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Did You Sleep Well

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You are sitting on the edge of the bed, you have turned the lights off and have lite the candles in the room, the light from the flames dance across the ceiling. I sit down next to you and brush the hair from your eyes. I kiss your forehead and begin working my way down your neck. Slowly I unbutton your blouse and my kisses travel down to your bra. Looking up to you I kiss your dry lips as your breathing begins to quicken. I slip your blouse off and lay you down, running my hand up and down your side. Starting again I work my way down, kissing your neck and then all the way around your bra but never touching it, for my hand is gently rubbing your thigh. Lower and lower I go, with my kisses, my hand reached up and squeezes your breast, I then slip it under your bra and play with your harden nipples. You sigh and your legs spread slightly. I reach around you and unclasp your bra, it dropping to the floor. I take your nipple into my mouth, a slight moan escapes your lips. My hand slips between your legs and slowly and lightly rubs your most precious spot, your hand clasp over mine, to force it down harder, but instead I pull your hand up to my lips and gently kiss your fingers.

Rising above you, I kiss and suck your nipples then continue down your body getting ever so close to your precious spot. I kiss your inter thighs, they open wider, you place your hands upon my head and try to pull me close to your covered moisten lips, I pull your hands away, gently blowing, then licking you the full length, your thighs raise trying to keep in contact with my mouth, but you can not, you sigh but say nothing. My hands clasp the sides of your panties and I slowly pull them off of you. I start kissing my way back up to your neatly shaved precious spot, you take your hands and place them on your moisten lips and spread them open for me, has I begin to lick, kiss and suck you. Your body stiffens as the first wave of pleasure is starts to rush over you. A quite “ yes ” escapes your lips as my tongue probes deeper inside you, your hands grasp my head and pull me tighter as your hips begin to thrust into my face. My hands move back to your harden nipples and squeeze them, you bring a hand on to mine and raise it to your lips and you began to lick and suck my fingers.

I pull my fingers from your mouth and place your hands over your breast; together we squeeze them and tease your nipples. I move my hands down under you I raise you up, spreading your legs around my head I start sucking your clit, a moan escapes has you push your hips higher. My tongue slowly slips down your lips and my hands spread the cheeks of your buttocks, gently I lick around your tighten hole, as your body begins to twist “ "Oh yes" you moan as my lips travel back up and my tongue slips back inside you. You shutter and squeeze your legs tightly around my head as I suck you in deeply and drink your love juices that begin to flow.

Slowly I begin again to kiss my way back up your body to your lips, as we kiss and you pull my body close to you, my hand is slipping down inside your legs; they open as I slip a finger inside your hot tight opening. You moan, as the palm of my hand presses down on you harden clit and you slowly begin to buck against my hand. Your juices begin to flow again as I insert a second finger inside you. I nibble on you ear as your breathing become quicker, kissing my way down your body I suck a nipple into my mouth. I roll my fingers inside you and find your magic spot, your hips rise off the bed as I put a third finger inside you. Your hands push my head away from your nipple and down to your now dripping precious spot, I suck your clit into my mouth as I work my three fingers inside you. Gently I bite down on your clit while squeezing a nipple with my free hand, your body shakes, you cry out, as your organism over takes you. I pull my fingers from you and drink from you again, you pull my fingers to your mouth and you suck them in deeply then push me over to my back.

You begin kissing me down my body, sucking my nipples, while you gently stroke my harden member. I moan as you begin to kiss my body lower, you come to my groin, my member begins to ooze it’s pre cum you gently lick the head, and then slowly engulf it into your mouth. Slowly you take it deeper into you mouth, pulling back so that only the head is in, then down again, each time deeper, until you have fully engulfed me. You take a hand and begin to fondle my balls, the other hand plays with my nipples. I reach down and take you head into my hands, holding it still I start to work my hard member into your mouth. You take my hands away, and tell me to just lie back and enjoy your mouth. You take me all the way in, sucking hard as you do, the feeling is wonderful and I’m afraid I will cum if I let you continue. I turn my body so I can lick and suck you also, the pleasure is intense and I wish to share. We lie in the bed side by side, each giving the other oral pleasure, we both begin to buck into each others face, and the passion is building for each of us. My hands pull at your ass, your tight forbidden hole is exposed, my tongue licks lightly over it, your body stiffens, and a soft moan escapes your lips, I slowly lick around it, and roll to my back pulling you atop me. You cry out as my tongue rolls over your clit and then penetrate you. Your hips begin to grind down on my face; you rise off cock as my tongue fucks your wet pussy. A finger plays with your tight asshole, as you quicken your pace upon my face, I reach up and pinch you hard nipples, your body tightness as your juices flood my mouth and face. You cry out as your orgasm over takes you, I push a finger into your tight ass, your body shakes, and you collapse down upon me. You turn around and slide up my body and lay your head upon my chest. I wrap my arms around you, your breathing slows, and you sigh “ Oh dear God ”.

We had drifted off to sleep and when I awoke, we are naked in each other's arms. Your warm and tender breasts are pressing against my arm as you slowly stirred in your sleep. Your nipples hardened, or is it just my imagination? I gently touched your breast and place my lips to your nipple, nibbling on it. Softly, gently, not wanting to wake you, I pay homage to your breast taking my time and causing your skin to flutter from the stimulation. Your nipples harden even more as my tongue slowly and gently awakens them. Your breathing quickens and I look up to make sure I haven’t awoken you. You sleep on with a smile on your face. I slowly inch myself away from your body and start slowly kissing my way down between your breast, I licked the valley between them with feathery touches and work my way to your navel watching your fluttering skin as a slowly traced my way down your torso. I work my tongue around your navel and, as you awaken, you moan softly and then you gently pushed my face lower, urging me onward. I know what you want, but I resisted your pushing, maintaining contact with your supersensitive navel, driving you wild with desire for me to get down to your pussy and lap the juices you have stored there just for my ravishing tongue. You start squirming as your passion grows. You push my face towards your pussy with even more force than before.

Giving in to your pressure, I trace the line of fine hairs downward from your navel towards the essence of your womanhood. My tongue encounters the first wispy hairs on your pubes and stop there savoring the smell and taste. My nose encourages my cock to harden even more, my tongue gives my cock still even more encouragement. Slowly, tasting you as I go I lick further downward deliberately avoiding your pussy lips and your clit. I lick up the insides of both legs. I paid homage to the sensitive areas just below your labia. I slowly and gently licked and nipped your legs as I begin to move back upward towards your heavenly pussy, already gleaming with your pussy juices which is leaking and drawing my tongue closer and closer to its musky smell.

You reach down and find my cock harden with desire and gently tugged it towards you urging me to swing my legs around so you can pleasure me as I am pleasuring you. But I fake resistance knowing that resistance was futile and that you will have you way with me as I was having with you. As I continue to lick all around your pussy making you squirm trying to put my lips on your labia, you start to tease the head of my cock, sticking your tongue in the slit, tasting the remnants of last night's fantastic orgasms and of my cum. I finally lick your lower lips and taste both of us on them. The smell and the taste only acts to spur me on and I attack your clit with a fervor that I find impossible to describe. Your mouth covers the head of my cock and you apply a suction in hopes of eventually drawing my cum from my balls. I moan aloud as your lips touch the base of my cock and your tongue gently washes my balls.

Not a word is said by either of us. We were together in knowing what we want and how to get it. We have no need for spoken words. Our only signs of passion are our moans and the sounds of our tongues working on each other.

Abandoning your clit and your pussy, I drop my head lower and lick your ass, rimming it over and over again until your body lifts itself off the bed trying to force my tongue ever deeper into this forbidden hole. By now, the smell and taste of your body has my cock harder than it has ever been before and the head is turning purple as you suck the blood to the end. I feel the urge to cum in your mouth and start thinking about anything but that feeling, not wanting to end our lovemaking this soon. I have plans for that sperm. It is going to go deep into your womb. Gently I pulled my cock from your mouth and turned you over onto your stomach. I lifted your ass off the bed and positioned my erection at the entrance to your pussy, feeling the hairs tickle the head of my cock, feeling the moisture flowing from between your legs as your body tells me that it is ready to be fucked to orgasm after orgasm. Slowing I pushed my purple headed cock deep into your cunt. As I feel you pushing back against me, I pull back. When you realize that the only way you are going to get my cock deep inside your pussy is to let me do the work, you relax and let me enter you slowly and gently. My hands hold your hips as I gently push deeper and deeper into your love canal. I push deeper and deeper with each slow stroke until I can not go any further and then slowly withdraw until just the round head of my cock remains inside your pussy lips. Then I slowly entered again.

Soon, all of my cock is buried so deep in you that I can feel your cervix with my cock head and my balls are resting against your very hard clit. Then I start a slow pumping in and out, pulling out until just the cock head remains between your pussy lips. Then relentlessly pushing deep inside once again is pounding you into the mattress and forcing the breath out of you with each penetration. Your pussy feels so hot and wet and yet is tight around my cock that the feeling is unbelievable. Your moans tell me that I am hitting all the right spots in all the right ways. I dip a finger into the juices flowing from your pussy and probe your ass with it adding still more stimulation to this dance of love.

I pick up the pace. A second finger finds its way into your ass. Your moans are deeper and last longer as I begin to pound deeply into you matching my tempo with my fingers. Then, I stop. You look at me over your shoulder. As you do, I push as hard as I can into you while fingering your ass. You scream as your orgasm hits you like a ton of bricks. I start pumping once again as fast and as deep as I can go. Your moans turn to screams for a second time before I gave a loud bellow and with one last lunge into the deepest part of you I spray cum deep within you. You wiggle trying to keep me hard, knowing that it will not stay that way, but you try. You gently massage my balls drawing every last precious drop of cum from me.

Eventually, my cock comes out with a soft plop and you quickly cover it with your mouth slurping up both of our juices and trying to put new life in it. I swing around and taste the cum oozing from you. I lick like a man possessed gulping down our combined juices as you clean my cock. Then I swing around and plant a long, lingering kiss on your mouth. We were both spent from our exertions and lie in the bed in the wonderful afterglow of mutual orgasms.

"Good morning, sweetheart. Did you sleep well?"

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