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Choco Fun : Part 1

Megan cooks up a special dessert for me
After a tough day at the office, I pulled up to my girlfriend's house, looking for nice dinner, a blowjob then some good night's sleep. I knocked on the door, as I undid my tie. "Welcome hon.." Megan greeted me with her usual soft, feminine voice and gave me a hug. She looked different. A dark green gown flowed from the shoulders of her petite body up to her knees. A large slit on her chest reveled her tan cleavage, closing just near her nipples. God, she looked sexy! I wanted rip her clothes off and start making love with her. But I was too tired. Instead I just grabbed her by the waist and planted a deep french kiss on her lips. She sighed in pleasure but tried to get free from me. I did let her go. I needed more energy to fuck. So I just went inside looking for dinner.

"I have something special for you tonight hon." she said as she followed me to the kitchen. All of my favorite food was served on the table, and I watched her as she pulled something out of the oven. Oh that petite tight ass! I need some good sex tonight.

I finished almost everything on the table. "Thank you so much for the lovely dinner dear" I told Megan as I got up to kiss her. She was still sitting on the chair and grabbed my shoulder and pulled me closer. We started playing with our tongues, and I slid my hands down her body, feeling her breasts and tummy.

She twitched and moaned a little, and all of sudden pushed me aside. I was stunned. "What the fuck" I said playfully. Megan never wastes my erection. This was a first.

"We didn't have dessert yet hon.." Megan said in a sexy voice and stretched like a kitten in her sit.

"You are my dessert, the sweetest thing the world" I told Megan and went forward to kiss her again. She giggled and pushed me aside again.

"Wait hon! Wait... let me make it interesting.." Excitement grew in me thinking about what to expect. Megan was a sexually liberal girl. She was curious and tried many things in bed. I knew today I would get a taste of her kinkiness.

Megan seductively moved, as she removed everything from the dinner table, even the cloth cover. After she was done, she came close to me. I expected a kiss, but instead, breathing on face, she grabbed on my belt and unbuckled it. I relaxed and let her undress me. She quickly took my shirt off and pulled down my pants and boxer, revealing my semi-hard cock. As she got up, I heard a zip. She slid off her dress too. Megan got nude too, started walking backwards toward the table. Her sexy smiled told me to wait where I was. I watched her as she got on top the table and spread her legs to reveal her clean shaved pussy. The small light on the ceiling above the table, focused on her body only. She stared right into my eyes as she pulled her pussy lips apart with her hands to show me the pink flesh inside. But then she closed her eyes, as she slipped a finger into her pussy. With her left hand she started rubbing her nipples and tummy, while with her right hand, she rubbed her pussy lips, clitoris and sometimes put a finger inside herself. My cock was fully aware now, at the sight of my girlfriend playing with herself. Even though I wanted to fuck her right now, I refrained myself as the show was quite entertaining. Megan stopped masturbating and looked at her left. I followed to the point she was looking at. There was a bottle. "Can you hand me that hon?" Megan said looking at me.

I did as she asked and saw that the bottle was of chocolate syrup. "Can you please spread it on me?" Megan told me. I opened the cap with a click and squeezed the plastic bottle, holding it on top of Megan's body. Her chest arched, as the first drop of the thick dark brown liquid fell between her nipples. She started masturbating again. I kept going below and started pouring the syrup on her hand with which she was masturbating. The chocolate got inside her pussy too. She started spreading the syrup all over her pussy, till it was covered well with the syrup. I looked up to find that she had spread the syrup on her boobs and tummy too with her left hand. Both of her hands now full of the sticky chocolaty goodness.

She looked into my eyes again with her wild gaze. "Now hon..." she said in her seductive voice "you have to lick me clean. If I find even a hint of chocolate, you won't get sex tonight" She giggled and put her right hand's middle finger into her mouth and licked it clean. I grabbed it and started licking her other fingers. She was masturbating with this hand and although I could only taste the syrup, I knew it had her pre-cum mixed with it too. I was putting her fingers into my mouth, I could feel her eyes watching me with content. When I finished I immediately started sucking on her chest. I licked her breasts clean, while taking my time working her nipples. Megan's ran her fingers through my hair, as I started licking her tummy. I buried my tongue deep into her naval, making sure there was no chocolate left. I licked below her arms, and licked on her clean armpits too. I made sure rest of her body was clean before moving to her legs. Megan tugged at me to work on her pussy, so I put my head between her legs.

"Mmmmhh..." she moaned "Right there baby. Make sure you lick my insides too. I licked her pussy lips and clit and her thighs too. I checked on the side of her legs and picked up any random drop. I rimmed her too, licked the syrup that had traveled down to her asshole. Now that there was no visible chocolate on Megan's body, I started blowing her. She took hold of my head and shoved it in between her legs beckoning me to good deeper. I was trying my best to put my tongue in as deep as possible. I only felt her salty cum and realized me work was done and I could fuck her now, but she started humping her hips in rhythm with the motion of my tongue. So I continued. licking her. I stopped only to replace my tongue, with two of my fingers and I started to make out with her clit.

"Ahh...! Mmmhhh..." she moaned and started jerking her body faster. Knowing that she was enjoying it, I increased my hand's speed, removing my tongue from her clit. My fingers and tongue was moving in a sync and all of a sudden she started jerking violently.

"Oh babe! I am gonna cum!" she shouted, and with a loud groan she had her orgasm. I pulled my completely wet fingers out, put my mouth on her pussy and started swallowing her love juice. She started panting and relaxed on the table. I continued though, putting my tongue inside her and feeling her pussy wall, making sure I had drank as much as possible.

"Am I clean hon?" She asked in a tired voice, still breathing heavily. I nodded affirmative.

"Let me check" She said and pulled at my right hand with which I was finger her. I watched in amazement as she licked her own cum off of my fingers.

"Yup babe. I am clean. I can only taste my cum, no chocolate. You did a good job and as a reward you get to fuck me now."

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