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First Date

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Cathy and Jason's first date
First Date

Cathy sat at the bar in the new trendy restaurant which had just opened in town. She was both excited and a little nervous at the prospect of meeting her online date for the first time.

She sat sipping her wine white spritzer, whilst taking in the atmosphere of the inn. It was around three months ago she had placed her ad on site stating “lively, attractive Irish lady, new to the area seeing a good looking friendly male for friendship and possibly more”. Quite a number of guys had responded, leading to a few dates, however, the response from Jason really intrigued Cathy and they seemed to get on, via the mails they had sent to each other.

He had posted some photos online and he looked like an attractive man, coupled with a nice personality and a great sense of humour. As he walked in, his eyes scanned the room, when he saw Cathy he gave a dazzling smile and his whole face lit up. She could tell he was very pleased with how she looked and she felt the same. As Jason approached her table, her pulse started to race slightly and she noticed for the first time how sparkling his blue eyes were, with a very naughty glint.

The conversation flowed easily, asking the usual sort of questions on first dates such as where they both worked, what they did in their spare time, until Cathy was suddenly taken off guard.

“So Cathy what do you look for in a man in the bedroom?” Asked Jason, very matter of factly.

At this Cathy blushed slightly and began her response stammering, “Oh, erm, I don’t know. I suppose someone who isn’t selfish and so long as we are compatible.” 

Jason smiled at this and lent over to kiss Cathy. He started to kiss her gently and then probed her mouth with his tongue, to which she responded. As they kissed, she started to feel dizzy, unsure if it was the three wine spritzers she had consumed, the heat in the room or the fact that she was extremely attracted to Jason, in a way she hadn’t felt for a long time.

As he pulled away he asked in a husky voice, “Shall we leave and have a drink back at mine? My apartment isn’t far from here.” 

Although she was tempted, the logical side of her was unsure as she had an internal argument with herself.

Jason could of course recognise this and said, “Let's just go to mine and open a bottle of wine on the balcony and relax.”

“OK, but I can’t stay too long, work in the morning and stuff,” she responded with a nervous giggle.

The walk back took five minutes and Jason held her hand, all the time holding an everyday normal conversation. When they arrived at the block it was all the way up to the tenth floor, with a fantastic view of the city. He led Cathy out to the balcony, where she took a seat and he went back in to grab a bottle of wine and glasses.

Whilst he was busy in the kitchen, she found herself checking him out.

"Um, not bad at all," she thought.

He was handsome in a none obvious way, around 6 foot, broad chest and shoulders, with a very toned physique, dirty blond hair and those sparkling blue eyes.

“So, Cathy, I have to tell you, I find you very attractive and sexy, with those stunning green eyes and auburn hair and wow what a body,” he smiled.

At this she blushed, but was secretly very pleased.

“Let me be honest, Cathy,” he rasped in a husky voice, “I think we are very suited to each other. We get on great, you make me laugh, are extremely good looking and sexy and I’m guessing you are looking for a relationship which will fit in around your busy job and life with no head games.”

“Sounds ideal to me, but can you expand on what this would involve?” she asked.

Jason smiled, “Just the usual meet up once or twice a week, nice dinner, movies, dating stuff and fuck each other senseless.”

“Oh OK,” she stumbled.

Computing all this quickly, Cathy decided why not?

Jason continued, “Cathy, I’m sure we will be sexually compatible and we can discuss positions, role play, dressing up, etc as we go along.” He smiled seductively with those wicked blue eyes. “For tonight though, let's just explore each other using our hands and mouths. Is that good for you?” he asked, coming towards her and kissing her neck.

“Oh yes!” She gasped.

“OK, no more talking for now then. Let me see those gorgeous tits.”

This sounded like an order to Cathy but she was surprisingly turned on and did as he said, undoing her blouse slowly, with Jason’s eyes on her all the time. Then she took her bra off, letting her 34DD breasts loose, he gasped quite loudly and she smiled, knowing her tits looked great. He slowly starting kissing her mouth and she readily responded, then she placed her tongue out and followed his until they were both becoming aroused. Jason then began kissing her next until she gasped, as he slowly traced a finger across her nipples making her arch her back, desperate for his touch. He bent his head and licked both nipples, making Cathy cry out and both nipples became even harder. Slowly, whilst continuing to suck and gently bite her breasts, he moved his right hand over her stomach and started to place his hand along her thigh.

Before she knew it, his hand was up her skirt heading towards her now very wet panties, as he stroked her on the outside of her panties she gasped.

“Very nice and wet Cathy. That is a good sign,” he sighed.

Suddenly they were pushed to the side and his fingers were both inside her, playing with her clit, all the time sucking at her nipples. Cathy was getting wetter by the minute which made Jason even stiffer.

“Take you skirt off and sit on the chair,” he commanded.

She did as she was told. Within a second, he had her completely naked and was in awe of her beautiful body.

“Open your legs, so I can lick your wet pussy 'til you come all over my tongue.”

Cathy obliged.

“Wider,” he ordered.

Then his expert tongue was licking Cathy's clit up and down, with a finger inside her at all times.

“Oh god!” She shouted out.

Jason was an expert at giving head and knew exactly how to please a woman. He never stopped licking and it was so hot. Her body began to stiffen which indicated to Jason that she was about to cum and he began to lick faster. The next second, she shouted out, coming so intensely, this continued for a few seconds but he never gave up. Just as she had finished and thought it was all over he started up again. At first she felt all her nerve endings and didn’t think she could continue but wow he was so good, she got all wet again and she had her first multi orgasm right there, with a stranger licking her pussy on a balcony.

“Wow you taste good, Cathy. How was it for you?”

“Oh not bad,” she replied and they both laughed.

“Let's have a drink,” Jason suggested.

Cathy felt a little self conscious, being totally naked.

“Ah yes it’s a little unfair,” Jason grinned and then started to undress.

Her stare was transfixed, as his shirt came off first, then his jeans. She started to get excited again at the thought of seeing him naked. Then he peeled his boxer shorts off and she was not disappointed in seeing his very hard big cock right in front of her.

“I hope you like sucking cock, Cathy?”

“Yes,” she responded.

“OK, on your knees and give me a first class blow job.”

She bent down and to make sure he was totally hard and thought it was best to lick his member all over first, including his balls.

“Oh, baby! That's it, now suck it good and hard.”

She got to work sucking the end of his cock first and then taking more and more into her mouth.

“Oh yeah, don’t stop, that’s it!”

As she continued to work her magic, she could feel him getting stiffer.

Then he shouted out, “I’m going to cum!” and he did, filling her mouth so suddenly that she had to swallow his cum quickly. When he had finished, she took her mouth away and smiled up at him.

“Wow! You are one amazing woman. I knew it would be great, I can’t wait for next week.”

Neither could she.

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