit, then we kissed Mr. Johnson good-bye. He looked pretty tired after all the stimulation followed by a big cum.

Out in the hallway, Lois and I hugged each other. “Wasn't it fun to make him feel so good?” she said.

“Oh, yes. He doesn't really get me going, he's too old, but getting him going gets me going, you know what I mean?” Lois and I were still hugging a bit, arms around each others' waists.

“I know exactly what you mean.” Lois suddenly leaned forward and kissed me on the lips. “You were great in there, June. You're really sexy.”

“What about you? You saw how excited he got by your garters and stockings. That was sexy. I'm going to wear them for my next date with Adam. But right now, I want to go to the ladies room, you know what I mean?”

“Sure. I'm going to wait until after the shift is over, but you go ahead and have a good time.” She kissed me again, and, bashfully, I kissed her back. “Oh, oh, you'll give me ideas.”

I wasn't sure what she meant by that, but I went to the bathroom and, for the second time that shift, got my fingers inside my panties and quickly brought myself over the top.

Well, the rest of the shift went smoothly. At 7:30, the day nurses arrived and we did the routines. Lois, Janelle, and I left the wing together. As we walked down the corridor on the ground floor toward the staff parking area, the put their arms around each others' waists, and suddenly I figured out what June meant when she said something about waiting until the shift was over. “Oh!” I said, surprised. “You two….“

“We're bisexual, June. We're going to have a great time together before we go to sleep.”

“Oh, wow. Well, have fun, you two.” I waved and walked out, looking for Adam. Lesbians, I thought, or rather bisexuals. That explained her interest in selling me lingerie and why she kissed me. Well, she was a good friend and we'd had a lot of fun together with Mr. Johnson. I was sure she and Janelle would enjoy each other.

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