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Dinner with a Twist

Blair and Jack plan something special for her lover's birthday dinner.
Clair and Blair are a very adventurous couple. They tend to play a little game whenever they are out with friends, and everyone they knew close enough played with them. Sexually tease your partner and see if you can make them cum without anyone noticing. Although in most cases it became a contest of who could subtly bring their partner to orgasm sooner if they had figured it out.

Jack and Lauren were the most notorious for playing along with them, and as a result were invited out to lunch or dinner VERY often. This evening was special for Clair, she just got a big promotion and it was also her birthday so in celebration they invited Jack and Lauren out to dinner at a fancy place. However, Blair had called Jack before-hand and wanted to play the game a little differently this evening - she would tease Clair to the brink of orgasm keep her wanting the entire night and let him and Lauren tempt her as much as possible.

Jack told Lauren about it and they agreed that if they swapped dates at any point in the evening it was alright so long as Blair and Clair didn’t mind either. They arrived at the place wearing relatively appropriate clothing; Clair and Lauren were wearing short skirts as suggested by their lovers. While Jack and Blair were wearing khaki’s with a collared shirt and a long blue dress respectively.

“Are you ready to play?” Jack whispered into Lauren’s ear as they sat at the booth, she merely grinned and kissed him on the cheek as he slid next to her. After they ordered their drinks thoroughly congratulated Clair the four of them talked for a moment while they waited. Once their orders were put in and they would be undisturbed for a bit the real fun began. Jack and Blair’s hands immediately moved under the table and went to work on their lovers.

Jack softly rubbed Lauren’s thigh, pushing the side of his hand against her panties. He was content with massaging her thigh while they grinned naughtily at Clair. Clair’s eyes were cast downward and she began to flush from the stimulation. Blair’s fingers slipped under Clair’s panties and slid softly up and down her lower lips. Carefully brushing her entrance on the way down and making sure to avoid her clit so that she didn’t get too excited just yet. Blair pulled her hand up slightly and drew wet circles around Clair’s clit, making sure not to touch it but staying tantalizingly close. Blair withdrew her hand and began sucking the moisture off her fingers, giggling as Clair let out a soft and wanting moan.

“I have an idea…” Lauren whispered to Jack, catching him by surprise. She placed her hand on his groin and kissed him on the cheek.

“Hey you two?” Lauren said to get the girls’ attention. “Why don’t we freshen up really quick.”

Lauren giggled and Jack stood up to let her out as she followed the couple to the bathroom. Jack wondered what kind of plan she had come up with; he knew it was going to be interesting if Lauren had to get their approval first. After two or three minutes and a new beer the three ladies came back with smiles on their faces. Jack moved to stand up and let Lauren back in but was pushed to the wall by Clair who sat beside him. Lauren sat directly across from Jack as Blair sat beside her, they giggled as Clair turned to explain to Jack what their plan was.

“Umm…” Clair started, trying to work up the courage for what she was about to say. She leaned in for a whisper, trying to hide her embarrassment, “I have to give Lauren your cum if I want to keep playing…”

Jack raised an eyebrow and his lack of protest was all the response Clair needed, while multiple giggles and seductive grins came from the women across from him. Jack slid his hand up Clair’s thigh as he had done to Lauren and went straight for her panties. He brushed them and noticed immediately that they were Lauren’s and he looked up to make a comment.

“Sharing quite a lot this evening, are you sure you don’t mind?” Jack said calmly, making absolutely sure what was about to happen was alright for everyone. They simply nodded and Jack noticed Blair’s hand was already up Lauren’s skirt.

He leaned into Clair, wrapped his arm around her shoulders and whispered into her ear. “If she didn’t tell you how I like it, this might take a while.” He said in the most sultry tone he could muster, gently biting her ear lobe as he pulled away his face.

Clair blushed, but her desire outweighed her embarrassment. Without even glancing for prying eyes Clair brought her face down into Jack’s crotch. Quickly undoing his zipper and pulling his semi-erect member out into the open. She was sensitive to almost every sound around them, and when someone walked close enough she pulled her face up and covered his groin with the large cloth napkin. Jack ran his fingers through her short black hair and whispered into her ear, “So you don’t want to play?”

Clair responded by uncovering his prick and impaling her face on it as quickly as she could. Jack was caught off guard and almost let out a groan as she held his member in her mouth. It didn’t take him long to harden and completely fill her throat, causing her to gag slightly. Their waitress came back at the most inopportune time to tell them that their food shouldn’t take too much longer. Clair had completely blocked out the world around her and was slowly bobbing her head in Jack’s groin, making sure to circle her fingers around any part of his length not in her mouth. She blushed and looked Jack right in the eyes and flushed an intense shade of red.

“Thank you, we don’t mind waiting. We tip very generously when our evenings go well.” Jack said with a smile. Him talking caused Clair to wake up from her fellating stupor and immediately tried to pull off and avoid any embarrassment. Jack simply kept his hand on the back of her head, pressing against her whenever her lips brushed his tip. Their waitress nodded and just walked away, making sure not to come back until she had their food.

After five more minutes of bobbing, licking, and sucking, Jack was still no closer to cumming and Clair was getting rather impatient. “I suppose I can’t blame a lesbian for not being good at sucking dick.” Jack said as quietly as he could, gesturing to Lauren that he was going to need more than this to get off.

Lauren whispered something to Blair who rocked backwards, slipped off her heels and slid her feet up Clair’s skirt. With careful toes she slowly pulled her panties down and slid them off, leaving Clair to enjoy the breeze. If she was not being kept on Jack’s rod, Clair might have done something to stop it. Blair balled up the panties in her hand and passed them to Jack, who looked at them questioningly.

“You always loved the way that fabric felt, so go ahead.” Lauren said, biting her lip as she waited for his reaction. Jack responded by releasing Clair’s head and she pulled back to take a few deep breaths now that her mouth was no longer full. Jack slid the panties over his member and Clair immediately squeezed him from base to tip, pressing the panties against his skin. They were wet with lust and his pre cum began to coat the insides as well.

Clair paused for a moment and winced pressing her face into Jack’s arm to stifle a moan. Blair had worked her foot between Clair’s thighs and was expertly teasing her clit with careful toes. When Clair pulled her face back and wanted to moan again she silenced it by wrapping her mouth around Jack’s panty covered rod. The sensation of the silky fabric combined with Clair’s gentle moans and hot mouth had Jack worked up. Even though she could no longer get the entire member into her throat, Jack was more than happy with the half that she pleased.

Lauren noticed the strain and pleasure on Jack’s face and knew he was close. “Clair, sweetie, if you intend to share any you might want to put the panties back on.” Lauren giggled and Blair pulled her soaked toes away. Slowly and carefully Clair removed the soaked panties from Jack’s pecker. After some minor adjustments to how she was sitting, Clair managed to get the wet and sticky panties snug against her mound.

After a small amount of moaning from Clair and kissing between Lauren and Blair, Jack was getting impatient. Clair decided it was time that someone came and with one quick stroke she filled her throat and planted her lips against his pants. With a couple strong sucks and collapsed cheeks, Jack was ready to pop. Clair gripped his base and wrapped her lips around his head while playfully flicking at him with her tongue. She looked up at Jack and her wanting eyes were all he needed and Jack filled her mouth with his warmth.

Clair used the napkin to dab at her lips, but was still in a predicament. She quickly stood up and swapped places with Blair as Lauren waited intently. Before they could share, the waitress had returned with their food and was hardly hiding her blush as she noticed the seats were swapped yet again. Jack had cleaned himself with the cloth napkin and discreetly slipped it back into his pants. Clair was impatient as ever, her mouth full of cum and her dislike of the taste was not helping. As soon as Lauren’s steak was sat on the table Clair wasted no time spilling the contents of her mouth out onto it. Their waitress pretended not to notice as she sat the other plates down and walked away.

“I take it you don’t like the flavor?” Lauren asked, staring into Clair’s embarrassed eyes as she leaned in for a kiss. Rather than letting her get the taste of cum out of her mouth with the food, Lauren used her tongue to wipe it all off before pulling out of their sloppy kiss.

Clair’s face was flushed a bright shade of red, on the edge of orgasm from all of the stimulation and embarrassment and waiting impatiently for the final push. They ate rather quickly, minor comments here and there but all of them were in a hurry to get to the main event back at home. Lauren didn’t seem to mind the added sauce to her dinner, in fact whenever she took a bite she made sure Jack was watching. Once their plates were out of the way and the check was brought over, the inevitable question arose from their waitress.

“I don’t mean to pry but…” She stammered out, trying to muster up the courage to ask. “Do you always do stuff like this at dinner?” She fiddled with the booklet holding their check, concerned that she shouldn’t have asked.

“Why, would you like to join us?” Blair said with a smile, reaching out to grab the check from her.

“Umm… no but… I mean… If you see me working… I can get you a private booth…” She managed to finally say, blushing and averting her eyes. Jack took the check from Blair and slipped the cash inside the booklet, along with a very generous one hundred dollar tip.

“Kathy, right?” Jack asked, she replied with a shy nod. “You got yourself a deal and we always tip very well for servers that look out for us.” Jack replied with a smile and wrote Lauren and Blair’s number on the receipt. “If you change your mind about joining us just call one of those numbers.” Jack handed Kathy back the check booklet and she nodded in acknowledgement.

“Clair, don’t even think about it.” Blair spoke harshly and broke the mood of the conversation. All eyes shifted to Clair, whose eyes were shut and her hands between her thighs. She was left wanting and let out a little whimper when Lauren pulled her hands up to the table. After laughing it off and saying their goodbyes it was time to head back home, anticipating more evening fun.

Once they were outside Clair started whispering things to Blair as they walked just in front of Jack and Lauren. Blair took a quick look around and slipped her hand up the back of Clair’s skirt and between her cheeks. They stopped in front of Blair’s car and she took no shame sliding two of her slender fingers into Clair’s soaked snatch as far as they would go. Clair bit her lip to stifle a long and thankful moan as they turned around to say farewell to their dinner guests.

“Sorry about your knickers.” Blair said to Lauren, flexing her fingers and causing Clair to gasp out louder than expected.

“Don’t worry; I’ll get them back later…” Lauren said with a naughty grin as she slipped out of Clair’s panties. “You can have yours back now though, sorry if they are a little wet.” Lauren balled up the pink panties and shoved them into Clair’s open mouth, silencing her moans and gasps. Blair grinned and guided her lover to the car door by her hips.

“Happy birthday and congratulations…” Jack and Lauren shouted back at them together as they made their way a little further to their car. They walked up to Jack’s blue corvette and he handed Lauren the keys along with a playful slap on her ass.

“You drive Hun, I want to return the favor for that interesting idea.” Jack said, walking around to the passenger side as Lauren moved to the driver’s side.

“Looks like we are taking the long way home…” Lauren said with a happy sigh as they climbed in and began their drive home.
I plan to continue this specific story line, breaking it into two different scenes to detail out the rest of the evening for both couples. Once again this was a bit of an experiment for me, after I complete the follow ups I will go back to doing normal straight sex stories. Thank you for reading and please point out where I am lacking


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