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Client #03

A massage that changed everything
I've recently stumbled upon Lush and have really enjoyed the great writings here over the past few weeks. I knew immediately that this would be the perfect place to share my stories.

I'm 36 years old and I'm a massage therapist. I've been in practice for 11 years and thoroughly enjoy what I do. As an ex-college athlete I had my share of injuries and spent a good amount of time in the trainers room as well as on the massage table. I grew to learn what I liked and what I didn't and became quite interested in the techniques used on me.

After years of classes and training, I ventured out to the world to begin my new passion. It was hard to get things started in the beginning as I was working as a self-employed masseuse. Eventually you pick up a few clients and hope that word of mouth paves the way, which it did eventually. I also created a website and after about a year I found myself with about 14 clients that I would see anywhere from once a week to once a month. There are always people that come and go and many I see once and never see again, but all in all when things are moving along it's a great gig and I'm doing what I love.

About 70% of the time I make house calls and give my massages in the comfort of my clients home. I do have a nice studio in West Los Angeles where I also see clients if they wish. A majority of my clients are women over the age of 40 living in areas like Marina Del Rey and Beverly Hills. I get a kick out of visiting these women and for a small time, experiencing the lifestyles in which they live. My close friends love hearing my crazy stories so I thought I'd share these with the Lush world. Not all of them go down that path but the ones that do, I will most certainly share with you. Enjoy.

Client #03 - Barbara
It was my third client Barbara, that put my moral compass to test for the first time. As a massage therapist, you are fully aware that sexuality is something that can easily be brought into the situation, but never are you to initiate anything. You politely decline and never embarrass your client. After all, at the time I was trying to get my career going and needed to be professional and keep my clients feeling completely relaxed and completely safe.

Barbara was a friend of one my clients and lived near the beach in LA. She was a married woman and seemed to be in her late 40's or early 50's. She was very attractive with tan skin and dark brown hair that went just past her shoulders. She was not plump but had a very curvy figure with ample breasts. We spoke on the phone a few days before the appointment and set up a time at her house.

Upon arrival she answered the door wearing a casual loose white top which draped down over her butt covering her tight leggings she was wearing. She invited me in and we walked to a back room next to a giant window that had a beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean. She told me I could set up my table there which I promptly began doing as we made small talk. While walking to the back room I noticed pictures of her and her husband throughout the house as well as her huge wedding ring. She seemed to be the only one there but it's never my business to ask anyway.

We went over a few particulars about her needs and what type of massage she would prefer and decided on a fairly standard Swedish Massage. A majority of the time this is what they prefer as it's a pretty non-abrasive style that focuses on the soothing and kneading of the muscles that relieves tensions and loosens sore joints.

After I was set up I told her we could begin and she should get comfortable on the table. What I usually tell them is, if they feel more comfortable wearing a bathing suite or bra and panties that's fine as long as they're comfortable. If they prefer to be nude I reassure them that they will be covered by a sheet during the massage. I then excused myself from the room to allow her to get comfortable on the table. When I returned she was laying face down with the sheet draped over her. I noticed her clothes folded on a chair next to us along with her bra and panties so I figured she was nude under the sheet.

I set up some relaxing music and began my massage. I positioned the sheet so that it was only covering her lower section, from about her lower back to upper thigh. Barbara was quite talkative through the beginning of the massage which is fine with me. It's their massage so I'll chat if they want or I'll be 100% quiet if that's what they prefer.

Barbara was a beautiful woman and I was really enjoying the warmth of her oil covered skin and muscles kneading through my hands. She would give me little moans of approval as my hands worked her shoulders and back, telling me how great it felt and how badly she was in need of this. This continued as I eventually made my way to her feet and lower legs and this is when I noticed for the first time I could see under the slightly raised sheet. The sheet is usually pushed down between the clients legs as not to expose anything, but for whatever reason the sheet had been stretched a bit and was slightly raised. With her legs spread slightly apart, she was giving me a nice view of her beautiful pussy as my hands now kneaded her thighs. My hands would barely touch the sheet and move back down and I found myself not being able to take my eyes off this woman's pussy lips that were peaking under the sheet. I moved on to the next leg enjoying my view as much as I could. I knew it wasn't right, but I couldn't help it. I could tell with Barbara, that she wasn't the shy type at all and for the first time in my career I was a bit more bold about the motion of my hands when doing her thighs and her hips. I raised the sheet to expose the side of her hip so that I could massage there and noticed a very sexy tan line. It was at the time I was massaging her hips when Barbara made things more interesting.

"Honey, if it's easier for you, you can just remove the sheet."

Now this was the first time in my young career this was told to me. Yes, I've massaged as couple of my girlfriends nude but that was a bit different. This was a stranger... a client, that I just met. Now I know technically I should of politely declined and said something like it's probably best if we keep the sheet on, but those words were not coming out of my mouth. I just simply said, it's completely up to her as I just want her to be relaxed and comfortable as possible.

"Honey, at my age, I have nothing to hide."

Well, I took that as signal to remove the sheet so that's what I did. I gave a little chuckle after she spoke and began slowly folding the sheet up until I removed it completely, exposing this beautiful lady for the first time. And I can tell you, she had a incredible round plump ass. I added a bit more oil and continued massaging her soft body. Every time my hands slid up her sides her ass cheeks would push together accentuating their roundness. For the first time during a massage I was really getting turned on. I gave her hips a few extra minutes of my time just so I could continue to watch her ass shake and contort to my hands grasping her. My cock grew half way hard as my hands devoured Barbara's body. I allowed my hands at times to slide over her cheeks during her massage. My thought was to try and keep it professional but to let her know I wasn't shy either and would focus on her entire body.

We had reached the half way point of the massage and so I asked Barbara to please turn over. And without any hesitation she lifted up and turned over exposing her breasts and neatly manicured pubic hair. Her breasts were big and fell slightly to her sides. It was quite invigorating knowing this beautiful married woman was completely comfortable being naked in front of me. At least she acted as if it was no big deal and so did I. I began the massage at her neck and lower scalp and worked my way to her shoulders and arms. My semi-hard cock would brush against her at times but I was still cautious with how far I went. My hands did their routine through the neck and shoulders, and then to the arms. I like to have my hands on my clients at all times as never to disconnect with their body so when sliding my hands down her sides they would brush up against the sides of her breasts. At this point it was obvious she didn't mind the subtle touches so I made sure that the back of my hands rubbed up against her smooth breasts on different occasions. Her breasts were covered in oil and it felt great!

I then moved down to her feet and eventually worked my way up her legs. As my hands were massaging her thighs I noticed Barbara slightly opening her legs as if to give me more room to massage. Her legs slightly open and covered in oil were now bringing my cock to full attention under my shorts. Her pussy was right there for me to see and she didn't care. My hands would slide up her thigh just centimeters away from her lips and then move back down. I would repeat this motion over and over almost teasing her. It seemed with every return her legs would open just a little bit more. This woman was basically laying there on the table with her knees slightly bent and her legs open for me. I wasn't quite sure what to do or how far to go but I remember at the time being quite hesitant to go any further. I was perfectly fine massaging her naked body and enjoying the sites she was sharing with me. After a few more cycles of her legs she began talking again and told me how great it felt. I replied to her that I'm glad she's enjoying the massage and her being relaxed and comfortable is all I cared about.

I was a little bit flustered and was now standing at her side focusing on her stomach area and sides again. I slid my hands gently past her belly button until my thumbs slightly grazed over her pubic hair and my fingers kneaded into her inner thighs. Barbara gave a little moan when I did this and so I stayed in that area for a moment longer. My routine was now out of whack but she was enjoying it so I didn't care one bit. It felt naughty and wrong, but I found myself kneading her inner thighs and almost pulling her thighs further apart as I stood at her side with my back to her. Her pussy was glistening with oil and her lips would slightly open each time I pulled back on her thigh muscles. Her eyes were closed but I wasn't trying to hide the fact that I was staring right at her pussy each time I would part her lips. It seemed at that moment any sort of boundary that might of still been there was gone and we were both at ease with the situation. And then the duologue began.

"Oh Honey, I know I'm not supposed to be turned on during these massages but your hands just feel so good."

And I replied like a schmuck, still trying to sound as professional as possible, "It's completely natural for that to happen sometimes, it's nothing to be embarrassed about."

I continued to massage her thighs and Barbara began to slightly gyrate her hips with the motion of my hands. I knew the line was crossed and at that moment I really didn't care. It was obvious to me that she was okay with my touches this far and had openly told me she was turned on. That was all the justification I needed.

The next time my fingers slid past her belly button and over her pubic hair my fingers kept going and I slid them very gently over her pussy letting my index finger part her lips ever so slightly then I brought them back up quickly. Barbara moaned again in approval so I repeated it again, each time, letting my fingers press a little firmer inside of her.

"Does that feel okay?" I asked her.

"Oh yes, that feels great," she replied.

I couldn't believe it but I was now focusing only on her pussy until eventually my finger was deep inside of her. I remember her arching her back as she grabbed her breasts as I stood there fingering her. There was no holding back now as I began moving my fingers in and out of her pussy in a slow but steady pace. With my right hand on her lower stomach gently pressing down, my left hand penetrated her over and over. My right hand would move up and massage her breasts which she seemed to love. Covered in oil, Barbara spread her legs as far as she could giving me complete access to her pussy, and my cock couldn't of been any harder. With my left hand I used my fingers to spread her pussy lips apart and used my other hand to begin slowly rotating on her clit. Her moans were louder now and I was now fully intent on making her cum for me. Because I was still standing at her side leaning over her she was able to raise her hand to my ass and that's exactly what she did. I felt her hand on the outside of my shorts grasping my ass and eventually going underneath until she was cupping my balls with her hand.

"Do you mind?" is all that she asked.

"I'm okay with it if you are, I replied.

I really didn't know what I was agreeing to, but Barbara ended up grabbing the elastic band of my shorts and began sliding them down over my ass. Within a moment my shorts were down to my thighs and she had her hand all over me. She groped my bare ass the best she could but I was still rubbing her clit in a steady motion. When her ass became slightly raised off the table I slid my hand under her so that I could have one hand on her ass as the other kept penetrating her. I could tell she was getting close to climax so I kept my pace going. Her movements became more aggressive and eventually her body began to shutter with her moans briefly coming to a halt as she covered my hands in wetness. She squeezed my ass so tight at that moment I swear she left marks, but I didn't care. It was incredibly hot to see this mature woman orgasm right in front of me in complete bliss. Her legs open, pussy exposed, she just let it all out and it was awesome!

I let her slowly come down from her experience as I gently massaged around the area. I was standing there naked from the waist down my hard cock hovering over the table as Barbara slowly caught her breath. Not sure what was going to happen next, she composed herself and saw my rock hard cock.

"Mmm, come here Honey," she said softly.

I took a few steps closer to her head and she grabbed the shaft of my cock with her hand. Without any words she guided me closer to her as she turned on her side to face me. She pulled me close until she guided my cock slowly into her mouth. The moment her wet lips touched the tip of my cock felt amazing. She began aggressively sucking my cock as I stood next to her intently staring at her mouth wrapped around my shaft. For the next 5 minutes or so I simply stood there and watched Barbara covered in oil stroke and suck my cock the best she could. It was simply amazing! I then told Barbara that I was going to cum and she went into 5th gear. As my moans became more intense she began stroking my cock with her hand doing everything she could to make me cum. A moment later, several streams of cum were covering her neck and tits. She stroked every last drop out of me and I couldn't believe how much she made me cum. She licked the cum off of her hand and gave my cock one final squeeze as she began to get up.

"Oh my," I said. "Thank you very much and I hope you enjoyed the massage."

"No, thank you Honey, I needed that."

The best part was she didn't even clean herself up as I cleaned up and packed up my table and things. Barbara stayed naked with my cum covering her chest I got ready to depart.
We said our goodbyes as she showed me to the door and she assured me I would hear from her again. Needless to say, Barbara is one of my clients that I see about once a month and I couldn't be luckier.

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