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Dream Shave

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shaved and pleasured by two beautiful girls
This is my first time submitting a story, here it goes....

So it was the beginning of summer a couple of years ago, we were all between 17-19 years old and we had just finished our exams so college was out for the summer and we were having a big party at a friends house.

Everyone was having a good time, drinks were flowing, when I settled in one of the rooms chatting with three girls, Lucy (on the rounder side with an amazing rack), Lizzy (much fitter with E cup tits), and the girl that I fancied Megan, along with another of my friends, Henry. we were having a bit of a catch up asking each other how recent exams had gone etc, when the topic somehow eventually got turned onto sex (standard I know!).

Anyhow the girls were talking about past experiences, and their most recent ones, when they started talking about shaving, saying whether they shaved their mounds or not (Lucy and Megan did, Lizzy didn't). they then turned on me and Henry asking if we shaved our pubes as they said that of the past experiences that they had, had with lads, that not many shaved downstairs, we both admitted that we hadn't, and they asked for us to show them, which I happily obliged to, not showing them my semi-hardening cock at this point, merely puling my trousers down to the base of my cock.

They then shocked me a little by asking if I would let them shave me, I thought about it for a second then agreed to it. So we all finished our drinks and headed for the bathroom.

They found a razor and told me to drop my trousers, I declined at this point, being inexperienced and worried about my penis size, so opted instead to hold my trousers to just above my cock so they could still shave my pubes.

The girls agreed and still went ahead and Lucy and Lizzie began shaving my pubes, with Megan and Henry watching, they slowly began tugging at my trousers trying to pull them down a bit every now and then to get lower down, my cock at this point pretty much at full attention, only slightly restricted by my tight boxers, but becoming very obvious to the girls, who were letting out giggles every so often, they then finished the main area and said I had to drop my trousers as they would need to do my balls and shaft or I would look stupid, I got worried at this point as I know my cock isn't the biggest and didn't want them to laugh at me, especially with Henry sat in the room, so I agreed as long as Henry left.

With Henry gone, I slowly dropped my trousers and let the girls remove my boxers, my cock springing out at full mast as they did, to a chorus of cheers from the girls. So they set about what they were doing, Shaving my balls with particular care, fondling them between the two of them, this only continued to turn me on as pre-cum began to ooze from my cock, which only seemed to excite the girls further, producing more giggles and embarrassment from me, anyhow the girls finished shaving my shaft which nearly drove me to the edge as they handled my cock, often rubbing the full length in long, teasing, stroking movements.

They then announced they had finished and jumped up from the floor telling me to strip off completely to wash the remaining shaving foam from my genitals, this only excited me further, as the two girls stripped off their tops saying they would be helping me, with Megan still sat in the corner watching...

So there I am, stood bollock naked, cock at full attention in front of two topless girls, and the girl I fancied sat in the corner! It was like a dream come true, and I was sure if I had touched my cock then I would have exploded!

Lucy detached the shower head from the wall and told me to stand in the bathtub, her and Lizzy then proceeded to wash me, fondling my balls which were tightening by the second! Lizzy then leaned in and sucked on one of my balls, drawing a sharp gasp of breath on my part, making Lucy chuckle, who then reached and began stroking my cock! This clearly wasn't going to take long and I could already feel my seed rising, Megan still watching in the corner with the most intrigued look on her face..... whilst Lucy was now pumping my cock and Lizzy lapping at my now very tight ball sack.

Lucy began to give me head, bobbing up and down having no problem in taking my full length before switching with Lizzy who began to toss me off. Within a couple of more minutes of this I was fit to burst, warning them of this Lucy began sucking me off again, telling me she wanted my cum down the back of her throat, not wanting to disappoint I came pretty much immediately, shooting load after load down the back of her throat, Lucy taking the whole lot with no problem whatsoever,

We then heard a bang at the door, someone wanting to use the bathroom. We all quickly got dried off and dressed, and all four of us walked out, the girls giggling, and me with the most satisfied look on my face.
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