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Daddy's Tongue

Daddy's Tongue

My true weakness and vice
I work so hard for him, for my daddy. I want to please him in every way. His pleasure comes first. I do it all for him.

I'm guilty though. Guilty of sometimes having a secondary, wicked motivation and that delicious repayment of my efforts. It sometimes makes me move faster, harder, and longer, and that little subtle push to go along with my main reason for my submission to him. I just can't help it. His tongue is my vice, my weakness, and my Achilles heel. Sometimes he just wants to eat for his own pleasure, whether I cum or not. He may stroke himself off while he does so.

When it's for him, he will do as he pleases. He may go slow and soft, or deep and hard and fast. His tongue can be a butterfly or a bulldozer. He chooses the pace and for how long. He may only do it for a minute until he quenches his thirst for my juice. Leaving me bereft, frustrated, on edge, whimpering and begging. Though he may do it for much, much longer, until I am sore, tender, raw and feeling I can't take anymore. Begging him to stop and feeling I will crumble into dust. Me and my pleasure, or lack thereof, do not matter to him in this moment. He is taking what he wants, what he owns, and what he controls.

He sometimes does it for me. My amazing dominant daddy sometimes does it for me. Offering me the priceless gift of his miraculous tongue, when I am a very good little girl that is. He rewards me with what he knows is my ultimate weakness. It can make me insane with pleasure and willing to do anything.

Sometimes he will allow me to be free. My body free of any entrapment. Limbs and body free to move about, to respond to the ministrations of his tongue. Other times he will bind me. Wrists and ankles are tied sometimes together, and sometimes to objects. Mouth gagged and eyes covered so all I can feel and sense is his phenomenal tongue.

Either way, I am a puddle; unable to resist in any shape or form, his tongue and the things he does with it.

I am in heaven when I am on my back, legs spread wide, my smooth, wet, pink pussy exposed to him. His dark head between my pale, creamy legs. His big, strong hands roaming from my thighs, belly, hips, tits, and ass. His head moving up and down, back and forth. Hearing the lapping, licking noises and my moans. My helpless, needy moans because of his godly tongue.

He knows exactly how to do it when it's for me. The very angle, pace, speed, pressure, depth. Licking first up and down my smooth puffy cunt lips. First closed, sticking together with my juices, then peeling them open with his tongue. Sliding his tongue between them, up and down the slit, up and down my clit. Sweeping over my pink, throbbing clit, then pressing and lingering, then gone again.

Down to the hole, tracing around the edge, then snaking inside. His tongue pushing deep inside my pussy.

"Yes daddy yes," I moan. "Oh please daddy, harder...deeper...faster. Fuck me with your tongue. Eat out your little girl's pussy."

My hips humping and down, riding daddy's tongue and face. Coating him in my fragrant juices, moaning like a whore, with my head thrown back, long black hair splayed out. Tits swaying, ass grinding, hips humping, and legs spread wide open, as his tongue takes me to heaven. Moaning like a slut for more, more, more...

Daddy's tongue is lapping furiously, at my engorged, horny, wet cunt. Alternating between a firmer, pointed tongue pressing hard on my clit, and a relaxed, flat tongue wide, sweeping up and down over my whole pink pussy. Circling my clit a dozen times and pressing on it hard. Sucking on it like a nipple, then deep, hard tongue fucking, deep inside my hole. Like when his cock fucks my cunt, I ride and and hump and squeeze daddy's incredible tongue.

My creamy sweaty thighs go between being splayed out and spreadeagled (like a dirty little nympho) to squeezing like a vise around his head. Grinding, humping, and riding like an animal in heat.

Daddy doesn't let up, doesn't take a break. His tongue never leaves the region of my pussy, which just drives me further into insanity. There's no relief or reprieve. He is feasting. My puffy pink pussy is a lavish meal for him and he is feeding me too. Feeding me his tongue and nourishing my cunt.

He knows when I'm about to cum and will use that to exquisitely torture me. Bringing me to the edge, the brink, the precipice, over and over and over again until I am sobbing for release. Begging, begging, begging. My little fists pounding the soft bed underneath me. He promises me it will be better, bringing me to the edge so many times. Laughing at my misery, my pain, my anguish, my torment.

I disagree because I'm a greedy little slut. "Fuck fuck fuck. Now daddy now. Please, make me cum now! Let me cum now! I will die..."

Like I said, if I've been a very good little girl, daddy will let me cum. Cum on his tongue and squirt my juices into his mouth. I will coat his lips and mouth in my slutty juices at his command.

Hearing his permission "Cum for me my little girl, my dirty little slut. Cum for daddy, cum on daddy's tongue you horny little whore. Cum on my tongue now!"

Holding me down with his big strong hands, head buried between my spread thighs, and face planted on my pussy.

Lapping at my clit with his tongue, furiously, savagely, and frantically. As I explode. Gushing, squirting, screaming, clenching, throbbing, and grinding on his tongue. His tongue. His tongue. His tongue. Blacking out...

Waking up to his lips pressing onto mine and smearing my pussy juice from his lips to mine. That tongue sliding into my mouth and tangling with mine. Making me taste myself and my orgasm on His tongue.

Tears dried on my cheeks in orgasmic relief as I look up at him and whisper, "Thank you daddy."
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