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Fantasy becomes reality

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Emma and Dave were friends by text, would reality bring more?
(This story has been co-written by myself and a lovely member of Lush called Davie . It has been written from 2 points of view.

I had been a member of Lush for only 6 weeks and already I had clicked with someone. The chats were heating up and I knew where I wanted it to go but did he?

I turned on the computer in anticipation; everyday was the same, the buzz of turning on the computer and checking your messages. Had that special person been on and left me a message? I lived for a message from this special someone.

You know when you talk to someone on line, how you can sometimes really feel you know them without ever having seen a picture of them or even heard their voice. Well this was like that.

Me and Dave had just clicked. I knew him inside out and certainly wanted to know him outside in! We had been chatting a few times a week and I knew already I wanted to meet him and see where it went. We lived at opposite ends of the country and this was not an impossible task, however he didn’t seem to realize I was hot for him.

I decided that the next chat we had I would reveal all, and if he ran away then so be it.

There, there he was. Dave was online, this was my chance.

Excitedly I pinged an online message to him and waited for a response.

Messages were soon flying back and forth and we soon decided to move to private chat. I settled back and got ready for what could be a life changing experience.

“Hey Hun you ok today?”

“Yes thanks babe, bit horny”

“Can I tell you something honest without you taking it the wrong way?”

“Oh babe of course you can, I don’t shock easy”

“I want to meet you for real and try out everything we have chatted about”

There I had done it I had told him.


It was strange, we had never met but just from our conversations on line he knew that he wanted her. Every time he logged onto Lush he felt myself harden in anticipation of Emma being on and chatting. After their chats he would lie in bed unable to sleep because of his throbbing cock. He would lie stroking his erection imagining they were talking face to face, thinking about doing all the things they had talked about. He masturbated slowly enjoying the sensations flooding his body as he wished it was her hand, her lips, her mouth. Eventually he would let himself cum, groaning loudly as he spurted ropes of hot semen, imagining how it would look trickling over her breasts.

Then one day Emma surprised him by telling him she wanted to meet, to try all the things they had chatted about. He had never done anything like it before but the more he thought about it the more he realised that he wanted to meet her.

Despite living in opposite ends of the country Dave and Emma managed to arrange to meet in a town about halfway from where they both lived, and where they were sure they would not meet anyone they knew.

The weeks to their meeting seemed to go so slowly. They masturbated together on line and admitted that they were doing it at alone, at other times, as they fantasised about what was going to happen.

Finally it was only ten days until they were to meet and they both agreed that they would not masturbate until they were together. They hoped we could last that long.


The waiting was driving me wild. 10 days without masturbating, I couldn’t do 10 hours! We were now communicating everyday now by text, logging onto Lush was too dangerous, too many temptations.

I wasn’t sure if my remote control vibrator was cheating, it had been 4 days now and, if I didn’t release the tension, I was likely to jump on the next man that walked through the door.

I was alone at home so I decided to be very naughty and use my toys downstairs where anyone that walked up my drive could see.

I settled back in my favorite chair and got to work. Slowly pushing my lace trimmed panties down my legs I shimmied out of them and spread my legs. I couldn’t touch myself as that had been banned but if my vibrator accidentally slipped between my moist lips then that wasn’t cheating was it!

Slipping my little bullet between my lips I felt a gush of juices trickle down my leg. I had come already. Laying back I opened my book and started reading. At the end of each page I turned my toy up a setting until it was buzzing hard and driving me to the point of Cumming. Just as I couldn’t take any more I then did the opposite, turning it down with every page. This was amazing, I so needed to cum so I turned my toy up in one go to the top setting and exploded. I ached my back and spasmed again and again moaning and writhing against this amazing feeling.

Coming down from this high I took a picture of my puffy lips covered in my juices and sent them to Dave.

I had some explaining to do!


After four days Dave was beginning to regret suggesting to Emma that they abstain from masturbation until they met. He seemed to have a permanent erection and it was beginning to get painful. Surely one wank would not do any harm, just once to give himself some relief.

Then he received a picture on his mobile from Emma, a picture of her lovely pussy covered in her cum. Along with her picture she described how good her orgasm had been. He hurried home and immediately threw off his clothes and lay across his bed, his erection sticking up like some huge flagpole. He looked at her picture imaging his hard cock sliding into her pussy as he stroked himself hard. He didn't last long and was crying out loudly as he came and came. Breathing hard he still held onto his semi erect cock. Semen flowed over his hand and cock as he closed his eyes and thought about Emma.

He was making love to Emma as he teased his cock back to full hardness. This time he lasted longer as he thought about their naked bodies writhing together as he slid into her tight pussy. He imagined how she would look, how her body would feel next to his as she climaxed and he came again.

It would now be long now until they met.


10 days had never passed so slowly. It was now the day. The day when all my fantasies would come true, but which one first? Dave and I had discussed so many dreams that choices would have to be made.

First things first, what to wear. Naughty girl, sexy, sluttish, innocent. Oh the options were endless. I couldn’t decide so throwing them all in my bag I chucked on black skinny jeans and a white cotton t shirt to travel in.

Waiting at the train station my phone beeped.

“When you get here you will be wearing black stockings, suspenders a peephole bra AND NOTHING ELSE”

Oh shit. I hadn’t packed any. I had a choice to make. Run to the shops and miss my train or go without and risk everything. No contest, I ran to the nearest shops and brought black lace topped stockings, black suspender belt and a gorgeous black satin peephole bra that I knew would hold my nipples to permanent attention.

Racing back to the station I fired off a quick message.

“Train delayed be there soon”

“Naughty girl I know it isn’t did you forget your underwear?”

Blushing, I made my way onto the train. At some point in the 2 hour journey I was going to have to get changed. This was going to be a mission. How was I going to do that, I certainly didn’t intend to sit there partially undressed for very long.

Beep Beep

My phone went again

“I want a half hourly update complete with photos of you getting changed.”

This wasn’t going to be as simple as I thought.


The days passed slowly but at last it was the day they were to meet. He had sent Emma instructions on what to wear and he wondered if she would obey them. His mobile rang and he flicked it open, seeing Emma's name appear he felt his cock start to harden as he opened the picture file.

It was obviously taken from an awkward angle and in the confined space, he assumed, of a train toilet. But that did not matter as he gasped with pleasure and his cock rose as he looked at her breasts encased in a black bra, her stiff nipples poking through the peephole just as he had instructed.

His mobile rang again, this time the pic was from her waist down. Her legs encased in black stockings and suspenders. It was her bare pussy that excited him most as he realised that soon his hard cock would be deep inside her.

He received the last pic as the train drew into the station; her fingers held her pussy open as if inviting him into her. His cock was throbbing as the train halted. He had never wanted anyone as badly as he wanted Emma now.


The train was drawing into the station. This was it, it as now or never.

Did I walk off the train clad as I was with the long coat over the top or did I dare remove it and walk off the train brazenly naked?

I bottled it. I wrapped my coat around me and stepped off. Making my way to the entrance I was looking around desperately for that familiar face I thought I knew. As I slowed my walk and looked around increasingly desperately I thought I had been stood up and it was all a game, he was never going to be here was he. Slumping against the entrance I planned my next move. Did I get on the train home or did I spend the day shopping my heartbreak away?

“I didn’t say anything about a coat did I”

That voice could only belong to Dave. He was here. Despite all our texts we had never spoken. Whipping round I flung my arms around him. His hands immediately slipped under my coat and grasped my bottom.

“I took the liberty of booking a room, I didn’t think you would mind!” he purred

Oh that voice. I was a sucker for accents; I didn’t prefer any particular one, only if your accent suited you then I would be in a puddle on the floor. Dave’s accent suited him SO well. I was never going to be able to say no now he had spoken. Any butterflies I had had disappeared when he opened his mouth.

Clasping my hand in his huge hand (Wonder if all they say is true does hand size correspond to ….Well I was going to find out soon enough!) we walked off down the road.

Walking slowly along the road we chatted and got to know each other properly chatting about nothing in particular. The sexual tension was rising by the minute and the air as almost crackling between us when we came across a secluded park.

“Let’s walk through here”

I knew where this was going and I could feel my juices moistening my panties.

“Take your coat off”

I slowly removed my coat finally standing there in front of him in just the clothes he had requested.

“Touch yourself”

I slipped my fingers slowly down my body pinching my nipples on the way past teasing Dave knowing exactly what he wanted.

Keeping eye contact I stroked my way down my body, catching the bulge in his trousers that was increasing by the second out of the corner of my eye. Slipping my fingers under the waist band of my panties he let out a quiet moan

“Further please” he begged

Moving that slight bit further my fingers slipped into my pussy and my legs buckled with the release.

My pussy lips were wet and desperate for more than just my fingers. What happen next was up to Dave.


His erection was throbbing in the confines of his trousers as he watched Emma play with herself. He took her hand that was touching her pussy and replaced it with his. She was so wet he wondered if she had cum as his fingers found her swollen clit. He could not wait any longer and Dave pulled her behind some bushes,

"I need you now"

"So do I" Emma gasped, unzipping him and releasing his throbbing cock.

Dave nearly came as her hand encompassed his hardness and she pulled his foreskin back.

He gently eased her onto the ground and pushed her soaked panties aside, thrusting hard into her wet pussy, making her gasp.

This was not going to be gentle sex that could wait until later, this was pure lust. Dave leaned forward biting each stiff nipple in turn as he thrust hard and fast.

Emma groaned her legs entwining with his as her hips began to undulate and make little thrusts of their own. He looked down at her beautiful body under his as her thrusts became harder and matched his. Their breathing quickened and he held her tightly as her fingers dug into his shoulders. Nothing mattered now except their rapid climb toward a climax.

An army could have marched past and they could not have stopped. Emma's body began to shake and he felt the walls of her pussy grip me tighter. He felt his orgasm, closer now, and fought to delay it but Emma held him tighter.

"Cum in me I'll cum with you"

Emma started to make little noises in her throat as her body thrust up into Dave.

"I'm going to....."

Dave moaned as he ejaculated stream after stream of hot spunk deep into her. She held onto him her body shaking and shuddering as she came in waves, until finally they cried out together as they climaxed.

They lost track of time as they lay there together, their breathing starting to slow down.

"We better go" Dave murmured

"Before we get caught"

He kissed her lips as he smiled,

"And we can make good use of the bed"

He gently pulled out of her and Emma touched his cum covered cock, it immediately started to harden again

"Look what you're doing to me" he said helping her up.


The room was amazing. Big king size bed, large bath and lots of places to bend me over and fuck me. The walk from the park had been torturous. Dave had an obvious bulge in his pants and my juices were running down my leg from the firm fucking I had had in the park. Dave really didn’t help by whispering filth in my ears all the way back to the hotel.

Dave wasted no time in stripping off and running the bath.

“Get naked” he ordered

There was no arguing with him, he had only one thing on his mind and the thick cock that was pointing to his belly button gave away exactly what that was!

“Get in”

We both climbed in the bath Dave first, me on his lap. As I sat down he guided his cock into me, slipping quickly deep inside me.

“Sit still and don’t move” he whispered

This was the hardest thing I had had to do for a while. Here I was impaled on his thick hard cock horny as ever, and I couldn’t do anything about it. I could feel his breath on the back of my neck as his hands moved around my body towards my nipples. With one hand on each nipple he pulled me close to his chest. Flicking gently on them he encouraged my nipples to harden. I could feel his heartbeat through his cock that was still pulsing inside me and this was only serving to drive me mad with desire.

I squirmed slightly desperate to make him move, to fuck me, to once again make me cum over and over.

After 25 minutes of sitting on his cock I was pretty much blind with need. Dave lifted me and put me over the edge of the bath onto the floor. This was not what I expected. I really thought he would fuck me in the bath. Dripping on the floor water and juices combined I was slightly confused and stood up.

“Stay there” Dave ordered

I stayed where I was and awaited Dave.

Dave sat and looked his eyes taking in every inch of my body from top to toe.

“Oh fuck I can’t do this” he groaned.

In one swift movement he was out of the bath and had picked me up.

“Now for some real fun”


Dave put me down and pushed me against the wall. Kissing me firmly he moved his hand between my legs and without ceremony pushed 2 fingers inside me.

Fucking me firmly he turned me around and lead me across the room to the table by me pussy.

“Lean over the table and grasp the other side”

He pushed me over the table and without warning removed his fingers. I could sense his gaze moving down my body, could hear his joint as he moved towards the floor. Grasping an ankle in each hand he spread my legs wide. I felt a cord, something silken rasp around each ankle and pull tight. He was tying me up, he had listened. I couldn’t help but moan at the realisation I was completely at his mercy.

He bit my legs nibbled my knees, licked my thighs.

“OH yes oh yes”

His tongue was buried deep inside me. No teasing my clit, no playing with my dripping lips, just straight in. The sensations he was arousing in my body were amazing. Soon I was squirming hard on his tongue, begging him to finish me off, to let me cum. Every time I begged he slapped my ass only adding to my arousal.

It was happening; I was Cumming on his tongue. Everything I had asked him to do was happening. Spasms were soon coursing through my body making me writhe impaled on his tongue. I couldn’t escape and I certainly couldn’t clamp my legs shut to stop him. He was enjoying this, doing as he pleased. Making me cum over and over again. My legs were weak and my body couldn’t take any more when he finally untied me.

“I’ve not finished with you yet” he teased


Emma fell against Dave as he untied her. He led her to the bed and as they fell on it her hand reached down and grasped his erect cock and started to masturbate Dave.

"Your turn to cum" she smiled.

She smiled at him as her tongue licked her upper lip, then she bent down and took the swollen head of his cock into her mouth. Dave groaned, it wasn’t going to take much to make him cum, watching Emma's orgasms had excited him.

Emma's tongue licked the head of his cock as she gently wanked him into her mouth. Then, slowly, she took him deeper until most of his length was engulfed, her head bobbing up and down, sending the most intense feelings through him. Dave could not stand much of delicious torture as her tongue licked his shaft and stroked the sensitive glands. He held her head, then slowly, lifted it up

"I'm going to cum"

Emma looked at him

"I want to taste you, I want you to fill my mouth" and she took him into her mouth again.

It didn't take long and Dave cried out as he felt the semen race through his shaft and ejaculate stream after stream into her mouth. She swallowed everything as her mouth milked him dry and she finally let him go.

He took her into his arms and said breathlessly

"That was so good"

Dave kissed her lips tasting himself on her and her hand move down to grasp his now soft cock, she grinned as she said

"Do you think I can make you hard again?"


Could I make him hard again? I just had to look at him and he was hard!

Within seconds of my hand grasping his cock he was hard again. This time it would have to be fast raw animal sex. Neither of us had a lot of time and had to go back to our normal lives sooner than we would like.

Pulling him with me I fell back on the bed. We landed in a tangled heap me first. Dave pushed me onto my back, and inserting his legs between mine, spread my legs. My pussy was dripping wet from the fucking I had had earlier and I was hyper sensitive, jut the cool air on them was likely to make me cum.

Dave just sat looking for a second before leaning over my and plunging his cock straight in, no foreplay, no teasing just straight in. Immediately he started fucking like a man possessed. On every stroke my hips rising to meet his, neither of us caring about the others pleasure, this was all about taking what we could.

The sounds echoing round the room were amazingly erotic, the sound of balls slapping, gasps, moans and filthy talk were only adding to the animal passion in the room. All too soon we were both on the verge of Cumming.

“I’m going to cum” he panted

“Not yet wait for me”


Thick ropes of sperm hit me, my orgasm hitting me with the force of a steam train. I was Cumming on him milking him, both of us lost in the pleasure.

Dave pulled his now limp cock out of me and pulled me close. We both lay for a while, my head on his chest listening to his heartbeat, our breathing, ragged; slowly we started to come down from our high. Our actions began to mirror each other, starting to doze off curled up together.

Soon enough we had to get dressed and leave knowing that this day would affect our lives for as long as we could allow it to.

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