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Ellis the Warrior Girl - Chapter One

A girl will do anything for a room at the inn...
“So… You can’t pay for a room.” The innkeeper says to me, shutting the door behind him while I take a seat in an uncomfortable wooden chair. Of course I can’t. Getting your bag o’ cash stolen by goblins and you can’t pay for anything. But I don’t do anything desperate yet. I keep my sword sheathed and my eyes to the floor, embarrassed. I hear him sit down and scribble on some papers on his desk. “Now, as much as I’d like to be offering charity to every wandering girl who calls herself a warrior…” That stings, man. “I’m afraid you make some money or sleep in the streets.”

I bite my lip and look up at him. He’s pretty handsome, I suppose. An older gentleman, black hair beginning to sink into gray, but still looking well-kept and combed. Under a really girly, mint-green apron is a worn pair of black dress pants and a long, white button-up shirt. But the thing that really pushes me is his eyes. Sky-blue with flecks of gold around it. Gorgeous, I tell you. After snapping his fingers a few times, he gets my attention again. “Miss, I’m serious here. I’ve got three rooms left, both rather high-end…” He picks up a piece of paper, stares at it, and then glares back at me. “10 pieces of gold should get you a night.”

“Th-that’s…” Choke it out, woman. “A little much.” He glares again, cutting me like a knife. “I’ll have you know, this is the only inn at this town. Have fun traveling a few good miles, during the dangerous night, werewolves on your tail, who might I add,” He sets the paper down, still glaring. “Are in mating season, to the next town.” I’m shaking right now, and turn my eyes downwards again. He sighs heavily. “Don’t… Don’t cry, alright? Jeez.” He taps his fingers, weighing his options. “I’ve already got some people doing things around the place to pay for their rooms. Dishes and things… But there’s not much work to be done…” Yes, I am certainly sleeping out under a wooden fruit crate tonight.

I look up at him again, my eyes bigger than dinner plates, and make an audible whimper. I consider myself fairly cute, short and thin and flat-chested, my red hair cut short and barely brushing past my ears. Long hair gets tangled and hard to handle, but short hair stays the same and manageable. Wearing my usual green raggedy-dress and red cape drawn around my body, I try and break his stony exterior. He begins to look genuinely sorry. “There’s really nothing I can do… I’m really in need of the money…” Gah. Time to pull out the big guns. Mentally prepping myself for a second, my voice jumps from sweet to slightly seductive. “Is there anything else I can offer?”

He’s taken aback for a second, but he catches on quickly. He leans his elbows onto his desk.

“Look. You’re going to have to solve all my problems if you want to-“

“Start from the top.”

“… Well. For one thing, the town is being clutched by an overlord and his goons…”


“Well, they’re requiring that all businesses pay a monthly fee or they’ll stop being ‘protected’…”

“I see. You want to stop this?”

He gets quiet all of the sudden. “My wife took the blame when we stopped paying.”

“She’s gone?”


There’s a heavy silence, and we both just look at what’s under us. Then he coughs, and says, “So, I suppose you’ll try and stop this?” I nod, and he smirks. “Alright, Miss Warrior, now apologies if I have some doubt about this, but if you can help us out, you’ll get free room and board for whenever you need it.”

Fuck yes!


Goddammit. He leans back in his chair, hands folded in his lap. “I require some sort of… Down payment.” I roll my eyes. “Look, if you want me to suck you off, just say it.” I stand up, walk over to the desk, push his chair out and get on my knees in front of him. “Well, you can’t just be blunt like that…” he murmurs. “Not as sexy.”

Deciding to ignore him for a little bit, I start to trail my hand up his thigh, and he starts to get more comfortable, shifting a bit and allowing himself a content sigh. I flip the girly apron over, revealing an already straining erection against his pants. Giving my knuckles a quick, loud, and annoying crack, I rub against it, making him shudder. Pulling down his pants a bit, I fish out his member, giving it a quick kiss at the tip. He gasps, and he’s melting in my hands like cheap wax. “So, can I get a name?” I say, licking him from hilt to tip. He’s about 6 and a half or some inches. Don’t know why I’m mentally measuring him. “St-Stein… And y-you?” I stop licking for a second, and my finger goes up and glides against his tip, precum already dripping it. “Ellis.” I say, before removing my finger and swallowing the tip, tongue still circling him.

My eyes stare up at him and he’s got his hand running through his hair and moaning. I’ll admit, it’s adorable to watch. Without much of a warning, I swallow all of him, and he groans from deep in his throat, arching his back. He relaxes again, but his hand entwines itself in my hair, not wanting this to stop. I start going up again, tongue massaging his cock, before quickly slamming myself back down. I keep doing this, going faster with each bob of my head, before he tugs on my hair and starts guiding me himself, fucking my mouth. He’s close now, his breath turning into pants and the occasional deep moan.

Without a warning, he slams my head all the way down his cock, my nose buried in his pubic hair, and comes down my throat, his hips twitching and letting out a groan with each rope of cum he fires. His grip in my hair loosens and I pull myself off, swallowing most of the bitter concoction. His head is leaned back and he’s still panting. Standing up and tugging on his shirt collar, he faces me again, and I plant a deep kiss on him, forcing the rest of his cum into his mouth. I pull off and he swallows himself, rather reluctantly. “So, it’s a deal?” I murmur, our faces barely inches apart. “Y-yeah… Uh…” He stands up, fumbling with his pants and girly apron. “Floor three, rooms three-four-six to eight… Take your pick.”

“Thanks! We’ll discuss more in the morning~” Before he can answer, I’m out of the room and grabbing the three-four-seven key from behind the front desk, walking off to a well-deserved rest.

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