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Chakras Rock

A Simple re-alignment of energy turns sexy
Chakras Rock

by Miss Anonna

I got an email from someone who claimed an acquaintance had told him he needed an energy realignment. He mentioned that his friend had recommended that he contact me and make an appointment so I gave him a few little details about this particular massage and my availability. He quickly wrote back and after a couple of notes back and forth an appointment was set.

When I arrived at his home he took some time to answer the door but when he opened it, I found myself looking over this handsome, muscular man standing at the door in a towel. He apologized for his near nudity but I assured him it was the dress code of choice for the massage anyhow. He smiled and invited me in.

“Should we go to the bedroom?” He asked.

“No.” I said smiling “I need you to sit in a straight backed chair. Something like that one.” I said while pointing towards the kitchen.

“OK.” He quickly ventured into the kitchen while I waited there in the living room and he brought back a chair. When he set it down I directed him to it and forcefully pushed him into the seat. I slowly wandered around to the back and squeezed his muscular shoulders. He was definitely looking good to me but I was there to perform a service and that service had nothing to do with the warmth I was feeling in my panties. I wrapped my hands around his neck and pointed my thumbs upwards behind his ears and began to rub his neck and head. My fingers were pressing into the back of his jaw and I could feel his intensity begin to diminish. Moments later I had my right hand against his forehead and my left hand cradling his neck.

“Relax,” I said assuring him. “We are going to align your chakras one at a time like a chiropractor would align your back.” I ran my hand from his forehead, down his face and neck, over his chest and down his stomach until my fingers slid a few inches under the towel that was wrapped around his waist. I went as far down as I could until I felt him become uncomfortable. He took a deep breath when I stopped my hand and his chest pushed out significantly. He sat up a little straighter in the chair as I pulled my hand out from under the towel. I began to work on his neck, chest and shoulders and then around his rib cage. He was quite chiseled.

I moved around to the front of him, hiked my skirt up to my thighs and straddled him while massaging the front of his neck and chest. Pulling his head foreword into my bosom, I worked around his neck and shoulders slowly and forcefully pushing each finger into his skin and I soon felt something bumping against my panties. I pretended not to notice but it take me long to feel a surge of warmth through my own root Chakra. I stood up again and meandered around to the back of him, watching intently as he tried nonchalantly to adjust the towel that had let his manhood loose. I briefly caught a glimpse of his huge head and soon realized why I was able to feel it bumping against me. I returned to massaging his shoulders and aligning the Chakra at his chest.

Soon I was massaging my way down his back and asked him to sit backwards in the chair. I backed up as he stood, grabbed the chair and flipped it around in one swift, flawless move. In the brief moment I happen to notice that he never stood up straight and the towel was slightly pushed out in the front by what I can only assume was his manhood. I tried to keep my mind off of the naughty thoughts in my head and keep focused on what I was there to accomplish. I found myself massaging his lower back leaning my breasts into his upper back and felt my nipples perking up. I looked down at my blouse and realized that breasts could practically be seen through the thin material and my taught nipples were completely obvious.

After working on his back for some time I then asked him to stand up and face me as I sat down in the chair and he got up slowly as I grabbed his shoulders and directed him out of the chair and pushed him back away from the chair. I sat down and leaned forward, pressed the palm of my hand against the middle of his back and pulled him to me. I could see the towel was still slightly bulging toward me but ignored it for the time being. I pressed my other hand against his abdomen and massaged with both hands in alternate directions. I looked down at my breasts and noticed my nipples were harder than I had ever seen them and they were definitely obvious. I went back to concentrating on what I was doing and felt warmth against my ribs and something pushing into me slightly. When I looked down I saw his erect cock bouncing against me and peering out from where the ends of the towel could not completely meet.

Slightly amused, I giggled and backed him up a bit but it seems in his excitement he had left a sheen of slick liquid on my skin and as I backed him up, the head of his tool slid right up my body and pelted me on the lower lip. I gazed in amazement for the brief moment that we were both in shock. His cock was very thick and very hard and was pointing straight at me while I stared at it with my mouth open.

He quickly flung the towel over it and backed up. “Oh my God, I am so sorry.” He belted in an awkward embarrassing tone but I quickly stopped him.

“Do not even give it a second thought.” I said with a smile and a nod. “It is a normal reaction and nothing to be embarrassed about.” I assured him. I was, however, thinking that had never happened to me with a man so handsome and so well endowed, though. I repeated. “Seriously. If you weren’t erect I would think that I was not doing a very good job. “ I looked up at him and smiled and swiped my finger across the bottom of my lower lip where it was feeling wet and without giving it a second thought, I sucked whatever it was off my finger and then realized what I had just done. “Besides,” I quipped. “It’s only going to get worse when I get to your root Chakra. I continued to massage his tail bone with my other palm against his abdomen and chuckled under my breath for I knew I had not helped him relax in any way, shape or form.

I shifted to the side and put one hand just above his knee and the other hand right behind it and began to work my way up his leg. I did this several times and started to notice he was relaxing. The third time I reached the top of his thigh, I pulled my bosom into his leg to work the underside of his buttocks. I could feel his heavy testicles resting against my knuckles and knew he was getting a little nervous. I switched to his other leg and did the same. Again I felt his testicles against my knuckles and saw the towel drift outwards. I dug my knuckle into his coccyx and watched the towel raise as if I were performing a levitation. It just kept rising and rising, I thought it would never stop and then I felt the towel sliding down my arms and I watched as it fell into my lap and draped over my arms. I looked up at him and his eyes were fixed in my direction but not on my face. I looked down into my bosom and noticed my nipples were hard as granite and obviously pushing out my blouse far enough to glimpse into it and see the shape of my breasts through the opalescence of the material. I waited for him to attempt to pick up the towel but there was no attempt, just a deep low voice.

“Should I just leave the towel off?” He asked. “Seems like it’s just in your way.” I looked up at him again and there was slight naughty grin on his face but the wrinkles in his forehead showed he actually had a concern. Normally I would have had him put it back right away but as I gazed at his erection, I found myself tongue tied. It was as thick as a grocery store cucumber and the head was fat like a marshmallow helmet. I just wanted to grab it and hold on to it for a minute and I pictured putting it against my cheek and caressing it with my lips.

“It doesn’t bother me,” I said slowly shaking my head. “and if it doesn’t bother you, don’t worry about it. Honestly, you have nothing to be ashamed of.” I realized that I put a little too much emphasis on the word nothing and looked up at him smiling. His eyes lit up and a smirky smile appeared on his mouth. I pulled his thigh tightly into my chest purposely flicking my nipple with the movement and continued massaging his thigh and pushing my knuckle against his groin. I could feel the pulse of his muscle through my finger and watched intently as his rock hard tool bobbed up and down.

I removed my knuckle and pushed two fingers into his coccyx and placed my other hand on his lower back and moved in opposing circular patterns. I was literally cupping his testicles in my hand but it didn’t seem to bother him at this point and when I removed my hand from his back and readjusted myself in the chair, I had slightly lost my balance. My hand pushed on the front of his thigh, twisting him off balance. As I pushed myself back into the chair his huge erection began to swing my way and just when I thought I was in the clear the head of his thick tool slaps me on the cheek and swipes through my lips like an ATM card, leaving a sweet glisten of slick liquid on my cheek and lips. He stumbled back and I grabbed the back of his thigh to hold him steady and he gains his balance.

“I am so Sorry,” I cried and then I began to chuckle along with him as we both realize what had just happened and just an inch away from my lips was the candy like, puffy head of his huge cock. I looked up at him and started to laugh but just as my mouth opened, in it went like a snake into its den. My eyes opened up really wide as it slid along the roof of my mouth and I reached around him again to his back and pulled him in tighter while my fingers went right back to his groin and pushed in hard. I must have had over half of his thick shaft deep in my mouth but could not get it past my throat.

“Holy Fuck!” He cried as I wrapped my hand around the base of his huge tool and pulled it out of my mouth, trailing a long, thick string of mixed juices. “Is this part of the alignment, ‘cause I really feel it working now!”

“Yes!” I said gasping for air. I pulled him forward into my cleavage and wrapped my hand around the tip which barely fit in my hand. I slid my thumb under the head of his member and two fingers across the tip, then quickly started sliding his cock through my hand and twisting my hand around his massive head. With my other hand I pushed my fingers harder into his undercarriage and completely gripped his testes and pulled them forward. I looked up at him and smiled while catching another breath when he began to pump his huge cock through my hand and tits. Several times I felt his warm, hard tool slide up to my neck and as I attempted to match his strokes and get him back into my mouth he began to shiver.

“Oh, God!” He screamed, took a deep breath and held it and just as I got my hand around the tip of his battering ram , I felt a stream of warm liquid coat the roof of my mouth. I quickly forced his cock deep into my mouth and reached around behind him to hold his back and like a mountain lion latched on to its prey, I held him there through each jolt forward. I felt every surge of thick fluid pelt the back of my throat and after the third one I waited for a few seconds and slowly pulled him from my mouth. Massaging my way up his tool, I squeezed out what semen was left onto my upper lip and took a deep breath, then swept my tongue across my upper lip and with the help of the head of his cock I pushed the paste into my mouth.

“There!” I said smiling and still breathing heavy. “Do you feel better aligned?” I chuckled and smiled at him. He took a deep breath and let it out slowly and then smiled.

“I do.” He said with a surprised look. “I really do!”

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