Curious Hubby

By PAMtnMan

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A hubby relucantly agrees to fulfill his wife's fantasy....
I watched my wife’s mouth as she effortlessly slid my cock in and out of it. It seemed as everything was in slow motion. Her lips were wrapped tight around me as I watched it slide slowly out to its tip and then back in. I loved how her lips glistened with her saliva. My cock looked large against her small mouth. I wondered how she took all of me inside her. Her eyes were closed and she seemed lost in the moment. I wasn’t sure if I was enjoying what she was doing as much as I was enjoying watching her do it.

She happened to open her eyes and caught me watching her. She just smiled at me because she knew how much I loved to watch her perform oral sex on me. I think she noticed I had more of an inquisitive look on my face this time.

“Something wrong?” she asked.

“No, nothing at all,” I replied.

She stopped what she was doing and looked me in the eyes. “Michael, I know when something is bothering you. I can see it in your eyes. I know that look on your face. What is it?”

Wow, I couldn’t hide anything from her. I guess we have been together too long to think she wouldn’t notice my curious look. “Uh, I was just wondering. What that feels like.”

Actually, I had been thinking of this for some time. I even had a dream where I was sucking my own cock. Unfortunately I am not limber enough to accomplish that. I never got to the point in my dream where I would ejaculate in my mouth but I also wondered what it would feel like to have that warm creamy cum flowing inside my mouth. I had no desire to make love with another man but I was curious as to how it would feel to experience all what I had dreamed and thought of.

She laughed and looked a little surprised. “Well, I think as often as I’ve done this to you that you would know what it feels like.”

She had completely misunderstood what I was saying. “No, I meant I was wondering what it feels like to you.”

“You want to know what it feels like to suck a real cock? Oh my God Michael, I’ve dreamed of watching you do that. You would love it. It feels so wonderful. There are lots of different sensations but they all feel incredible. Let me show you.”

“You’ve thought about me sucking another man’s cock?”

“Yes, many times. I get so aroused I wake up and my pussy is soaking wet. I could never tell you about it until now. I’m so happy you have thought about it too.”

She got up from bed and went to her panty drawer. As she turned around I saw she was holding the fake cock we sometimes used when we played out our sexual fantasies. She crawled back into bed and sat in front of me. With both hands around the fake cock she placed in between her legs.

“Suck my cock baby," she said with a naughty smile.

We both looked at each other and burst out in laughter.

Then she continued. “Well, you wanted to know what it felt like, so get over here and suck my cock.”

I was a little hesitant. She did look awfully cute sitting there holding that cock between her legs. I moved closer to her and leaned over. I had no idea of even how to begin. She took the cock and slid it between her lips to moisten it. Placing it back between her legs she held it with on hand and put the other one behind my head.

“I’ll help you get started. I made it wet for you, It is easier to slide in your mouth once it is wet.”

She really wanted me to do this. I was a nervous as she shoved my head closer to the tip of the penis. It looked a lot larger from this angle. I licked my lips and leaned over to the tip. Reluctantly I opened my mouth and let the head slide between my lips. She pushed my head down over the cock.

“Uuuugh, uuuuugh.” I almost choked on it.

She laughed and let my mouth slide off of it. “You’re too tense honey. You have to relax. Just let it slide in. You don’t have to help it.”

'Ok, let’s try this again,' I thought. She held the cock between her legs with one hand and placed her other behind my head. Slowly she pushed me downward. I felt the tip of the cock slide over my lips. 'Relax,' I said to myself. 'Just relax.'

I opened my mouth wider and she pushed down on my head, forcing the cock inside my mouth. She only pushed it in about half-way. Susan began to slowly rock her hips and make the cock slide in and out of my mouth. I was getting used to the feeling of having it in my mouth and I actually enjoyed it.

“You’re doing great honey, now let me try just a little deeper.”

She pushed my head down a little more on the cock and I felt it against the back of my mouth. I was able to keep from choking this time. Her hips rocked again and it slid in and out of my mouth with an arousing motion. I was actually getting a hard-on sucking this fake cock.

Susan noticed I was becoming aroused and she continued to rock her hips as she held my head to the cock. “Very good Michael. Very good.”

I pulled my head from the cock and looked at her. She gave me a kiss and smiled at me. “So what did you think? Did you like it?”

I could have lied and said I hated it but I did actually enjoy it. “Yea, I have to admit, it felt pretty good.”

“Well, you only were able to experience a small part of what it’s actually like. There are so many more sensations and feelings when you have a real cock in your mouth. I love how warm if feels as it slides inside my mouth. Feeling the heart beat against my lips as it becomes engorged with blood. How it feels as it expands inside of me and fills my mouth. The way it pulses and how the head becomes larger just before it shoots its load in my mouth. Mmmmmmmm, there is no way to describe that feeling when it pumps its warm creamy load against the back of my mouth and it flows over my tongue. That’s something you have to feel to truly appreciate.”

I was sitting there just staring at her as she explained to me what all she felt when she was sucking a cock. My eyes were wide open as she spoke and I was aroused by what she was saying. “It’s really that good?” I asked.

“Unbelievable,” Susan replied.

I fell asleep that night, thinking of what my wife had told me about the feelings she had giving head. I couldn’t seem to get it out of my head.

The following morning at breakfast, Susan told me she had thought about me sucking that cock and that she was aroused watching me. I didn’t know where this was leading but she was really excited to tell me how much she enjoyed it.

I said, “Yea, it wasn’t so bad. I’m really glad you liked watching me. Now you know why I get so aroused watching you do that.”

“You really should feel what it’s like with a real cock.”

Oh my God, I almost choked on my orange juice. “What?”

“I said, you really should feel what it’s like sucking a real cock.”

“You are serious, aren’t you?”

“Well, why not. You are curious as to what it feels like and I love the arousal I get from watching you, so yes, I think you should do it.”

I didn’t respond right away. I let the thought run through my head as I finished my breakfast. Susan kept glancing my way trying to gauge my reaction to her proposal. I was feeling a bit scared at the idea but it also aroused me. I had never thought of sucking another man’s cock before.

“If I do this, no one can know, I mean it has to be our secret. Well, except for the guy whose cock I suck.”

“Oh baby, you will do this for me?”

“Yea, I will do this for you if you promise me that no one will ever find out that I did.”

“I promise baby. Oh I’m so excited.” She jumped up from her chair and ran to me. As she kissed me, she felt my cock and it was hard. She smiled, knowing that I was as aroused as she was to go forward with her idea.

A week went by. She came home all excited from work one day. “I have the best news baby.”

I don’t ever remember seeing her so excited. She was holding my arms and jumping up and down. I thought maybe she won the lottery or got a big raise at work. Her eyes sparkled and she kissed me passionately. Wow, what could it be that excited her so much.

“I found our guy.”

At first I had no idea what she meant. Then I remember what we had talked about.... a guy whose cock I would suck while she watched.

“You found a guy?”

“Yes, and you don’t have to worry about him telling anyone. I told him what you and I wanted to do and he agreed to help us. He’s really a nice guy. I know you will like him. I met him a few months ago at the coffee shop near where I work. He and a few of his friends are there most mornings and we have become close.”

“You do know this is a one time only deal, so it doesn’t really matter how I feel about him.”

“I know. Babe I am so excited, I can’t wait until tomorrow night.”

“Tomorrow night? This is happening tomorrow night?”

“Yes, it’s the weekend and we won’t have to get up early, so we have all night to get it done.”

“Ok, but I don’t think it’s going to take all night unless he is some kind of superman or I am really bad at this.”

That night Susan demonstrated her technique again on me. She told me to pay attention so I would know exactly what to do. She even made me practice on her fake cock again. She became really aroused when she saw it in my mouth. I never thought I would get blow job lessons from my own wife or that I would actually use what I learned on another man.

The next day flew by. We checked into a hotel so our guest would not know our home address. We felt it was best to take that precaution. Soon it was 8:00 PM and Susan said we should shower so we are ready when out guest arrives at 10. I didn’t know his name and I was hoping he didn’t know mine. Susan told me she had bought masks for us to wear so we would not recognize each other if we ever met again. I thought that was a very good idea. They covered the top part of our face except for two eye holes.

We showered and were sitting on the edge of the bed in our bathrobes when there was a knock at the door. Last chance to back out of this I thought. Susan squeezed my hand. “You will do great babe. Just remember to relax.”

“That’s easy for you to say. I’ll try.”

She handed me a mask to put on and she carried the other one to the door. Before she completely opened the door she handed the mask to her friend. He stepped through the door and looked at me sitting on the bed. He gave me a slight smile and I smiled a quick smile in return.

He was about my height and build. I was hoping his cock wasn’t as large as mine. I didn’t want to be gagging and ruining the night for Susan.

She led him to the bed and began to unbutton his shirt. She slid his shirt over his shoulders and let it drop to the floor. Like a pro, she removed his pants and slid them and his boxers to the floor in one motion. 'She’s really anxious to get on with this,' I thought.

His cock was semi-erect as his boxers fell to the floor. 'Not a bad looking cock,' I thought as I tried to imagine its size when fully erect. It looked smooth and very similar to mine. I was glad it was not a grotesque looking cock like I had seen in some magazines. I couldn’t help but look at it and think that soon I would have it between my lips and inside my mouth. I felt an arousal in my own penis as I looked at his.

Susan took his hand and led him to the bed. She slipped off her robe and exposed herself to him. Her nipples were erect and I saw him look at them as her robe fell to the floor. His eyes trailed down her body and focused on the blonde landing strip just above her pussy. I think he would have rather been putting his cock in her moist pussy rather than in my virgin mouth.

Susan slid my robe off of me and they both stared as my cock stood at full erection. “Well, it seems we are all ready to get started," she said with a smile.

She had told us both not to speak so there was no chance of hearing each other’s voices in case we should meet in the future. Another good idea, she really planned out everything in detail. Susan led him to the bed where he sat on the edge. His cock was still only semi-erect. I thought to myself, that’s good. It won’t be such an effort to slide him in my mouth as we begin. She gave a little shove on his belly to make him lay back.

She took my hand and told me to kneel down. There I was, staring at his cock just inches from my face. Susan smiled at me. “Remember babe, just relax. I’ll be right beside you.”

She knelt beside me and watched as I tentatively took his cock in my right hand. I remember what Susan had said and I wet my lips as I moved closer to him. He wasn’t hard yet and his cock felt very warm in my hand, nothing at all like the fake cock I had practiced on. Slowly I lowered my head towards his tip. I watched as it touched my lips and slid between them. Wow, it was much warmer than I had imagined and its skin was so soft and smooth.

As I slid it between my lips I closed my eyes, telling myself that it was the fake cock and I was practicing. It felt a little spongy against my lips as I slid it in about halfway. Closing my lips around it, I pulled it out to its tip again very gently. After a few slow movements like this I began to feel it growing inside my mouth. It was becoming fully erect and completely filling my mouth. I knew I would not have to close my lips to squeeze him now because he was pressed tight against them.

I continued slowly sliding it in and out of my mouth. I could feel his tip was now fully enlarged and my lips found the valley between it and his shaft. I held it there as Susan did to me. I knew that was an incredible feeling.

Feeling a little more at ease, I slid his cock even deeper into my mouth. I felt it hit the back of my throat and was impressed with myself for not gagging. I no longer felt this was the fake cock. Its warmth, along with the sensation I felt of his blood coursing through his vein against my lips, I knew this was for real.
I opened my eyes and glanced towards Susan. She was sitting next to me. Her eyes were fixed on my mouth and his cock as it slid in and out of me. She had one hand between her legs and I saw three fingers sliding in and out of her pussy. She smiled at me as she moaned her approval.

I closed my eyes again. I slid his cock in and out of my mouth a little faster now. The feeling I had was very enjoyable and I understood now what Susan meant about it being hard to describe. His cock was hard as a rock now, yet still felt soft against my lips. I swirled my tongue around its tip as I slid it in and out. I was now trying to use as many of the techniques my wife had shown me as possible.

He began to rock his hips slowly. I timed my downward movements with his to allow his cock to slide easier and deeper inside my mouth. I thought I heard him moaning as his hips rocked upward to meet me.
After about ten to fifteen minutes, my own cock was rock hard and I wished I had someone to take care of it for me. I leaned it against the bed rail and was rocking back and forth.

I felt his hands slide behind my head. I had not expected this. Before I could think more about it, I felt his cock begin to pulse. He’s ready to cum. I was anxious to experience the feeling of hot cum being pumped into my mouth but I had hoped the process leading up to that would have taken longer. I was truly enjoying all the sensations I was experiencing.

With his hands now controlling my downward movements I was able to relax and concentrate fully on sucking his cock. As I became more relaxed, I enjoyed the sensations even more.

His hands pulled me tight against him. I could feel his pubic hair against my nose. His cock pulsed hard and I felt his warm cum blast against the back of my throat and flow slowly over my tongue. I tried to remember what Susan said to do when I felt him cumming. Oh yea, relax and swallow. By the time I had remembered that, I felt another explosion of his warm cum hitting the back of my throat. My mouth was full of his creamy sauce. I tried not to gag. Finally I managed to swallow some of his cum just before his cock pulsed again he pumped yet another load into my mouth.

I heard Susan moaning louder now. I knew she sensed what was happening and maybe saw a little of his cum seeping from the corner of my mouth. I kept my eyes closed but could tell by her breathing and her moaning that she was cumming as she watched us.

My cock pulsed wildly as I pumped a load of my own cum against the bed rail. The feeling of him cumming in my mouth and hearing Susan having orgasm after orgasm beside me was too much for me to contain my arousal. I pumped another load of cum against the rail and I felt it drip onto my legs.

Just as my cock pulsed again for another ejaculation, I felt him cum again inside my mouth. I was now accustomed to this feeling and was able to swallow it with ease to make room for the next burst. My cock exploded again and again on the bed rail. My thighs were now wet from my cum dripping on them.
He held my head tight as he moved in short slow thrusts into my mouth. He stopped thrusting and held my head tight to him as his cock pulsed one last time and I accepted his last load of creamy cum. Again I was able to swallow it with ease. It was much thicker than I had imagined it would be. Yet it was creamy smooth and warm. I felt as though I had a mouthful of warm salty pudding.

I felt his cock becoming limp in my mouth. My thoughts again went to how fast this all was over. Something that felt this good should last a bit longer. I also thought the same thing when Susan was pleasuring me in the same way.

I opened my eyes again and watched as his cock slid out of my mouth. I could see it was coated with a combination of my saliva and his cum. It fell limp between his legs and looked much the same as my cock when Susan had so expertly extracted all of my cum from me. I felt much the same way as I did after Susan and I made love. I was exhausted yet very satisfied.

I leaned back against the side of the bed and closed my eyes. I caught glimpses of Susan’s friend standing and getting dressed. I faintly saw her walking to the door with him and then hearing the door close.
Susan sat beside me on the floor. She kissed me and swirled her tongue inside my mouth. I knew she was feeling and tasting her friend’s cum. Her lips glistened as she pulled her mouth from mine.

“You were incredible babe. I was so hot. I couldn’t stop cumming as I watched you. Thank you so much for doing this for me.”

She rested her head on my chest and slid her arm around my waist. “You’re very welcome. You know that anytime I can do anything to please you, I will.”

“Really, anything? Anytime?”