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Exploring the other side of sex

My friends and I discover a new pleasure
The late teenage years were a very exploratory time. I had two best friends at the age of eighteen and we were together most of the time we weren’t in school. Mike was about two inches shorter than me at 6’1 with light brown hair and a long face. Phil was a slight and slender youth who was 5’6 and light red hair. We rode our bicycles all over the area and often ended up sleeping over at each other’s house, listening to music, playing board games and cards. I was 6’4 and 160 lbs thin, scrawny really.

We were total late bloomers, having paid attention to work and play but not exercising our hormones with girls. While we took dance classes, we hadn't ever asked a girl out at this point. We even avoided our junior prom.

 One Saturday night we set up a tent over at Mike’s house and took our sleeping bags out for a sleep over outside in the warm July night air. At the beginning, we went down the street to the laundromat and purchased some cigarettes from the machine there. We sat in the tent and smoked and had sodas and talked while we played poker for no money, just for fun. As time went on we began to discuss girls we knew, how we imagined they looked naked, and described the various types of sex acts we would like to have with them.

A couple of hours into the night, after taking at length about sexual acts with girls of our fantasies, we decided to play strip poker. Being fully dressed, we began with shoes and socks and worked our way through what we had on. Phil lost the first two hands with no cards that worked together. Then I lost three hands in a row and ended up with just my underwear on. Mike lost a few and ended up in his underwear also.

At this point things took a sexual turn. Just before dealing a hand, Mike said,” It was exciting talking about the girls and how we would like to kiss them and feel them. I don’t think any of us have had that experience yet, have we?”

Both Phil and I simultaneously said,” I haven’t yet, no.”

Mike said, “Let’s up the ante a bit. From now on whoever wins takes the clothes off the loser.”

“That sounds fair,” I said, while I felt the stirring in my loins and an expansion of my cock at the thought. I was confused by feeling such sensuousness considering we were male friends, but I went with the contradiction. Glancing over, I noticed Mike’s underwear were looking filled as well. Then I looked at Phil and his pants had a protrusion about five inches straight out. “Looks like it is exciting us all as well!”

“I know I am hard at this point,” said Phil, “Maybe the loser should jerk off the winners too.”

“I don’t know,” said Mike.” I am not a queer.”

“You masturbate, right?” I asked. We all shook our heads yes.

“So what is the difference if we grab each other’s dong and stroke it. Same as our own isn’t it? Having someone else do the rubbing could be exciting don’t you think?” I said.

“Actually, that does sound exciting,” said Mike. “In fact, let’s have a wrestling game. We are all down to our underwear. We will draw straws to see who goes first and the person who can get the pants off the other first wins and the loser must stroke him off.”

“That sounds like fun.” We all agreed and stood up.

We took three straws and made one shorter than the others. I had them in my hand and held them forward. “Whoever gets the short straw picks his opponent. At the end of the wrestling, whoever pulls the pants off of his opponent must be stroked for two minutes by the loser. We will go around until we feel we are good to end.”

“Draw,” I said offering them to Mike. He drew. I turned to Phil and he pulled one as well. I ended up with the short straw. My stomach lept with excitement and my cock became harder.

“Okay, I pick Mike as my opponent,” I said and we got into position across from each other in a wrestlers type stance.

“Go!” said Phil. We moved to each other in a naked clench, one arm around the back, hugging each others bodies, while grabbing at each other’s underpants with our other hand, twisting to keep our underpants on while we tried to pull the others’ underpants off. In doing so my aching hard on was crushed against Mike’s and extremely erotic feelings coursed through my body, weakening my grip. We spun with the effort but kept standing. For some reason I wanted to lose and started to weaken my grip, with my head on Mike’s naked shoulder and my hardon grinding into his. I backed off just a bit and he dipped down suddenly, pulling my pants down and exposing my 7” hardon to the night air.

We stopped and stood there, puffing a bit from exertion, me naked and hard, his underpants partly down with his huge erection head and half the shaft exposed. Phil stood by his smaller hardon standing straight out still clothed with a big smile of his face.

“Okay Bill,” Mike said. “Time to pay up.”

I knelt in front of him as he stepped out of his underpants, grasped his extremely hard cock, and began rubbing it, my uncut erection bobbing with desire between my legs at the same time. It was a hot shaft and the head had some clear fluid on it as I rubbed. The sexual smell was overpowering and driving me crazy as I rubbed him. I began to feel an urge to kiss the head and taste the fluid, fluid I had tasted from my cock in masturbating before and licking my hand.

“Oh, Bill, that feels good. Ohhhh, keep rubbing. Rub a ltittle faster.”

I kept up a good stroke and Mike seemed to be moving his hips in the same speed as my rubbing.

“That’s two minutes!” said Phil, “Now it’s my turn!” He pulled off his underwear making us all naked and came over right next to me. His 5” thin hardness was bobbing at me as I grasped it. But I didn’t let go of Mike, just slowed the rubbing a bit. Mike’s cock was leaking a bit more and he started groaning.

“Oh, Bill that’s so exquisite!” he exclaimed.

Phil’s cock was also leaking as I sat between them and Phil started to move his hips. “Ohhhhh,” he groaned. Suddenly, he shot a large amount of cum which hit my face and chest like very warm lava and started to roll down my face, neck and chest. I licked some into my mouth and enjoyed the texture and taste.

Almost simultaneously, Mike also groaned and loosed an even larger amount of cum all over me and kept cumming through four or five ropes all over my shoulders, face, and chest. I was covered in cum and it felt good!

I felt an urge, the cum felt so good I moved forward and sucked the head of Mike’s cock, cleaning the remained and licking it before turning my head and doing the same to Phil. Both seemed stunned, but pleasantly so. I began rubbing the cum into my skin with one hand and, grabbing my cock, began stroking it.

Mike knelt down, knocked my hand away from my cock and grabbed it saying “Here, let me.” And he began stroking me furiously which loosed my cum in very short order, covering his chest with my fluids. He then surprised me by leaning forward and engulfing my cock in his mouth, sucking the remnants from my cock and swallowing them.

We all sat down and looked at each other. “That was fantastic!” we said.

Phil then said, “How did it taste when you sucked cock?”

Mike and I looked at each other and grinned. “It was tasty,” I said. “Here let me help you.”

I leaned back as I wrapped my hand around Phil’s head and pulled him to my still hard erection. He opened his mouth and engulfed me as I pulled the foreskin back exposing the sensitive head covered in cum remnants which slid into his mouth. He began sucking like there was honey on it. Licking, tongue spinning, he grabbed my balls gently and rubbed them as he sucked.

In the meantime, Mike had begun to stroke his erection and I motioned him over. He knelt over my head and I grabbed his ass and pulled him forward bringing his large cock to my mouth and I slid him all the way down.

“Ohhhh!” he exclaimed. “That is incredible. Here if you slide this way, we can get into a circle and I can suck Phil too.”

We moved and now the tent was filled with the slurps, moans, and groans of pre-orgasmic youths sucking each other, running our hands over each others’ bodies. We were spinning out of control, naked warmth and bodies rubbing while we sucked each other fully for the first time.

I started to feel my cum rising and made an extra effort on Mike, while he made the same effort with Phil. Phil muffled moaned first as his cum spurt from his cock into Mike’s voracious mouth. Mike swallowed as his cock began to spurt large spurts of cum into my mouth which I greedily swallowed. Then I went stiff and my cum flowed into Phil’s mouth and overflowed to his chin.

We all lay back and let the post orgasmic lull sweep over us. I raised myself on an elbow and said, “Looks like camping just became even more exciting!”

To be continued…..

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