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Caught Red-Handed Part 3

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Tag, you're it!
Katy slowly made her way up the stairs, stopping just short of the guest room. Should she go in? She knew that if she did, everything would change. She opened the door, and for a second, she thought that she had gone into the wrong room. Then, she recognized the back and ass as Jett, and realized that it was him plowing into a petite redhead like it was his last day on earth. Her eyes widened and she started to back out, when she stopped. A familiar tingling in her clit had her staying motionless and watching the erotic scene before her.

"Jett, hmm, oh, yes...Jett! Jett!"

The redhead climaxed and started shaking beneath him while Jett continued to pump. Once, twice, three times, then he started bucking wildly, his back arching, and he let out a roar. Jett collapsed face down and the redhead looked up, not at all surprised to find Katy standing there with her hand stroking furiously at her clit. 

"You must be Katy," she purred, "I'm Loraine."

Jett sat up and offered a predatory, dimpled smile. 

"So nice of you to join us, Katy Kat. Why don't you bring your pretty pussy over here so we can all play together?"

Without conscious thought, Katy walked over to the bed. Loraine got on her knees on the bed and put a hand gently on the back of Katy's neck. 

"So nice to finally meet you," she murmured before bringing her lips gently to Katy's. The tip of her tongue stroked Katy's lower lip and Loraine let her teeth drag Katy's lip back slightly. Jett had relaxed in a lazy pose against the headboard, one hand behind his head, the other stroking his engorged cock. 

"Don't mind me, ladies, you two enjoy yourselves," he rasped, his eyes trained on Katy's nipples straining against her thin top. 

Loraine hooked her thumbs into the tank and pulled up in one swift motion, exposing her generous breasts. Katy bit her lip and experimentally bent down to take one of Loraine's nipples in her mouth. Loraine ran a finger through Katy's hair, pushing her further into her breast and letting out a moan.

"That's right, babe, suck my tit," she breathed. 

Katy brought her hand up and played with the other nipple, not wanting it to feel neglected. When both were fully erect, Katy leaned back and stripped off her shorts. Jett groaned lightly and stroked a thumb over his slit lightly, not wanting to come too close without the help of the girls in the room with him. 

"Lay back," Katy commanded Loraine, wanting her first taste of pussy. 

Loraine grinned and spread her legs wide open, leaning back on her elbows. 

"Eat me, bitch," she said, her voice husky.

"With pleasure," Katy murmured before dipping in, tongue first.

At the first touch of her tongue to Loraine's clit, Loraine gasped, Katy moaned, and Jett smiled. Katy hardened her tongue and began lapping at her clit in short, firm strokes, causing Loraine to buck her hips wildly. 

"Mmm, I taught you well, babe," Jett said, his unwavering gaze devouring Loraine's pussy much the way Katy's tongue was. 

Katy lifted her head long enough to wink at him, then returned to her feast. 

"Katy, Katy...mmm, I'm gunna," Loraine panted. 

Katy's head came up last minute and she grinned. 

"No, you're not.

She crawled over to Jett on her hands and knees, and his smile grew bigger and bigger.

"Jett," she cooed in an innocent voice, rubbing her hands over his knees, "can I please fuck you now."

He growled and pulled her forward, the tip of his dick grazing her clit, causing her to gasp. 

"No, you cannot fuck me. You're going to lay down, and find something to hold on to, and I'm going to pound into you until you forget your name. Got me?"

Katy bit her lip and nodded submissively before rolling over and grabbing a hold of the headboard. Loraine sat off to the side and stuck three fingers in her pussy, watching the scene unfold. Jett grabbed Katy's thighs and spread them slowly, building up the anticipation, and placed them on his shoulders. He brought his whole body back and, in one powerful thrust, buried himself to the hilt in her. She cried out in a mixture of pain and pleasure and he paused for a second, letting her adjust to him, before pulling back until just the tip was left and pushing back in again. He built up a wild rhythm, pulling almost all the way out before thrusting in all the way again, and the whole bed shook with the power behind each movement. Loraine's fingers were moving quickly inside her pussy, and Katy's dripping juices coated Jett's cock.

"Fuck this," Loraine clipped off, crawling over to bend down in front of where Katy and Jett were joined.

She started licking up all the excess juices, his and hers, nibbling at Katy's clit whenever it presented itself. Katy felt a tightening in her groin, spreading throughout her clit and pussy, and a few grunts was her only warning before she came with a cry, her pussy contracting around Jett's cock, causing him to follow shortly. They both collapsed with a chuckle and he pulled back to give her a short, steamy kiss before breaking off with a laugh. 

"That was..." he said, his voice even raspier than usual.

"Umm, hate to ruin you two's moment here, but could one of you possible finish me off?" Loraine intercepted with a small chuckle.

Katy laughed, exhausted from Jett and smacked him on the head.

"Tag, you're it."

The End

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