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Emily Rose's Assignment

Emily Rose is asked, by the mayor, to check Dr. Johnson's morality.
Emily Rose Channing was well on her way to a life, as a spinster. At age 22, she was still a single woman with no interest in marriage, or even in the pleasures of the flesh. So she was the perfect person, in the eyes of the town council, to test the morals of the town’s new doctor.

Dr. Edward Johnson was hired by the town’s old doctor, who wanted to retire to the country. This new physician brought with him new techniques for treating various maladies, and it was these new techniques that made the town elders suspicious. Young women, old women, married women were drawn to his office in droves, and when questioned by the male leaders of the town, Dr. Johnson would never elaborate on what went on with his patients, saying it was doctor/patient confidentiality. The fact that he was young, handsome, and unmarried was another factor in his investigation. The elders wanted to be sure that their women were not being compromised. So, they called on Emily Rose to assist them.

“Now, Miss Channing, do you understand what you are expected to do?” the mayor asked.

“Of course! I am to make an appointment with Dr. Johnson, claiming that I am ill,” she answered, haughtily.

“And?” the mayor prompted.

“I am to let him do a thorough examination on my person. Actually…I am to make sure that he does the most thorough examination,” she said.

“I know how terrible this must seem to you, but be assured that your assistance in this distasteful matter will save many…many other women,” the mayor said, patting her hand.

“What exactly is this new doctor guilty of?” Emily Rose asked, suddenly apprehensive.

“That, my dear, is what you are being asked to find out. All we know is that his other patients always leave his office with the most disturbing dazed looks on their faces. It’s like they have been drugged or something even worse!” the mayor exclaimed.

“What could be worse?” she asked.

“The sins of the flesh,” he whispered, afraid that he would be struck down by lightening.

“NO!” Emily Rose said; her delicate gloved hand covering her mouth.

“Now you see why it is of the upmost importance that we uncover this injustice and bring this defiler of women to justice,” the mayor said, heatedly.

“Be assured, Mr. Mayor, I will not let you down,” she assured him.

The following afternoon, Emily Rose dressed with care. Donning her expensive lavender silk dress, she made sure that her appearance left no question about her importance. She put her gloves, grabbed her reticule, and stepped out to her carriage; her perky, little hat perched on top of her head.

The drive to the doctor’s office was short, and within ten minutes, Emily Rose was sitting in the empty waiting room. She was nervous; fidgeting with her gloves. After about what felt like an hour, the nurse called out her name. Smoothing her skirts, she stood up to follow the nurse into an exam room. As she stepped through the door, Emily Rose caught the eye of another female patient leaving. The mayor was right. This woman had the softest, dreamiest look on her relaxed face.

She turned back to the exam room, which in her opinion, did not look like an exam room at all. The room was decorated with dark paneling, accented with shades of blue and rose. Soft lighting from those fancy new lamps that used electricity radiated out from various places in the room. The exam table dominated the center of the room and was the only thing that she recognized, as being medical. Unsure of what to do, she perched on the very edge of the only chair in the room and waited.

“I apologize, Miss Channing, for you unwarranted wait. I had a last minute walk in,” Dr. Johnson said, rushing into the room.

She knew that the doctor was young, but he couldn’t be more than thirty at the most. He was much taller than her petite form and had broad shoulders. His dark hair was slicked back; his moustache trim and neat. He stared down at her with warm, friendly brown eyes.

“Now…why don’t you tell me what brings you here this fine afternoon?” his deep voice asked.

“Well…doctor…I haven’t been feeling well,” she answered.

“Not well, huh? What seems to be ailing you, Miss Channing?” Dr. Johnson inquired further.

Emily Rose searched her brain. In truth, she had been odd lately; not herself. In the past couple of months, she had noticed a strange, heavy feeling in stomach; way down low, just under her navel. Deciding to use that as her cover, Emily Rose thought that if the doctor was legitimate, then he could, maybe, help her. It would be like killing two birds with one stone.

Clearing her throat, she said, “I have noticed…in the past couple of months…that my stomach ails me.”

“Your stomach, huh? Just in general, or is there some place specific?” he asked.

“Well…um…just below my naval. It feels…heavy; thick,” she mumbled.

“I see. Well, since you’re a new patient, I need to get some preliminary information, and then, we get to the examination,” he said, kindly.

“Of course,” she replied.

“I will need you to undress, so I can get your exact measurements,” he told her.

“When you say undress, do you mean all the way?” she asked; face red.

“Yes, but don’t worry. No one else will see you, and when I examine you, you will have a sheet to cover the parts that I am not looking at,” Dr. Johnson said, trying to reassure her.

The doctor led her to a screen in the far corner of the room. With her stomach in knots, Emily Rose stepped behind the silk screen and reluctantly unbuttoned her bodice. As she slipped her arms from the sleeves and pushed the heavy dress down her hips, she noticed that heavy feeling in her lower abdomen was back, which was odd to her. The timing was off, because that feeling only ever showed up when she was bathing. It, sometimes, woke her up at night. It was difficult for her to remove all of her petticoats, but she managed, without having to ask for the doctor’s assistance. A few minutes later and after she divested herself of her garter, hose, and shoes, Emily Rose stood there in her drawers, corset, and chemise. Try as she could, she could not reach all the clasps to her corset, and with butterflies racing in her belly, she glanced around the screen.

“Um…Dr. Johnson…uh…I need assistance with the clasp. I can’t reach it,” she called out, timidly.

“I’ll be right there,” his muffled voice said.

Her pound was pounding. She heard his heavy footsteps coming closer. Just the thought of this man seeing her thus dressed made that heavy feeling stronger. She was actually throbbing in her most private place. Her hands shook, as she pressed them against her mons, trying to get that maddening pulse to cease.

“Are you alright?” he asked, appearing suddenly.

A small screech escaped her mouth. She had been so busy focusing on that feeling that she never heard him approach. Emily Rose whirled around; her face flushed.

“Oh my! I didn’t hear you come up!” she stammered, “Yes…yes…of course, I’m fine. I just need help with my corset.”

“Are you certain? It appeared to me that your stomach was ailing you, again,” he asked, placing his warm hands on her shoulders and turning her body around.

“It was a little, I guess,” she said, shivering from his touch.

“Yes, well, that is what you’re here for,” he mumbled.

Starting at the bottom, he unfastened her corset; his fingers dancing against her soft, bare skin. It was maddening. Emily Rose tried to control herself. The whisper soft touch of his fingers had her nipples erect and tingly, and that heavy feeling in her pelvis intensified. Not only did she feel congested and swollen, her lower parts were slick. As she shifted from foot to foot, her lips glided against each other, sending sharp tingles out from a central point between her labia.

“There…all done!” he said, finally.

Emily Rose, relieved and disappointed, felt the corset fall to the floor. Her breasts felt heavy; no longer supported by her corset. Her nipples hardened even more, as they were abraded by her chemise. She pulled her chemise off and set it down with the rest of her clothes. Now, all that was left was her drawers. She quickly yanked them off, before she could change her mind. Steeling her mind, she stepped out from the protection of the screen. As she walked to where the doctor stood, she was highly aware of her breasts swaying gently.

Dr. Johnson was standing by his desk with a measuring tape ready. Emily Rose, self-conscious of her naked status, stood silently with her left arm trying to cover her generous breasts and her right hand covering her mound. She, desperately, tried to keep her mind off the situation; her eyes darting here and there. She looked down at the floor and was mortified to see her dark pink and very erect nipple peeking between her fingers. Quickly closing her fingers, she inadvertently captured her nipple and pinched it. The sudden, pleasure sensation made her whimper softly, which attracted the doctor’s attention.

“Oh! My apologies…You must be cold. Let’s get started, so that we can get you covered,” he said.

Dr. Johnson had her turn away from him, so that he could measure her height. He scribbled something down on paper, and then had her turn back around. Grabbing his ophthalmoscope, he looked into her eyes; muttering to himself. He listened to her heart and lungs. After writing his findings down, he turned to face her.

“So far, everything checks out. Your height, which measures 162 cm, is within normal limits, and your weight of 59 kg is also appropriate. Now, onto the physical exam,” he said, clinically.

He had her hold her arms out from her body, parallel to the floor. Taking time to probe and feel every part of her arms, he found nothing amiss. As he slid his hands down her rib cage, Emily Rose shivered again. There was something so naughty about standing in front of this man without a stitch of clothing on her body, and just when she thought it couldn’t get any more personal, Dr. Johnson cupped her left breast in his large hand.

“Uh huh…very good. Just the right weight. Your nipples are perfect for nursing,” he said.

“Wha…what do you mean?” she stammered, trying her best to ignore the wetness coating her inner thighs, from his simple touch.

“See how erect and flushed your nipple get when it is stimulated,” the doctor explained, as he rolled her nipple between his fingers.

His other hand cupped her other breast. He repeated the same on it, as well. Emily Rose wanted to melt right there. Never in her entire life had she felt the tingles and intense need that she felt now. Gone was the heaviness in her pelvic area. Now, all she could concentrate on was trying to relieve an ache in a place that was previously unknown to her. She wanted to rub that ache away so badly.

“Now…let’s check the elasticity,” he said.

She nearly whimpered, when he trapped both of her nipples between his fingers and thumb and pulled. Electric shockwaves traveled directly to her secret spot. It was like there was a direct connection.

“Good. Good. Please, turn around. I need to look at your spine and buttocks,” he told her.

Doing as she was told, Emily Rose presented the doctor with her back and waited. Since he had stopped manipulating her nipples, the tingles had ceased somewhat, but they were still there and still strong. She felt him run his fingers down her spine, until he got to her hips, which he grasped in his hands. He maneuvered her hips in various directions, which were routine for him, but made her lower lips slide against each other. The extra wetness took away all friction, and it felt like something was growing down there.

“Excellent. Now…one more thing, and then we’ll get you covered,” he explained, as he gently pushed her torso down.

“Okay,” she whispered.

“Sometimes, with stomach ailments, the problem lies in digestion. If you don’t properly get rid of your waste, well then, you will most definitely have problems. What I am going to do is check to see if your anatomy is correct. What I mean is I’m going to place a well lubricated finger just inside your bum to check to see if everything is working, as it should,” he explained.

She shivered in response, eliciting an assurance from the doctor that it would not hurt. At this point, she wasn’t worried about any of that. Just the sheer naughtiness of this moment had her enthralled. As she rested her head against the cold desk top, her heart pounded in time with the throbbing in her core. His warm hands pulled her white, rounded globes apart, revealing a place that had never seen the light of day. In her mind, she could see the little hole contracting, as if it was winking and flirting with the doctor. Emily Rose knew she should be mortified, but for the life of her, she just wasn’t. All she knew was she wanted…no, needed, something, but didn’t know what it was.

Dr. Johnson’s finger brushed against her back hole, which sent large waves of pleasure to her core. If she thought the breast exam was pleasurable, it was nothing compared to this. She actually felt a bead of moisture gather on her lower lips and proceed to travel its way to her thigh. He let go of her globes. She heard rustling behind her and a snap of a rubber glove. Apparently, he was one of those new age doctors that used gloves. When he returned, he used one hand to open her back up. A cool, slick finger probed her hole.

Emily Rose, the self-professed spinster, had the most dirty thought go through her mind. As the good doctor eased his finger further up her bum, all she could think about was what it would feel like if he buried his face right there. She moaned softly, as he swirled his finger around inside her bowel. He was looking for defects. She was getting wound tighter. When he pulled his finger free, she nearly whined in protest.

“Everything looks good here. The only thing I can think that can be wrong is in the area of your uterus,” he explained, as he pulled off his gloves.

He led her to the exam table and helped her up onto it. She put her feet into the stirrups, as directed, which he opened wide. A draft cooled the wetness on her thighs, and the pulsing in her core increased. She thought about the book she found in her father’s library, which showed provocative pictures of art found in India. She tried to remember what the title was…Kama…something. Although the title eluded her, she very vividly remembered the pictures, especially the one that showed a man putting his member inside the woman, whose facial expression was caught somewhere between pain and rapture. It was soon after seeing those pictures that the heaviness in her groin had begun.

Dr. Johnson sat down on a stool; in between her wide spread legs. He handed her a sheet, which she gratefully used to cover her upper body somewhat. She watched, as he adjusted a lamp, and once her private area was bathed in soft, yellow light, Emily Rose closed her eyes.

“Ah ha! Just as I thought. You are suffering from an advanced case of Hysteria,” he exclaimed.

“Oh my! Is it serious? Will I be okay?” she stammered; her eyes wide open.

“Yes…yes…you’ll be fine. Let me explain. Every day stress is too much for the female body. All of it goes directly to her lady part; which, as it gets fuller and fuller, starts to manifest itself in physical symptoms, like stomach ailments, nervousness, irritability, and the unwillingness to follow orders,” he informed.

“How will you cure it?” she asked.

“Simple. I’ll use pelvic manipulation. My fingers will coax it out of your body, but I have to warn you. It will return, and you’ll need repeat treatments indefinitely,” he told her.

Emily Rose nodded her head. Reclosing her eyes, she felt his hands slide down her inner thighs and hoped that he didn’t notice the wetness there. His fingers were slim and long, as they massaged her tender skin. Her thighs quivered, as he got closer and closer to her throbbing flesh. She felt faint; head buzzing. She was breathing so fast.

“Calm down, Miss Channing. I assure you that this will not hurt at all,” he said; voice huskier than before.

She took a deep breath and tried to visualize safe, non-provocative images. But when he planted his hands at the crux of her thighs and used his thumbs to open her lower lips, all sanity disappeared. He rotated his thumbs in opposite directions, making them rub a tiny button at the top of her area. Then he circled them in the same direction, pulling her skin taut. Her knuckles were white from the force of her grip.

Dr. Johnson grasped the skin covering her button in his left hand and gently inserted his middle finger on his right hand inside her virgin hole. She was at a loss of words, when he crooked his middle finger and started rubbing on a mysterious, super sensitive spot inside her. The throbbing at her core increased by a tenfold. Using the heel of his left hand, he pressed down on her button, which he called a clit, and rubbed on it hard.

“Oh!” she gasped, as white hot pleasure radiated out from that spot.

“Yes…let it happen,” he hissed.

She could hear wet, sloshing noises coming from her body, as he worked the finger inside her faster. She felt like she was on a precipitous and about to fall in. No coherent thoughts came from her brain. All she could focus on was this sharp pleasure. After several minutes of this stimulation, her body was tense and covered in a glistening sheen of sweat.

“That’s odd. You seem to be resistant to this type of manipulation. With your permission, I would like to try something I learned in China,” the doctor said; tension in his voice.

“Yes! YES! Just make the throbbing stop,” she panted.

“If you’re sure…,” his deep voice said.

“Yes…yes! Oh God…YES,” she hollered.

The doctor slipped another finger inside her, adding a double amount of stimulation, but instead of using the heel of his hand to stimulate her clitoris, he leaned down and sucked her button into his mouth. Emily Rose hollered out loudly. His tongue laved and swirled around her swollen nub, as his fingers moved in and out of her sopping hole. She grabbed his head and tangled her fingers in his hair, pulling him closer. Her hips bucked; her thighs tensed, and when his little finger probed her bum, her back arched.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh! Please…what’s happening? Stop, stop, STOP!” she screamed, “Yes! Don’t stop, please don’t stop!”

He sucked her bud into his wet mouth and used his teeth to gently gnaw her clit; all the while probing his tongue up under her hood. Emily Rose’s thighs clamped his head in a vise, as all the tension that had built up over the years wound to a peak, before snapping. White light blinded her, and then blackness.

A few seconds later, she became aware of the fact that she was alone on the table. Her eyes cracked open and looked around the room. A strange slapping sound came from the chaise lounge in the corner. She slowly turned her head and glanced in that direction. Dr. Johnson was sitting on the chaise with his man part out, rubbing on it. She watched covertly, as he stroked up and down until a white, milky fluid erupted. His body jerked several times, and then he relaxed. She quickly closed her eyes, until she was sure that he was decent.

“Ah! I see that you’re awake!” he said, cheerfully.

She nodded her head, blushing.

“Great. Our appointment is finished. You may get dressed. Be sure to make a follow up appointment for Wednesday. Like I said, you are going to need ongoing treatment,” he said, exiting the room.

Emily Rose barely remembered leaving the office. The only thing she was sure of was the dreamy far off expression on her face. She floated on cloud nine the rest of the day, and that night she slept soundly. The next morning, she got up and readied herself for her appointment with the mayor.

“So…is it what we feared? Is this charlatan defiling our women?” the mayor eagerly asked.

“Oh no, Mr. Mayor. I assure you that he is a top notch physician. He figured out what has been ailing my stomach and is treating it appropriately,” she smiled.

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