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Cydney And Jason Go Into The City

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What happens now?
When I returned home my wife still was still at work. She called to say she'd be home within the hour. I sat on the couch, took off my shoes and reflected on the past few hours. I went on a date with a woman who wasn't my wife, I got a blowjob from that same woman and then went back to her house and fucked her brains out. I also came inside her and told her I loved her. Sounds like a pretty successful night to me.

I didn't have one single regret about tonight. It had been everything I had thought it would be, and then some. My only wish is that I could have spent the night with Cydney and go a few more rounds before passing out in her bed. However I am a married man and knew it would raise some questions if I didn't come home. Although now I'm a married man who is having an affair with a gorgeous woman whom I love. Yes, I love Cydney.

I woke up the next morning to find that my wife had gone out grocery shopping, so I decided to call Cydney and see how she was doing. I had butterflies in my stomach waiting for her to answer. "Good morning Jason, I'm so glad to hear your voice. How are you?"

"Can't complain Cyd, how are you? I miss you already baby."

"I miss you too Jason! I can't describe how amazingly perfect last night was. Thank you. I feel like a new woman after being in bed with you haha."

"It was my pleasure. Speaking of the bed when can I see you again?"

"Not this weekend unfortunately, my parents are coming into town to visit. I'll be thinking about you and your magnificent cock deep inside me the whole time. Expect naughty pics, Mr.Hightower."

"No worries, my dick needs to recuperate anyways. Let's try for Monday babe. Enjoy your weekend and I can't wait to see those pictures."

"Thank you Jason, talk to you soon. I love you."

"I love you too." I was a little bummed I would have to wait until at least Monday to see Cydney, but it would be well worth the wait. I decided to do some things around the house while my wife was still out. A few hours later Dana returned from shopping. "Can you help me put this stuff away? I got those chips you really like."

"Sure no problem, thanks for the chips." Even though I was in love with another woman, little exchanges like this eased my mind and made being with Dana tolerable. I wasn't sure if I should tell my wife what I had done last night, or if I was going to leave Dana for Cydney right away. I wanted to be with Cydney all the time, but I wasn't sure how I could explain all of this to Dana. I did love her at one point. I needed more time to think things through.

"You know what I was thinking, Jason?"

"What?" Dana turned to me and started undoing the buttons on her top. "We haven't had afternoon sex in a long time, what do you think?"

What do I think? I think my dick might fall off if I try to have sex right now. I obviously couldn't tell Dana that so I played along. "What's gotten into you honey? I like it."

"We've both been working hard and this is the first weekend in a while one of us isn't out of town on business. We deserve to have some fun today." Dana leaned in to kiss me and before I could kiss back she already had my shorts below my ankles.

"I missed this dick." Dana began sucking my cock and I wasn't sure if it was because of being with Cydney last night or what, but I did not enjoy it. I moaned at the right times while she blew me but I was waiting for it to be over.

"Jason I'm already drenched down there. Let's fuck in the kitchen! Right here right now." Dana bent over the counter and I slowly inserted my dick inside of her. She squeaked when it was fully in. To her credit, Dana did always have a really tight pussy. Maybe I would enjoy this. Maybe.

The sex didn't last long. After a few strokes and hair pulling Dana's pussy tightened around my cock and she came. I came inside her shortly after. "Wow! Jason that was fantastic. I think I need to lie down for a bit. Mm we need to do that more often."

Dana went up to our room and I cleaned up the kitchen. I felt guilty for not enjoying it as much as she did but all I could think about was Cydney and how good she made me feel. I was hooked and there was no turning back.

The rest of the day was a blur as I sat around and watched tv with Dana. I had texted Cydney and asked how everything was going, but she hadn't replied yet. My wife had fallen asleep watching some show when my phone went off. It was Cydney.

"Hey baby! Busy day so tired might head to bed soon. I'm taking my parents into the city tomorrow. Wishing I was on my knees sucking your thick cock all night long. Love you xoxo."

That girl sure did have a way with words. I went to the bathroom and jerked off to the thought of Cydney on her knees, gagging on my cock and rubbing my balls. I seriously could not wait to see her Monday.

Sunday came and went. Dana said she wasn't feeling well and mostly stayed in bed. That didn't stop her from grabbing my cock every time I went to check on her. Who was this horny woman and where did my rigid wife go? Maybe she knew something about Friday and was trying to spice things up so I wouldn't leave her. There was no way that was true, so I brushed that idea off.

I was excited to wake up Monday morning because of the chance to see Cydney sometime today. On my way to work she had called me and I asked if I was free after work today. "For you, always. What did you have in mind?"

"There's a café in the city that I passed when I was with my parents this weekend. It's a little out of the way but it's cute."

"Sounds good to me. It's a date. Should I pick you up at your house?"

"Yes you should, Mr.Hightower." I knew I had a lot of work to do at the office today, but I tried my best to rush through it so I could go see Cydney. I left work about a half hour before I usually did. I couldn't wait any longer.

"Hey beautiful, I'm on my way!"

"Yay! Get here soon babe." My next call was to my wife to tell her I would be working late.

I arrived at Cydney's house and walked to the door. Before I could ring the doorbell the door swung open and Cydney jumped into my arms. We gave her neighbors quite a show as we stood there making out.

"I'm so happy to see you Jason. I missed you terribly."

"I missed you too babe, it's good to have you in my arms once more."

"Ready to go?" Cydney walked to my car as I walked behind her to get a great view of her round ass the jeans she was wearing. She had on a light jacket and her hair was in a ponytail. She was adorable.

"How was work today Jason?"

"It was okay. It was hard to focus because all I could think about was seeing you afterwards."

"Oh you, don't make me blush." She leaned over and planted a kiss on my cheek.

"Mm don't tease me with those magical kisses."

"Then how about I tease you with something else." As soon as she said that Cydbey began to undo the zipper on my pants. "Ever gotten road head, stud?"

"Never, what's the occasion?"

"You fucked me so good on Friday, and all I could think about this weekend was your cock in all of my holes. This is my thank you." I started driving towards our destination while Cydney slowly licked the tip of my dick.

"Fuck Cydney, you're driving me crazy. Deep throat my cock." Cydney smiled and worked her mouth all the way down on my dick. I moaned and used a free hand to grab Cydbey's ass.

I was hoping the Café was far because I did not want her to stop sucking my cock. At red lights she would come up for air and jerk me off, and when it was green she would go back and lick my shaft all over. I had no idea how I was lasting this long, but I knew I was close to blowing my load.

"Oh god Cydney, get ready to swallow my cum. Don't stop sucking!" Cydney sucked faster and moaned while she received a big load of cum in her mouth. She was able to swallow it all and sucked my dick for a little longer, just to make sure she got all of it out.

"Tasty, I love your cum. It's so thick it's making me a little lightheaded. Thank you Jason."

"No no no, thank you."

"Oh! We're close! Just a few blocks away." When we got to the Café we both ordered a coffee and sat at a table close to the window. It was nice to be out with Cydney, no one knew us here and we acted like two single people on a date.

"This coffee is delicious babe, you picked a good place."

"Thank you Jason." Cydney reached for my hand and smiled at me. "I have some news."

"Oh yeah? I'm all ears."

"I've decided on a job! It was one of my first offers right out of college. The pay is fantastic and I'll be doing real good work, for a company that could be big someday."

"Congratulations!" I said as I kissed Cydney's hand. "I'm so happy for you. We should celebrate."

"You read my mind. How about we rent a hotel for the night?" 

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