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Chapter Two:- My wife's not so secret crush

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My wife sucks off her crush in our bedroom before I get home...
Chapter Two:- Marie.

My husband and I had agreed I could tease Liam through seduction but would go no further than sucking his cock and possibly being pleasured by him so that my pussy was prepared for my husbands' return. Walking up the drive in my sleek stilettos, I can feel my husband-Sean-watching my arse, I give a cheeky wiggle before glancing to him in the car. He smiles at me and blows a kiss. I return the gesture before letting myself in. Going into the lounge, Liam rises from the couch.

"Miss Williams." He continues to call me by the name he used to address me by when I was his teacher.

"Hi Liam." I sniff daintily as I have rehearsed, dabbing my eyes, I sense his concern.

"Are you alright?" Liam steps nearer to me and I look up with watery eyes after having dabbed a tissue spritzed with perfume to them. I blink back the real tears that pool in the corners and sniff,

"I," my lipsticked mouth trembles and I flounder as I try to speak in a struggle, "We argued and-"

"Where is Mr Williams?"

"He went to a bar. It's all my fault." I let the tears streak my cheeks and feel Liam pull me into his arms, hushing me gently. I lay my head against his chest and curl close as he smoothes a hand over my hair. I tremble at his touch and move closer as I mumble, "Will you stay with me?" I look up at him and see emotion in his eyes. He nods,

"Of course," he touches my cheek as he wipes away a tear before our eyes connect. He leans down and kisses me. Jackpot. Liam kisses me passionately on the couch. I haven't been kissed like this in years. His heat is burning me up with desire as I draw him closer. His hands cup my boobs and I press myself into his touch. It's electric.

I run my hands under his tee shirt and scratch my crimson nails over his soft skin. Moving swiftly, I straddle him as he unzips my dress to reveal my chest. I look at him as he takes in my body. Liam looks up at me with his sparkling hazel eyes. His voice is husky and oozes sex.

"You're beautiful." I smile and stroke his cheek. Liam is 6ft with a broad shouldered athletic build and handsome face.

"Come upstairs." I slide off his lap and go to lead him to the stairs but Liam pauses,

"What about your husband?"

"He won't care."

"He loves you, I- I should probably get going."

"Stay. He'd probably watch us fuck and jack off to it." I shrug, "Maybe you'd like that."

"It sounds," Liam runs his finger down my cheek and neck before tracing my collar bone, "Sexy. Like you."

Liam followed me to the bedroom silently. Locking the door I directed him to stand at the foot of the bed. As we kiss, I slide his shirt off his muscled arms and he unzips my dress completely so that it drops around my ankles. I step out of the dress and drape it over the chair. Liam eyes my body hungrily and I feel lust sizzle through me.


"Yes miss." Liam smirks and tugs his tee shirt off his ripped body. He has a beautifully muscled torso with a generous six pack.

"Big muscles boy, now drop the jeans."

"Or what?" he asks cockily. I love the sexy tone of his voice. I pace over to him and look up at him with a steel like gaze.

"Be punished." He smirks and slowly undoes his belt before unzipping his jeans. He drops them and stands confidently in his tight boxers. "Not a little boy then?" I say as I look at his package straining against the cotton. I stroke along his shaft and cup his balls before pulling down his jocks. His loaded member springs out and I smile.

"Like what you see?"

"Don't be arrogant." I play with his balls in one hand as I stroke him with the other. He rolls back his head and I breathe lightly over his skin before licking my fingers to rub his slit. I tease him with my hands before licking his length as I look up at him.

Liam watches me with an expression of pure desire. I swirl my tongue around his gleaming mushroom and flick the tip of my tongue over his slit. He twitches beneath my tongue and I begin to pump his shaft as I take him into my mouth. I suck lightly on the head of his cock as I pump him hard. Increasing the pressure of my sucking, I rub his balls before reaching to press on his sweet spot. I press up as I take more of his cock into my mouth. Bobbing my head, I relax my throat and take him deeper. Years of practice on my husband have enabled my gag reflex to become virtually non existant and I deep throat Liam easily. He bucks his hips up and I press on his spot harder.

"Fuck." The word gets my knickers wet and I up my ante to suck him better than before.

"Come for me." I order him. I pump him harder and lick the slit, swirling my tongue under his uncut dick hood is a novelty after years with Sean's cut cock. I imagine my husband watching us and start stroking my clit through my panties. Kneeling in front of Liam should put him in a position of power but I have complete control.

"You are so good, Miss."

I purr around his engorged prick and smile at him. I tease my fingertip over his asshole and press against his tight hole to pressure his walnut. He groans and thrusts past my lips into my mouth. A minute later and his hands are on the back of my head, holding me as he thrusts into my mouth. I feel my eyes begin to water and thank my waterproof mascara for holding up, panda eyes are not sexy!

I let him bring himself to his peak, feeling him on the brink I push my fingertip past his tight hole and push him over the edge. He spurts into my mouth and I swallow as much as I can. His cum is sweeter than Sean's and I lick a trickle off my lips. Liam gasps and a final spurt hits me on the mouth. I smirk as I catch sight of myself in the mirror.

Sean will want to hear every detail of this.

Liam lifts me to my feet and licks his own juice off my lips. I kiss him feverishly as that single action turns me on so much. Liam looks at me with an impassive expression before touching my face. He goes to speak before falling silent.

"When will your husband be back?"

"Do we have to talk about him?" I pout a little and put my arms around his neck,

"I need to get going miss."

"Call me Marie."

"I don't think you would want him walking in now Marie." I shrug and press my hand on his cock, it twitches fractionally,

"I think you would be up for a performance." Liam chuckles,

"Speak for yourself miss." he steps away to re dress and I put on my dressing gown.

Walking Liam downstairs I go to give him the envelope of babysitting money, "No miss," he shakes his head, "No charge."

"Generous of you." I say sarcastically with a smile.

"Goodnight miss Marie." Liam looks at me warmly as we go to the door,

"Thank you for tonight Liam." I kiss him gently and he hugs me,

"It was my pleasure." I giggle and he winks.

Fifteen minutes later and Sean walks into the bedroom to find me already in bed. "Well?"

He fucked my fanny hard.

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