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Extra Servies

I work as a lawn care specialist or as most people know us as Gardeners. But I take pride in my work and do it the best to my ability. So I am at the main office, changing into my work uniform and picking up my route. I have three stops, two big yards and a small back yard that has gotten out of hand. So I figure I'll leave the small one to the end seeing I'll have lunch before.

Today is a hot one hitting 98 at 10 am. The humidity was low so it didn't feel that bad, but being that I'm in the sun all day it gets to me. I knock out the first two lawns fast, no big deal, there my locals so I know how they like there lawns done. I look down at my watch and see it's just about 2pm. Figuring that I will hold off on lunch and cut out of work early, I go to my next appointment.

I roll up to a big, nice, house in a gated community. I park on the street, as I do all the time. 'My beat up work truck is way out of place here' I think to myself. I walked up to the door and rang the doorbell but no answer, so I ring it again. I wait for about 2 minutes and walk back to my truck to look at my work sheet. It says somebody will be home all day, so I walk back up to the door and knock on it this time. Knock, Knock.


“Yeah, I'm from the lawn service. Your husband called us to come clean up the back yard today.”

“OH OK just one sec.”' this small but sexy voice says from the other side of the door.

My mouth drops open as this beautiful young lady opens the door show off her bikini clad body. I stare trying to hold back my growing hard on.

“Hi I'm Jax and I'm here to do you.... I mean your lawn. Whoa, Let me try that again your husband hired me to clean your back yard. You giggle at my attempt to hide my desire for you

“Come in, I'll show you what needs to be done.” you says with a naughty grin on her face. I just nod my head and walk in behind you, trying not to stare at you tight HOT body.

“WOW, Nice place you have here.” You look over your shoulder and give me a smile and a wink As we exit the house through the back door.

“Well as you can see we have a nice privacy fence, but the grass grows up around it and it needs to be trimmed.”

“Cool, I can do that for you and I see your trees need to b trimmed too, I'll be sure to do that too.... Man it's hot today isn't it?” I say give you a shy smile, still looking you up and down without you noticing.

“It's very hot, you don't mind if I tan by the pool while you work do you?”

The blood rushes from my head to my growing member as I answer “NO, you do what you were guna do. I'll get my stuff out of the truck and get started.”

I come around the house carrying my trimmer and some other stuff. I stop in my track as I see you laid out on a big beach towel tanning. I stand there and watch you for a minute, still trying to hide my raging hard on. I finally break my stare at your tight young body as I carry my stuff over to the fence. I put some gas in my trimmer and start it up.

Still taking little glances at your body. Your laying there with some dark lens over sized sunglasses so I don't and pray you

don't see me checking you out. I don't know if your looking at me or not, and pray you don't see me checking you out. I get done with one part of the fence, and carry my trimmer to put some more gas into it. I notice you have untied your top so you don't get any tan lines.

My cock twitches in my shorts trying to find it's way out. I clear my throat as I start on another side of the fence. Still watching you out the corner of my eye. You start to rub oil on your body getting it all lathered up. I watch as you cover your thighs and chest. I see your nipples getting hard as you do this.

“OH fuck!!!” I say under my breath. I reach down and grab my hard on to move it to a more comfortable position. I'm covered in sweat so I take my shirt off. Wiping my chest and neck with it. I'm still watching you out the corner of my eye. I see you staring my way as you cover your arms and neck with the oil. I finish the grass and grab a bottle of water out of my cooler. Taking a huge swig of the refreshing liquid, them pouring the rest over my head. Letting the cold water run over my hot and sweaty skin. My nipples get hard from the coldness of the water. I see you flip over laying on your stomach and make yourself comfortable.

“Excuse me, Jax can you come here for a second?” you say propped up on your elbows looking my way

“Yes, how can I be of service to you?”

“I need some oil on my back, do you think you can handle that for me. My arms aren't long enough?”

“OH yeah I can do that for you!”

I kneel besides you, grabbing the oil and pour a large amount in my big hands. I slowly rubbing it over your hot skin I see goose bumps start to form under my hands, I smile at myself

“Mmmmmm, lower.” You whisper

I slowly rubbing my hand over your tight body. I get closer to your firm ass. But stopping at the top of your waist. Then back up to your shoulders.

“Lower next time.” You say in a breathy voice

I move lower, spreading the oil over your suit and thighs. Moving back up, I rub your firm cheeks which makes me harder then I've been all day.

“Ohhhhh right there.”

I slowly put my thumbs in the waist band of your bikini and pull them down your thighs. “We don't want to get this covered in oil now do we?”

“No we don't.” you say with a grin on your face

I slowly but gently start rubbing your tight ass cheeks. I knead and rub the oil in, nice and slow, from cheek to cheek. I let my finger slip into your crack and graze your tight star.

“Oh yes!!! That spot need some oil too.” You moan out

I pick up the bottle, and pour some on your firm cheeks, letting it run down in between them. Lightly running my fingers over it again, I feeling your body tense up as I do so

“Oh yess!! I don't want that to burn.”

I stop and sit back on my legs. “What if your husband comes home, won't he be mad that your naked and I rubbing oil on you?”

“Hehe he cheats on me all the time. I hope he does see this.”

I playfully smack your ass cheeks “ Your naughty!”

“Very naughty.” You say with a giggle

“Mmmmm.” I moan as I SMACK your ass cheek again

I continue to rub the oil over your cheeks, letting my fingers rub over you tight hole. I press my fingers harder over your tight star, letting them slide a bit further down. Grazing your slit. I feel that your lips are covered in your juices. Your body shivers from my touch. I feel that your loving this, so I bend down and kiss your neck

"So how long has it been since your husbands pleasured you?" I whispered into your ear

“To long for my needs.” You purr back

“OH then let me fix that too sexy.”

I slip my hand in between your thighs, rub your needy pussy slowly. Rubbing my fingers up and down your wet hot lips. I move down and kiss your shoulder. I let my fingers rub harder against your pussy.

“If you do this right my lawn my have to be trimmed everyday!”

“That's good because I need the money.” I say then suck on you earlobe

I let my hand go further down your lips, nice and slow, as I come to your clit I start to rub it slowly but firmly. Feeling you getting wetter, as I rub long and hard. I start to kiss down your back to your firm ass cheeks, I bite them, as my fingers rub your clit harder.

“Mmmmmmm, I have toys in my bag over there if need them.”

You point at the bag as I rub your clit harder, and your body shivers as I do so Letting my middle finger slip in between your meaty folds.

“Mmmmm, we'll get to them soon SEXY.” I watch your body quiver as I whisper this into your ear

I move my hand from your thigh and grab your waist, flipping you over. I gasp at the sight in front of me.

“WOW baby you are so hot... I should kick your husbands ass, for not pleasuring you all the time, and for cheating on you.”

I move in and take a deep breath of your wet hot pussy. “Mmmmmmmmmmm you are so FUCKING HOT!!!”

“Take me now. I want you to make me your little slut!”

I lean down and place a kiss on your throbbing clit, smiling up at you. Moving up to your hard nipples, I suck the left one onto my hot wet mouth. Rolling the right in between my fingers. I bite the one in my mouth and flick my tongue across it. Pinching and pulling the other with my finger. You let out a long moan, and your body shakes, as I continue to play with your hard nipples. Your breathing become ragged, so I move over to the other doing the same. I pop it out of my mouth and run my tongue around them.

Then licking my way to your belly button, running my tongue around it. I feel my cock straining in my shorts. I unbutton them to relieve the pressure. Leaving it in my boxer, but it feels better. I move down further. Licking your pubic area that is shaved clean, I can feel the heat rise from your needy pussy. I watch as your juices run down your inner thigh. I spread your legs wider, and lick your pussy in one long, slow, swipe. Slowing down as I get to your clit. Flicking my tongue across it. I moan as I do so which send vibrations thru your clit.

“OH FUCK!!!”

You moan from all the stimulation, I wrap my mouth around your clit, and suck it hard. Softly flicking my tongue across it now and then. Tasting your sweet juices, as you enjoy yourself. I'm still moaning and flicking my tongue across your clit, I see you grab your nipples, twisting, and pulling them yourself.

“You're going to make me cum so fast.” You moan in between breathes

I slow down making you wait for that sweet relief. I get up, grab the bag of toys and kick off my shorts, leaving me in my superman boxers. I bring the bag over besides us, kneeling again, I dig thru the bag. Finding a pink, remote egg, I hear you panting, needing more, and needing that relief I've promised you. I stare into your eyes as I turn on the egg. I see you shutter at the sound.

“Oh this must be your favorite!”

“How'd you know?”

“Your body told me.” I say with a evil grin on my face

“It's my second husband.” You whisper as your body shivers at the sound of the egg still running

I chuckle and say “Your body know what's coming.”

I smile, and kiss the tip of egg, lowing it to your pubic area. I lightly running it in circles, careful not to touch your lips. I watch your body, as it vibrates over your womanhood.

“OH GOD!!! PLEASE stop teasing me!” you yell out

I lightly kiss, where the egg has touched. Feeling you breath get harder. I slowly run it over your wet lips. You tense up, as I run it further down. Lightly placing it over your anus, you let out a gasp. I smile, as I continue to tease you.

“OH GOD!!!give it to me.” You beg

“Mmmmm, Not just yet, I'm guna pleasure you in ways you never been before”

Then, I slowly run it down your thigh, then slowly back up, then down the other one. I kiss your clit lightly, just enough to make you flinch with pleasure. Then flick my tongue across it and smile at you moaning and shiver under my touch.

“PLEASE!!!” you moan

I chuckle and say “I love watching a woman beg for the sweet relief.”

I move the egg back up your thigh, I place in between your ass cheeks. lightly rubbing it on your tight star. I start to suck your clit, softly. Then sucking it harder. Circling the egg around your anus, I feel your body tense up. I bite your clit, then flick my tongue across it, nice and slow. Sucking your clit harder, I pull it up, then letting it go. Bring the egg up, and run it around your wet quivering pussy. I rub it around your opening, just lightly, making you wanting the finally thrust, but not giving it to you.

“I'm going to explode soon” you moan

I look up at you, staring into your eyes, as I insert the egg into your wet pussy. I start sucking your clit hard, I watch you rubbing your tits, and twisting your nipples, as I bite your clit again. I press the egg in further, still holding the wire, so I won't lose it. I pull your cilt up, again sucking it as I do so, letting snap back to it position. Still staring into your eyes.

“OH FUCK!!! I'm coming” you yell thru clenched teeth

I see your body tense up, and you pull your hard nipples, harder. I let your clit go and pull the egg out, placing my mouth over your pussy. Then placing the egg on your anus, and press it hard against it. Sucking hard on your pussy. I feel your body tense up more, as your on the edge of a earth shattering orgasm. Your breathing get more labored,as I move the egg in circles, harder against your puckered star. Slowly rubbing my tongue up and down your wet hot lips. Still sucking on you hard, I moan sending vibrations over your clit.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh Fuuuuuuuuccccccccckkkkkk mmmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeee!!!”

You cry out as cum starts pouring out of your tight pussy. I swallowing every last drop of the sweet fluid, still rubbing the egg around your anus. Your twitching and trying to regain your breath. I lift my head from your wet puffy lips and watch you still twitching from the orgasm I just gave you.

“So have you ever been pleasured like that before?” I ask, still licking your juices off my lips

“NO, never!” you say as your chest still heaves up and down a little

I slowly move up, placing kisses on your hard nipples, and licking your aureola's, then slowly, kissing up your chest ,over your collarbone. Then licking up your neck, sucking your earlobe.

I purring in your ear “I'm glad I could be of service today.”

“I'm definitely giving you a bonus.”

“Mmmm, thank you.” I purr in your ear. “I think I need to get the rest of my work done before your husband gets home.”

“Oh Yeah I completely forgot.” You say as you kiss my lips

I watch as you get up, and go inside to compose yourself, I put my shorts back on and finish the job. I carry all my stuff back in the truck. I go back to the front door, and knock you answer quickly. I smile, that you are standing there in just a pair of pink panties, your nipples are still hard and red.

“I need you to sign this paper saying that I did the job right.” I hand you the clipboard, and watch you tit jiggle, as you write on the paper

“Come back tomorrow and I’ll give you a tour of the inside of my house, in case, you have to help me out in there too.” you say winking

“I'll be here.” I say biting my bottom lip and winking....

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