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Dream One

A married woman seduced into sex by another married man.

Dream One.



A series of pictures or events in the mind of a sleeping person.

Oxford Dictionary.

A dream is a type of mental activity that occurs during sleep. It

usually consists of visual images that tell a story, although the

sequence of dream events is usually mystifying. They may be

influenced by internal physical factors such as hunger, thirst or

indigestion. External factors may affect dreams too, such as an alarm

clock can be transformed into a dream telephone call and therefore

carry on sleeping.

Dreams are often an illogical combination of events from the past of

the dreamer, from his or her daily life, and of his or her imagined

future. Though erotic dreams are often inspired by desire, lust or pure

covetousness. These too are somewhat disjointed but when on

waking, if the person can recall the dream it then runs in a logical

sequence, which is the form used in the following dreams.

Dream One.

Part one.

I know it was a dream for I woke up sweating and found that I was as hard as an iron bar. The latter was a normal occurrence but the sweating wasn’t, which told me that it had been a dream I had just experienced, one that was more real than any other dream I’d ever had.

You might not believe it, but it was you I was dreaming about. To eventually see you in all your glory, to see, to touch, to taste, and it drove me wild.

I’d seen you for several months both in passing and later in more social circumstances. What attracted me apart from your smile and effective laugh, was the sight of your covered breasts. Covered they might have been, but I could see the small nipples that were obvious and I imagined that I would sometime in the future see them raised up to be hard little buds that they would become.

For a whole year I was tantalised by these small buds and knew that in the right place, time and circumstances, I would be able to see them up in their full majesty. That time eventually came, and unprepared as I was, it was a turning point in my dream.


I was getting the sun on the open top patio, naked as usual, when I heard the buzzer go that indicated that somebody was at the gate. I got up from the lounger and went and leaned on the balustrade and saw you there. You were wearing a short halter top and a pair of shorts, but cannot remember what kind of footwear you had on your feet at the time.

‘Have I missed her?’ you called out and I replied,

‘About half an hour, but she’ll be back soon. Come on up and wait for her,’ I shouted down. You came through the gate and disappeared from view and a minute or two later, appeared at the doorway to the sundeck.

‘Oh,’ you gasped when I turned from the balustrade for you to see that I was naked.

‘Don’t worry,’ I laughed at seeing the expression on your face, ‘it’s recognised that this area is a nudist zone,’ I said as I moved towards one of the loungers and sat down. Your eyes were on what was between my legs, looking as though you’d never seen male genitalia before. I in turn looked at the covered heavy breasts that I had longed to see in the flesh so to speak. I made no move to cover myself and invited you to sit down on the other lounger, and to give you credit, you did so without any show of alarm or misgiving.


You accepted the glass of wine that I offered you even though it was the one I had been drinking from, for it was only the glass that I had up there. I had noted the way you had sat down, knees close together and your arms, when not drinking from the glass, tight across the lower half of your bosom. This act alone seemed to push them up though I don’t think you noticed at how they emphasised what you had and I had to struggle to control myself from reacting to this. I was stirring below but somehow managed to control what would normally have happened. I leaned back on my lounger, propping myself up on an elbow as I looked at you, striving against all my basic instincts for you to see just how I felt at seeing you sitting opposite me.

‘Surely you knew that this area is a nudist enclave? I’ve said it many times before that this sun deck is a no clothes area.’

‘I thought you were joking,’ you replied with a slight stammer.

‘Not on this sun deck where nobody overlooks us and you can do whatever you want without being observed,’ I said with a chuckle. ‘That’s why I’ve deemed it to be a nudist paradise here in this wilderness.’ Trite I know, but it was paradise for me. A place where I could strip off and give my body up to the sun and not have to worry about anyone overseeing me and getting complaints on my nudist habits.


‘So,’ I said, watching you drink some of the wine, ‘at least appease the sun god by taking something off. The top at least, and let the sun bless what nature has given you. Please?’ I begged and sat up in expectation, ready to give you a hand.

‘I can’t,’ you replied, giving yourself a shocked expression. ‘It’s just not done!’

‘Everything can be done up here,’ I said softly as I took the wine glass from your hand and helped you sit up. You flustered a little as I took hold of the lower hem of your top, but you lifted your arms when I started to raise it up and over your head. I couldn’t see the tautness of your breasts at the moment your arms were up, but I was pleased at seeing what you had when I finally was able to discard the top you’d been wearing. Your face was flushed and you had a defiant look in your eyes.

‘They’re absolutely beautiful,’ I breathed. The nipples small and puckered, surrounded by the light brown aureoles that all breasts carry.

‘Nobody else has ever seen them before except my husband and the doctor,’ you said in a voice that mirrored your eyes.

‘I thought you went skinny dipping in the pool last year?’ I asked.

‘The other girls did, but I didn’t,’ you replied.

‘Then you’ve honoured me very much,’ I said as I gazed on those magnificent orbs that I’d just uncovered. You then picked up the glass and took a sip of wine and then laid back on the lounger. I was pleased to see that they stayed firm, though soft to look at, and didn’t disappear under your armpits or lay there like two fried eggs.


I was glad that you didn’t flinch or move when I got off my lounger and knelt down next to yours and looked into your eyes, the flush of your face now having disappeared.

‘What you have here are two treasures that I’m not surprised you’ve kept hidden. Please don’t take offence at my wish to pay homage to them by kissing them.’ I saw the look in your eyes and hastily added, ‘I will not use my hands,’ and not seeing any objection in any form from you, bent my head and kissed the nipple that was closest to me.

I think that was when you closed your eyes. It’s a guess for I wasn’t looking up at your face at that point but at the other nipple that was just a few inches away from me.

I’d lowered my head and softly kissed the small nipple and felt its reaction, and went further and took it into my mouth and sucked upon it. It rose up into a hard button as I sucked and then nibbled on it and felt you squirm slightly for my naked body was now actually yours though you were still wearing your shorts.

I realised that this was the first time that some other man apart from your husband, had touched your breasts with his lips and you were not sure which way I was going to go, but I followed what I had said and did not use my hands in anyway.


Your arm went up to cover your eyes and I felt free to suck and tease the nipple with my tongue and teeth which I did so. It came up as hard as a nut and I could see that the other one reciprocated by rising up too.

I felt that I now had the freedom to kiss and tongue you wherever I wished and so I kissed and licked you all round that wonderful breast that was underneath my mouth. Apart from sucking and doing things to your nipple, I moved down a little and ran my tongue round the underside of your breast. Not knowing women’s sizes in respect of their bra size, it took a long sweep of my tongue to cover this part of the breast.

You gave a shudder again at this and it encouraged me to go on with my kissing and licking down your rib cage to your stomach which was lying there nice and flat. This I kissed in concentric circles until I finished up by tonguing your navel, or what some people call the belly button. I think you liked that for I felt you give a light shiver when my tongue explored that indentation right in the middle.

What I really wanted to lick and suck was denied me by the waist band of the shorts that you wore. I ran my tongue under the waistband but that was as far as I could go and so I travelled back up your body to finish up sucking on that delightful nipple on the breast that was closest to me.

This first exquisite encounter came to a close when we heard the gate latch and you quickly shot up and scrabbled for your top and pulled it on and went downstairs. I too put on a pair of shorts and finished up being there in time to put the kettle on for coffee. Small talk ensued before you went home.


I think it was a week later before you missed the walking out with the dogs again and you rang the bell down by the gate. I leaned over the balustrade and was pleased to see that it was you and beckoned you up to the nudist sanctuary. Here I was slightly ahead of you for when you hadn’t shown up at the time of dog walking, I had taken two glasses up to the sun deck.

I waved you up and you were quickly up with me there and didn’t seem at all fazed this time to see me fully naked as I was the last time. I accepted the excuse that you’d missed the walk but this would do till it was over. You sat down on the other lounger this time as you took the offered glass of wine and it only took a word from me about the sun deck being a nudist area that you peeled off the top yourself.

You know what I wanted to do and quickly lay back on the lounger, your breasts there for me to pay homage to, which I did so. I kissed this other nipple, my being on the other side of the lounger this time. It was quickly raised up to its hardness and I heard you sigh as I kissed and nibbled on it before sucking and licking my way down across your ribs to your flat stomach. I never did understand why the tonguing of your belly button made you squirm each time.

But again I was frustrated by the waistband of your shorts from going further and I then took the liberty of hooking my fingers into the waistband and tried to pull your shorts down.


‘Please,’ I begged. ‘I want to kiss and tongue you further.’ I kept tugging at your waistband, kissing your stomach, and my heart leapt when I felt your hips lift and I was able to pull your shorts down. I got the underside down quickly but took my time in drawing them down the front part. Savouring the pleasure of seeing the slow exposure of the trim sparse bush that covered what I most desired. It was light coloured as the hair on your head but finer to the touch as I found out later. Softer, smoother and more sweet smelling of womanhood.

I couldn’t help but keep my eyes on my target as I drew your shorts down your legs and didn’t really appreciate the lifting of your heels for me to take them completely off. I then dropped them onto your halter top by the side of the lounger as I moved up to kiss and suckle at the naked breast there before me.

It was downhill from there on. The breast and nipple, the underside of the breast and down across the ribs to the stomach. I loved that little shiver you gave when I kissed between the thighs. First it was the right inner thigh going down your leg to kiss your toes and then up the other side. I think it was an involuntary action on your part that your legs and thighs opened for me to venture further towards the goal that I sought.


I kept getting tremors myself at every new piece of territory that my mouth and tongue came across. First it was to smell your very own essence, that heady perfume that came from between your thighs as I buried my nose into the lower part of your bush.

I inhaled first before I pushed my tongue out to part the lips of your sex. Again that gentle shiver that you gave when you felt the first probing of my tongue. Especially when it moved in between the lips of your sex. This alone, the first probing touch made your legs open even wider to give me greater access to the treasure trove that was there waiting for me to savour.

Your legs were opened to their widest and I’m sure that your feet were on the tiles so as to give lift to your hips, for I suddenly found it easier to gain access to those lips that I was kissing and putting my tongue in between.

‘I’m going to have to use my fingers if you don’t help me,’ I said, looking up at your bemused expression as I tried sticking my tongue in as far as I could. I must have started to arouse you for your hands came down quickly and parted the lips that I had been trying to get inside of and there, now displayed before me, was the very being of you.


I homed straight in on that small bud of your clitoris and began to rasp it with my tongue before making flitting flicks towards the entrance of your vagina. I could see your fingers straining to spread the lips even further apart for me to lick the complete surrounds to which I did. My tongue, dipping occasionally into the entrance of your vagina.

It was so annoying that when I’d first begun to use my tongue inside you that you heard the gate latch and you were off the lounger in a flash, leaving me gasping at what I was almost certainly on the point of being able to bring you to an orgasm. But that’s life, and so I too pulled my shorts on and followed you downstairs.


I was pleased two weeks later when you missed the dog walking exercise to come up to the sun deck and quickly strip off. It’s strange when I come to think of it, that we’d never kissed each other on the lips before. It had always been cheek to cheek types of kiss which is banal to say the least, but even so, we still didn’t kiss each other as lovers, which I suppose we were not really there as yet.

As usual, I was fully naked when you came up onto the sun deck, and again, you quickly took your clothes off to reveal your beautiful body to me as you lay back on the lounger for me to carry on where we had previously left off.


But there was a difference this time for I used my own fingers to open up the lips of your sex after I had kissed my way down. That was when I was then able to open you up to the delights of having not only my mouth and tongue but the manipulation of my fingers as well. I was adept enough to be able to open the lips of your sex for me to tongue, but also to be able to insert a finger inside your vagina for the first time.

This really got you going. Your hand came down to my head and you really pulled at my hair as I sucked and nibbled at your clitoris while I had a finger stuck up inside you, moving it and giving you more excitement within. This was doubled when I put another finger inside and was when you went ape shit. You cried out and went into some sort of spasm as I was nibbling on your clit whilst my fingers were playing a symphony inside your vagina.

Your thighs came together like a clamp to imprison my hand, my head being trapped at the same time as you began to buck your hips up and down and beat the sides of the lounger with your fists as you had an orgasm. I hadn’t really known the strength you had in your thighs as you held me trapped like that as you bucked and thrashed about as you came.


It took quite some effort on my part to spread your legs again to be able to extricate my fingers that were now covered in your juices for me to be able to put my mouth down there to take and drink from this well of succulent juices that were seeping out of your body with your coming.

It was nectar to me to be able to take, drink and savour the very essence of your body which took precedent over the wonderful breasts that you had.

I kept on sucking, drinking and licking you till all what was to come came to an end, but kept on licking you till you were clean of your orgasmic experience. You were now lying there like a limp doll but still able to pull on my ears to say that enough was enough. I moved back up over your body and for the first time, you actually kissed me on the lips. The fact that they were still wet from your own juices didn’t seem to matter one iota to you at the time.


You don’t know how frustrating it was for me to see you go dog walking and not come up to the sun deck. I had got so much pleasure from going down on you than actually having you in the carnal sense.

So it was that much more pleasurable to see when you missed a walking session and see you turn up at the gate and come up to the sun deck for another session where I could please you and get the thrill of being able to get between your thighs and give you an orgasm with my mouth, tongue and fingers and have the taste of you once again.

Part Two.

This was the second part of my dream which was really a follow on to the first part as you would, at various times come up to be naked with me on the sun deck where I would go down on you to give you an orgasm which we both enjoyed, you having it and me being able to drink of what came out of you in the process.

But in this part of the dream, we went a bit further. We had, or rather I had performed cunnilingus on you and we’d both enjoyed it, but I still found it hard on the knees to do this on the sun deck. So the next time you missed the walk, which to me meant that you would like the kind of sex that I’d been giving you for quite a few weeks now. I now wanted a bit more of some form of comfort.


So on the deliberate missing of the next walk when you came up to the sun deck, I suggested that we used the bed that was just inside of the patio doors that led to the loungers in the sun. You didn’t voice any objections and were just as quick to strip off and instead of the lounger outside, laid yourself out on the bed. I liked the sigh that you gave as you stretched out there and I marvelled at the sight that you gave me. Your freckled face was all smiles as you lay there naked before me, for me to wonder and admire what was on show. The full breasts that had first excited me and were mine now to suckle and play with, but it was the hidden trove between those thighs that I now craved and wanted.

You accepted my kisses as I got onto the bed and held you close to let you feel that erection that I now would get when we were together. It had become accepted between us that there would never be penile penetration and it was the fact that we were now using a bed that I thought that we would at least be able to have oral sex together. Well that was my hope and dream at the outset of us moving to use the bed as opposed to the lounger outside on the sun deck.


We were both naked on the bed and kissing each other and old as I am, I had this erection at the thought of what I was going to do to this luscious female that I held in my arms.

I began, as usual, by kissing the lips of the face before going down to the other lips to kiss and probe with my tongue. Adept now at my moving, you opened your legs and I went in between them and began to lick, tongue, nibble and suck to bring about your inevitable orgasm. And, as I thought of what might happen by the fact that we were on a bed, came true for me that day.

I was there, slowly bringing you up to your peak and you began to shake and shiver and I felt your fists start to beat down on the bed.

‘Turn round,’ you said rather hoarsely, ‘but don’t stop what you’re doing.’ Not without some difficulty, I did as I was told, my heart leaping up into my throat, by keeping my tongue and mouth where they were as I moved my body round and put my left leg over your body and shuffled my knees backwards to your pulling hand and then had the wonderful joy of feeling your lips close over the head of my pulsating cock.


You held the base firmly in your hand as you avidly sucked and chewed on it as your passion mounted, and I thought you were going to twist it off in your sudden convulsions that shook your body as you had that orgasm. I felt rather than heard your sigh of release, the pressure of air escaping from your mouth that was firmly clamped to the head of my throbbing piece.

‘Don’t come in my mouth,’ you said, pulling your head free from me for a moment.

‘Then you’d better stop now,’ I replied, my voice muffled from where I was still sucking and licking the juices that were still seeping from your vagina.

I stopped and moved my body round and then lay on top of you with my hot erection trapped between our stomachs. I couldn’t stop myself from moving on top of you as we kissed, letting you get a small taste of yourself from my lips. As I rocked on you, squashing your breasts beneath me, I came in short bursts, the sperm squeezing itself out to stick between us.

‘I’m sorry,’ I said as it came pumping out. ‘I couldn’t hold it back any longer.’

You didn’t say anything but just gave me a lovely smile and returned my kisses. We stayed glued together for a little while longer until I climbed off and went into the bathroom and got a wet flannel and a towel. I wiped my mess off your stomach and dried you before seeing to myself. But before I cleaned my own stomach, I wiped some off with my fingers and sucked it off.

‘There’s nothing wrong with this,’ I said, licking my lips. ‘It’s almost tasteless.’

‘It might be that, but when I’m underneath, too much can choke you if it comes out too fast,’ you said, and I understood what you meant. I didn’t push you on this for it was time for us to put our clothes on to be downstairs and having a drink when the dog walking session ended.


It was nearly two weeks later that you missed out on the walk and came in and gave me a kiss. No words were spoken and we went upstairs and quickly undressed and got onto the bed. I still could not get over the sight of your lovely breasts on show for me. The nipples already up and seeming to be ready to burst out into small flowers they were so hard and prominent. I loved the little sigh you gave when my teeth gently worked on them as I had my mouth over one as I rubbed the other.

I really did like the change in you when you took charge and pushed me off onto my back and got astride of my chest. You sat there for a moment, smiling down at me and let me play with your breasts before you moved yourself up and squatted over my face. Lowering yourself down so that I had you full on my mouth. You didn’t say the words but the expression you gave was to say, eat me, and so I did just that. Your hands went up onto the wall to support yourself as I chewed at your clit and you nearly stifled me by mashing yourself down onto my questing tongue. I hadn’t shaved for a couple of days and you seemed to get pleasure from rubbing your open sex against the short bristles on my chin.

I think it quite excited your clitoris for you only did this for a few minutes before quickly turning round to give me the reverse position to lick and tongue as you bent down over my body and held up my erection and began to suck on the end of it.


I still loved the way you gave out a shiver that was a prelude to your coming but not exactly the suffocating position I was put in when you did have your orgasm. But I was grateful that you let me have this pleasure of sucking on you and tried to give you the best I could in this act. I was also grateful for the shudder that you gave, for it gave me time to take in a big lungful of air before you began to grind yourself down onto my airways, cutting off my oxygen.

But such was the enjoyment I was getting from giving you pleasure, that I began to come myself. I couldn’t pre-warn you, for you were sitting on my mouth, but I’m sure you felt the surge coming up and you took it all when it finally erupted into your mouth.

I give you credit for not flinching or pulling off of me but for carrying on by using your hand to work it out of me and take the contents of my balls that had been churned up inside of me. You must have swallowed it for you stayed clamped round the head of my cock as it throbbed and ejected my sperm. I managed to get my hands free and push up the cheeks of your bum for me to take in some much needed air and swallow what juices from you that had collected in my mouth.

Overall, I think that that was one of the best sessions we’d had on that bed with you taking what I had to give as well as me taking yours.

It was only when I began to wilt did you release me and then lift yourself up off me to turn round and lay down with me. This was the highlight to have you hold me as you did, pressing your body up against mine, to kiss and thank me for the pleasure you’d just had. I said the same to you for taking me in as you had done and not demeaning me by spitting it out.


This then became the pattern that we would do for the rest of the season until it became too cold to use sunbathing as an excuse for us to be up on the sun deck and I can’t wait for the spring for us to get together again.

Our subsequent meetings over the winter were not the same, but there was always that sparkle in your eyes when we kissed each other on the cheek, and I hoped that you felt as I did that you wished that it was summer time all the year round.

* * * * *

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