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Crossing The Street 4

Dana brings experienced tutors to assist in Sonia’s oral instruction
Three days.

For three long days I'd heard nothing from Dana. The last message I'd received after visiting her house had been that afternoon after I'd sent her all the pictures on my phone. Still shaky and weak from the strongest orgasm I'd ever experienced, the phone had chirped.

Shave every two or three days. Don't masturbate unless I tell you to. Nice pics, wifey.

When I'd gotten home I'd been shocked to see that she had changed the wallpaper on my phone to a picture of me from the neck down, riding the toy cock. I'd stared at it for long minutes, remembering and reliving the dirty episode before regaining my senses and sending every pic she'd snapped of me. Seeing each one, seeing me naked, seeing me licking her wet pussy, seeing me fuck. Seeing a close up of that big cock stretching my horny cunt. I'd gone through them all again, after I'd finished, and was considering one more tour while fingering myself, trying to recreate the sensations I'd felt when I’d received that last note.

I’d obeyed, of course, but my cunt had twitched in vehement protest. I'd sat for another few minutes, staring at the wallpaper image on my phone, wondering how to change the wallpaper and hide the pictures from Mitch. I could keep the phone hidden, pretend I was always charging it. Then I’d groaned in dismay, remembering that I'd have to explain my missing pubic hair at some point.

I'd looked around the kitchen and set my mind to getting the breakfast cleaned up at long last. My sweats and discarded panties were still in a crumpled pile on the floor, and I’d made them disappear along with the coffee cup and its drying crusty ring. I’d given some thought to what to make for dinner and realized I hadn't eaten lunch. Standing at the sink scrubbing the dishes, I’d smiled lazily, my hands going idle under the running water.

I had eaten. I'd had Dana's pussy for lunch!

I’d nearly laughed out loud and promised myself I wouldn't daydream in front of Mitch, knowing he wouldn't, couldn't understand what I was doing with Dana, what was missing. He was a good man, and I loved him dearly, but when it came to sex his imagination was shallower than my own. I had set my mind to getting dinner ready after showering and hiding the clothes that Dana had loaned me to wear and walk back home. As I chopped vegetables I crafted a plan. Tonight I would avoid, beg off if he started something. Tomorrow night, maybe, I'd show him my new vagina.

My cunt.

After he'd seen it, there would be questions. I'd explain to him that I'd heard girls talking about a magazine article at work, that I'd been curious, that I'd done it for him. Not tonight, I’d thought. I'd wanted to hold the memory of that giant fuck toy inside me, holding the memory of my incredible orgasm as close and as long as I possibly could. He'll like it, right? I’d assured myself He'll be so excited .

The evening had slipped by without incident, and the next day I had gone to work at the Safeway, mindful as I’d scanned groceries of my bare, hairless pussy rubbing inside my panties and jeans. Several times I'd caught myself wriggling at the new sensation going on down there. When I'd gotten home I'd been tormented by the desire to finger myself, staring in the mirror with my pants down, fighting the urge, thoughts warring inside my head.

She'd said not to.

How would she know?

She'll know. And she'll be angry. She'll leave you.

I'd pulled my damp panties back up and prepared dinner.

That night I'd let Mitch go to bed before me as I’d panicked in the bathroom, wracked with indecision. I'd given it another shave, much easier than the first time, so he wouldn't know I'd been hiding it for two days. I needed to show him, make it appear like it was intentional, for him and not for Dana. I couldn't let him see it by accident. But doubts of his reaction had crept in, and I hadn’t been able to leave the bathroom for long, painful minutes.

In the end it had been my vagina that had made up my mind. No, my pussy. Dana's definitions came back to me. My cunt told me that it needed my husband to fuck my pussy. My shaved, smooth pussy.

I put on the frilly nightie I'd selected and struggled into it, hands trembling. I'd walked into the bedroom on unsteady legs. He'd noticed the nightie immediately and knew I was in the mood. If only he knew how far into the mood I'd slipped! He'd given me a good natured grin and lifted the covers for me to get in.

"Mmm, this is a pleasant surprise," he'd offered.

I'd frozen, panicked. But my cunt saved me, gave me courage I didn't feel. "It's only one surprise," I'd said timidly. "I... I have another," my words trailed off.

"Oh really?" he'd asked as I’d walked to his side of the bed. He'd stared at me, and I'd frozen, fingertips brushing the bottom edge of my nightie at mid thigh, immobile and unable to move. My brain whirled with possible negative outcomes and I'd reddened with shame and regret. It had been Dana who'd saved me, imagining her telling me what to do, hearing her voice inside my head. Unable to refuse, not wanting to refuse. Show me your cunt, her voice had commanded.

And I had lifted my nightie for Mitch with my eyes closed and head turned away, unable to watch his reaction. Silence had stretched for minutes, long uncomfortable minutes, until I'd peeked out my slitted eyes to see if he was still there.

He'd been staring at my cunt. His expression was blank and unreadable and I'd allowed my misgivings and doubts a moment to resurface. Then slowly the corners of his lips had begun to curl, as though he'd been stunned and was coming back from a trance. I'd felt my juices leak.

" like it?" I'd asked almost too softly to be heard.

His eyes had finally pulled away and met mine. He'd grinned. And then he'd roughly pulled me to the bed and fucked me, hard and fast with animal intensity I'd only rarely seen, but in the usual way. He'd finished long before me.

Lying next to him I'd explained my prepared lies, told him I'd done it for him. But as I'd drifted off to sleep I'd thought of Dana.

Three long days.

It was Saturday now, Mitch had left to play golf with his buddies. A late start. As I watched his car pull out of the driveway my phone rang.

Dana. The name where my fucking picture had once been. My cunt pulsed and began to feel all squishy.

"Hello?" I leaped, speaking even before it was at my ear.

"I want you over here in twenty minutes," she said flatly, and the phone went dead.

I looked at my clothes and immediately ran to the bathroom, stripping as I went. I jumped into the shower and scrubbed myself, anxiety flooding me, dropping the soap several times. In a rush I dried my body and selected decent clothes, nice jeans, a pretty powder blue tee shirt with a lower necline. On an impulse, I disregarded panties and bra, wondering... no, hoping... that Dana would be pleased with my decision. I hurriedly brushed my hair and applied makeup, doing my eyes, adding some pale lip gloss, wanting to look good for her. Wanting her to see I'd taken care to look good for her. I checked the clock as I pushed bare feet into a pair of tennis shoes.

Two minutes.

A quick glance in the mirror and I was out the front door, phone in hand.

There was a car in her driveway, it wasn't hers but I barely noticed in my excitement as relief swept me almost to tears. She hadn't forgotten me, hadn't set me aside like discarded trash! Anticipation tickled as I scurried across the street to her door. She met me there, her expression nonchalant, a wisp of curiosity and amusement on her face. The corners of her eyes crinkled with fatigue.

"Good girl," she said, opening the door and letting me in. She was in cotton shorts and a strappy top. "Right on time," she added without enthusiasm, but it felt good the hear just the same.

"Thank you for calling," I only barely whispered, afraid to look into her eyes even as I inched closer to her.

"Uh huh," she mumbled. "Whatever. Time for another lesson, Sonia." She grabbed my shoulder and turned me to face her, a dark intensity in her eyes. "You remember the rules, right?"

"No lies, no hesitation, no objections," I recited.

One corner of her lip curled. "That's right. Good girl." She gave me a wink that felt like it was more for her than for me and pulled my arm, leading me down the hallway to the back of the house.

My heart stopped and then forced its way up I to my throat. Her bedroom? The inner sanctum? In all the times I'd finagled my way into her presence I'd never seen it, never been beyond her front den. My fantastical musings were broken by her voice, flat and unemotional.

"Ever suck cock, Sonia?" The question, so blunt and open, threw me, and I struggled to reply. Her back was to me and I answered her hair.

"With my mouth?" I sounded like an idiot and wanted to kick myself. She snorted a laugh in reply.

"Yes, Sonia," she said, stopping short and turning to me, talking slowly and methodically, as if to a slow child. "Your mouth, on an erect penis," she paced. I lowered my eyes. "Ever done that?"

"Uh, once. Twice, maybe."

"Hmph," she coughed. "Okay. We'll start slow." She grabbed my arm again and pulled me deeper inside, making a right through a half-open door, dragging me behind her. "This is Rachel and Dean," she said with a wave of her hand. "Friends of mine. Here to help." Her words were lost on me as I took in my surroundings. The room was in disarray, almost a shambles, really. Clothing strewn about, bed not made, clutter everywhere. Lots of... stuff. My ordered brain and my controlled life rebelled as my eyes took in the haphazard setting before settling on the two people sitting on the bed. Rachel sat crosslegged at the backboard, her intent expression in contrast with her slumped posture. She wore what looked like boxers and a man-tailored shirt, tied loosely under her boobs. Dean was sitting at the foot of the bed, one ankle up over the other knee, barefoot in jeans and a white tee, scruffy and unshaven. As Dana went to the dresser and fumbled in the bottom drawer, I realized that they all looked as though they had only just woken up a short time ago.

And with that came the realization that her friends had slept there. Or at least had spent the night there.

My hand involuntarily covered my mouth to disguise my shock. Three of them, together! With the astonishment came a twinge of excitement, to be so close to something I had never known, real people, like Dana, who did... different things. I glanced guiltily at them and saw Rachel regarding me.

"She's a little timid, Dee," she offered. Dana stood up and turned to me and I hurriedly returned my hand to my side. She stalked to me in a huff.

"Are you gonna embarrass me in front of my friends?" she accused, her stormy visage inches from my face.

"No... no, Dana," I excused softly, "no."

"See that you don't," she snipped, low and throaty. "They're here to help."

I bit my lower lip and dropped my head, peering up into Dana's eyes. Then I turned to Rachel and Dean. "Thank you," I offered with a small hitch in my words. "Thank you for wanting to help."

Dean chuckled. "Oh, my," he muttered.

"Oh, she's priceless, Dee," Rachel chirped.

Dana looked my way with a crooked glare, her lip raised in a sneer. "Yeah, right." She held out her hand, offering me a pink plastic cylinder. I took it before realizing what it was. "Suck on that," she snipped. I held it up and saw the small cock-shaped toy, rubbery and firm but flexible and nowhere near as big as the one on the chair the other day. I felt a pang of emptiness at the memory. Dana watched me staring at it and grabbed my hand impatiently.

"What are you doing, proposing?" She pushed my hand to my face and I recoiled. "Get it in your mouth and start sucking, you..." Her words stopped before hurling the invective. Her fingers tightened on my wrist and she pushed it towards my mouth, the head sticking a few inches out from my trembling fist. "Open," she commanded, and my lips parted.

Mitch didn't like oral. Giving or getting. I tried to recall the few times I'd tried, after reading an article at work on a break, in one of those women's magazines. But I had no real memory of it, nothing with which to compare to the soft, rubbery, life-like skin as it pushed past my lips. I opened my mouth and wrapped my lips around it, looking at Dana hopefully. She released my wrist and stepped back. I held it in my mouth. Bigger than one of those round ball lollipops. I imagined it was one of those and sucked on it, feeling evaluated. The looks on their faces said I was failing, like a test in school that I had no answers for.

All three of them watched intently, studying me as though I were some exotic animal, as yet undiscovered. I felt terribly exposed and on display with the toy penis in my mouth, standing there tasting rubber, feeling embarrassed and shamed and trying not to cry.

"That's it?" Dana asked with exasperation.

"This'll be a challenge," Rachel chimed in.

"I'm gonna get something to eat," Dean huffed, then stood and left the room. Dana looked at me and shook her head, her dark mussed hair waving around her face. I felt my lower lip quiver and took a deep breath. Don't cry, not in front of her friends!

"Okay, take it out," Dana said with defeat. She held her hand out. "Come over here, sit down." I hung my head with shame and stepped sheepishly to the bed where she now stood. She sat and patted the spot next to her. I sat down, hands in my lap cradling the toy penis.

"Okay, listen," she said patiently, again with the slow cadence that I imagined was supposed to help me understand, but only made me feel... less than . Less than I should. Less than her, and her friends. She lifted my chin with her fingers and I looked into her eyes. They looked hard and dark, but with a hint of...was that pity? As she continued I was aware of Rachel, behind me, watching me being instructed and the shame blossomed in my face.

"Sucking cock," Dana explained, "is a participation event. When it's done right it's as good for you as it is for him. There's a lot more to it than just putting it in your mouth, Sonia." Her eyebrows lifted. "You gotta put some effort into it, work it. Play with it. Have fun, enjoy the feelings."

"Do you like having a cock in your mouth?" Rachel called out from behind me. I looked back to Dana.


"I don't know."

I saw her quick glance to her friend, calculating.

"If you liked it, it'd be easier to teach you to do it right." Rachel offered.

Dana looked back to me. "That's true, Sonia. And we can't teach you to like it," she said with a shrug.

"But we can give her the opportunity!" came the chuckling response.

Dana's grin returned and her brows lowered. "Indeed we can. Here," she added quickly, reaching for the toy, "give me that." She took the toy from my offered hand and held it up to my lips, the pink head close to my chin. "Kiss it," she instructed.

I placed a little peck on the tip and looked for her approval. I didn't get it and was crestfallen immediately.

She gave me a tight-lipped grimace and shook her head, waving her tresses. "No," she corrected, "this isn't your Great Aunt Suzie, this is a wonderful, hard cock for your pleasure. Give it a kiss like you mean it, like you feel it, like..." She paused, thinking, then her face leered at me. "Like you felt the other day, when you wanted that big one so badly."

I inhaled sharply at the mention, wondering what Rachel knew about Dana and me. I felt my face go red and I dropped my eyes, but for some reason my pussy juiced and twinged.

"Oh, relax, she knows all about you." It was as if she could read my mind!

"Nice pics, by the way," Rachel snickered. Oh, my God, she showed her the pictures of me! I looked up at Dana in horror despite my hardening clit and throbbing insides. She knows what I did!

"Oh, stop being such a baby! You think she's never seen a naked woman fuck a dildo before?"

"Or been one?" Rachel quipped.

"Come on, now, focus. Close your eyes, remember the other day. Remember how horny you were, how turned on you were after you made me cum?" My pussy was a step ahead of her words, and I felt my nipples stiffen and grow as I closed my eyes and took a slow, deep breath. That giant cock, stretching me, filling me!

"There you go, hold that feeling. Now, when your lips touch the cock, give it a kiss like you're in love with it." She pressed it to my pursed lips and I felt the rubber brush across, sending tingles through me. My lips moistened the tip, parted, and caressed it as I fairly swooned with the memory of that day. I breathed in and exhaled with a small murmur as my lips communicated my affection to the toy.

My eyes opened and my chest swelled with pride at the approval on Dana face. I did good , I congratulated myself. I risked a small smile but my eyes dropped to the toy, so close to my face, larger than life. My cunt reminded me of how I'd felt that day.

"Okay, a lick now, remember that feeling. A small one first."

I watched her face from the corner of my eye as I extended my tongue and took a small lick up the head of the cock, imagining it was the one that had given me so much pleasure, recreating my desire. She moved her hand down to the base, exposing more of the toy.

"Good," she encouraged, “now, a longer one," she said, tapping the base of what would have been the underside. "From here, slowly, like you can imagine how he feels." She angled it upwards and I reached for it with my tongue, brushing her finger and doing my best to take my time, dragging my tongue upwards to the tip, all the while looking at her critical eye. "Again, get it wet," and I repeated the motion. "One more, feel it on your tongue." This time I concentrated, feeling the ridges and bumps of the fake flesh and my pussy juiced a little more.

Her eyes narrowed. "Good. Now, open your mouth, make an 'O' with your lips." I did as she instructed, watching her face. "Keep your teeth out of the way, that's critical. Use your lips to cover them." I struggled to follow the instructions, mindful of Rachel watching me as I recalled the exquisite sensations of Dana’s other toy. "Hold still," she warned, "but when it's in your mouth, swirl your tongue around the tip." She slowly pushed the head into my mouth and I did as she asked, feeling the slicked flesh pushing, trailing my tongue around the tip. It felt big, like eating a banana, but without biting. I felt saliva pooling in my mouth and made a nervous sound.

"Now, hold it there," she instructed, her eyes serious, "get used to having it in your mouth." I felt my eyes opening as my salivary glands pumped fluid under my tongue, but I held my mouth open. My eyes darted from the toy to her as I began to panic when a little drool sneaked out the corner of my lips.

"Okay, good, swirl more, get it nice and wet," she instructed. I struggled not to drip and failed, feeling a line run down my chin. I moved to wipe but she stopped me. "No, leave it. It's supposed to be sloppy. Now hold still, wrap your lips a little tighter." She was being so patient with me, and I was grateful for her congeniality. I closed my lips around it and she advised not to be too tight. I loosened my grip.

"I'm going to move it a little. Feel it. Remember the other day." Remember? How could I forget? My jeans were soaking and I wriggled a little, involuntarily, almost regretting not wearing panties. Rachel made a sound and I glanced at her. She had a knowing look that told me she knew! But the thought was lost as Dana began sliding the toy out, then back in, slowly. She talked to me as she did it.

"Now, sometimes it'll be you, moving your mouth. We'll try that next. Other times you'll just hold still and the guy will move." Rachel snorted a laugh and I wondered what was funny about that. "Just feel it slipping in and out, all slippery and wet.

Saliva coated my lips and it felt...good, somehow, sliding back and forth, into my mouth, brushing over my tongue. I closed my eyes, imagining a real cock, Mitch's cock, and something stirred in me, eliciting a yummy sound I hadn't intended.

"Okay, now you," she said, stopping the motion. I slurped saliva from around it and swirled my tongue around the tip.

"Nice touch," Rachel quipped from the sidelines. My chest swelled with pride.

"Just move your head, stroke with your mouth, feel it going in and out." I pushed my head forward, sucking it in, my lips wrapped lightly around the shaft. More drool spilled out and I closed my lips more tightly as I pulled back. Dana made encouraging sounds. "That's it, suck that cock, Sonia. Love it with your mouth. Give it a nice sloppy spit bath." I was moving my head, pumping my mouth on the toy as Rachel chuckled. She's got an odd sense of humor, I thought, and glanced her way looking for the smile that should have accompanied the joke, but instead her eyes were narrow and her mouth was...annoyed? I lost my rhythm and flashed my eyes back to Dana, fearful of her judgment.

She held her pursed lips to the side, biting the inside of her cheek, knowing something I didn't. Assessing. Deciding. Was I doing it right? My tongue pressed the toy cock up to the roof of my mouth and it suddenly felt too full, too deep, igniting my gag reflex and making my eyes water. I pulled back, jaw open and choked and swallowed. Disturbingly, the feeling made my pussy gush and I looked desperately to Dana. Her eyes narrowed at me and then she looked to Rachel.

"Not awful," her friend said, "but a long way to go. And we'll never get anywhere at this rate." I pulled my mouth off and resisted the urge to wipe my chin with my hand. When I looked down I saw several wet spots on the front of my shirt. That's nasty, I considered.

"Yeah, we'll have to step it up," Dana confirmed. She turned back to me, her eyes darkened and mouth curled in that sinister grin she'd shown the other day. "Pretty good start, Sonia, but there's more. Now, be a good housewife and do what you're told," she said with a mirthless smile, "and try not to disappoint me."

I gasped a breath as my cunt clenched and pulsed. Dana dragged me to the edge of the bed and sat, directing me to my knees next to her. "This next part is critical, so pay attention." I nodded and opened my mouth for her. "Now, hold still," she warned.

She slid the toy in over my tongue, wet and slippery, sliding it through the endless pool of saliva. I watched her eyes for signals of what to do. She paused with a few inches in my mouth.

"Now, open wider. As wide as you can." I extended my jaw and felt a sweeping pulse of anticipation. I felt a little panic rise as she moved the tip deeper. When it brushed against the back of my mouth I started to gag and my bile rose with my panic. "Hold it," she warned, "fight it, extend your jaw and swallow." I tried, but felt thick saliva building up, swallowing unsuccessfully. My hands flailed and I squirmed my body, holding my head still and eventually coughed a splatter of stringy ropes that clung to her hand. Rachel laughed and Dana wrinkled her nose in amusement instead of disgust. She pulled the toy back and out.

"Good," she commented as I heaved several deep gulps of air, fighting the urge to empty my stomach. Good? I was sweating and my eyes watered. I was supposed to gag and spit? She waited for me to recover and did it again, with the same result, then again. On the third try the reaction was not as uncontrollable, and she pushed deeper.

"Breathe through your nose, now, as you swallow," she instructed, and I felt the tip of the toy push into my throat, felt the muscles grip it, stroke it even as I sucked air through my runny nostrils. Tears ran down my cheeks and my thighs rubbed together, stroking myself through my jeans. Why did this turn me on so? Spittle ran down my chin, onto my shirt, hanging off the toy and Dana's fingertips.

She pulled it back. "Take a few deep breaths," she smirked, "let me know when you're ready.” I gulped air, pussy squelching in my jeans, and finally looked up. "One more," she said, placing her hand on my head. "Big breath, Sonia." I opened wide, watched her eyes glisten darkly and ignored Rachel's sly chuckle. The toy entered, continued, pushed deeper and deeper. My throat clenched and I coughed, but held on. My hands went to her thighs and still she pushed deeper. I breathed through my nose and my vision went blurry with tears and still, deeper, deeper, until her fingertips were in my mouth. I tried to pull my head back and she pressed it still, holding me in place. My neck bulged and I fought the urge to vomit, swallowing, feeling the penetration of the toy deep in my throat.

Like the one in my cunt the other day, I reckoned. She's fucking my mouth. Like its a cunt! And suddenly I understood, and my mouth watered as my pussy juiced. I looked up, caught her gaze and she saw the desire in me. Her face split into a satisfied grin.

"Yeah," she dragged out seductively, "that's it, you've got it now!" Then her hand gripped tightly on the back of my skull and she began pumping the toy in and out of my throat, creating nasty lurid wet glugging sounds from me as I sucked breath through my nostrils. Memories of my face between her legs, licking her cunt as she humped my head, flashed through my brain. Yes! Use me! Use my mouth! I beseeched silently. She must have seen it on my face, the desire, the need.

"You like that, Sonia? Like getting your mouth fucked?" She punctuated her words with action, her fingers stretching my mouth wide as her hand pushed deeper still, drool cascading down my front. My cunt was oozing and throbbing madly and I pulled my hands from her thighs. One went between my legs and rubbed furiously as the other grabbed her wrist, pushing her hand deeper into my mouth.

"Fuck yeah, you cock whore, take it! Own it, you slutty housewife!" It was Rachel, cheering me on, and I rubbed my crotch as I fucked my own mouth with her hand and toy. I felt the orgasm build, felt it swell in my belly, bulging, ready to burst through when Dana released my head and pulled the toy free, breaking my grip.

She reached down and grabbed my rubbing hand. "Did I say you could cum?" she scolded. I whimpered, my orgasm so close I could taste it, tears streaming down my cheeks, bubbles of snot blowing out of my nose and deep breaths blowing a mist of saliva out as I caught my breath. Admonished, I lowered my eyes.

My tee shirt was wet and stained, the darker blue obvious on my breasts. I reddened in shame as Dana conferred with Rachel.

"We need something longer," she called. "You have the one we used last night?" I was still examining my shirt and heaving breaths, red with embarrassment as Rachel leaped off the bed. From the corner of my watering eyes I saw her fidgeting in the corner of the room. I blinked away the tears, feeling my orgasm pulse, dancing just out of reach.

"...gonna be fucking great..." I heard Rachel muttering. Oh, how I wanted to cum! I lifted my eyes to look desperately at Dana. She wiped the toy and her fingers in my hair, snickering.

"You're gonna love this, Sonia," she hissed darkly. She discarded the toy onto the bed and turned me sideways, facing her, my back to Rachel. Reaching behind me she slipped my phone out of my back jeans pocket. I watched as she thumbed the camera on. Then she knelt, facing me. "You be a good girl, now, and I'll give you a special treat," she encouraged as her hands undid my pants. She pulled the snap, undid the zip and shoved her hand down the front of my jeans, her fingers digging between my smooth labia.

"Fuck, you're so wet!" she hissed into my face, her breath hot on my skin. “And no panties!” Then her words became dark and foreboding. "Don't you embarrass me now!" And with that she pulled her fingers free and stood, leaving my vision. I felt her move behind me, pulling me up to an upright kneel and tugging my pants down off my hips.

I barely had time to register the shock and shame before Rachel stepped in front of me, boxers gone, standing backwards as she fiddled with something. A kind of strappy thing wrapped around her butt cheeks, framing the pale flesh. I can see her pussy lips , I thought, but didn't have time to enjoy it before she turned to face me.

The dildo nearly hit me in the face. Some sort of harness, strapped around her hips and legs, holding a longer, black life-like dildo to her cunt, jutting out from her hips. I felt Dana's body press against my back and her hands on my bare hips, holding me up, my jeans bunched at my knees.

"Do a good job, Sonia," she hissed in my ear. "Make me proud, and enjoy yourself. Now, ask Rachel nicely." I felt her hand slip from my hip to slide down behind me, down my ass and between my legs. Her fingertips played at my swollen lips, spreading my juices, distracting me.

"Ask her...what?" I stammered as a slim digit entered my sopping hungry cunt.

"Ask her," Dana growled in my ear, "to fuck your mouth!" The finger dug deeper and I gasped at the intense pleasure and looked up imploringly at Dana's friend.

"Rachel, oh, please," I begged with hot breath, "would you you please fuck my mouth?" I blinked up at her as my mouth opened and my tongue extended, just inches from the tip of the long dildo.

"Fucking priceless," Rachel muttered. She spit onto the dildo and stroked it slick. Dana put a hand on the back of my head as she slipped a second finger inside me. My clit ached for attention but she ignored it, pushing her fingers deep inside me, forcing her hand between my thighs, making me gasp in passionate delight. As I filled my lungs Rachel swept forward and filled my mouth.

She wasn't gentle or slow. She didn't wait for me to adapt or adjust. She took my mouth and throat, treating face the way I'd treated the cock on the chair the other day. I gagged and coughed and squirmed on Dana's hand as she fingered my cunt and Rachel fucked my face. She pushed deep into my throat, held there, and then pumped her hips. I inhaled through my nose, smelling her cunt, excited and musky and...something with a tang to it, sharper. My taste buds absorbed the flavor of her dildo, rubbery but with...something else. It tasted better than the first one.

Dana’s fingers were working magic in my cunt as Rachel muttered, using my face as though it were my cunt. After a few pumps into my throat she pushed deeper still, the dildo penetrating deep, cutting off my air while Dana held my head until Rachel's belly was on my forehead.

"You like that, slut?" she leered. "Like that taste? She glared down at me as I began to panic and my hands patted her bare thighs. "Recognize the flavor?" she grinned, and pulled out, letting me catch my breath in huge gulps. "I fucked Dana with it last night. You taste her cunt, don't you?" The tip of the toy phallus brushed my lips and I stopped panicking long enough to relish the identified flavor of Dana's pussy. Oh, fuck! I could smell her, too!

But I only had a moment to bask in the memory before Rachel was once again fucking my throat, using my face like her personal cunt, cramming her big dildo into me. Use me , I begged silently, gagging and choking and drooling down my chest. Use me, fuck my face, take me! It was difficult to endure and yet exhilarating to be taken so shamefully and willingly. Deep thrusts and a pressed face, follwed by relief, heavy breathing and Rachel slapping her toy against my cheeks, laughing evilly, assisted by Dana, oh, lovely caring and wonderful Dana, fingering my cunt, holding me close to my orgasm.

"She ready yet?" I heard Dean's voice call out. I looked his way and he returned the stare, aghast at the slutty sloppy mess of me, my bare ass stuck out and Dana's fingers up inside me, my tear-streaked cheeks advertising my exquisite discomfort, my pretty tee shirt soaked through in the front and sticking to my tits and my open mouth stretched wide, impaled on Rachel's long black toy cock. I froze and Dana slipped a wet finger up my slit to stroke my button.

Rachel pulled out and I drooled a mouthful of saliva down my chin as I cried out to the world, but looking at him. "Oh, fuck, yes, make me cum, fuck I'm gonna cum!"

His face split into a wide grin, showing straight white beautiful teeth. "Oh, yeah, she's ready." He reached for the waistband of his jeans and pulled them open, but my head was turned back to Rachel and I was impaled again.

"You gotta earn it, slut!" she laughed, fucking my face again. I realized that my cunt was empty and wondered what had happened to Dana when I saw her appear in the corner of my eye, pointing my phone at me. The sound of the shutter was drowned out by my nasty, hungry gags and coughs as I gave my face to Rachel to use. My fingers slipped from her legs and resumed the stroking Dana had abandoned. Two fingers inside and one on my clit, rubbing furiously. Would she have Dean fuck me while Rachel used my mouth? The thought of it pushed me over the edge and I came, hard, squealing muffled noises through my nostrils with bubbles of runny snot, my body shaking and trembling as the climax gripped me tightly, feeling as though it would never end.

But it eventually faded, and dwindled, receding to a hot ember inside me, ready to burst into flame at a whiff of sexual oxygen. I dropped my butt to my feet and sat there as they stared, proudly ashamed and used, disgusting and wonderfully sexual.

Dana grabbed my face and turned me to her, her eyes intent and dark. "You ready for the real deal?" I didn't know what the real deal was but nodded, trusting her, wanting not to disappoint. The corners of her mouth curled up and she held up the phone for me before turning my head back.

To see Dean's thick hard cock.

I heard the shutter as I gasped and lunged. He came at my open mouth and we met, wet face cunt to rigid man-flesh. Oh, the heat of him, the smell, the taste! His cock entered my mouth and I pumped my head, lips sliding loosely up and down his shaft as I'd been taught, like I'd been doing it all my life. After a few pumps I pulled off and licked his generous pole from base to tip, languidly exploring every inch of him with my flattened tongue, up and down, the bottom, the side, around the swollen spongy head! I lost myself in it, loving it, worshipping it, grateful for the opportunity to have real a flesh-and-blood pulsing cock. I opened and took him deep, then pushed my own head down, plunging his crown into my throat before the thought hit me.

Another man's cock.

I held there, deep, listening to my heart thump and the shutter click.

I'm sucking another man's cock. Not Mitch. Not my husband!

I coughed spittle over his base and balls.

And they're watching me! And taking pictures!

Shame and horror swept through me as I swallowed and felt his cock gripped by my throat muscles.

And it's wonderful! And I love it!

Elated at my complete debauchery I sucked his cock more, pumped my head up and down, varying my speeds, sucking and licking, swirling and taking him deep, alternating my motions. I put everything I had into it and got everything I'd ever wanted in return.

When he put his hand on my head I dutifully extended my neck and held still. I closed my eyes in ecstasy as he began pumping his hips into my face, my nose pressed into the line of hair between his belly button and pubes. He fucked me, used me, drilled me deep. I gagged and drooled and snorted deep breaths every chance I could. He started groaning and grunting and I looked up at him as Rachel leaned in and whispered into his ear. He grinned and nodded and fucked my mouth some more as she stepped out of my view.

A glance to the other side showed Dana, grinning and still taking pictures of me. I didn't care, couldn't care, all I wanted was his cock, and his face, looking like...

Oh, my God, he was going to cum!

I looked up at him, meeting his eyes and he glared at me wild eyed and hungry. "Real close, pretty lady," he growled, "get ready." The confusion about where his cum would go was lost in his words. Pretty lady? The words swelled my chest with pride and satisfaction. He thinks I'm pretty! The feeling lasted only a moment, as he grunted. "Here it comes," he warned heavily, "open wide, stick out your tongue, flat!" His words had the urgency I felt in his final jerking thrusts as he pummeled my throat, then pulled out, resting the tip of his cock on my flattened tongue. But why...?

I heard the shutter over his groan as sensations attacked me. A hot stream jetted out onto my tongue, striking the back of my mouth at the same time I felt pressure between my butt cheeks. I squirmed up and it followed me, pressing, pushing at my tiny hole and then slipping inside! My eyes opened wide as my lifting body pushed my mouth over Dean's cock, taking the rest of his cum in my mouth, jet after jet filling and coating me, pooling under my tongue, slimy and salty and sharp as the slicked finger pushed up into my anus. I squirmed and twisted on my knees, impaled at both ends and feeling things I'd never before experienced. My hands went between my legs again, unbidden and automatic. The sensations rippled through me, my penetrated backdoor and my mouth filling with pulsing man cream as I attacked my clit.

"Swallow it," was the last I heard from Dana and I gulped down as much of the awful wonderful mouthful I could handle before launching myself into the stratosphere on rockets of pure delight. They let me collapse on the floor.

What must have been a few minutes later they were shaking me awake, lifting me to my feet. Dazed and still out of it, they practically carried me to the door and shoved me out on the street. I stumbled down Dana's front steps on unsteady legs and took three shaky footfalls before bumping into Mr. Bascombe and nearly tripping over the leash holding his boston terrier. The dog yipped and leaped manically as I made my apologies, stepping back and seeing Mr. Bascombe's eyes travel up and down my front. His face scrunched in disgust and he harrumphed and walked past me without a word.

Dean said I was pretty, I reminded myself, and looked down and gasped in horror. My tee shirt was drenched in spit, darker where it was wet, clinging to my tits, exposing my darkly erect nipples through the wet fabric. Two long white streaks that could only be cum trickled from my chin to my cleavage. And my pants, pulled up, were undone at the waist, open and showing bare skin almost to the top of my slit! I put my hands over my face and shrieked. They came away wet and sticky.

What time is it? What I'd Mitch comes home now, sees me like this? I grabbed at my pants, holding them closed and scurried back across the street, one arm held protectively across my chest as though I could hide the state I was in. I ran clumsily and had to stop and go back when one of my tennis shoes fell off. I scrambled for it, picked it up, and ran the rest of the way in only one sneaker, hobbling and panicking and muttering to myself. I finally made it to the door and slammed it behind me, shutting out the world and sinking to the floor, my back to the door.

After a few minutes I rose, shakily. I had to get changed before Mitch came home from golf. I stood and turned and caught an image of myself in the hallway mirror. I stumbled backwards to the wall in fright.

No wonder old Mr. Bascombe had been shocked! Beside my open pants and stained tee shirt, my face was a horror! Streaked with smeared eye makeup, I looked like a zombie scarecrow mime! My lips were red and swollen, my eyes were red and my hair, so neat when I'd left, was a tangled wild mess! I looked

Like you've been face fucked and fingered and had a load of cum in your mouth.

And if I looked closely, past the horrific effects, I could see the flush of my skin, the glow of satisfaction and achievement and oh, delerium! the happy smile of a sexy, pretty woman, used hard and long. I straightened my spine and held my head up and pranced proudly to the bathroom. As I got there my ass buzzed.

My phone.

I pulled it out and read the message from Dana.

You did good, slut. Go clean yourself up, then send me the pictures.

I smiled, but as I dropped the phone to the counter it buzzed again. I snatched it up.

My friends like you .

I looked at myself in the bathroom mirror and beamed.

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