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Dining in and Eating out

Master was hungry for more than food during this particular lunch date
Marissa was just about to walk out the door when another text from Mark came through. She paused in the door way to read what he sent, "Master needs a good hard come….". A big smile formed on her face and Marissa's heart quickened. That…she thought devilishly...she could defiantly make happen for her Master.

Every morning during the work week, before Marissa leaves for work at 7am, she texts her Master, Mark. The text contains the same phrase and attached is the same type of photo. "Master, how may I serve u today?", as well as a selfie of her kneeling. During some weeks, in the photo he wants her wearing her work clothes, sometime just the undergarments he purchases for her, or he may request her naked with a mirror between her legs reflecting the site of her pussy for him.

This particular morning, she had been instructed to wear underneath her work clothes, a black lace corset with garters and lace top black stockings, sans under wear. Her breasts were to be pushed up to expose her nipples for her morning photo. She complied, like she always does, and she now wondered if this morning's photo may have provided extra 'inspiration' for him.

"When can I provide you the good hard come you need Master?", she texts back. "Lunchtime, your place", is the response. She turns to lock the door behind her and jumps in her Tesla. Before speeding off, she types one more text, "Yes, sir."

As she is driving in, her mind begins to drifts to thoughts of her Master, as they so often do. She will have to try hard to concentrate at work knowing that at noon she would see her Master and be able to pleasure him. Two of her favorite things in this world!

After arriving to work at quarter after 7am, Marissa checks her phone one more time for any further instructions from her Master. There is a missed text message!

"Pet, I will be at your place at noon and I will expect you to have my favorite lunch ready. Before I walk through the door, you will be on the floor, head down, ass up wearing the black leather Louboutins I bought you……and nothing else. Will you comply, Pet?"

Marissa lets out a gasp. He can be very unpredictable in his wants. He has in the past for example, whipped her pussy until it was swollen, left her ass covered in hickeys so that she could barely sit down and on occasion made gentle love to her. His varying degrees of deprivation was balanced by her insatiable lust for him. She is committed to obeying her Master so very quickly she texts back, "Yes Master, I will comply."

"Good girl!" he answers right back. "One more thing Pet, do not be late. I am short on time for lunch, so you will be ready for me, won't you?"

"Yes, Master I will," she answers instantly.

Mark had keys to her condo so he could enter her home whenever he wanted. And that is the kind of access and participation he demanded from her. Whenever and whatever he wanted. He loved to test her loyalty and obedience. And she loved to prove herself and please her man. Their relationship, although non-traditional and taboo to most, it was exactly what they wanted and they thrived in it. The thrill she felt knowing he had her keys and could enter her condo, and her, at any moment kept her pussy moist and nippled erect when at home.

Marissa enters her office and sits down at her desk. She sets the alarm on her phone for 11am to give her plenty of time to get home and prepare for Mark. She sends a email to her boss asking if you can take a extra thirty minutes on her lunch. She fibs that she needs to go home at lunch to let the plumber in. In a few minutes ,her boss send her approval. "Yes!" Marissa says enthusiastically under her breath.

Marissa begins to go through her voice messages and inbox as she starts her work day. Before long her cell phone alarm is buzzing softly. She cannot believe how fast time has passed and she quickly sets her work email and instant message client to "Away", before locking her laptop. She grabs her purse and runs to her car, with a extra skip in her step. She cannot wait to get home and prepare lunch for her Master and spend time with him, if only for 1 hour.

She arrives promptly at 11:20am to her condo. Once inside she decides to ready herself first, then make his lunch last so it will be fresh. She jumps in the shower, brushes her teeth and uses her pink loofah to scrub her skin smooth. After the shower, she uses her favorite Victoria Secret body lotion to soften and lightly perfume her skin. She quickly touches up her makeup, then wraps herself in the small pink robe Mark bought her for Valentine's Day and runs downstairs to start lunch. It is now 11:40am.

In the kitchen she takes frozen strawberries out of the freezer, along with Mark's favorite Hagen Dazs Vanilla Bean ice cream, and sets them on the counter. She always has her kitchen stocked with his favorite foods. On the bottom shelf of her pantry sits her Vitamix uber blender. She blends the strawberries, ice cream and some whole milk until the contents have liquefied and become a smooth and light pink color. She pours the milk shake into a old fashion glass like they ones you would see used from a diner in the 1950's. She tops it off with some cool whip.

Next she builds a large turkey and provolone sandwich on wheat bread with tomatoes and mustard. She presses the sandwich in her Panini maker to warm it up and to blend all the contents into a tasty gooey sandwich. Time now is 11:55am!

She quickly plates the sandwich and along with the strawberry milkshake, sets them down on the dining room table. His lunch is ready at the head seat at the dining room table, of course. 11:58am! 

Marissa checks her phone for any new messages from Mark…..there are none. As she reads his message from the morning, one more time, she realizes she has forgotten her Louboutins. She races upstairs to her closet and simultaneously drops her robe and yanks the expensive platform heels from her closet. She hears the keys jiggling in the front door downstairs. Oh Shit!

She flies down the stairs jumping over the last two steps and makes her way to the front door. She slips the Louboutins on and gets into position. 

On her knees she pitches forward onto her forearms, flicks her hair to one side, rests her head on her hands and sticks her bare ass in the air. Mark opens the door. It is noon exactly.

She sees his dress shoes enter through the door, turn around to shut and lock the door and then walk towards her. He stops in front of her. She dare not move without his explicit permission to do so.

"How is my sweet beautiful Pet, today?" he asks smoothly and sexily.

She slowly looks up at him through her long dark eyelashes. "I am better now that you are here. I so miss my Master," she coos.

He squats down so he is just inches above her head and leans forward. "Such a good girl." he whispers in her ear. She melts, as she can smell his cologne and feel the heat from his breath in her ear. She is becoming very wet and feels the first drop cross the threshold of her vulva and roll down her thigh.

He stands up and walks around her examining her body. He caresses her lips with his thumb, runs his fingers from the back of her neck to her tail bone and smacks her on the ass, firmly.

"Mmmm..." he moans softly. "Look at my little slut all ready for her Master."

Now it is her turn to moan. He turns his head to see his lunch waiting for him on the table. He is very hungry, but wants to examine some more of what is his. His slut, his pet, his sub, his property.

He kneels next to her side and gently pushes her head down to its back in the original position on top of her hands so that her ass is once again high in the air. He reaches under and tugs softly on each nipple, before groping her generous breasts. He positions himself behind her and admires her sex in full view. He notes the glistening of her gash and he thinks he will have to put his fingers in his whore to test how ready she is for him. He runs one hand through her hair and gives a gently pull to force her head back. Her ass is higher and her pussy even more accessible now. He takes one finger and inserts it in her and curls it to reach her g-spot. He rubs her g-spot with one hand while pulling her hair with the other. 

He again whispers in her ear, "My cunt is sopping wet for its Master, isn't that right slut?" 

"Oh fuck yes, Master," she replies.

He removes his finger and orders her to get up.

"Slut, I want you on that table right now with your legs open for me. I am especially hungry today and I am not sure the lunch you made will satisfy me," he says through gritted teeth.

She hops up and moves his plate of food and milk shake to the side on the table and positions herself as commanded.

Mark follows her to the table and takes a seat at the head of the table. Marissa has her legs open and her glistening pussy is on full display and right under Mark's face.

Mark takes a bite from the sandwich while examining her. He has such a proud look in his eye when she obeys his every wish. He is truly her Master and she truly is his sub. 

He puts the sandwich down after a couple bites and runs his hands from top of her knees to her ankles. He lifts her feet to examine the shoes he bought her.

"Damn, these shoes are sexy."

"Thank you Master, for buying them for me. You are too good for this slut," she says sincerely.

He wipes his mouth with a napkin and eyes the strawberry milkshake. He leans forward to grab it and holds it up to Marissa.

"Feed your Master his milkshake like a good slut."

She pauses for a moment pondering the logistics involved with feeding him the milkshake with no spoon or straw. She realizes that her body will be the utensil she forgot to bring to the table.

She starts at the top of her chest and pours the milk shake slowly out and holds in her breath when the cold smooth liquid reaches her skin. It moves lazily between her breast on its way to her belly button. She looks at him for approval.

He nods his head and says, "All of it."

She continues to pour from her chest and now the ice cream is threatening to reach her pubic bone. The sensation is incredible and she lets her head fall back as she lets out a loud moan…."Oh my God!"

He leans forward and begins to take long licks on her chest. He grabs her free hand and uses it to smear the ice team over her large tits and aureoles. Then he precedes to lick it off her. 

She is so turned on, the heat from her body is accelerating the melting of the ice cream creating a flow of strawberry sweetness moving closer and closer to her needy snatch.

He continues his slow sucking and nibbling of her body where the ice cream has a left a trail.

Finally the ice cream reaches her pussy and this causes a delicious full body shiver to take over her body.

Mark lustily looks at the ice cream that has reached her pussy entrance and hurriedly removes his tie and dress shirt so as to not stain his clothes. He leans in and sucks the ice cream from her outer labia.

Marissa shudders and moans. His mouth devours the ice cream and his tongue expertly coats her pussy with his saliva. The whole milk shake has been poured on her body and she sets the glass down behind her.

She continues to shiver either from the cold drink on her flesh or from Mark's oral skills...probably both.

The small mound of cool whip from the milk shake is slowly migrating downwards past Marissa's tits. He scoops the cool whip with his fingers from her body and then inserts them inside Marissa's pussy.

Then he pushes her thighs even more open and dives in. He sucks the cool whip out of her pussy hungrily. While the cool whip is still in his mouth, he spits it out on to her clit then sucks it off.

"Jesus!" she screams. Her lips parted and mouth open she stares at Mark and begins to pant. Her orgasm is beginning to slowly rise to the surface.

Mark continues to eat and suck out all the strawberry milkshake as it collects in her pussy. He makes loud smacking noises with his lips and tongue to further drive her wild. He is a predator who is enjoying ravaging his prey.

Her Master could eat her out like nobody else. He was so good at pleasuring her, it was a crime. She was always on the verge of tears when he would fuck her, because it just seemed too good to be true. He was hers and she was his and they so enjoyed to pleasure each other. They were quite simply, made for each other.

He was almost completely done sucking and licking all the ice cream from her pussy. She was a sticky mess and she loved it! She glanced up at the clock and saw it was already 12:45pm. 

She was close to coming and Mark could sense that, so he stands up, drops his pants, and lets them slide off completely. He turns around and steps up on the chair to get on the table. He is standing over Marissa now.

He slide his boxer briefs down and completely off to reveal his huge hard on. She sits up so she can access his cock.

She begins to feverishly suck him off. He places his hands on his hips and stares up at he ceiling and moans. "Good girl...that is my beautiful cocksucker," he purrs.

A few minutes pass then he kneels down to push Marissa back on the table , still straddling her. He lifts her legs up and enters her slowly.

It is a sticky, warm and luscious feeling that is absolutely fantastic. She grips his cock with her cunt and begins to milk him. 

He is thrusting into her with a loud grunt, each time. Marissa is getting fucked so hard by her Master that her moans have turned to screams. This is the a feeling like none other and for that 1 hour they are together, it becomes the only hour in the day that counts.

"Master fuck me harder! I am your slut, I am your whore, I am your servant! Please fill me with your cum!"

Mark's thrusts become more violent and he is pounding his fists on either side of her head on the table rattling all the dishes.

"Slut!" he says between thrusts, "I am going to flood you like you have never been flooded before!" he yells in her face still pounding his fists.

"Oh God please allow me to come Master," she begs.

He grabs her hair with both hands and yanks her head back, as he is now penetrating her as deep as possible. His grunts stop as his body tenses and he begins to shake. "Oh my slut! Oh my slut! Here comes your Master's seed!" he yells.

Marissa put her arms around Mark's neck and they pull their foreheads together as they continue to grind and leap off the cliff together into ecstasy.

The both come at the same time in a excruciating and violent release of tension. The pleasure erupting from their orgasims is mind blowing, and they both lock eyes as the intensity peaks and then slowly subsides. They both shiver from the pleasure and the intensity of their love making. 

"Oh my God baby, that was so fucking hardcore!" Marissa says, momentary out of her submissive role. 

"Fuck yeah baby!" Marks shouts. They both laugh and Mark exits Marissa's body slowly. They are both a mess of ice cream, sweat and cum.

Mark glances at the clock, it is now 12:55pm. 

"Lets quickly jump in the shower, I got a 1:30pm meeting."

Marissa rolls off the table and smacks Mark on his bare ass.

He looks at her with a disapproving look.' Uh Oh!' she thinks. 

He glances down at the cum dripping down her thighs. She now realizes what she did wrong was not so much the smack as the disrespect at wasting his seed. She quickly scoops up the cum and pours it in her mouth. She sticks her fingers inside and collects the remaining come before sucking all the juices from her fingers.

She opens her mouth, and sticks her tongue out so he can see all their cum was swallowed.

Mark beams at Marissa.

"That's a good slut," he says before smacking her extra hard on the ass. 

"Thank you Master for so graciously dining in and eating out with your slut," she says with a giggle.

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