Claire's Awakening 8: Field Trip - Part 2

By PrincessC3

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Claire's just sucked her first cock. Now it's Scott's turn to return the favour!
I started to panic. I was sat in Scott’s house, in my underwear on the sofa in his living room. I’d just sucked his cock. My boyfriend’s cock. We were an official item!? What was I doing? Biding my time, I picked up my glass and slowly sipped my drink, desperately trying to think of an answer. Scott was still smiling at me, waiting for his answer.

“Come on Claire, I’m a gentleman. You sucked my dick, now it’s my turn to make you come!”

I was blushing. “Oh, it’s okay. You don’t have to!” I squeaked.

His hands were gently roaming my body, one sliding to touch the material of my little g-string. I wanted his touch so badly. I remembered how amazing his fingers had felt during my first lesson, but I couldn’t help but wonder what else we could do.

“Come on baby, you know you want to come... The question is, how?”

He smirked. By now he was touching me all over. Scott’s hands expertly undid my bra, giving him access to my pink little nipples. Tickling one, he began gently sucking on the other. I let out a soft moan, falling back into the sofa.

“Hmm, you seem to like that! How about if I kissed you... Here?”

His lips began trailing down my chest towards my stomach. “Or if they went down here..?”

He was now teasing me, kissing across my flat stomach. I moaned again, louder.

“Oh baby, that feels good!” I started to relax.

He was my boyfriend now, surely I should just ride it out and see what happened. I’d always wondered what it felt like to have my pussy licked, and now was my chance!

Scott had positioned himself between my legs. He traced the outline of my panties with his tongue, sending a shiver through my body. He placed a long soft kiss upon my pussy through the fabric.

“May I?” He winked at me.

Without even realising, I nodded, lifting my butt up slightly as he slid off the g-string. Scott placed his hands on my soft thighs, gently pushing them apart to reveal my smooth wet pussy.

“Mmm. Claire, you have a perfect pussy!” He whispered, whilst lightly touching the outer lips.

His fingers parted the inner ones, as his face neared my hot spot. I was throbbing with anticipation, silently begging for his tongue. After one last cheeky smile at me, his tongue toughed my pussy, just above my dripping hole. He licked upwards, towards my clit. I was on fire. Nothing had ever felt like this before!

Scott began to softly suck on my clit, his big hands expertly caressing my inner thighs. I was moaning loudly by now, lay back on the sofa completely at mercy to his tongue. Again, he started slowly licking along the length of my slit, teasing me.

“See baby, I knew you’d love it!” He said.

Focusing on my clit again, this time licking the little nub in tiny circles, he let a finger circle the entrance to my pussy.

“Ooh, the best of both worlds!” I gasped.

His finger slowly slid inside me, as he began to caress my g-spot oh so softly. I was writhing around, moaning with pleasure. His tongue started licking faster, with more pressure. His finger pressing my g-spot harder. I began to shudder, looking down towards Scott. A head of floppy hair buried between my pale thighs working away at my most intimate place. The ecstasy was building quickly.

Throwing my head backwards I let out a scream. “Oh Scott, oh my God, I’m... I’m...” Before I could even get the words out, a wave of sheer delight rushed through me, my pussy furiously throbbing, my hips grinding against his face.

As my orgasm subsided, Scott licked the fresh pussy juice from my hole, softly probing his tongue inside me. I let out a big contented sigh, as he climbed onto the sofa to give me a cuddle.

“I take it you liked that then babe?” He smirked.

“Oh God yes!” I beamed. “That was amazing!” I sunk into his arms, completely orgasmatose.

“Well Claire, that was only the beginning!”

Later that night, after getting home and snuggling up in bed, I began to wonder about what Scott had meant. Only the beginning? Does that mean I’m going to lose my virginity to him? What else could he mean? Eventually sleep engulfed me, and I decided I’d just have to wait and see...