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Card night with surprise ending

I won the kitty and a blowjob.
Last Friday I attended a card night at a good friend's house.

It was a real hot night so we played outside on the patio under the stars and the outside lights.

There were six of us round the table and agreed a limit to which we could bet and as I was low on funds I was glad of the lower limits.
I had not played in years and was just filling the place of another pal who could not attend. I was very rusty but soon got into the swing of the game.

We played poker and drank lots of beer as the evening went on. During the game I did manage to win a few hands and built up a bit of a kitty and was feeling good about myself.

I thought we were alone and the host's wife was out, but how wrong was I. Liza waltzed out onto the patio about two hours into the game.

Liza is a stunning woman, 5'5 slim build, blond, perfect legs and a full firm bust. She wore a tiny pair of shorts and a bikini top that struggled to contain her wonderful tits.

Liza brought us a fresh stock of cold beers then disappeared back into the house to fetch some nibbles that she had prepared for us.

Back she came and I could not take my eyes off her fantastic body; in fact none of us could concentrate for a few hands and the host won a two on the trot.

The game went on till very late and we all consumed loads of beer and ate all the food that Liza provided for us. Then as the time went by a few of the lads ran out of money so folded and went home leaving just three of us .

The host was now getting pressure from Liza to call it a day as she needed her beauty sleep so it was decided to play one last hand.

I know you have heard tales like this before and that is what made me put pen to paper as this is 100% true.

We all seemed to have good hands in the final game or at least we thought we had or were bluffing.

The money just kept going into the kitty and I was not going to give up as I had the best hand I had had all night.

The other pal was first to fold as he was now out of money leaving me and the host who was getting low on funds but seemed determined to win.

I continued to put my money in and knew I had more than the host so kept going.

That was when he stopped the game, he said I have a great hand but no more cash ! can I put a cheque in?

I said "No"

"What will you take as collateral?" he said.

"The promise of a topless blow job from Liza if I win" I said in jest.
The host went into the house and a few minutes later came back out with Liza who said she understood the rules and would go through with the deal.

At this time there was about £600 in the kitty so Liza was hoping to get her hands on some cash as the host was so confident he had the best hand.

He turned his cards over and was about to scoop the cash when I turned mine over. The look on his face was a picture,as he sat there almost in tears, Liza just gave me a wink and a big smile.

I scooped up the money and was about to go when he said "Don't forget your prize!"

I said "I have the cash."

He said "No, I mean Liza; a deal is a deal."

The host grabbed another beer and sank back into his chair as Liza said she would meet you in the spare bedroom.

I went to the bathroom and gave myself a good thorough wash and made my way to the bedroom where the topless Liza sat on the side of the double bed.

Liza's tits were amazing, so firm for tits so big and all natural with massive pink saucer size nipples.

She called me over and told me to stand in front of her where she pulled my shorts and boxers down to my ankles and asked me to stand out of them,. She also asked me to slip of my t shirt so that I was naked.

My semi erect cock sprang out and was a short distance from her face.

Liza took hold of my cock and began to rub it to a full erection before she took me in her mouth for the first time.

After a couple of minutes she stopped and told me to play with her tits whilst she sucked my cock. I did as was asked and could not believe how firm they were and how long her nipples became.

About five minutes went by and she stopped again and said her jaw was aching as she was not used to a cock so thick, would I mind sucking her tits for a few minutes then she would go again.

I knelt before her and sucked each tit in turn spending about ten minutes on her, giving her an orgasm from just playing with them.

She ordered me back to my feet and continued sucking and rubbing me but stopped again after about five more minutes complaining that her jaw was aching so much.

I said that was the deal, she apologised but offered to let me fuck her if nothing was said to her husband.

I agreed, so she slipped out of her shorts. She was not wearing any panties and looked so sexy with her shaven pussy on display.

She knelt on the bed so I could enter her from behind. She was so wet that I slipped in without any problems and was soon banging away giving her another two orgasms.

After ages of full on banging I was ready to come so I pulled out and positioned her on her knees and she managed to finish me off with her mouth, swallowing every drop.

After filling her mouth with my salty come I pulled her to her feet, planted a big kiss on her lips that she responded to, and had a few more moments playing with her tits.

We cleaned up and went outside were the host was fast asleep with a beer in each hand.

Liza said before I left that she was glad to have been the prize but would not have offered for any of the other guys.

I gave her £100 of my winnings and hope to get invited again.

When I spoke to the host a few days later he asked if I had enjoyed his wife. I replied that I had spent a nice time getting to know her whilst he slept.

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