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Doing Belize Part Three Kerry and Tom

Tina and I thank Kerry for her help and advice.
I quickly showered, dried off and then dressed. I put on a red silk dress with spaghetti straps, low cut in the front showing some cleavage, cut down the back to just above my hips with the hem falling a couple of inches above my knees. I stepped into a pair of red 3” high heels. As I stood in front of the mirror giving myself the once over, I noticed my snug fitting dress highlighted all my sensual curves nicely including around my semi-erect nipples which were pushing out the silk.

Tina was sitting on the edge of the bed watching me dress and I could see her reflection in the mirror. Tina was smiling and when I turned to face her, her smile grew even bigger.

“Wow” Was all Tina said as she stared at my breasts.

I smiled as I walked over to Tina; I bent over and gave her a quick kiss on the lips, pulling away as I teasingly traced her lips with my tongue.

“I will take that as a compliment” I said as I walked over to the night stand and grabbed a small package I had set there when we had returned from shopping. “I have a little something for you.”

I walked back over to Tina and without saying a word; I pulled Tina to her feet, kissed her softly several times with more passion emerging with each kiss. I reached up and pulled down the straps to her dress, my thumbs pushing the top of her dress over her breasts. Cupping both her breasts, I leaned down taking her nipples into my mouth, first one and then the other. Kissing, licking and then gently sucking her nipples. I sucked and flicked each nipple until they hardened slightly. I then pinched a nipple and carefully slipped over a ring repeating my actions to her other nipple. The gold rings were not only a perfect fit but also looked very erotic and sexy against her dark areolas holding each nipple slightly erect.

I stepped back pulling her to the bedroom mirror for Tina to see her gift. Her eyes widened as a smile appeared.

“Oh wow!” she exclaimed. “They look so sexy! I love them. Thank you so much.” With that she gave me a kiss; a passionate one, tracing my lips with her tongue and without thinking I allowed her tongue access to my mouth. Our tongues danced in my mouth; flicking, rubbing, intertwined and then hers slipping deeper causing a muffled moan to escape from somewhere deep inside me. She pulled back and thank you once again.

We adjusted our dresses after I slipped nipple rings onto myself and headed out the door for the bar. We must have been quite the sight as we turned heads as we walked out the condo lobby and down the street. Looks and stares were given to our direction whether it was because we were dressed to the nines or because of our semi-erect nipples protruding from our dresses, whatever the reason, it didn’t matter.

When we arrived at the bar it wasn’t long before we spotted Kerry sitting at a table with a guy. As we approached, Kerry and her boyfriend stood to greet us. Kerry introduced her boyfriend Tom as she leaned into each of us, giving Tina and I a quick hug. All of us sat at the table, ordered drinks and quickly fell into a conversation as if we were old friends playing catch up.

After awhile and several drinks, I noticed Kerry had one hand on her drink and the other under the table. From time to time Tom moved slightly in an awkward manner. He would shift a little from side to side, straighten up and then move closer the edge of his chair. I could see Kerry’s arm that was under the table moving slightly. I smiled to myself realizing what Kerry was doing. Unfortunately, my smile was not just to myself.

“Why are you smiling like that?” Kerry asked.

I could feel all eyes at the table now trained on me. I looked at Kerry with a quizzical look. I looked at her then at Tom, to her arm and then back to her staring eyes. Kerry’s arm suddenly moved, obviously back to her lap.

“Oh nothing, I was just noticing that Tom is awfully quiet. The three of us seem to be doing most of the talking.”

“It’s okay,” Tom replied. “I’m enjoying myself just sitting here listening to three beautiful ladies.”

“I bet you are.” I said with a big smile. “It’s just so unusual for a man to be able to sit so quietly. It must be very hard.”

Kerry looked at me with wide eyes and an embarrassing grin on her face. With a coy smile and speaking softly she said, “Yes, I’m sure it is very hard for Tom.”

As a man approached the table and asked Tina to dance, Tom excused himself to use the restroom and I scooted my chair closer to Kerry. Kerry and I met eyes and before anything was said we both busted out laughing.

“I’m so sorry, I can’t believe you saw what I was doing. I just couldn’t help myself and Tom seemed to be enjoying it a lot.”

“Um, yes, I would say he was enjoying it.” I said with a giggle. I had noticed a bulge in his jeans when he got up to go to the restroom. “I’d say he didn’t mind one bit.”

Kerry was now showing a slight pink color across her face from embarrassment which could be seen despite her natural light brown skin tone. Kerry is a very slender gal; petite but shapely with a nice little bubble butt, small breasts and a sexy smile. Tom is not much taller than Kerry probably about 5’ 4” tall, average build but overall a nice package. The two of them make a cute couple.

After explaining to me that Tom and her work odd schedules and don’t always get a lot of time to go out and do things together, Kerry changed the topic of our discussion.

“So did you and Tina find everything you were looking for in mainland?” Kerry asked.

“Yes we did. In fact, I bought more than I was planning on but I just couldn’t help myself. That store you sent us too was so amazing. I loved it!” I couldn’t hide my smile and I know I was beaming; the thoughts of the toys I bought were still on my mind keeping me at a minimal amount of arousal. I told Kerry about the all the toys and jewelry I picked up.

“Is that why yours and Tina’s nipples are poking out like they are? Or are you just excited?”

“A little of both!” I said laughingly as I looked down at my nipples. The sight of my own nipples pushing out the silky type material of my dress sent a tingling and warm sensation throughout my body ending between my legs.

“Well the look is very sexy. You two are turning everyone’s head in your direction. And I don’t mean just the men. A lot of ladies are glancing your way checking you out. Mind if I ask? Do you normally go braless?”

With a soft chuckle I explained that I wear as little as possible and that go braless was not the only thing I wasn’t wearing. I told her this was normal for me especially when I go out and want to look extremely sexy and turn heads.

“No panties either? Not even a thong or anything?” Kerry asked in total amazement.

“Nope, nothing. It’s kind of exciting and honestly, it feels good.” I replied.

Kerry had mentioned that she didn’t think she could do that especially with the mini skirt she was wearing. I of course told her she could; she just had to be care bending over and sitting making sure she doesn’t flash someone she does want to. Kerry was obviously surprised and interested, asking several more questions about it but stopped when Tom returned.

Tina soon returned and the four of us were soon lost in chit chat and an occasional drink… or two. Kerry excused herself to use the restroom and was gone for a little longer than you would think. I was about to go check on her when I saw her walking back to the table. I noticed right away that the white button up tank top she was wearing was now unbuttoned (the top three buttons) exposing some cleavage. As Kerry got closer to the table it was obvious she was no longer wearing a bra; I could only wonder if she was wearing anything under her mini skirt. I knew my smile was overbearing but I couldn’t help it.

Tom and Tina also noticed the change in Kerry especially as she drew closer to the table. As Kerry sat down, her breasts bounced slightly causing her nipples to harden. It was truly an erotic sight. Tom could not stop staring at Kerry’s chest as he playfully wiped his mouth and chin as if he was drooling. It wasn’t long and I could see Kerry’s arm moving back and forth, rubbing Tom’s crotch again.

It was soon time for last call so we decided to head to my condo to continue the evening. As we all stood, Kerry bent over to pick up her purse, she showed off a naked ass to Tina, Tom and I. I could see her shaved labia squeezed between her legs with a hint of moisture beading up on the lips. When Kerry stood up she gave us all a big smile, reached for Tom’s hand, rubbing his now bulging jeans as she grabbed his arm. The wet spot on Tom’s light blue jeans was extremely obvious and said a lot about his state of arousal.

As we walked the few blocks to my condo, Tom became self conscious of the wet spot on his jeans. He was trying desperately to keep a hand over the wet spot but between Kerry trying to hold his hand and the unnatural position he had to have his hand to cover the spot, any effort essentially was lost.

“Tom, don’t worry about the spot. It’s okay.” I said with a big smile. “It’s all good.”

“Uh, yeah, okay. Thanks.” Tom still looked embarrassed and apparently my comment didn’t help.

“Yeah, Tom it’s no big deal, we know how it got there.” Tina chimed in as she gave Kerry a wink.

“Hon, they’re right. It’s okay. Besides it’s nice to know I can still do that to you.” Kerry explained as she reached over with her other hand and gave his bulge a good hard slow rub.

Tom didn’t speak as he drew in a deep breath and let out a soft moan. Kerry laid her head against Tom and continued to rub Tom’s cock through his jeans as we walked. It wasn’t long and Tom was telling Kerry to stop or he was going to cum stating he did not what to do that in his pants. Kerry, obviously very horny, asked Tom where it was he wanted to cum.

“In you.” He said.

“Oh really? And where in me do you want to stick your hard cock and cum?”

“I don’t know. I just want to get inside you and cum!” he exclaimed.

“Hmm… In my mouth? Maybe in my ass? Or in my hot, dripping wet pussy? Kerry teasingly asked.

“Oh jeez, it doesn’t matter. I just want in you!” Tom repeated obviously in agony trying not to think about sex in hopes of diminishing his heightened state of arousal. Kerry finally stopped rubbing Tom but started teasing in a different way.

“Well, since you don’t care which hole you shove your cock in, maybe while I’m sucking you off, Abby could suck on your balls and Tina could straddle your face.” Kerry said in a seductive manner.

Tina and I both agreed that could be fun and Tom just looked at the three of us and shook his head in disbelief.

It was tough to do but we did manage to stop teasing Tom and let him have time to compose himself… until we got to my condo. Once inside my condo I suggested that Tom and Kerry have seat on the couch and I would mix everyone drinks (Tina excused herself to use the bathroom). As I head to the kitchen I heard Tom let out a loud noise and I turned to see what was wrong.

“Oh jeez, no. I need more time. I’ll cum to quick.” Tom declared.

Kerry had pushed Tom against the entry wall and was now kneeling in front of him running her mouth over Tom’s bulge through his jeans. I grabbed Kerry’s arm, pulling her to her feet and walked her to the kitchen.

“Tom go have a seat, Kerry, you’re going to help me with the drinks.” I said.

This was when I noticed Kerry’s button up tank top had a few more buttons undone. Now it was shirt was unbuttoned to below her breasts allowing a clear view of her chest exposing the sides of her breasts but not quite her nipples. The vision was mouth watering to see her small, firm and perky breasts bouncing around; yet teasingly so because the shirt still covered her nipples no matter how much she moved. Kerry and I served drinks to everyone and the four of us continued our chatting in the living room and it wasn’t long before Kerry jumped from the couch, pushed Tom’s legs apart and knelt on her knees between his legs.

“Honey, what are you doing?” Tom asked in surprise. “You can’t do that with everyone else watching…”

It was too late to protest, Kerry had a mind of her own and she was focused on only one thing.

“I can’t help it. I have wanted your cock in me since we met up this evening.” Kerry unzipped his pants, pulled out his cock and sucked it into her mouth taking him all in without hesitation. Her head started bobbing up and down as she squeezed and pulled on his balls. Tom laid his head back in pure ecstasy moaning loudly. Kerry suddenly pulled Tom’s 5 inch rigid cock from her mouth and looked over at Tina and me, her masturbating audience. With a big smile on her face, Kerry turned her attention back to Tom.

“I wasn’t teasing earlier,” Kerry was stroking his cock and pinching the tip while she pulled back and forth on his balls. “I want to go down on you while you lick Tina’s pussy and Abby sucks on your balls.”

“Oh jeez, yes. Fine, let’s do it. Oh jeez, I’m getting close.”

Tom moved the floor as he stripped off his shirt, pants and boxers. Once on the floor Kerry straddled his stomach and continued to lick, suck and nibble on the shaft and head of his cock. I stepped out of my dress as I bent over and crawled up to his balls. I sucked in first one and then the other of his balls. His moaning increased each time I would suck in a ball, clamp down on it with my teeth and then pulled; releasing it with a “pop” when I pulled and stretched his balls as far as I could. Tina had also removed her dress and was now riding Tom’s mouth and tongue.

Licking and slurping noises could be heard between Tom’s moans and cries of pleasure. It didn’t take long and I felt Tom’s scrotum tighten up against his shaft to the point I was lip to lip with Kerry as she sucked his cock.

Tina suddenly let out a loud moan and some inaudible words as her legs clamped tight around Tom’s head, her head flung back and her hands grasping each breast pulling and squeezing them for all she could. Tom’s hip arched up from the floor as I watched Kerry gulping down his cum as he came in her mouth. Kerry’s lips were clamped tight around his cock as she lifted her head up, holding his cock at the base, she let the head of his cock escape from her mouth.

Looking at me, she licked her lips trying to keep her mouth full of cum from dripping out. She offered me Tom’s cock which I gladly accepted. I licked up the base of his shaft all the way to the tip of the head. Still to sensitive from his orgasm, Tom’s body flinched when my tongue pried open the tip. Engulfing his cock I took the semi-soft organ all the way in and milked it trying to get every last drop. I gave his balls a hard quick squeeze to ensure I wasn’t leaving any of the tasty cum.

I looked up at Kerry smiling and said “Now it’s your turn”. I stood and lifted Kerry off of Tom who was still trying to recover from his massive orgasm.

To be continued……

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