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Curse of the dragon

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Masks people wear :)

Chapter 1: Dragon unveiled

The sharp sound of the alarm clock speared through Olivia's ears as she woke up. Her eyes were broad open but her body was still exhausted from the work that drained her through the week.

"It is Friday finally, just one more day!” Olivia tried to encourage herself, in an attempt to put some life in her complaining calves and back.

The morning sun rays slowly seeped through glass panes and the warm sunlight bathed her over her body, after skidding on the morning dews. She stretched her arms out and rubbed her palms before cupping them over her face. However she knew that only a strong black coffee would help her to step out of her sleep.

Sniffing on the aroma of the coffee, Olivia looked outside on the unfolding day as it warmed the streets that she could peep at from her windows. She just fell in the love with the morning sun brushing the world in hues of pink and gold.

“Oh no! She looked at the watch and realized it is well past time when she should be in the shower. She quickly slipped out of her red silk robe & stepped into the shower & turned the tap on after adjusting the temperature. The welcoming beads of shower ran all over her body, rejuvenating her warmly.

"I am reborn", Olivia felt as she let the water wrap her entire body into a soothing hug. She soaped her body and cleansed her hair quickly, hoping that she would still be able to make it to work in time.

She stepped out of the shower and quickly patted her body and blew dried the hair. She went up to the cupboard to pull out her body lotion, but the mirror on her way made her take a pause. It was long that Olivia had taken a long look at her body. She seemed to feel some sort of her narcissistic pleasure as she ran her fingers over her milky white skin, slowly circled the edge of her palms over her firm breasts and stopped teasingly over the nicely trimmed mound baring her bulging camel toe. She knew she had to stop right there lest her fingers may find their way further down the folds.

With a smile and her eyes rolling over her glistening skin in the copper hued sunrays, Olivia slipped into her red thong which snugly hugged her smooth butt cheeks. She put on her favourite pink lace bra that was soon followed by her white blouse and beige skirt.

On the other side of the town, the day was warming up for three men as they geared themselves into another misadventure of theirs.

"Stick to the basics boys," George said in his strong baritone voice. He didn't have to sound commanding. His seasoned face and eyes deserved respect quickly in the eyes of Ray and David.

The trio soon got into their van which had six different number plates with fake numbers on them. They filled enough ammunition and gasoline in the trunk of the van to fight off the cops as needed and to torch the van if they feared to be identified. After a quick

David, Ray & George entered the bank with gunshots flying all around. Olivia was quietly busy since as the cashier it was her busiest hour of the day. With a gun pointed at her, she gave the trio the key to the safe with trembling hands. Then she, along with everyone in bank was asked to lie face down. She tried to tuck her ruffled up dress but Ray hushed her down and hinted her not to move as he moved to the cash counter to start stashing his bag, David was busy frisking everyone for their mobiles and any petty cash. As he bent down over Olivia to check, her pink dragon tattoo on her lower midriff was unveiled. It was beautifully carved around her waist and lower back, kissing and following the Goosebumps on her smooth skin. The risen pointed tale pointed towards her neck while the powerful muscular body gently elopes into the pink lace of her panties.

Olivia squealed with pain as she found two men in masks turning her over, bruising her knees in the rough attempt.

The memory of two masked men and a strong smell in her nostrils slowly faded out as Olivia prayed that this is not the last wormhole of dreams she was orbit into.

"One wolf mask, big guy, sharp voice."

"One wild boar, six feet t..."

Olivia slipped into the drug-induced sleep as her eyes closed and tongue slurred.

Ray, as all his robberies, took Olivia hostage along with the gang. She was blindfolded and led towards the van where she was cuffed and dumped in the trunk.

The van disappeared in the thick smoke left behind by the speeding van as the wailing sirens grow stronger with the police car closing in.

Chapter 2: Kiss of the Dragon

"What is the department doing detective?" The media person almost shoved the mic in Naomi's face as she asked with her demanding poker face.

Her mood & taste buds were already spoiled with a bad coffee in morning and robbery thereafter, Naomi felt like shoving the mic back in her mouth.

"What's your name lady?" Naomi tried building a bridge with her and the swarming media crowd around. She deftly gave a deaf ear to all the other questions darting around him.

"Lilly! Could you now answer my question detective?" The poker face hadn't eased even by an iota yet.

Naomi cleared her throat to push down the bad taste with a load of saliva and to buy himself some time.

"See, Miss! We are gathering all the pieces of evidence and our local intelligence network. We would break some lead soon in this case." Naomi said, his words falling like lose rubbles as she sounded so unsure to herself.

"Do you understand we have an abducted bank staff involved as well in this case?" A husky voice from the other end of the huddle enquired.

Naomi didn't try to ask the name again as it was a really hostile and demanding media she was facing.

"We have launched a massive search operation as well. Now if you let me work I can give you an update soon on this case." Naomi shouldered her way out as she started spinning a web of the action plan in her mind.

Olivia's eyes slowly reacted to the thin beam of daylight that seeped through a hole in the ventilator. With her eyes still heavy, she moved her eyeballs around to note the things scattered around in the room. The sharp smell of rusted iron confirmed her doubts that she was in a dilapidated room filled with the ages-old scrap with junk value.

Suddenly she felt a crawl, inching up slowly on her exposed midriff and waist. She screamed from her parched throat but all that came out was a faint squeal. She tried to brush it off but to her horror, she found that her wrists were cuffed. She jerked her yet free legs to twist and shake it off.

As she turned she was frozen in terror. The guy in boar's mask was sitting next to her on the creaking wood table and his fingertips were running over her waistline. She figured her jeans were unzipped and pushed down a few inches along with her thong. She felt exposed and helpless.

But the boar mask man was busy moving his fingertips now over her neatly trimmed mound as he stretched his thumb up to fiddle with her navel and press it gently in.

Olivia wanted to cry out loud but then her eyes stumbled over the sight of a revolver hanging from his waist and she chose not to.

The strong smell of rusted iron was now creeping inside Olivia with her breath getting out of rhythm. She tightly clenched her eyelids and fists closed, bracing for whatever was coming her way.

Suddenly she heard a dull thud & her first impression was that it was a gun shot. Her suppressed scream finally gushed out of her mouth as she shrieked out a long howl.

To her surprise, when she opened her eyes it was the wolf standing tall over the floored boar who was reeling over from a possibly strong punch in the gut.

"I am sorry for his behavior," Wolf said.
He comforted Olivia as he cupped her shoulder & pressed it gently.

Olivia's strong sixth sense did not give any signals of anything being wrong with the touch and all she could do was nod her head slowly in acknowledgment of his words.

Wolf didn't wait for long. He grabbed the boar by his lapel and started dragging him out of the room.

Olivia was still apprehensive as her eyes followed him all the way out of the door, throwing the boar masked guy on the floor and turned quickly back on his heels to stand close to her.

Still quivering with fear, Olivia didn't know how to react. The eyes behind the mask twinkled and she could sense a smile.

"Why is he smiling? And what is hiding behind his back? Olivia was mumbling hysterically as the man kept a brown bag in front of her.

"Some burgers & that's the best I could get for you. Here, let me untie your cuff." The man said and slowly paced out of the room.

The starving hunger in her belly got better of her fears which were generously laced with disbelief.

Munching on the stale bun, which still felt like ambrosia, Olivia tried to focus & regain her astray senses. The seeping silver beams of sunray were slowly transcending into hues of amber, indicating the sun was setting down the horizon.

Chapter 3: Dragon's embers

"I don't agree with you chief," Naomi said in her calm but firm voice. These are the same robbers as they have followed the same pattern.

"And what if this hunch or intelligent guess of yours turns out to be a false one?" Naomi's boss Doug said in his curt voice which was dashed with sarcasm.

"Then this would be my last ever case!" Naomi said as she paced out of the room, her mind jostling with ideas and thoughts.

Somewhere far, Olivia's thoughts were also entangled about her fate and the plan ahead.
With the few morsels of food giving her some energy, she sat up and tried to touch the ground with her curled toes.

"Doh!" She exclaimed while mincing her teeth as she realized her heels were missing and the sensation of ice cold floor leaped through the back of her calves and thighs.

The room's door opened with the old moaning wood indicated the creaks of the aging wood.

It was the wolf again. He had something shining in his right hand and some sort of fabric as he walked towards.

"Oh my God! Is it the end? Is he going to strangle and stab me." Her heart raced and pounded with millions of thoughts.

The wolf suddenly came to a halt as he was a hands' distance away from her.
The time around her came to a sudden halt as she thought that this is it. Now I need to read my last prayers.
"I realized I forgot to give you water. Here it is. Sorry, the food isn't fresh but I hope the water is." He said with a slight scoff.

Taking a big sigh of relief, Olivia gasped and she strutted over and leaned over him for support as her knees felt like caving in.

"Thank you, sir, for saving my life." Olivia could feel the strong forearms around her body holding her and she suddenly felt comforted for the first time in the day.

"My name is David so please don't call me sir."

Olivia looked up. The voice was deep, convincing and not getting muffled anymore like earlier. She quickly knew the reason, he had taken off his mask.

David had a sharp face with large hazel eyes which were burning like embers in the dimly lit rooms. His beard was thick, giving his yet young face a seasoned and rugged look. Olivia kept on looking at his face, almost mesmerized. David responded with a smile back at her and cupped her face in his palms.

Olivia raised her body on her toes, her eyes closed, until she could feel the hot breaths of David on her lips. He responded by bending his head downwards to make his lips curl and tuck into hers. They explored each others body with Olivia caressing David's back all over while he slid his hands into her blouse to gently squeeze her waist.

Their deft tongues made way into the wet & hungry mouths, engaging in a steamy smooch. Soon their tops ended into a heap on the floor. David kissed her bare arms while slipping her bra straps down and got down on his knees.

Olivia moaned loudly when she felt the nibbling mouth of David on her navel and his fingers peeling her bra cups slowly. She felt as if a red-hot stream of lava erupted and simmered around the edges of her throbbing petals. She undid her skirt to let it slide down her legs with little help from David. He pressed his open mouth on the lacy threads, sniffing in the musky aroma emanating from the moist patch on her panties. David rested her parted thighs on his broad shoulders as his hands reached up to gently fondle her heaving breasts. Olivia's nipples stood so hard it hurt her. She unhooked and ripped her bra open as she guided David's fingers to tweak her nipples. David softly licked the inside of her moist thighs while kneading her ripe breasts over and over. As she raised her hips in pleasure, he quickly hooked his thumbs into her waistband and pulled it down to her ankles. The next thing Olivia knew was the curled tongue of David writing the naughtiest of poems on her soaked canvas. She gyrated her lips and rubbed her dripping wet petals all over his face. When his fingers parted her meaty lobes and licked inside the walls of her vag, Olivia came bursting in his mouth. David stood up and hugged her shaking body in his arms, she moved her hands over his back, digging her nails softly as she felt the aftershocks radiating up her torso from between her legs.

"Wait, let me get you a blanket," David said as he sat up. Olivia held his arms and said smilingly,"I am fine David, just that my toes are cold. Could you get me my heels please."

Chapter 4: Dragon Hunt

Naomi punched another hard blow into the wall as she desperately looked all around in a frustrated look.

"This is all my fault. I shouldn't have had done that. It's such a bad plan." She mumbled to herself.

She crashed back in her chair, rummaging aimlessly into the heap of files on his desk. Her eyes were swollen red and her head was spinning as she had not slept well from past two days.

Suddenly there was feeble yet sharp beep coming from her wrist. She quickly flipped her watch over and the red dot flashing on it was the best thing he had seen in the past 24 hours.

Chapter5: Dragon Fire

Olivia opened her eyes from what felt like the sweetest nap in a long time. She opened her eyes to find herself lying on a plush red leather sofa. She remembered David giving her back her heels but she couldn't recall when she fell asleep in his embrace.

Suddenly she felt a hand caressing her head and scalp. She sat up on the couch with a start and swung her head to check who it is was since she knew it is not David's touch.

To her surprise and against her guess, it was David, sitting and smiling on the armrest of the sofa. Olivia felt something was off but she couldn't know what it is exactly.

"Maybe it is my state of mind that I am thinking

David walked up to her and stood right in front of her with his fists clutching her hair tightly. Olivia was surprised as he had been quite gentle with her but she somehow liked his new dominating avatar. She bit her thirsty lips as she unzipped his jeans and pulled it down over his chiselled hips and thigh muscles.

Olivia gasped at the sight of his thick brown phallus. The gorged veins led to a bulbous glans that was oozing out pre-cum load before slowing down in thick long trickles dangling down. She licked it well slowly all the way up while fondling his big loaded balls. She bent over further and came on her all four and parted her legs.

Olivia groaned in ecstasy as she felt deft fingers at work between her thighs, tweaking and rubbing her wet folds. She was nearing the zenith of her mirthful moments as she found a warm mouth suckling slowly on her dripping labias and hole. She writhed her body and pressed her pussy back on the hungry mouth devouring her. A few moments later she opened her eyes for a moment to look up at David and smile at him.

The moment of pleasures turned into shock and horror as she saw David standing still in akimbo and breathing heavily in pleasure. Olivia swung her head back in sheer disbelief.

When Olivia was in 5th grade, her parents had taken her to an amusement park. There was a maze inside which her father took her. The walls were studded with huge mirrors. O turn, she lost her father's clutching fingers and she was stranded sobbing for what seemed like an eternity before her dad found her.

But here there was no recourse for her as she looked back & forth without a blink of her eyes. She was way too horrified to utter even a single word.

"What? You have not seen twin brothers ever in your life?" David said while sniffing on fingers laced with her scent.

"Well, I believe she has not seen twins making love like this ever." Ray said as he grinned and scoffed at her.

"You look so hot in nothing but these heels Olivia I hope you enjoyed the pleasures of our cocks and tongues. “ One of them said and it no longer matter who it was since Olivia now knew that she was just being toyed around. She hid her naked body in her arms and tried to cover herself. They hid behind the mask to fool around her and made a mockery of her emotions.

Suddenly, there was a loud thud at the heavy wooden door. Both David and Ray looked at it in amazement since it was impossible for anyone to find out their secret hideout. In next two heavy blow the door gave way and came crashing down.

As three of them looked at the entrance, Olivia jumped up and ran up to Naomi, who was standing with four of her men who pointed their guns at David and Ray. Naomi quickly gave her jacket to Olivia and hugged as she was inconsolabely.

"This is impossible!" both of them exclaimed as they had no idea how the police arrived at their hideout.

"Don't look amazed boys!" Olivia said as there was a sudden burst of confidence in her voice and tone. She and Naomi smiled at each other to quietly appreciate each other at the success of their plans.

“You don’t always need to wear masks to fool around. Sometimes a human face is the best mask if laced with fake emotions.”

“And in case you are still puzzled how we hunted you down here.” Naomi said as she smirked back at them. “I would be sending you Olivia’s heels while you would be cooling your heels in the prison to find out where I hid the GPS tracker.”

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