Car Company Girlfriend

By Stoneypoint

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Younger woman gets it on with more experienced man
“Ohhhhhh baby…honey, more baby more,” she happily said as my new friend laid naked on her back as she smiled from one ear to the other.

I chewed up some food while tearing other pieces up and threw it down on her rolly stomach. Erin and I could not wait until she and I could lay down together and snuggle.

But first, we had to do one thing first. She and I had to fulfill one of her young, needless desires. I’m Danny, a 38 year old “worn” out old man. Erin’s a “BBW.” No, I don’t really consider her a BBW but she considers herself one. She has cleavage that goes from here to there and then some I’m not kidding either. Yeah, I mean it too. She’ll always have a bra on which does that to her boobs. God, it’s arousing to watch it as it breathes life into itself and also breathes life into my hormones (That’s how I got my very first date with her). The smile on her face exploded when I told her how I loved her top…how I loved the way her breasts looked beneath the top she was wearing that very first day was simply “amazing.”

But she also has a tiny little tummy which wraps around her. I don’t mind that. In fact I love it. Every night since I met her I’ve told her hat I love it. I’ve told her, to build up her self confidence, that I absolutely love it. She is sweet. She seems, and is, really, really nice, and yeah, okay…she is a good ten years younger then me too.

That doesn’t matter. Erin is a great person who is affectionate beyond belief. She loves being held. I love putting my arms around her. I love being able to pull her into me, at night, so that she can feel my “not so manly body” (which she loves I guess), and I love hearing her murmur sweet nothings once I do. Erin, like I’ve mentioned, believes she is a BBW. She isn’t. Yeah okay, she has several qualities that go against what I’ve just said.

Like her ass. Ohhh it’s large and round alright. I know it is. I’ve put my lips on it. I’ve kissed and even murmured sweet nothings back at her. But I do know one thing. She loves me doing it. Not one guy in all the 28 or 29 years she’s ever been alive has ever shown her such attention like that and not one guy has ever shown her ass that much attention either. She told me she hated it that her ass is soooo large.

My answer to her was- So what? You are pretty. You have great looking silky hair. She has these awesome eyes (they are green.) She has a waist which does not quit, which she smiled to when I told her and couldn’t believe me when I said it. And I also told her I’d love to kiss her ass as in forever.

Although I’m not stacked, down below, she still smiled and leaned into me. She still kissed me on my cheek. And as she did, she lowered a hand and caressed my very soft and very limp cock. Mmmmmm, now I’d call that rewarding. Wouldn’t you too?

“Honey?” she asked, softly. I smiled and looked at her. “Would you like to lay down?”

She’d been at work. She’d already started unbuttoning her blouse she was wearing. I told her I loved seeing her cleavage. And I did, really! Erin’s cleavage, due to her oddly shaped and big slightly bigger boobs helps loving the cleavage I get to look at every few days or so. “Mmmmmm,” I told her with an ongoing smile pasted on my lips. “Do you know just how umm…how delectable your breasts look to me right now? I mean as I look at your uhhh cleavage Erin,” I told her, “especially your cleavage? I love it all! I really do!”

I’ll tell her other things, which I know she’ll love to hear, as I smile at it all. Erin will smile back at me and blush too as she kind of looks down at it. I love that she does that. It gives her a sense of confidence or so I think it does. She more or less needs that. Once she hears me say it. She loves hearing that her breasts are soooo nice looking. And once she hears me say it I know she thrust her chest out there because all of a sudden I can see her nipples. I can. Once I do…oooooohh do I ever get turned on!

Mmmmmm and when I get aroused, I’ll reach out. I’ll give her my hand. I’ll say “Okay, let’s go to the bedroom, alright?”

And she’ll roll her slightly wobbly but very tall and nicely curvy body over for me so that Erin can stand up. That’s how she’ does it. Once she does, she’ll turn around and look at me, with a smile, and ask me which part of her I like the best.

“Huh?” I’ll reply as I look her up and down. “What do you mean by that? You know the answer. How many times do I have to tell you that one?” I know she does. I like telling her but she still loves to hear me ask it.

“I know…I know,” she’ll say back to me. “But can you say it one more time again? Huh, will you please?” she’ll tell me as if she’s a little girl asking it.

“Okay,” I’ll say. I look down at her feet. When I do, I hear that giggle of hers. I smile inside. And I go on to tell her, right then and there, “I’ll start with your toes, Erin.” She’s painted them an adorable color and I’ll add, as I lick my lips, “If you don’t mind, I’ll go ahead and eat them all up okay? Mmmmmm,” I add. “Then I get to chew on your calves. Ooooohh, doing that is soooo filling and even more tasty then ever. I bet you didn’t know that did you?

She giggles forever. She loves how I say that.

Mmmmmm, do I love those thighs Erin. Do I ever. They are like uhhh bones for the dog. Give a dog a bone and what does that dog do? He chews on it. He chews on it all day long.” I paused as I looked at her succulent thighs. “But I’ll spend all day long chewing on them. Erin baby...your warm thighs, my lips and teeth and tongue all over them, and I’ll having you coming in like minutes or something like that. Now how’s that sound so far?”

I took off my shirt and threw it on the bed. She smiled as she watched me throw it. Erin giggled again as if she was this little girl. I knew she wasn’t but our actions, being what they were, added to it all on Sunday morning. I got down on my knees and she pulled down her panties. Sitting on it, she lifted her legs so that I could pull my head up against her sweet swollen pussy. We couldn’t wait for this to happen as I opened my mouth and shoved my tongue into her warm and waiting pussy.

Oh God…damn she was already wet as a result of me doing what I’d done earlier. Food particles were still falling from her tummy and boobs as I ate her out. She murmured this and that and as I licked her out and followed the contortions of her sexy body as she moved around on me.

I was becoming hornier. I wanted her. I wanted Erin’s, and her body badly…fucking God did I ever. I had to do it. I just had to. I pulled away and she said “Hey, why’d you that?”

I smiled, with lust in my eyes, and said “Because sweetheart…I want you. I want us to lie down together and I have to hold your body. I have to.” I said as I nodded my head and stared at her face, tits, belly and her pussy.

“Awwww,” she said. “Come here baby…I want you too but honey baby you always lick me out soooo good. You know that, right?” I nodded, we laid down on the bed, and I took off my slacks. Looking into her eyes, she smiled at me and added “How would you feel if I got together with a girl like this Danny?”

Now that’s an interesting question I thought. Kinky yes it was. “Have you thought about that a lot?” I asked. She nodded her head, saying yes she has. “Hmmm,” I added as I smiled at her. “Personally I’d find it ver-r-r-y interesting. I would,” I told her. “Is there someone you know of you want to do that with I assume?” She nodded her head and wore this look on her face. To me, it looked as if she felt extremely embarrassed about. “Whoa, don’t be embarrassed about that! Two girls uhhh kissing and kind of doing a sexual like thing to me is well…its kinky as hell. I do like it Erin. I do. If you want to do that then go ahead and do it. But let me say this…I’d love to watch you have fun doing it. I mean I know I’d have fun doing that Erin. Heck, anything you’d do uhhh sexually, to me sounds really fun and umm really arousing? It would all be a huge turn on to me!”

What I just said turned her on in a big, big way. I’m sure, from the look on her face, she could not hold the “excitement” running through her veins. I was excited too. I wanted to jump her bones, right then and there, and I was ready to smother her with kisses (all over her body) and I was more then ready to “boink” her pussy...of course in an affectionate way mind you.

“Feel me down there, will you?” I said as I reached for her hand and placed it on my now enlarged cock. Yup, I was horny and I was erect as fuck. I needed a little help and Erin, thankfully, was there to assist in the play.

“You want to do it with me…now?” she asked.

“Uhhhhhh, why not?” I came back. “I’m horny, your horny, and-”

“But Danny, you are always horny?” she said to me.

“And being here with you makes it all better. I absolutely adore and love being with you when you and I are naked in bed like this. I mean what isn’t there to love?”

She shrugged her shoulders, and said “I don’t know.” But then she did something unexpected. She jumped out of bed, her tits wiggled beautifully as she did. Yup, I watched them. I made a point of doing that as she hopped out of bed, excitedly, and she said “Ohhh hey, wait a minute! What am I thinking? I bought something and I got it just for you.” She jumped out of bed and “ran” to her dresser drawer. She grabbed it, whatever it was I didn’t know, and she smiled giddily as she held it in her hand. “I gotta show you this, alright? I’m sure you’ll love how my body looks in it. The sales girl said every guy loves his girl in one of these. So you have to see me in it.” Then she got extra excited and added “When I saw it, it jumped off the shelf at me. God, did it ever! I had to have it. I know I shouldn’t have bought it but I said to myself ‘God, I’m getting horny already just looking at it.’

She said she looked at the sales clerk and the sales clerk said to her “I know I know…you’re already getting horny just wondering what his face will look like. You are wondering how he will feel when he sees this on you, right. Well let me tell you something. His hormones will get all twisted up as if they were in the laundry and it was a mess untangling them.”

“The clerk was getting horny too, right…’cause it sounds as if I should be too. And I am,” he said as she walked away to another room.

She giggled. “Don’t get too restless. You know…I don’t want that uhhh beautiful, sweet toy of yours spitting all the good stuff out before I show off my umm wears. Okay Danny boy?” she went on to say as she hurried out of the room top put what it was she bought just for me. As she turned the corner and disappeared, I watched her nice sized pear shaped ass, and its cheeks, bounce and “rattle” and I knew what to expect t except that I had no idea what she’d look like in whatever she bought for me.

I couldn’t wait. I got hornier and hornier as I laid in bed, practically naked, for her, and as I did I heard lots of bumping around in the other room. “Everything okay over there?” I called out. I was ready to jump out of her bed and go and help her put it on. Then I was more then ready to help her take it all off. Why well I don’t know other then I was as horny as a buffalo in mating season. Yes I was. “You know Erin…I can come and help you, right?”

“Nooooo, I’ll be right there Danny boy,” she replied. “Just give me a second. Take care of that cock of yours. When you see me in this you’ll die. You’ll literally want to eat it off me. I’m sure of that.” And then I heard her giggling again. “Here I come, Danny honey.”

Oooooohh, I could not wait. I couldn’t. I grew hornier and I grew even hornier for some reason. No, I knew why. I envisioned what she’d look like in some illustrious and very sexy piece of lingerie.

She had pulled her hair back off her face putting it into a ponytail to accentuate the highlights of it just for me. Did it work? Hell yes it did. But I didn’t even notice that until a few minutes after the fact. This thing, if you will, was a normal or usual Teddy. But what caught my eye wasn’t that it was a Teddy but how, and I say how, it looked on her body. It accentuated it almost perfectly. I found myself swallowing at least a couple of times, at least. It highlighted those hips she carried on each side of her frame.

Mmmmmm…is that the right word? It was to me. Everything about her slid right down my throat. My imagination made her tasting incredibly good that day and God did she ever taste good. I wore a smile on my face almost immediately, complimenting her in ways she never heard me compliment her before.

Before I knew it, Erin turned and jumped on top of me. I could not believe it. She wanted me, terribly. I wanted her more then she wanted me. I could feel that tall, thick figured younger lady all over me…and then some. Can you feel her because I could? I could feel her soft, luscious flesh crawl all over me as if she was water, slime, something sticky and something related to those substances.

Al I know is I wanted her against me sucking me up and then some.

She did it. She jumped on the bed and the bounced all over. The room shook, kind of. She wore this delirious face and all of a sudden it was down in my face kissing me, madly, and shoving tongue down into my throat and moving it around as if I didn’t care.

I cared. But I cared for different reasons. Her arms were all over me. Her feet were too. My cock was hard and it rubbed and jerked around her softness and I wish I had her cunts hole there so I could slide myself into her and fuck her but I wanted her to want to fuck me too.

“Oh God fuck man,” I exclaimed.

“You really want to do it now?” she said. “You want to do that with me right now. Oh God Danny please oh please ohhh please yes baby yes…fuck me like you really mean it and I’ll get on top of you and fuck you like I mean it too baby!”

I “felt” her words. I wanted to hold her body and feel her “slide” or hop or whatever it was she called it when she fucked me. She looked…incredible in that Teddy she had on as her legs started to straddle my body. It barely cover her mid-section muck less her shaved pussy. But regardless my mind was saying “Mmmmmm.” What my cock was saying was worse then that but it was good and I liked what it was that it was telling me. I could have easily put my hands on it and I held it as we fucked.

In her Teddy and “spiked with what I figured was lust in her loins, she jumped my bones knowing full well I was as horny as they came. I was up inside her immediately and of course truly, and already, enjoying the luscious, soft, and quite wet feel of her wide ass pussy as she and I began fucking as if we were wild ass animals going at each other and not knowing one another either.

I guess I had her screaming pretty fucking quickly because something I did got her totally turned on and as her head fell backward she screamed and she screamed and she reached down and grabbed at my freaking chest hairs. Now personally I’d find that a major pain in the ass when somebody pulls at my chest hair but seeing as we were fucking and I got to watch her tits bounce up, down, and in every other direction as well as a lot of her body did I got hornier And harder and I came inside of her pussy. She felt it and screamed, excitedly, and wanted me to do it again. I said I couldn’t. But she worked me. She moved it, her body that is, and she moved herself up and down and down and up and she got me hard and she got me to build it all up inside of my cock.

She danced a dance of “contortions” which in my opinion was a very skilled job on her part if I don’t say myself. I came again. Maybe not as powerfully but she screamed out because she felt me cum inside of her. Erin was more talented then I figured she was. She was out of breath and once I came the second time she dropped down beside my body. She laid a hand on my chest and apologized for pulling my hair. She said in a way that was too sexy for words to be honest.

I could have fucked her again just by the way she said it. I mean she whispered it, loudly, but it was arousing, I thought, and I should have said something that it was. As we laid there, breathing extremely hard, and snuggling too I watched her sexy looking face. I told her “You know something Erin…I absolutely loved how cute you look when you breathe like that. In and out you go and as you breathe like you do you breasts will go in and…mmmmmm they come back out. But Erin, I’m looking at your nipples and boy, wow girl…are they fat or what?”

She looked down at them. Then she giggled after seeing how big and fat they were.

I reached across and gently, and politely took one of them in my hand, and she watched me as I did. I played around with it, twisting or twirling it round and round and getting it harder and harder and before I knew it she squealed. I think I saw her body move to what I did. I think I saw her pelvis or whatever, “jolt” up off the mattress. I also think I saw her legs, especially her thighs, tighten up as if she was becoming hornier then fuck.

“Is this getting you umm turned on?” I asked.

“Like in a big way,” she came back.

“So I can assume you like me doing this?” I said.

“Uhhh yeah…keep doing it will you?” she replied.

“Okay but would like it if I licked both of them?” I then asked.

“Hell yes…I’d love that,” she told me quite eagerly. “Uhhh would you…would you do that honestly? I think umm that would be a huge turn on. I’d probably cum all over the place. Can you imagine that? Huh, can you Danny? No, I know I would actually because it already feels like I’m gonna do it right now.”

Erin pulled up and as she looked down over me I looked at her tits which were hanging from here to there. I smiled as I looked at the hard nipples at the very tip of her boobs. Fucking wow, I thought. Talk about some nice looking tits and nipples to get you turned on. Her were doing that to me. I felt it as I stared at both those nipples.

They were fucking harder then ever and seeing as they were I shifted my body and stuck out my tongue to do some licking. “What are you doing?” she asked as I shifted myself so that I could be right underneath her tits and those hard ass nipples which stuck out like national monuments in my opinion.

“Just shifting my body so I can umm tease you and make you cum all over the place,” I replied.

“Ohhhhhh,” she uttered. “Please…go for it. I can’t wait.”

“Neither can I,” I told her, smiling. I winked and wiggled my tongue across one of her nipples. Then I did it to the other nipple. Ooooohh fuck…God damn I sure love her nipples. Licking them was a major turn on to me even. I felt my cock start to tingle. I felt her body “roll” across the side of it as I licked her nipples again. I kept on doing it too just so I could feel her body rubbing my cock’s flesh and in turn arouse me and make me harder and hornier. “Mmmmmm, you know you sure have the finest ass nipples in the world Erin, don’t you?”

“I do…honestly?” she came back. “Why’s that?”

“Because yours are big and fat and soooo fluffy I could lie here all night long and make you cum forever.”

“That alone Danny turns me on. If I laid here, doing nothing at all, but think about what you just said I think I could cum. Yep, I think I could cum by just laying here and thinking about what you just said.”

Now that had me thinking. Watching her cum just because she thought about what I said was starting to turn me on. I wished I was a drain and I wish my “drain” was sitting down next to her pussy and catching whatever it was she spewed out of her cunt. I’d have my tongue there and I’d catch it and I’d make sure I’d swallow it all the way down to my toes. Yes I would.

And then she says, with a smile in her eyes, “Wanna catch it Danny ‘cause I think I‘m gonna do it. I think I’m…oooooohh Danny oh Danny don’t stop. Don’t stop baby. You’re making me hornier and hornier and…” and she didn’t finish her sentence. I didn’t have my mouth in position but Erin lying like she was came down her leg and I missed it. I missed licking or sucking up what cum she had inside of her. Fuck, I missed cleaning it all up and I didn’t get chance to swallow the sweet soulful juices she had stored inside of her.

However, let me tell you this. She told me she had “fallen in love with me. I was “forever hers.” What that meant by God I’m not sure. But she and I were lovers for a very long time after that. And we sure made a point of having passionate sex from that point on in our lives.

I made a point of that.