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College Initiation

Young lady learns about college life and other sexual experiences
She had never once thought about it. She never once was around any girl, that she could recall who’d even spoken about it either. In fact, she had never even once, when showering or otherwise, such alone in her bedroom, considered doing something like what she learned later on.

Yes, Cassandra, or Sandie as she liked and wanted to be called, soon learned about the “art” of masturbation. When she’d heard about it, this young lady from the sticks was amazed at what she’d learned. Yes, she was that naïve about it.

As quiet and as shy as she was she had become the very first in her family that anyone knew about that had gotten good enough grades to be able to go on to college. She had decided on a Methodist college seeing as her family was religious and all but as far as Sandie was concerned college was still college and she didn’t know the first thing about going to one.

“You will be fine dear” her mom had said. “We’ll miss you but you know we love you” she went on to say. They hugged and the hug was a deep and loving hug.

Her dad or daddy as she called him, on the other hand, was much worse. He knew she had grown up. Yes, she had developed phenomenal looking breasts, which for him was almost too hard for him to get over. She developed in ways a young lady just doesn’t develop. She had sprouted those breasts of hers and also those hips and body, which even he found he desired. However, he knew he couldn’t have any of it, but he knew just the same he wanted her body nonetheless.

“Honey, you’ve uh grown up on us all. You’re a well a very smart young lady. And by gosh dear, you are a very, very beautiful young lady at that. Now dear” he went on to say before stopping. He took her into his arms so that he could press her boobs into his chest. It was clear, to some people that he liked his daughter’s body, but by god come hell or high water this girl was going to get her education her father said. “You go on and do whatever it takes. “You get along with everyone. You do what most these people do. No matter what that is you get along with them. You hear me honey?”

“Yes daddy I hear you” she said.

With that he finally let go of his daughter. Her breasts finally came away from his body. He liked that firmness they held and he surely wished he could have them more intimately to his very own. However, he knew better. All the boys around there, once they saw her gallivanting around, they would be on her too.

Finally, later on that day the parents left. She was not alone. There were two other roommates to be around, to introduce herself too. They met, got to know one another, and the three of them eventually walked the campus just so they could get to know it a lot better.

Alone and together, the three girls talked about life in general. Sandie remained somewhat quiet as she listened to the other two converse. One of her roommates spoke up and said “Don’t you two think there are a lot of cute boys around here?”

Sandie had to agree but said nothing. She wasn’t going to say yes. It wasn’t her style to speak out like that. On the other side of her the other roommate went on to add “Yeah, there are a lot of good looking guys I think. Wow, we have to meet them, don’t we Sandie.”

Sandie, who was a little intimidated by it all, didn’t know how to answer them. It was all too overwhelming to her and wished it all went more slowly for her. Although it was going slowly, in a manner of speaking, she just wanted to crawl up in her bed and read or get online. She just wanted to retreat to somewhere else.

She didn’t know where exactly but she wished her daddy was there. He’d know what to do. He always did. He’d come. He’d take her in his arms. He’d speak in that comforting manner of his. And he’d hold her closely to his body. She knew her daddy loved her. This was a whole new world for her and she knew she had to do it alone.

She knew she’d have to do this all alone.

“Hi Sandie” she heard.

It was a guy. Initially she didn’t know who. His voice, it sounded sweet. It sounded soft and tender too. And just like that, she smiled. She liked the tone of it right away. She slowly turned, still not knowing who it was, and said hello but she seemed to know him. She just couldn’t think of his name.

“It’s me, Jasper” he said, still smiling.

Ohhhhhh did his eyes seem to shine. He was soooo darn cute, she thought, but where did she know him from she asked herself. She didn’t know right away but said hello anyway. The look on her face said so too.

“From down in Broward County” he told her without worrying that she didn’t know him. “Uhhh we didn’t uh go to school together but we didn’t live far from one another either.”

“Ohhhhhh” she said, now smiling, and that’s when she had to admit to herself that he was cute. He was tall as well. Wow, I know someone from back home? That’s soooo cool. “So how are you?” she said.

He said he was fine. They briefly walked together. She felt comfortable around him. He opened doors for her as they entered the same building. It was neat she thought how he did that. He was so darn sweet and cute looking.

“So you’re here too?” he said.

“Yeah and you too huh?” she answered. “How do your parents feel about it? I mean mine were all shaken up, especially my daddy.”

They talked but he had to run. He had a class and she did too. They talked a little more and talked about getting together for dinner later on. She loved it. His face was in her thoughts all afternoon. They’d met for dinner. She loved it. She really and truly loved dinner with him. He was soooo nice and so darn sweet and she wished she could have spent all evening talking to him but she had to do homework.

That was hard but she got it done. She went to the library. That made it easier. As she was leaving he happened to be entering it and he was all alone.

“Ohhhhhh I wondered if I’d see you some time” he said.

They talked and laughed a little but he had homework and so she headed back to her dorm room. Back at it, with the door closed, and she didn’t know why exactly the other two were in there talking.

“And yeah this is like the perfect place to do that” said one of them. They were Marti and Kendra.

And they were talking about masturbation. Sandie walked in as they talked some more. Initially she ignored it but they brought her into the conversation. Marti said to Sandie “So Sandie let me ask you a question” and Sandie looked at her. “How often do you do it?”

“Huh, do what?” asked Sandie.

Sandie had never ever done it before so she had no idea what Marti or Kendra were even talking about. Both of them looked at Sandie and without skipping a beat Kendra asked “How often do you play with yourself, I mean masturbate?”

Huh, she thought. Masturbate, really? Oh no not me she told herself as she slowly began blushing as if doing something like that was a sin, which it was in almost any religion. Nevertheless, the two girls waited for an answer. Upon seeing her facial response they looked at each other and shook their heads as if to say “Don’t say anything else.”

“I uh don’t uh do that” Sandie replied.

“Oh uh that’s okay” Kendra said and then she went on to add “Uh lots of girls don’t.”

“They don’t, really?” Sandie said as if totally relieved.

Kendra lied some more. “Yeah, but I’ll tell you the truth. Marti and I do it.”

Sandie’s eyes opened wide. Her facial expression said it all. “You do? Really? But why do you?” she asked.

They stared at her. They were dumbfounded. They couldn’t believe it. They weren’t sure how to answer her. Then Marti spoke up. “Because it’s a lot of fun and if you’re ever turned on by something or by someone, well masturbating can rid you of all those things” she said and added “kind of that is.”

Sandie listened but felt embarrassed and also felt a little inferior. As the minutes passed, she wondered about the experience and also about doing it too. She thought about what Marti told her such as if something or someone turned her on.

Then she thought about him, about Jasper from where she came from. He was the only one who did that for her. That was enough for her seeing as he was really, really sweet and nice and all, and she really wanted to be around him if she could be.

None of them spoke for a while but it got Sandie to thinking. That conversation they’d had got her to thinking about masturbating a lot. Several minutes later, she spoke up, breaking the silence in their room.

“Like I said, no I’ve never masturbated before, but I guess I’ve thought a little about it.” The two of them looked at her. She looked at them. Nobody smiled. However, Sandie wanted to try it out. That much was evident and with that she added “So what do I do?”

“Uhhh, what do you do?” Kendra said. “Well” and she looked at Marti. Marti looked at her. “Well to be honest Sandie, you gotta relax and you have to really want this too. I mean, girls usually do it when they’re all alone, but I’ve known some older girls who do it in front of each other. It’s kind of weird at first but it can be lots of fun. And I’ve even heard of some girls doing it to one another.”

“To one another too?” Sandie said.

They talked about it for a while which had Sandie wondering and also worrying about it too. She didn’t know. She wasn’t sure. She wasn’t comfortable undressing or for that matter being naked in front of two new roommates.

“I don’t know” Sandie went on to say.

“Sandie, would you like us to show you what we do?” Kendra said.

Sandie looked at Marti and Kendra. She wasn’t sure and shrugged her shoulders and gave them an “iffy” nod. Kendra and Marti shrugged their shoulders but they smiled at her. The two of them undid their shorts as Sandie watched. Sandie was nervous as Marti and Kendra then reached inside their panties and soon closed their eyes as their fingers went at their pussies.

Each slowly began taking deeper but quiet breaths as they worked at working themselves up into hormonal discharges causing themselves to orgasm. Sandie watched curiously but seemed to want to know more and more.

After a while, both finished doing what they were doing. They looked at each other, smiled, and then looked at Sandie. Marti said “We should have gotten completely undressed so you could see it completely shouldn’t we Kendra?”

Kendra agreed and then said “Wanna try it Sandie?”

Sandie wasn’t sure but soon enough she gave in she undid her shorts, like they did, and pushed them down a little and stuck her hand inside her underwear.

“Now you just feel around, feel those lips?” Kendra said and Sandie understood what Kendra was asking and she started playing with them a little. Kendra asked if she wanted any help and Sandie shook her head as she continued trying to masturbate. “How do you feel?” asked Kendra.

Before much longer, as Kendra and Marti watched, they followed and started up again. All three of them were doing it together although none had taken any more off. They lay there, rubbing their pussies, and feeling the sensations from it all. In truth, Sandie was the most aroused at that point.

“Oh ohhhhhh ohhh wow” they heard her say as Sandie’s head fell back more and more.

They wanted to see it. They wanted to watch it in its entirety but it was Sandie’s preference to do what she was doing without anyone watching her. Regardless, it did feel good and despite what they wanted, Sandie was having her very first orgasm.

She continued to moan and utter sounds as if having another orgasm as Kendra and Marti smiled at each other. It was working. She was doing it. She was getting herself to have an orgasm. They couldn’t believe it but it had worked out.

“Wow, how do you feel?” Marti asked. “I bet good huh?”

Sandi pulled her hand out of her underwear. She had cum on her hand and fingers but didn’t know what to do with it. They told her to wipe it off on her top and change tops so she did. Sitting with them she asked if they did that a lot and they said yes.

“You do? Like how often?” she asked.

“I don’t know. I do it every couple days or maybe every few days” Marti said.

Kendra had to agree with Marti. Sandie was totally impressed by that. And then she asked the most important question. “Have either of you two ever been with a guy?”

Marti and Kendra looked at one another. Marti didn’t want to say it. Yeah, she had been. In truth she got drunk at a beach party and accidentally ended up doing it with her brother. Both of them loved it but when they realized what they’d done they agreed they would forever keep it a secret.

“Yeah” Marti said for some reason.

“Who was it?” asked Kendra. Marti said she couldn’t say. “Why’s it a secret?” asked Kendra. Marti blushed knowing the truth. She shook her head and said “It just is. Maybe some day I’ll tell you guys.”

They left it alone. That following weekend, after doing masturbating with one another present, Sandie went on to the college’s football game. Meanwhile, Kendra and Marti stayed behind.

“What are you going to do?” Marti asked.

Kendra said she didn’t know so the two of them just hung out in the dorm during the game. They talked a while but then Kendra asked her a question and one which to Marti was quite odd. “Marti, I’ve got a question for you. Uhhh, not that I’m gay or anything but have you ever kissed another girl before?”

Marti looked up. That was weird. “What? Huh, what are you trying to say?” she asked Kendra. Marti was totally surprised by the shocking question. Kendra looked at her and shrugged her shoulders and simply smiled. Then Kendra told Marti to forget it.

Still, the question disturbed Marti. “Have you?” she said to Kendra.

Kendra nodded her head. “Yeah a couple of times.”

Silence ensued but then Kendra said “To be honest I’ve kissed a couple of girls. It was really cool to be honest.”

Marti was shocked but she was intrigued as well. She did wonder for a little while what it was like and what it would feel like to be kissed by another girl. Seeing as she and Kendra did get a long pretty well she started wondering what it would be like to kiss Kendra.

Finally, after a few more minutes of silence, Marti said it. “Kendra, wanna kiss me?”

Kendra looked up. “Really, you wanna kiss?” she asked Marti and Marti nodded.

They sat down beside one another. At first Marti was kind of unsure of it. They didn’t kiss hard or passionately, at first, but they kept at it, and slowly they soon got into one another.

Before too long, Kendra and Marti fell backwards onto the bed. Before too much longer, Marti found herself wrapping her body around Kendra’s. And before too long, these two young women hurdled themselves into a festive kissing jamboree with their hands and legs wrapping around one another’s body.

This kissing fest, for what it was worth went on and on. So did the game that Sandie attended with other dorm mates as well as Jasper, the friend from back home. As it was Marti and Kendra were into one another. As it was, these two were progressing to the next stage.

Kendra’s hand shifted up and over Marti’s tit. Before Marti knew it, Kendra was rubbing one of her tits, and before too much longer squeezing the tit as well. Marti loved it. Marti wanted a lot more then that. Marti wanted her actual tits felt up. Yeah, the way Kendra was doing it all was wonderful. It was a lot better then a guy does it, she discovered. Guys aren’t as passionate as a woman is or in her case not as passionate as Kendra is.

Kendra progressed and found her way up inside Marti’s top. Up inside it, she somehow slid off Marti’s bra. Marti absolutely loved it once she felt Kendra’s hand on her boob. Moving slowly and tenderly over it, Kendra would ever so gently squeeze her tit as the two kissed more passionately then ever.

They rolled around as Kendra felt out Marti’s tits. It was wild and it was fun. The clothes never came off but feeling Kendra’s hand on her tit was a magnificent experience and it was very, very arousing.


The game sucked. By the end of the third quarter, most knew they were going to lose this one. There was no question about it. “You wanna go?” the girl said to Sandie. Sandie said yes so they left. So did Jasper and Jasper tagged along. Jasper went back to his dorm. They hung out a while on the first floor, a community room in which people could snack or do other things, and with that they hung out for a little while before Sandie decided to go on to her room.


“Wow that was” and Marti stopped for a second. “God Kendra, I have to tell you, we have to do that again sometime.”

“God, you’re right. Whew, wow kissing you was a lot of fun Kendra told her as she and Marti tried catching their breaths.

Meanwhile, Marti tried putting herself together as Kendra brushed her hair. Meanwhile Sandie was on the elevator and pushing the button to the eighth floor. A bunch of people loaded up the elevator to go up to various floors. Marti took off her shirt in the meantime, took off her bra, and put it back on before putting on her top.

Sandie finally got off the elevator and headed for her room where Marti and Sandi were. Finally Marti hopped up on her own beds when Sandie walked up. Huh, the doors closed. That’s odd she thought. Maybe they went out or something. She took out her keys to unlock the door. When she opened it there they were. Laying in there beds.

“What are you two doing?” Sandie asked.

“Nothing” Marti said. “Just hanging out” she said lying to her.

Kendra and Marti looked at each other as Marti smiled and Kendra winked. They remained quiet as if that’s all they done all afternoon but then Sandie spoke up.

“Either of you masturbate?” she asked so that nobody else could hear her.

Kendra looked up. She looked at Sandie and said no but then looked at Marti and smiled. “Maybe tonight when things quiet down a little” she said. However, it didn’t happen.

Almost two months had gone by. Yes, they’d masturbated a number of times, but that was it other then Kendra and Marti making out with each other passionately as well as the sexual portion of it getting heavier and heavier.

Meanwhile, Sandie had learned to shave her pussy something she had never done before. That was new to her but it was revealing and it was exciting as well. Regardless, she loved how it felt. She loved that silky smooth surface and it was more fun to masturbate as well. Then she learned her roommates were heading home.

“So you’ll be gone this weekend?” she said to Marti and Kendra.

It made her wonder as to what she’d do. She learned that Jasper wasn’t headed home. She texted him. He wasn’t doing anything. “Wanna hang out this weekend?” she had said in her text message. He said yes. She said she’d stop by. Turned out a lot of the guys had gone home on his floor too. “Cool, I’ll be over say around eight” she said.

She wanted to impress him but not too much so she wore one of her nicer tops. He was still one of the only boys she knew really well and they hung out and talked, and they talked about a lot of personal things.

“So don’t you know anyone who you like?” Sandie finally asked him

“I don’t know” he said and finally told her. “Maybe you” he said.

“Me, really?” she said.

He smiled and explained himself or tried to. She liked his reasoning. He was still soooo darn sweet. She imagined kissing the guy all night long.

“Jasper, I gotta question” she said and he asked what it was. “Ever wonder what it would be like to get naked? I mean with a girl?”

His eyes grew bigger. His face appeared to be contorted as if he wasn’t exactly sure what she meant by the question. “See I’m not a wild and slutty girl but I wonder what it would be like to lay down with a guy and just get naked, just play around. That’s all.”

“With me?” he said and she nodded.

So that’s what they did. They got naked. They undressed all the way down to their underwear. Her in her bra and panties and him in his boxers, they laid down, and talked as each looked at the other’s body off and on.

“Want to feel them?” she said finally.

He smiled and as he said yes, he nodded his head. Ohhhhhh they felt good to him. He told her too. It felt good to her too. No boy had ever felt her tits before so when he did it, when he felt her boobs, it felt great.

“Do it again will you?” she said.

So he did and yes, it did feel really special as he felt the young, tender, but supple flesh beneath her bra. “Want me to take this off?” she said referring to her bra.

He said yes. Oh holy god, he told himself as he looked at Sandie’s actual breasts.

He’d never seen real boobs before and when he saw hers his eyes opened wide. He loved their size and slowly felt them but took his time doing it too. She smiled once she felt his hands on her breasts and as he took hold of them, gently, he held them, and finally squeezed them too. As he did, Sandie closed her eyes. She knew she wanted so much more of what she was feeling right then and there but he didn’t go much further then that. Even though Jasper was getting harder and hornier throughout it all, she didn’t push for him to take off any more of her clothing.

“I liked that” he said. He was looking her in the eye and smiling when he said so.

“Me too. I feel like, well, it’s like uh ohhhhhh Jasper that did feel terrific” she said.

They snuggled, she wondered about what else might happen between them, and so did Jasper. “You ever consider having sex with a guy?” he said, meaning himself.

“I don’t know” she replied. “Uhhh maybe we should just uhhh play around like this some more. We’ll see, okay?”

He said okay but she pushed for him to feel, and kiss her breasts, that evening since it was so quiet and pretty darn romantic, and she liked him a lot more then she realized.

“Good morning” he said to his sleeping angel.

She had just opened her eyes and was naked from the waist on up. He was smiling and finally so was she. “Oh good morning” she said. “Did we fall asleep?” He said yes.

“Oh my gosh” he said and she asked what was wrong. He couldn’t tell her. But the truth was he came in his pants he was so horny from the night before. “I just need a shower.”

“Let’s both go and get our showers” she told him and then I’ll come back and we can go to breakfast. How does that sound?”

He told her it sounded great. As she collected her stuff and put on her bra and top, he stopped her. He held her, lovingly, and kissed her on her lips. They smiled and hugged and planned on spending the day alone, in bed.

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