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Confessions of a Bad Girl - Part 1

My beginnings as a Bad Girll
The Urban Dictionary says a Bad Girl is a woman who defies the accepted social norms of "good girl" behavior and who is a lot of fun!

My name is Alix and I'm a Bad Girl! I became one when I was in High School and I have just never stopped! During the times when I have been bad, I've answered to a number of names - EZ, Sassy, Foxxxy, Chienne or Tanya. If any of those seem familiar, then maybe it's because we went to the same school, met at a party or club; or you just heard a rumor about me from a friend. Possibly, you saw a picture of me or even watched a video that I was in. I also suppose I might have been the girl that came when you wanted a companion for dinner, a party or that weekend get away.

But whether you know me or not, it's safe to say that that I've definitely broken the 'good girl behavior' rules. Consequently, I have been called a lot things: sensual, hot, freaky, slut, whore and bitch - to name a few. But ever since I became a Bad Girl, I've never been called boring! So what is it about me that puts me outside the norms of 'good girl' behavior?

First off, and I want to be clear, I like guys; and liking guys is certainly acceptable behavior for a girl, right? But most guys are usually in a hurry; and to be truthful, they aren't very skilled or imaginative lovers either. With those guys, it is like going to a gas station on the highway. You need a fill up, and it is convenient, but there is no reason to linger. Strictly pump and go! Most of the time that's just fine with me. But that sort of 'date' doesn't really excite me. So what does?

I like a partner with confidence who has imagination and can challenge me. I also love it when I'm the center of attention or when things start to get a little kinky. Sometimes I like to play with more than one partner at a time. Spoiler alert! I also like girls as playmates! I have this sometime thing for leather, cuffs and chain; and when I do, I like to play a little rough. Then there is my fascination with Big Black Cocks... I'm definitely a fan of those! But if all else fails and I need to take the edge off? I can get very 'hands on' and will gladly take care of myself!

So how did I get started as a Bad Girl? Well, one Saturday night during the Fall of my Sophomore year, I was over at my friend Heather's place. Heather, whom I have known since I was nine, is a year older than me. She is a blue-eyed redhead with curves and was my best friend growing up. Anyway, about half an hour after I got to her place, her boyfriend Tom and three of his buddies came over and they were bearing a gift - a bottle of very smooth bourbon!

Well, bourbon was a new experience for me. Before long, we had each taken a couple of shots and had started a game of 'Truth or Dare'. When it was Brendon's turn, he picked 'truth'. So Tom asked, "What are you thinking about right now?"

Brendon answered, "About how much I'd love to have a blow-job right now!" Well that got a few laughs!

When it was my turn to answer, I was tired of hearing 'truths' so I chose 'dare'. That's when a slightly drunk Heather started giggling and dared me to suck Brendon's cock!

At first, I didn't think I'd heard her right. I just looked at her and then took a quick glance at Brendon. He was cute, in fact we'd gone to a couple of movies, kissed and had even done some heavy petting. But he certainly wasn't my boyfriend or anything.

Tom started laughing and said, "Well, you gonna take the dare or the shot?"

When I didn't say anything, Heather said, "Figures, I knew you wouldn't do that! You owe us a shot!"

Well that pissed me off, so I said, "Okay, I'll do it." Brendon started blushing and stammering, but I got up, grabbed his hand and led him down the hall to the guest bathroom.

I had never given a blow job before, so I was a bit nervous, and we were both a little tipsy. After we shut the door, Brendon just stood there there and stared at me. I had hoped that he'd take the lead, but that didn't happen. So after a bit of silence, I figured someone had to get things started. That's when I told him to lean back against the sink.

After I'd gotten him unzipped and his cock was free, I got on my knees and started giving him a hand-job and playing with his balls. A few strokes and squeezes later, he was getting as hard as a rock! I figured now was time to begin the dare, so I started licking him like he was an ice cream cone. I gave him a few long and slow licks on the head and shaft of his cock, then I put my hands on his hips, took his cock into my mouth and began sucking.

Although I'd given a few guys hand-jobs before, this was a totally different sensation for me. The texture and the feel of a cock as I licked and sucked was fascinating. I also thought it was incredible, the way his cock come alive and responded to me. After I'd sucked him for a while, I stopped for just for a second and looked up at him. His eyes were closed and he was moaning... almost whimpering. I felt powerful and in control! I owned his cock and from that moment on, I knew that I would always be a cocksucker!

When I turned my attention back to his cock, I gave him a couple more strokes with my hand and then moved my face closer so I could start sucking him again. Before I could get my mouth on him, he groaned and started to cum. His first shot hit me right in the middle of my face.

I didn't really know what to do, so I just kept jerking him off. When he had finished cumming, I stood up and looked at myself in the mirror. I was a mess! I had white cum dripping everywhere - my hand, my lips, my nose and my chin! I wasn't even thinking when I licked my lips and thought, 'Mmm, cum is kinda tasty!'

After we both cleaned up, I put on some lipstick and we went back out to the group. Well, of course they all wanted to know if we done the 'dare'. Neither of us said anything, but they knew! Brendon had the biggest grin on his face and gave the guys a 'double thumbs up'! I just kept quiet, and then I ran my tongue over my lips and smiled.

Heather was just sitting there staring at me in shock. What was that look worth? For me, priceless! One thing about people, they gossip! So I knew that the story about the dare would eventually get out. I just didn't know how soon that would be!

A week later, I went to a party that was being thrown by some guy at his house. I had ridden with some friends who were there to meet their boyfriends. Technically, I was 'crashing the party' since I didn't know the host and had only come as my friends' 'tag along'. But the fact that I didn't have either an invite or a date wasn't that big of a deal for me - it was a party and I was going to have a good time!

My plan for the night was to show up, be seen, flirt with some guys and when my friends were ready, go home. So I 'dressed for success' and wore a white tanktop, denim shorty shorts, gold sandals and a pink baseball cap.

As I was wandering around, I noticed that there was a guy who was giving me a 'look over'. I'm sure he didn't know me since I was a sophomore - but I knew who he was. His name was Tony and he was a senior from my school. He was also the Varsity quarterback and a real hunk! He was Italian, six feet tall, with dark hair and killer eyes. I knew Tony had a girl friend, but I never saw her that night. Me? Back then I was a very slim 5'6" and my dirty blonde hair was styled in a short pixie cut - and of course I was wearing that 'eye-catching' pink cap!

When I realized that he was checking me out, I walked toward him. He was standing with his friends, so I wanted to to see what would happen. When he finally looked my way again, I flashed him a smile and he waved me over. After we exchanged names and got past the 'Hi, how'd I ever miss you at school' chit chat, he asked me if I wanted something to drink. I said, "Sure, whatever you're having."

Well that turned out to be a margarita. It tasted sooo good, I wanted another! Well, the second one appeared in a flash! As we were talking, he slipped his arm over my shoulder and began caressing my back and whispering into my ear. That felt good too.

Before I'd even finished my second drink, his hand had moved from my back, over my right boob and down to my hip. Then his hand slid a little lower until it found the bottoms of my shorts. That's when he started rubbing and fondling my ass. I guess since I didn't pull away or slap him, he thought I'd given him a 'green light' - and I had!

I was feeling pretty happy, so when he took my hand and led me through the house, and this was a big house; I wasn't hesitant. We ended up in a back room with a couch overlooking the pool. As soon as he shut the door - I think he threw the lock - we were kissing and he guided me to the couch.

I was sitting beside him, and he turned towards me and was kissing my neck. Then he began feeling my boobs, and he slid my tank top over my head and tossed it to the side. I still had a lacy black bra on, but he popped the snaps of that like a pro, and off it came! With my bra off, my 35As were free! Okay, so I didn't have big boobs back then, but my nipples are fat like erasers! As he was kissing my neck, he started rubbing and tweaking my boobs; and pretty quick he was licking, biting and sucking them. That felt very, very good!

Then I felt him pop the button on my shorts, and his hand slipped inside my panties. I started to arch, and his middle finger was rubbing my slit. By then, I was getting so wet, and I had started to make these little mewing sounds. Then a second finger began to slide in and out of my cunt and he started playing with my clit. Just when I was about to cum, he stopped and sniffed his fingers. He had a smile on his face, and then he brought his hand to my lips and said, "Taste!"

After I'd licked his fingers clean, he asked me if I had a condom. When I said no, he stood up and told me to unzip him. It was dark and I was fumbling with his pants button, so I got off the couch and squatted down so I could see what I was doing. That's when he said, "I heard you liked to give head and you go down easy. I didn't believe it, but it's true, you are easy!"

I'm thinking, 'Heard? How had he heard that? Had to be one of the guys from last week! But who? And what did they say?' Well, that's what I had expected would happen after I'd sucked Brendan. The word about me was out and now I had a reputation. Well, if that was true, I was not going to disappoint tonight!

When I'd freed his cock, I got on my knees and began squeezing it a bit and fingering the tip. Tony's cock got real hard, real quick! It was big too - at least seven inches! As I continued to fondle him, I started teasing the head with my tounge. First I licked underneath and then did a couple of swirls around the tip. That's when I tasted his pre-cum. Then I mouthed the whole head and began to suck towards the base. I went back and forth a few times; and when I had his cock nice and wet, I gave it quick breath of air on the head to cool things off.

After that, I took him back into my mouth again and started sucking - back and forth, back and forth - until I had a rhythm going. At the same time, I was tickling his balls with my hand. With each suck, I was trying to take him a little deeper into my mouth. I heard him groan, and then I felt his hand on the back of my neck. He began flexing his hips like he was fucking and then pulled my head towards him.

I thought that if I let his hand guide my head, then I'd be doing it right. Then all of a sudden, when I was pulling back for a breath, he grabbed my head with both hands and he pulled me hard onto his cock. Now both my mouth and throat were stuffed and I began to gag! He held me like that for a second and that's when I heard, "Yeah Baby, that's it take it all! Good girl! You suck a cock sooo good!"

When I started squirming, he pulled back and said, "You like that, don't you? Say it, say I'm a cock slut!"

I gasped at first and took a deep breath. Then I looked up at him, nodded and told him that I was a cock slut. Then I took his cock back into my mouth again.

It was more of the same from then on. Hands on head, hard deep pumps, I'd gag, he'd let me take a breath and then I'd suck some more. I don't know how many times we did that, but then I finally felt him tense. But this time I knew what to expect. So I tightened my lips around his cock before the bursts of hot cum filled my mouth. I guess I swallowed instinctively, but even though I got most of it, some still dripped from my lips.

When he pulled out of my mouth I leaned back, looked up at him and I wiped his cum off my lips with the back of my hand. He had already zipping up his pants, and that's when he said, "That was real good, we need to do that again!"

That's when I asked, "What about me? I never came!"

He just looked at me, smiled and said, "What about you?"

Then he walked out the door and headed back to the party.

After I got my bra and top back on, I got cleaned up as best I could. Then I went back to a party. When I looked over at Tony, he was back with his friends and he didn't even glance my way. They were laughing and having a great time; and I'm sure Tony was giving them all the details! I was about to go over and talk to him, but the friends I had come with said they were ready to go. So we left.

Did sucking Brendon and Tony mean I was a slut? I guess it did!

That Monday morning at school, Heather pulled me aside and asked, "Is it true? It's all over the school, did you really fuck Tony?"

Of course I said , "No I didn't!" I mean we hadn't fucked, but I had given him head. So, technically, I wasn't lying. Well, she kept pressing me and I said we'd talk after school.

Well, after that I felt like everyone was staring at me. Up until then, I'd been anonymous. But now, guys who wouldn't have given me the time of day were hanging around my locker or saying hi! The girls, especially the ones with boyfriends, would see me, whisper to each other or change the subject when I walked by. I wasn't part of their conversations - I was the topic of conversation. I wasn't invisible anymore, I was notorious, and I liked it!

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