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CDA: Sarah

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Continuation of the erotic adventures of an Australian defence agent.
This story continues on from the previous chapter, “CDA: The Blonde”, recounting the erotic adventures of an Australian defence agent.

There she was, standing in the doorway of my bedroom, the moonlight reflecting off her bare golden skin.

It had been Sarah who had been watching me the night before. “What are you doing here?”

“Something that I should have done a long time ago.”

I was speechless. I wanted to ask her how she had known about the girl the other night. How she had known where to go to watch us together. I wanted to know everything.

“How...” I started before being softly cut off by Sarah.

“I have known about your escapades for some time now, but I have been too shy to do anything about it...until now that is.”

“But...” I interrupted, before she continued spilling her heart out.

“I watched you move that brunette’s tight body about your bed, bringing her up with your strong arms and thrusting her down onto your dick. After seeing you control her, I felt a yearning deep inside me that I have never felt before. I knew then that I needed to have you for myself. I needed to touch you, feel you, and have you treat me as your own.”

I was completely lost in her words. Here she was standing in front of me with not a care in the world, telling me that she wanted me more than anything and was willing to risk it all to be with me. Just our sensual bodies tangled together as we explored every part of one another. This was the same woman that I had never paid much attention to during all of our years of working together. What would this change? Everything. I could feel my desire growing.

She had finished speaking and was now just standing there, her chest rising and falling with each heavy breath that escaped her delicious lips. I swung my legs out from under the covers and over the side of the bed, my feet carrying me to her as our lips met in an explosion of passion and yearning.

Sarah’s lips opened and her tongue darted into my already parted lips as I embraced her and moved my hands down the small of her back, pressing her closer against me. Her hands did the same, resting on my ass and grinding herself against me. She let out a moan as she felt my hardness sliding up against her exposed pussy. I moved my mouth down to the nape of her neck and lightly sucked on her Chanel No.5 scented skin, slowly increasing the pressure until I was biting down on her neck with a sexual intensity only matched by her powerful rhythmic thrusting of her pussy onto my dick.

Sarah let go of my ass, running her hands down my chest until she reached my dick and gave it a few strokes before lowering herself onto her knees and taking my cock into her tight warm mouth. She was able to take me right to the back of her throat while she held her hands behind her back. The groaning sound Sarah was making as my dick slid between her lips and down her throat was intoxicating coupled with her gaze, never once breaking the contact between our eyes.

Before I came in her vixen-like mouth, I reached down to place my hands on either side of her face, giving her mouth several long deep thrusts before withdrawing and taking aim at her chest and unloading all over her beautiful breasts.

With no time for respite, I lowered myself to her level and gave Sarah a long kiss. I then pushed her back so that her arms were propping her up and her legs were nice and open, giving me easy access to her wet pussy. I crawled on my hands and knees through her beckoning open legs, stopping just centimetres from her pussy. I could feel the heat escaping from deep inside her and smell her intoxicating juices.

I moved my mouth to the left of her lips and softly kissed down her thigh, lightly biting her when I had ventured far enough away from her pussy. I then moved over to the inside of her right thigh, brushing my nose over her pussy as I transitioned over. I repeated the same steps on her right thigh. I planted a kiss just to the right of her pussy and slowly kissed my way down the side of her thigh, finishing with a bite. Sarah was getting very hot and bothered as I did this, unable to remain still as I explored her thighs with my mouth. Her hands had clasped my head and were moving me to her pussy. But instead of allowing her to guide me, I again moved my mouth just to the side of her pussy and kissed up and around her lips.

Her clit was becoming visible by now so I decided to heed her wishes, ever so lightly sliding my tongue up the centre between her lips to her clit. Sarah moaned with pleasure and begged for more, so I kept repeated this over and over again until I could feel her clit protruding out from its labyrinth. I brought my lips directly above her little nib and took it in my mouth and sucked it as I traced a finger up her lips and into her pussy, curling it until I felt the roughness of her G spot.

Sarah was definitely close by now, with her ass raised off the floor and her hips pressed firmly into my face. I could feel her quivering as I glided my finger up against the most precious spot of her pussy. I added a second finger to the first and felt her tremble as she called out my name and held herself up as she let the waves of pleasure wash through her.

By the time Sarah rested her ass back down against the floor, she was totally spent. She had a look of pure bliss on her face, her eyes looking up past me into the space above.

To be continued...

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