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Disobedient Submissive

Kyrie gets jealous of her master and decides to show him up.
As 7 o'clock neared I took a look at myself in my full length mirror. I'm not a petite girl, but have curves in all the right places. My long brown hair hung in soft curls with my bangs pinned back, my green eyes were glistening from the light make up I wore, my 38c boobs looked nicely in my v-neck top showing off enough cleavage that was sure to turn a few heads, and the shorts I wore showed off my long tanned legs. As I bent down to put on my sandals I felt something wrap around my waist.

"Stand up" I heard a stern voice say from behind me. I smiled and did as I was told. Looking in the mirror I saw Dan's arms wrapped around my waist. I looked up at his glistening blue eyes looking me up and down in the mirror with no expression on his face. I bit my lip. I was quite pleased with the outfit I had chosen for him that evening and now I was starting to rethink my decision.

Dan locked eyes with me in the mirror and I seductively smiled at him. He motioned for me to turn around and I obliged. When I finally faced him I couldn't help but check him out. He was wearing dark jeans and a snug shirt that showed off his muscles, his blonde hair was spiked, and he towered over me even though I was 5'9.

"Kyrie" the way he said my name sent chills up my spine. "Yes sir?" I responded not wanting to meet his gaze. "Look at me, pet." I reluctantly met his eyes. He leaned forward kissing my neck giving me goose bumps. He grabbed my ass pulling me harder against his body. I moaned in his ear making him laugh. He knew how much I liked it when he did that. We stood there for what felt like hours, but were merely minutes. I realized he had to be checking me out from behind, so I wiggled my ass at him.

I shifted in his arms waiting for him to tell me whether or not my choice pleased him. He bit my ear blowing his hot breath into it making me groan. His hot breath in my ear drove me crazy and I could instantly feel my panties getting wet. "You did very good pet" he finally spoke breaking the silence. I could only smile in response hearing that I pleased him.

He pulled away. " Ready to go?" he asked and I nodded. He grabbed my hand and led me out the front door to his car. He walked me over to the passenger side and graciously opened the door for me. I slid in the seat "Thank you sir" he nodded in response closing my door. He slid into the leather seat beside me and shifted the car into gear. The car ride was quiet. I spent most of the time rubbing his inner thigh getting close to his crotch every so often getting him to groan and harden in response to my touch.

Pulling up to the club I squeezed his cock through his jeans before stepping out the car. I could feel the street vibrating as we walked up to the club. I walked in front of Dan to the bouncer at the door and gave him a sexy smile. He let us in checking me out as I passed. I turned back and winked at him as he was staring at my ass. Dan wrapped an arm around my waist and guided me to the bar.

He always liked a few drinks in our system before the night began to help loosen us up. He sat me on his lap ordering our drinks. I looked around the dance floor watching people dancing against one another. Looking back around the bar I noticed a guy sitting there alone with black hair and blue eyes. His eyes met mine and I smiled looking away

Dan noticed this and hissed in my ear making me jump. He handed me my drink and I sipped at it as he chugged his down. I looked over at Dan and saw him staring across the room smiling flirtatiously.

I peered behind me trying to see what had his attention. I saw some blonde dancing seductively staring back at Dan. I rolled my eyes and hopped off his lap sitting on the barstool beside me. Dan finally took his eyes off the bimbo on the dance floor. "Found something you like I see" I hissed. He just smiled back at me and I rolled my eyes again

"Stay here pet. You are to not leave this barstool, understood?" He said standing up. I started to get angrier knowing why I had to stay here. "Yes sir" I said through gritted teeth. I watched him walk over to the blonde girl dancing. He wrapped his arms around her as she grinded back against him. I snorted to myself, it always made me mad when he tried to make me jealous thinking somehow it would make me want him more. When it only made me want to disobey him and return what he was trying to do himself. I glanced across the bar looking for the guy I locked eyes with but he was nowhere in sight.

Now I had to find another guy to help do my dirty work. Sighing I turned around in the stool, my knees brushing against someone's waist. I looked up meeting those same blue eyes as I did only moments before. I smiled up at him. "Hi, I'm Hunter" he introduced himself smiling back at me. "I'm Kyrie" I introduced myself shifting in my seat.

"Where'd your boyfriend go?" Hunter asked and I looked over where Dan was, watching him kiss the other girl. Hunter followed my gaze and responded with a "ah." He stood there for a minute never taking his eyes off me. "Well would you like to dance?" he asked holding out his hand to me. I smiled taking his hand as he led me out to the dance floor. Finding a spot that I knew Dan would get a perfect view of.

Hunter turned back to me his arms slithering around my waist pushing me closer to him as his hands cupped my ass. I started to dance against him, swaying my hips from side to side to the music. I made sure to brush across his groin as I danced, hearing him groan every time I did.

We danced liked that for a few songs locking eyes every time I brushed across his crotch. I could feel him getting harder which only made me wetter as he leaned in closer starting to nibble my neck. I took a glance over at Dan and saw him watching us barely even paying attention to the girl he was with.

I gave him a wink as I wrapped my arms around Hunter's neck nibbling on his ear. More groans escaped his lips as he sucked and nibbled my neck. I moaned softly in his ear turning around grabbing his hands. I pulled them over my waist his fingertips resting gently on my pussy through my shorts.

I pushed my ass out grinding against his cock, his grip getting tighter pulling me harder against him. I turned my head to the side as Hunter's lips touched my ear moaning softly into it. I looked over at Dan who was now fuming only having one arm around the girl he was with. I smiled at him. "Is he getting jealous?" Hunter asked his hot breath hitting my ear. I shuddered and moaned. "He is.”

Reaching behind me squeezing his cock getting another moan in response. I spun around wrapping my arms around his neck, grinding my soaking wet pussy against his cock. Hunter leaned forward and kissed me his tongue flicking across my bottom lip. I open my mouth slightly so our tongues could play

I felt Hunter's tongue flick across mine before he started nibbling on it. I moaned into the kiss grinding my hips against his. He squeezed each one of my ass cheeks into his hands pulling me harder against him. I slipped my hands under his shirt biting his bottom lip as he let go of my tongue. Hunter started running his finger up my thigh making me gasp, his finger tracing up the inside of my shorts. He smiled when he felt how wet I was rubbing his finger over my slit through my panties.

I wrapped my leg around his waist making it easier for his finger leaning my head back moaning. He kissed my chin down my neck, kissing over my collar bone, as he started rubbing his thumb on my clit through my panties making me moan more. All of a sudden his hand left my clit and I looked at him, but he was looking elsewhere. “This again?” I groaned to myself.

He looked back at me and sighed. "I think your boyfriend is walking over here." I didn't even bother to look back. I smiled at Hunter never taking my eyes off him reaching into his pants rubbing his tip with my finger. Hunter moaned leaning his forehead against mine. "Would you like you go somewhere else?" Hunter asked breathing heavy. I dropped my leg from his waist, squeezing his cock. "Let’s go" He reluctantly pulled my hand from inside his pants and led me to an emptier part of the club where we could have more room and hopefully Dan didn't see where we went.

Hunter let go of my hand and sat on one of the couches that was in an empty room. He patted his lap asking me to sit, a gorgeous smile on his face. I walked over to him smiling sitting on his lap each of my knees on either sides of his legs. He reached behind my head and pulled me to him kissing me with such yearning. I rotated my hips on his lap pressing my pussy hard on his cock. I kissed his ear nibbling down his neck, running my hands up his shirt. His hand slid up my shorts finding my clit again. He pushed my wet panties to the side and pinched my clit making me squirm on his lap. As he rubbed my clit I unzipped his pants squeezing his cock. He pushed down my shorts and I lifted my butt off his lap. He picked me up laying me on the couch pulling my shorts off my ankles.

He faced me on the couch sliding a finger of each hand up each of my legs making me shiver. He rested each hand on my knees prying them apart, leaning forward ripping my panties across the crotch. I gasped feeling his breath on my pussy as I spread my legs wider. He took in a breath and looked at me with so much lust in his eyes as he dove into my pussy.

I could feel his tongue circling around my clit. I leaned my head back and moaned. He stuck his tongue deep into my pussy making me moan louder. I twisted my finger in his hair pushing his head in further. I leaned forward pulling his head away from my pussy licking his lips tasting my juices on them biting my lip as I pushed his head back towards my pussy. He flicked his tongue over my clit teasing me sticking two of his fingers inside me. He pulled his fingers back out and shoved them in my mouth. I sucked all of my juices off his fingers. "You’re missing out" I said as he pulled his fingers out of my mouth. Needing no more encouragement he sucked my clit.

I lifted my hips up grinding against his face. "You like the way my pussy tastes?" I asked my breathing getting shallower. I could feel myself tensing up and my legs start to shake as felt my orgasm getting close. "I’m going to cum" I say in between moans. "Yes cum for me baby. I want your cum all over my face." He grabbed my hips pulling my pussy closer to his face, licking and sucking my clit. I started to tremble getting even closer.

I pushed his head harder into my pussy moaning uncontrollably. “I’m cumming." I moaned and Hunter licked up every drop. "You taste so sweet." he said as he sat on the couch watching me come down from my orgasm. I crawled on top of him kissing and nibbling his neck. Hunter thrusted his hips up his hard cock pushing hard against my wet pussy. I pulled his shirt up kissing down his chest and stomach sliding down his legs kneeling on the floor.

I reached for the top of his boxers pulling them down slightly his cock springing out of them fully erect. Grabbing his 8 inch cock licking up his shaft to his tip. Hunter moaned and leaned his head back. I rolled my tongue over his tip before sucking it into my mouth. I could taste his pre cum and moaned at how good it tasted.

I sucked my way down his shaft taking him in my mouth inch by inch. I looked up at him and locked eyes with him as I grabbed his hips and pulled his cock into my mouth taking all of him. "Yes baby. You take that big cock." Hunter said in between moans thrusting his hips up fucking my mouth. I dug my nails into his thigh squeezing the bottom of his shaft. He thrusted up hard making me gag and I pulled his cock out taking a breath.

I smiled up at him, " Cum for me." I said before bobbing my head up and down on his cock. Hunter’s breathing got heavier as he moaned loudly. I cupped his balls fondling them gently. I felt his cock start to throb and I shoved him deeper into my mouth.

I heard Hunter moan loud before ribbon after ribbon of cum shot down my throat. I swallowed all of it not wanting to let any drip from my mouth. As he settled down I stood up wanting his gorgeous cock inside me. Before I could even sit on his cock I felt something grab my wrist and pull me back.

I whimpered feeling the juices from my pussy run down my leg. I wanted Hunter's cock so bad. I tried to walk towards him again but I couldn't free my wrist. I looked to see who was holding my wrist and saw Dan glaring at Hunter. When he looked at me I dropped my head. "Get your shorts pet. We are leaving." Dan said in the worst tone I think I have ever heard. He let go of my wrist and I slowly walked up to Hunter who was buttoning up his jeans.

I put on my shorts and handed Hunter a piece of paper I had in my pocket. I kissed Hunter on the cheek and whispered "Call me." in his ear. "Now, pet." Dan said growing more irritated. I flinched hearing the tone in his voice. I hurriedly walked up to Dan still not meeting his eyes.

As I followed him to the car he never looked at me or even spoke. As we reached the cat I sighed. He got into his side without opening my door. I slowly opened my door and slid into my seat. "You have a lot of making up to do." Dan finally spoke as he turned on the car and headed back home. Tonight is going to be a long night, I thought to myself.

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