Desperate Times

By Secsi

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...calls for a quick release!
You can't stay long, as you have an appointment you can not miss. However, there's something which is more urgent, which needs to be sorted before you can leave. I stand in front of you, and slide down your body. You watch me drop to my knees. My hands gently stroke over you, one hand sliding under your waistband. You watch, the anticipation of what's to come almost too much for you already. I finger the head of your already hard cock through the fabric, as I use my other hand to undo your trousers. I know how much you love it when I tease you, but today you just need to cum.

I peel your jeans from you after unbuttoning them, and I pull them down your thighs, taking your boxers with them. My mouth is already waiting, and as my hands free you, I suck your tip straight into my mouth, my tongue licking along your shaft. You moan sharply, telling me how good that feels.

My hand holds and fondles your balls as more of your shaft disappears between my lips, my cheeks sucking in at the effort. I feel your fingers run through my hair as I take you. I swirl my tongue over your cock as it rests in my mouth. My bright brown eyes flick up to meet yours, lust sparking through them as you enjoy my efforts. My fingers gently tickle the soft skin of your balls, as my other hand fastens around your hard shaft. I use this hand to pull the skin of your cock into my mouth, and then to pull you back, my mouth sucking hard. I hear your groan, and you whisper, "Oh... fuck, I want you."

Pre-cum escapes from your slit, and I rub my tongue against your slit, sucking it, tasting a sample of what is still to come. You moan louder, getting closer, and ask me to make you cum.

My hand continues jerking you into my mouth, my lips draining you, as I hear you whisper, "Fuck, I'm close!" You start to thrust gently into my mouth as your orgasm builds, and I can feel your balls swell slightly. I pull you further into my mouth, my hand tight around your base, as my mouth fucks you. I wink up at you as you ask me if I want your cum, and I start to suck harder. My tongue flicks along your slit and over your cock in my mouth. I can tell how much you love this because you start thrusting harder. You grab at my hair as I feel you throb between my lips. They press down on you, keeping you in my mouth as you start to cum. Long threads of cum shoot from you, deep into my mouth, and you moan as I start to swallow the present you have left for me. I keep my lips held tight against you to make sure I don't drop any of your tasty seed, and as your orgasm subsides, you glance down at me.

I meet your gaze and, opening my mouth, I release you. I lick you clean before standing up and giving you a quick kiss. "Safe drive, baby," I say to you as you finish getting dressed again for the second time in the past hour. You give me another kiss before heading towards the door, keys in hand.

As you walk out, I say after you, "Oh, and David?"

You turn around, and ask with a smile, "Yes, Mel?"

I wink at you again, and say, "You owe me."