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Carla's Interview - Part 1

Carla tried to look elegant as she walked from the train station carrying her design portfolio. She struggled to keep her footing in her new shoes. Her mother had insisted that she look smart for her first job interview in the city.

She can’t remember the last time she’d worn high-heels. Three months ago, she graduated from university. Since then, she’d spend most of her time relaxing on the beach with her boyfriend. She didn’t want the holiday period to end but this job opportunity was too good to pass by. Lendon & Trusset was a famous design studio in London. She’d studied some of their advertising work. She never dreamed she might one day work there.

It was lunchtime when she reached the design studio. She was too early but glad to have found the place. The September sun was still strong enough to make it hot as she stopped to look up at the building. The sun reflected off the glass windows, causing her to squint. She glimpsed a man looking at her from a first-floor window. He was speaking to someone on his phone and laughing. For some strange reason, she got the impression he was laughing at her. She suddenly felt very self-conscious and scurried off to find a coffee shop.

Half an hour later, it was time for the interview. She'd managed to calm her nerves and was now walking confidently into the reception area of the design studio. A polite lady on reception took her photo for a visitor’s pass and told her to make her way to the first floor seating area. It was an impressive building. There was an escalator to the first floor. At the top, a security guard checked her pass. He waved her through and told her to help herself to food and drink.

She couldn’t quite believe her eyes as she turned the corner. Most of the first floor appeared to be a huge eating and lounging area. There were comfy chairs, buffet food bars and various vending machines. It was a hive of activity, with people collecting food and drinks and having a chat before wandering back to their offices. As far as she could tell, everything was free. Certainly no one was paying for anything. She wondered how people didn’t get fat working at a place like this.

She sat down and tried to get accustomed to the lively atmosphere. No one looked overweight. In fact, there were mainly young, slim, good-looking people as far as she could see. Just as she made this observation, a handsome guy with dark curly hair walked past, giving her a look and a smile. She returned the smile, thinking to herself “Hmm, I could definitely get used to working here.”

An elevator door opened on the far side of the building and out stepped a tall, stunning-looking redhead woman holding a clipboard. She scanned the seating area, spotted Carla and walked confidently up to her. “You must be Carla.” she said “I’m Michelle, one of Mr Lendon’s Design Associates.” They shook hands and Carla said “Nice to meet you.”

Michelle turned back toward the elevator and said “If you’d like to follow me.” They went up to the top floor. Then Carla followed Michelle through a large, open-plan office. Lots of people were busy working on designs on large computer screens. Carla noticed that several of the male employees turned to gawk at Michelle as she strode through the office. Carla could appreciate why. Michelle was tall and slim with long, curly, red hair running down her back to an unbelievably thin waist. She was wearing a smart, tight-fitting black skirt and Carla couldn’t help admiring the way her arse swayed elegantly as she walked. It was obvious what the men in the office were so keen to catch a glimpse of.

Carla felt quite small and insignificant as she followed behind the redhead. She noticed Michelle was wearing an incredibly tall pair of heels that accentuated her height. She had nice legs and Carla envied her toned calf muscles. Michelle completely ignored the looks she was getting from the men. She seemed to have a very commanding presence and Carla felt a little intimidated by her.

They eventually reached Michelle’s desk and Carla was shown to a row of seats against a wall. She could see Mr Lendon’s name on a closed door behind Michelle’s desk. For a moment, Carla entertained the idea of being sat outside the Headmaster’s office at school. She was brought out of her reverie by Michelle telling her that Mr Lendon was on the phone at the moment but would be ready to see her shortly.

While Carla waited, she watched Michelle at work. She seemed very efficient and professional in carrying out her duties. From time to time, she would wander off to speak to someone in the design office. It was obvious (to Carla) that most of the men there fancied the socks off Michelle. Even some of the women appeared to admire her. But if she knew it, she didn’t let it to show. She was very definitely the one in control in that office.

Carla heard Michelle’s phone ringing on her desk. She was just wondering whether to get her when Michelle reappeared. Michelle answered her phone, turned to Carla and said “Mr Lendon will see you now.”


Andrew Lendon flicked through Carla’s portfolio while she sat in front of his desk. Carla had been recommended to him by a friend who taught at the university. He was beginning to wonder why, though. Her artwork was good, admittedly, but there was nothing brilliant that stood out to Andrew’s seasoned eye.

He glanced at her while wondering what to ask. She was an attractive girl. Slim, brunette, nice sun tan, bright blue eyes and a lovely smile. She didn’t seem to be wearing any lipstick yet he couldn’t help noticing her lips. She wasn’t outstandingly beautiful, just naturally pretty, with very attractive lips. What was it about those lips that kept drawing his attention? “Tell me a bit about yourself.” he said “How do you enjoy spending your spare time?”

Carla wasn’t expecting a question like that. She resisted the temptation to tell him that what she really enjoyed most in life was having fantastic sex. She struggled to think of a more suitable reply. “Err, I love drawing, sketching, that kind of thing.” she said. “I can spend hours in a café with nothing but pencil and paper sketching all the people coming and going.”

Andrew said “Well, we always want people who have a passion for art.” But in truth he wasn’t sure about Carla. He knew from experience that taking on graduates didn’t always pay. They look good on paper and often seem very keen to do well. But the last graduate he’d hired turned out to be an expensive disaster. He needed to dig deeper to be convinced she was worth the risk. “What other skills do you have?” he said. “Is there anything other people say you’re good at?”

Carla began to sense that the interview wasn’t going very well. He hadn’t said anything complimentary about her artwork and she was unsure how to respond. “Well, I’m told I’m good at blow jobs.” She’d blurted it out before thinking and was now embarrassed. What the hell had made her say that?

Andrew Lendon laughed, loudly. Had she really just said that? He stopped when he realised she was embarrassed. “Sorry,” he said “I’m not laughing at you. I like your sense of humour. In fact, I like people who are honest and not afraid to be straight with me.” He smiled and she relaxed a little. At least her comment had lightened the mood.

Andrew went on “As for whether you’re good at blow jobs, I guess I’ll just have to take your word for it.” His attention was drawn to her lips again, this time made worse by the thought of what they might be good at. He realised he was staring and stood up to look out the window.

Carla couldn’t help but be impressed by the luxuriousness of Andrew Lendon’s office. Two of the walls had windows from floor to ceiling, providing some magnificent views of London. Along another wall was a fireplace with three leather sofas in front of it. It was more like a cozy, little apartment than an office, and she wondered how much time he spent here.

Andrew walked back to his desk, perched casually on one corner in front of Carla and said “I suppose I should give you some idea of what it’s like to work here.” The interview continued in a much more relaxed manner. He talked about the type of work they do, mainly contract work for big companies, TV adverts, that kind of thing. They needed people who were creative, who could come up with new ideas, people who weren’t afraid to ignore convention and go with their gut instincts.

Now that he had opened up a little, Carla felt more at ease. She decided she liked Andrew Lendon. He certainly knew a lot about the design business and she was convinced she could learn a lot from working for him. She also thought he was quite attractive, despite the fact that he was a lot older than her.

Andrew went on to explain that there were opportunities to earn lots of money in the design business if you had the right talents. His mind drifted back to her earlier comment and he found himself staring at her lips again. A vision of her wrapping those luscious lips around his cock popped into his head and he suddenly realised that he’d perched himself on the desk with his groin directly in line with her face. He could feel a stirring in his pants and prayed that a bulge wasn’t forming. Desperate to escape his thoughts, he reached for his phone and called his associate “Michelle, could you spare a moment?”

Carla didn’t look round but she heard the door behind her open and close. Michelle walked in and stood beside Carla. “Can I help, sir?” She sounded a bit more submissive with Andrew, nothing like the commanding way Carla had watched her talk to the staff in the office.

“Yes.” said Andrew “I’m considering offering Carla a job as a trainee designer. She would report directly to you, so I wanted to run it by you first and check if you had any questions you wanted to ask.”

Carla felt a rush of excitement. He was considering offering her a job! Her excitement quickly subsided when she saw that Michelle wasn’t overly pleased. Michelle snapped “Yes, I do have questions, like why the hell wasn’t I invited to the interview if she’s going to be working for me?” She may have shown more courtesy for the boss but it appeared she still commanded some respect, even from him.

Andrew apologized to her “Sorry. I’ve only just decided that Carla would be best placed with your team. If I’d thought of it earlier, I would have asked you to be here from the beginning.”

Michelle smiled, satisfied that Andrew respected her point of view. She turned to Carla, “Ok, Carla, you obviously must have impressed the boss but let’s see if you can impress me, shall we? Tell me what you’re good at.”

Carla blushed and Michelle wondered why. Andrew interrupted “Oh, we’ve already covered that. She’s good at blow jobs, apparently.” He smiled at Carla, who was now so embarrassed that she didn’t know where to look. Carla protested “That was a joke! I was trying to break the ice!”

Michelle looked at them both, a little shocked and curious to know just exactly what they’d been talking about. “Good at blow jobs?!” queried Michelle “Really? Well, she’d have to be very good to be comparable to me, eh boss?” Michelle stepped toward Andrew and gave him a friendly prod in the ribs. There was clearly some history between them. Andrew looked very sheepish all of a sudden.

Michelle turned to Carla again “Don’t worry. We’re quite open about things here. As long as you’re honest and speak your mind, you’ll fit right in.” Carla relaxed and Michelle asked her some questions about her work experience. Obviously, being fresh out of university, she hadn’t had much experience but she managed to describe some of her more challenging university projects. Michelle was pleased with her responses.

After a while, the conversation seemed to come to a natural conclusion and Carla thought the interview may be over. That was until Michelle said “So, are you really good at blow jobs?” She was genuinely curious now.

“So I’m told!” blurted Carla, trying not to feel ashamed.

“How many people have told you that?” said Michelle, smiling. Carla couldn’t help feeling this was a little too inappropriate. She looked to Andrew for support but he seemed to be waiting for her to answer.

Carla cleared her throat. She was a little nervous about this line of questioning but remembered they wanted her to be open and honest. “Well, I’ve had four boyfriends and they’ve all commented on it. Plus it’s something I love doing.” she added, hoping to explain but instead realizing she’d opened up a new can of worms. It felt as if those worms were now wriggling down her shirt. She resisted the urge to run out of the office, somehow managing to hold her nerve under the interrogation.

Michelle smiled, a somewhat cold smile, like a predator poised for the kill. “Well, we’ve only got your word on that.” she said “Anyone could walk in here and make up some story like that to try and impress the boss. And he is ever-so-easily impressed by pretty young things like you. How are you going to back up your assertion? What if I asked you to prove your worth with a little practical demonstration of your talent?”

Carla coughed in shock. “What, right here, now?” she asked; not quite believing what was being suggested.

Michelle was deadly serious “Why not? Like I said, we’re quite open about things here. You’ve claimed it’s a talent of yours. I want you to prove it to me. Don’t worry. No one will interrupt us. And whatever happens in this office will remain completely confidential, I can assure you. No one would ever find out.”

Carla could feel their eyes burning into her. This appeared to be no joke. To make matters worse, she couldn’t think of a good reason to object. She’d already entertained the idea in her mind while Andrew was interviewing her. She’d noticed the way he kept staring at her lips and she’d secretly fantasized about reaching forward while he was perched so suggestively on the edge of his desk.

After what seemed like an eternity, Carla finally responded, somewhat defiantly “Why not?! I’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain, right?”

“Exactly!” said Michelle, pleased to have discovered someone so easy to manipulate “And trust me, if you’re as good as you say, I can see you going far in this place.”

She wasn’t quite sure what Michelle’s last comment was hinting at but Carla was committed now. She'd stated a claim and now she must prove it. She leaned forward slowly, looking up at Andrew’s face. He was stood in front of her now, leaning back against the desk. She noticed the growing bulge in his trousers and a devious look in his eye that she found very seductive. She thought to herself “What the hell. I’ve never had a good looking older guy. This could be fun.”

She unzipped his trousers and reached cautiously inside. It all felt so deliciously naughty and wrong. She was starting to get turned on. She pulled out his impressive semi-hard cock, gave him a lingering look and licked the tip seductively before taking it into her mouth.

Andrew watched in amazement as he felt his cock slide into the young girl’s moist mouth. He couldn’t quite believe this was happening. He was instantly hard and gasped out loud as she sucked him. He felt his legs go weak and had to grip the edge of the desk to steady himself.

Michelle had been watching, fascinated by the little sex ploy she’d managed to engineer so cunningly. She looked at Andrew, his face flushed with excitement, and she moved in closer to whisper to him “You like that don't you boss?” Andrew just grunted in response. He was fast losing control as Carla sucked like a pro.

Michelle turned her attention to Carla, watching how she cupped and stroked Andrew’s balls while sucking deeply on his cock and moaning. The girl clearly hadn’t been lying when she said she enjoyed giving head. “Very good, Carla.” purred Michelle “I certainly can’t fault your action, and I can see it’s having the desired effect on the boss.”

Michelle put her hands on the back of Carla’s head while she sucked Andrew’s cock. Michelle whispered in Carla's ear “Can you go deeper? Show me. That’s it. Good girl - all the way. See if you can get your lips to touch his balls.” Carla choked a little but she’d done this before. She knew how to stop the gag reflex and she was soon managing to take Andrew’s cock deep into her throat.

“Excellent.” said Michelle “Keep going”. She was stood behind Carla now, holding her head to guide the movement. She reached one hand around Carla’s throat and grabbed her hair with the other. “That’s a good little slut. I’m impressed.” said Michelle as she shoved Carla’s head a little more forcefully forward, causing her to choke again.

Michelle looked up at Andrew as she moved Carla’s back and forward. “Is she doing well boss?” asked Michelle.

“Uh, yeh.” he managed to respond, breathing heavily “She’s very good. What do you think? Should we offer her a job?” remembering what Carla was really here for.

Michelle smiled. She was sure this kind of exploitative behaviour was illegal, not to mention immoral. But that just made it all the more enjoyable as far as she was concerned. She answered “Hmm, I’m not sure. I’d like to give her a few more tests to perform, if it’s ok with you.”

Andrew grinned deviously at Michelle. He knew just what a kinky little bitch she could be. That’s why he’d promoted her. And now he sensed that she wanted to have her wicked way with the young girl, a pleasure he was only too willing to entertain. “Be my guest” he said.

Michelle pulled Carla’s head right back, causing her to let go of Andrew’s cock. Carla gasped for air and looked up at Michelle. Michelle looked down at the pretty, young face. There was slobber running down her chin. Michelle wiped it off and then proceeded to smear it across Carla’s face. She then ran her fingers across the girl’s lips.

“Nice lips.” commented Michelle “And good at sucking too. I like a girl who knows how to suck.” She put two fingers into Carla’s mouth, moving them in and out, prompting Carla to suck them. Carla wasn’t quite sure what to make of this but she found it highly erotic. She looked up at Michelle, mesmerised by the older woman’s beauty and sexual prowess.

Michelle said “You don’t mind if I undo your blouse a little, do you? I know the boss gets turned on by a pretty pair of tits.” Carla nodded her agreement. “Good," said Michelle "now keep sucking.” Michelle pushed Carla’s mouth back onto Andrew’s cock.

Carla got into full flow again, sucking Andrew for all she was worth. She was thoroughly enjoying this now and started moaning as she sucked. Michelle reached down, unbuttoned Carla’s blouse and took it off, revealing a lacy, black bra. She undid the bra and removed it, not even bothering to ask permission.

“Very nice.” commented Michelle, admiring the girl’s slim, tanned body and cute little tits. Carla’s nipples were rock hard, revealing just how turned on she was. Michelle reached around from behind, gently cupping Carla’s breasts and pinching her nipples. Carla gasped at Michelle’s touch, causing her to lose her rhythm.

Michelle whispered in her ear “Do you like me doing that?”

“Yes.” breathed Carla.

“Good. Stand up.” ordered Michelle.

Carla did as she was told and stood, topless, facing Michelle. Andrew leaned back against his desk, fondling his dick as he watched. Michelle reached out and brushed aside some strands of hair that had fallen across Carla's face. “You’re really quite pretty.” said Michelle “Do you have a boyfriend?”

“Yes.” answered Carla.

“I thought so.” continued Michelle “And what about a girlfriend?”

“What? No!” replied Carla, a little shocked, but not sure why.

“Have you ever had a girlfriend?” said Michelle.

“No. Well, that’s not quite true. I kind of had a fling with someone at university.” admitted Carla.

“So you’ve been kissed by another girl, then?” queried Michelle.

“Yes, I have.” answered Carla.

“And did you like it?” Michelle continued with her questioning.

“Yes” sighed Carla, realising where this was heading “I did.”

“Good,” said Michelle “because do you know what makes the boss really horny? He likes to watch two girls kissing. It turns him on. So in a moment I’m going to ask you to kiss me. But there’s one condition. I don’t want just any old kiss. I want you to imagine a time when you last kissed someone very special; a time when you were deeply in love and you kissed so passionately that you thought you might be dreaming. That’s how I want you to kiss me now. Do you think you can do that for me sweetie?”

Michelle nodded meekly. She was feeling a little hot.

“That’s a good girl.” said Michelle, as she rubbed her thumb across the young girl’s quivering bottom lip. “Now, take one last look at the boss and then turn to me and kiss.” said Michelle. They both looked to Andrew, who was awestruck. Michelle gave Andrew a horny little smile, knowing she’d pushed exactly the right buttons. She reached out for Carla and pulled her towards her.

Carla practically melted in Michelle’s arms. She felt hypnotised. She looked at Andrew before turning to kiss the very woman she’d been a little fearful of when she arrived. Her lips parted and she felt Michelle’s tongue slip inside her mouth. She went weak at the knees, lost in the passionate embrace. God, this was so horny. Her lips pulsed with sensations she’d never experienced before. Michelle’s touch was so tender; it made her tingle all over. It was the most erotic kiss she'd ever experienced.

Carla responded passionately to Michelle. She felt like she was falling in love all over again. She couldn’t quite believe this was happening in broad daylight in the middle of an office in London, while the boss was watching, no less!

Michelle looked at Andrew as she snogged Carla. She knew he was enjoying this almost as much as she was. Michelle had Carla under her spell, and she knew it. She was looking forward to having fun with this lithe, young play-thing. She paused to softly kiss Carla’s neck, sending shivers down Carla’s back. Carla stood still, her eyes shut, lost in the moment. Michelle stroked her nails down Carla’s chest until she reached a nipple. She flicked Carla’s nipple, teasingly. This caused Carla to gasp out loud and shudder, her eyes still shut.

“Sensitive nipples, I see.” noted Michelle “Good. I’m going to enjoy hurting them later on.”

Michelle opened her eyes in shock in time to experience Michelle give both nipples a tight pinch and a painful tug before letting go. Carla shuddered from the sensation, almost falling over. She was surprised she could have such a powerful feeling just from having her nipples tweaked. She longed for more of it.


To be continued...

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