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Carl's wedding

Beautiful Amy
Amy well...what a babe she is.

I was invited to my best mate Carl's wedding and found myself staying at the same hotel in town as Amy...the maid of honor.
We knew each other vaguely from other family parties but I always thought she was either hitched or well out of my league.
On the eve of the wedding I was alone at the bar of the hotel. It was getting quite late when the girls all returned from the Hen night...all very merry and in very high spirits.

Most of the girls who were staying at the hotel went straight off to their rooms as we all had an early start the following morning. To my surprise Amy and some of the younger girls came into the bar and ordered some drinks and subsequently invited me to join them at a table. I knew some of the girls quite well and others not at all so I hesitated briefly but after some encouragement I joined in.

The girls were still all dressed in the clothes they had gone out in which was fancy dress as it was the theme of the Hen party. The girls told me where they had been and what they had been up to. This included a visit to a male strip joint where the bride to be was whisked onto the stage to help the stripper out of this thong. This made the girls very giggly.

After a while one by one the girls left for their rooms leaving me and Amy in the bar. We chatted and got along very well and I was drawn in by her deep dark eyes and deep cleavage.
I have to point out now that Amy is 35, she has long dark brown hair, she is of slim build about a UK size 10 and she is about 5'9" tall. She also has wonderful full round breasts, about D or DD cup and a part-time lingerie model.

During our conversation I found out that Amy was engaged but her partner was not attending the wedding as he was working.

She did not know many of the guests and was feeling quite lonely. After a few more drinks Amy asked me if I wanted to go back to her room. She wanted to get out of her fancy dress clothes and have a shower, she also really wanted some company and some more champagne.

We took the lift and it was clear that Amy was very tipsy and very unsteady on her feet since I had to steady her on more than one occasion.
I was still thinking that this was too good to be true as she was the most stunning women I had ever seen. Once in the room Amy found the champagne and glasses and asked me to open it while she showered.
Amy returned about 10 minutes later wrapped in a white toweling gown looking sexier than ever with her wet hair brushed back.

We both sat on the bed chatting and drinking champagne talking about the wedding and the families, when out of the blue Amy said: "Well are you going to make love to me or not?"
I was stunned into silence believing she was winding me up and Amy took this as her chance to remove her gown as she stood up and she just dropped it to the floor.

I was gob smacked and just sat there open mouthed with her perfect naked body, her perfect large breasts with huge dark nipples, her neatly trimmed pussy and long slim legs and small feet were right before me.

Amy walked towards me and pushed her pussy into my face and demanded I give her oral which I simply adore and straight away I was licking and nibbling at her pussy.
Amy pushed me back and straddled my mouth almost suffocating me, telling me what she wanted and what to do.

She then turned round into a 69 position and demanded I lick her arse hole and finger her pussy at the same time.
She loosened my trousers and pushed them down to release my cock which was needless to say already very hard. I then felt the most perfect pair of lips slip round my cock and tighten up and she commenced with giving me a wonderful blow job. She started off slowly and soon sped up stopping every few moments to nibble my balls and the length of my cock.

Amy was also making lots of noises and came all over my face covering me in her juices. She had to be the wettest babe I had ever had and the sexiest!
I returned the favor and came into her mouth as she wanked me over her lips and face swallowing every last drop.
She sat up after a short while and climbed off and without a word she removed the rest of my clothing and then joined me on the bed where we explored each other's bodies. We were kissing and playing for a while when she demanded me to make love to her.

She wanted missionary position and I of course obliged and was soon inside her. My cock was sliding in and out when she decided she wanted her legs on my shoulders and I carried on making love to her sliding in and out of her wet hole.
She was whimpering with pleasure as she came time and time again and then looked up at me and demanded I give her anal sex as she was an anal virgin.

I smeared her juices over her butt hole and slowly eased my cock into her tight hole. She gave a few painful noises but insisted I continued and once fully inside I slowly started to make love to her as she played with her pussy.
I knew I was not going to last as she was so tight and it was giving me enormous pleasure. Amy demanded me to speed up and she was now very wet and a lot less tense.
She had more orgasms and I finally came deep inside her. She knew I had shot my load from the pleasure on my face.

I thought this would be it but she pulled me out of her arse and gave me another blow job licking our juices from my cock which sadly began to wilt even with her perfect lips around it and me playing with her huge tits.
We both showered some time later and spent the night together.
The following day I did not see much of Amy but when I did she gave me a big smile and a wink and whenever she was near me she gave my cock a big rub.
She even whispered in my ear at one stage that she was knicker less under her dress just in case we had another chance to fuck. I am pleased to say that we did just that during the evening reception and later that evening.

I do hope I will see Amy again. We have promised to e-mail each other but other than that..I have my doubts.

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