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Finishing Off The Wife

Catching the wife pleasuring herself and how I helped finish her off!
This is my first story so please be gentle :)

It was a gorgeous sunny day at work, in fact too sunny to be stuck in work. So being my own boss I thought I deserved to knock off a few hours early and surprise the wife.

When I entered our house I could hear the air-con unit buzzing upstairs, it was one of those portable ones so it was quite noisy. I assumed at first that my wife may have been taking a siesta so I thought why not join her.

When I entered the room she had her eyes shut and I realised she mustn't have heard me come through the door and presumed she was still asleep. As I looked down the bed I admired how the thin cotton sheet clung to her skin and that's when I noticed her hand between her legs. She wasn't sleeping at all, she was pleasuring herself.

I took the opportunity to watch unnoticed and began to feel the blood rush straight to my cock. I could see her nipples starting to get hard through the sheets and her breathing getting faster. I couldn't resist any longer for two reasons, firstly I desperately wanted to ravish my wife's body and secondly I felt like my cock was going to burst through my pants.
Thinking back it was corny as hell but all I could think of saying was "Do you need a hand?"

My wife nearly jumped out of her skin, she bolt upright with the sheets just covering her waist and below. "Jesus Christ, you scared the life out of me. What are you doing home so early?"

I wasn't in the mood for talking or explanations I simply got onto the bed and started to kiss my wife. Our mouths parted and let our tongues explore. I loved it when my wife would force her tongue right into my mouth so I could suck it, it was such a huge turn on. I could feel her hand on the side of my face and I guessed it was the same hand she was using to finger herself and it was wet and had that familiar musky smell. Our lips parted and I licked the tips of her fingers to taste her sweet juice.

I began to run my hand down her warm sweaty neck until I reached one of her breasts. I brushed my finger tips over the already hard nipples and heard her moan instantly. I bend my head down and took her hand nipple into my mouth and swirled my tongue round. At this point my wife lowered herself back down to lye on the bed and slid the sheets off the side of the bed. I moved my head to the side to look down her body past her naval and to the small strip of hair above her pussy. I slowly kissed down her body using plenty of tongue and ran my tongue round her belly button and planted kisses on her short brown strip of pubic hair.

I then got up and moved position so I was sat between her legs. I grabbed her knees and pulled them up to her chest so her pussy and arsehole were on full show. Her pussy lips were naturally opened due to the position she was in and a small trickle of her juices ran out from her pussy and onto her arsehole. I couldn't resist! I bowed my head down and shoved my face right into her pussy. My tongue explored all her folds as my tongue went from her vagina up to her clitoris. I could feel her juices gushing out of her pussy and her little clit started to get hard.

I knew she wasn't far off and I knew this was my perfect chance. My wife usually doesn't like anything anal but when she was this far gone and this turned on she will do just about anything and love it. This time as my tongue slide down from her clit I tongue fucked her pussy hole and then slid my tongue further down, over her perinium and ran my tongue round her little tight arsehole. I stiffened by tongue up and plunged it into her arsehole.

She squirmed and moaned but definitely didn't complain, in fact with every push of my tongue I could feel her pushing her ass against my face. After a few minutes I could feel her tight hole relaxing so I moved my tongue back up to her clit and slid a finger into her arsehole. Sliding my finger in and out and nibbling on her clit, it wasn't long until I could feel her shaking and my face being covered in her sweet juice. She went rigid, sat up and let out a huge moan and just as quickly collapsed back onto the bed.

I slid back up to her and we kissed and then fell asleep together with my last thought being looking forward to how she was going to repay me…

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