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Dancing with the Devil

On their third date, our hero acquires a new taste
I'd always been attracted to thin women. I was a long-tall-sally kind of guy. But there was something about Darshelle that just floated my boat. She was a big girl, a very big girl, big breasts, big butt, big everything. To quote Muddy Waters, "She had waves like a baby child." It's possible that she caught my eye because she carried herself with such confidence. She moved like a long-tall-sally. I think she was a ninety pound super model trapped in a giant black body.

Our first date went well. I was very encouraged by our hot make-out session. Darshelle was my first African-American girl, and her plump purple lips were much more than a new experience. They were a wild, ecstatic turn-on. On our second date, she allowed me to fondle her ample bronze breasts. We were making out furiously on our third date. I seemed to making serious progress.
I was stroking the inside of her massive thigh when she said, "Baby kiss me down there." Well, she didn't need to twist my arm. I got down there in a hurry.
But as soon as I began she said, "No baby, not that hole, the other one."

Looking up I said, "Are you serious?"

She said, "Babycakes, I got a angel hole and a devil hole. And I'm feelin' devilish tonight."

I was reluctant. I'd never done this before. But my dick was so hard you could've hung a bucket of beer on it. So I moved from the angel to the devil, from the front yard to the back yard and I was surprised when I arrived, for it was a very nice neighborhood. I liked it. It smelled nice. She must have powdered it. I felt comfortable there.
I pushed my lips against that sweet pink anus and kissed it gently, tenderly. I thought of it as a woman's mouth and made out with it.
She said, "That's very nice, Sugarplum." I continued to kiss it, teasing that candied orifice with my tongue.

When I pushed my tongue up inside she said, "That's right baby, that's right." With a fingertip I took a dollop of semen from my bobbing erection and smeared it around the edges of the hole.
When I pushed the sticky finger inside she said, "That's just okay." She evidently preferred the tongue, and so did I, so I went back to working orally. Laboring as hard as I was, it became frustrating because I could not seem to make her moan. I redoubled my efforts, working frantically, kissing, nibbling, licking that devil's gate.
But all I got in return was, "Nice baby," or, "That's pretty good."
I pushed my tongue in deeper, and she said, "Sweet, very sweet." But suddenly, I began to lose control. I became obsessed. I went wild, working with a furious abandon.
When it got too wet, I blew it dry with my warm breathm and she said, "Do that some more darlin'."

The first time she puckered I almost came, for I realized that, with her sweet pink hole, she was kissing me back. It was super hot! We puckered together. We became puckering fools. I became a madman. I lathered that magic hole, eating it with a hunger I'd never known.
She said, "Baby that's what I'm talkin' about!"
My cock, untouched, was waving and bobbing like a ship on the high seas. I suddenly realized that I was falling in love with Darshelle, falling head over heels like I'd never fallen before. This girl really knew how to get her hooks into a guy. I pictured us in Paris strolling arm in arm along Les Champs-Elysees, sailing the Aegean Sea to the Greek Isles, sipping tiny Turkish coffees on the streets of Istanbul... ah the South Pacific, making love on the pristine beaches of Bali.
But my reveries were cut short when she said, "Baby, stick that tongue back inside!"

Without question we would marry and spend the rest of our lives together. In the meantime, I would try to coax a whimper from her plump purple big-girl lips
I danced with the devil all night long. But when finally, FINALLY, the moans arrived, they were not Darshelle's. They were my own. I whimpered uncontrollably.
In response to my noise-making she said, "Thank you baby. That means a lot to me."
It was a wonderful night to fall in love. I nibbled, kissed, licked, blowing her dry, my little squeals of pleasure passing from my lips to her lovely hole, swimming up into her being like sonnets of love.
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